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ITT: Things that make you want to scream about older games you like

>That item slot limit in Mother 1

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>the item amount limit in 7th saga

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>limited continues
>linear level design
>no rpg elements
>no dialogue
>incoherent plot and narrative
>shooting sections

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But the older games I like don't have things that make me want to scream. That's why I still like them.

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Found gen z babby. Did your xbox break so now you're stuck here?

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>Infinite enemy re-spawn off screen
>Enemy wraps to a new position if they're off screen for a second

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what are save states?

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Blind leap of faith level design has to be the worst.

It is ok for super rare secrets but if it is part of normal level progression it makes me rage every time.

>jump into the pit of spikes and see if you can land on the little floating platform hidden off screen

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That's the entire shmup genre.

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What is playing on real hardware

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>Blind leap of faith level design has to be the worst.
I quite like it when it's a bottomless pit and you can't get out once you're down there. That's some real man shit right there.

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Mostly just limited/no continues, or no checkpoints. Having to start a level over from the very beginning if you die is a pain.

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This shit right here.

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>No register button in pokemon RBY
Fuck fishing.

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>the inability to drop items in Resident fucking Evil

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Speaking of inventory items. Earthbound:

>Defeat enemy
>You can't just let me motherfucking use it so I don't have to throw something away.

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>continue passwords take up the whole fucking screen instead of being 4 letters long
im not writing all that buillshit down fuck this game

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>Only playing simple games where a whole save state can be recorded with 4 letters
>American politics image

Fuck you people are stupid.

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im playing on real hardware you fucking stupid yuropoor emulator kiddy

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>that buying procedere if you want an item nine times

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I don't think you read his post very well.

Typical American. Only reads a few words and starts getting upset.

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I think you misread his post, read it again.

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I understood that post fine you fucking cucks.

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That has nothing at all to do with what I said.
American reading comprehension is apparently as bad as I'd heard.

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If you understood it, then why did you start talking about emulators when that had nothing at all to do with what I said?

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depends on game, but for me in some games it adds to the excitement, the accomplishment intensity to know, that I have to beat the level without failing.

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>no tutorial in the game

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random item drops with really good stuff, like big health items, ammo for your subweapon etc. that you will almost never get when you need it the most

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> No tutorials
Underage detected

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>slow, methodical, non linear platformer
>15 minute time limit

Lots of home computer games did this, not so much on consoles. The games only had a few levels and this was their way of padding them out.

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>Want to rotate the camera
>accidentally press the wrong shoulder button
>roll off the edge

even they knew it was useless since its not in the other 2

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If the animation was faster and rolled farther it would have been somewhat useful.

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Inventory limits are the worst no matter the game.
I die a little inside every time I have to drop a rare-ish item to make place for some McMuffin I'll only be using once. McMuffin that you can't even drop most of the time.

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it's called the instruction manual faggot

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unskippable cutscenes

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Rarely used key items that still take up inventory are the worst.

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>ninja gaiden birds

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Like super metroid 'make you feel scared but actually pushes you forward' pit or sonic 2 mystic cave super sonic spike pit?

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There's also some items that you can't drop, like the Sword of Kings. I was (un)lucky enough to get two without trying. I think you can store them off though.

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The point was to use your items a lot, the game is designed to combat the hoarder mentality that leads to people having 99 X-Potions.

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>mfw hoard a lot of burgers and fries with escargo express

delicious spoiled fast food

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>Dualshock game
>no button remapping
>absolutely fucking cancer presets

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dont be a pussy
you're supposed to kill them and move to the next area so they dont respawn

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>Those fishing levels in Sonic Adventure
I mean, just why?

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The real question is, why are they not fun?

It's hard to make a fishing minigame unfun.

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when you don't make them optional.

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>too much knockback..Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden
>barely any notification of being hit..Turrican, Fatal Rewind

Comfy middle - mega man

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>they can respawn behind you just as fast

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>Secret endings that require you to have every piece of the puzzle JUST RIGHT, and hit every weak point, including on the final boss
>Destructible items(non-Gauntlet games)
>Insta-death normal moves
>^ Coupled with 'Enemy goes first!'

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>old cartridge game
>save game
>go to sleep
>wake up next day
>turn game on
>all saves gone

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that's why you do a save-test at the very beginning of the game to make sure the saves work

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Phantasy Star 2
>having to re-open the menu after every single time you use a healing item or healing magic

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Anon, he wanted to say: Sometimes, complicated passwords are needed when there is more information to store. Like lifepoints, items, equipment, party members, enemy location and state.

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>dragon warriors on NES
>have to open the menu to talk to people and use the stairs

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that's what bothered you about mother 1


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I mean other than that it was pretty good. Except for Mt. Itoi, lvl 1 party members, and only having Teddy for 5 seconds. Fuck that shit.

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>Select one of the opinions to open up sub-menus
>Cancel out
>Cursor resets to the top of the Menu

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>not just replacing the save batteries before you play
Iirc, they're only quoted to last 10 or 15 years or smth

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Adventure Game Combat. All of it.

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Long passwords are usually a generated hash of the whole game state. It will retain the health, lives, items, etc pertaining to your game.

You can't embed all that into 4 symbols and still have enough invalid combinations to deter people from making up their own.

Information threory, brah...

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Taking the bait this hard. You should be ashamed.

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>what are save states?

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>no way to convert gil to GP at Gold Saucer until that guy shows up after you get Cloud back

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Everything in this room.

Except the orange wizzrobes, they're alright.

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Item management in Resident Evil games.

Keys and other small items take up one full item slot? That's dumb. It's a fuckin' key. It's tiny. You can put 20 on a key chain easily.

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>Have a minigun
>95%chance to hit
>Point blank range
>Somehow misses

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Highlighting your party in bg2, sending them to the edge of the map and minimizing game untill they get there. Go back into game and find two of your guys stuck on a wall.

Trying to get your party through a narrow doorway in bg2

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>strafe uses the same button as missiles
>3 lives
>no continues
>password for each level
And passwords from the internet always give you crappy backwards controls

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I hated the random encounters in Fallout 2/Tactics. I just flee 9 times out of 10 but even that takes forever and slows overmap travel to a crawl. I wanted to explore the map more but the random encounters made me avoid it as much as possible.

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Younglings bitching about them
That is all

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>when you run out you can just continue to play anyway

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Hated that shit.

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>Retro games have zero flaws whatsoever!!

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>likeable female character is kidnapped and probably getting raped by horse demons
>lets go rescue her!
>but hold on we need to rest at the inn, visit the king and do some fetch quests, do some permanently missable sidequests, talk to everyone in town three times and look through all of their drawers before we figure out how to advance the plot
I don't need this kind of anxiety in a fucking videogame just let me run after them holy shit

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>speaking english
>not calling it Earthbound Zero

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Mother 1, Earthbound Zero, or Earthbound Beginnings, it's all the same game. The original name for the game (just called Earthbound) sounds weird because they wanted to name the game like that but it never got released overseas. Hence why both the SNES version is called Earthbound and the English prototype does too.

Speaking about Earthbound... fuck 1/128 item grinding. IT'S NOT AN GOOD GAME ELEMENT

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Fuck off Demi.

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>probably getting raped by horse demons

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I think Jerry Seinfeld has the most punchable looking face in history

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Correct. While individual games may have actual flaws the things people are bringing up ITT about retro games in general aren't flaws they're things they don't like.

For example, having limited continues isn't a flaw. Games were specifically designed that way. You don't have to like it. You don't have to git gud. But that doesn't make it a flaw. At least not a flaw in the game.

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This is a perfect example of nostalgia making someone talk out of their ass

>> No.3561263


We call it EarthBound Beginnings now.

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>This is a perfect example of an underage who can't git gud talking out of their ass. Which is very mad and hurt.

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>Saving anywhere you want
At least you can mostly avoid it by not playing PC or Western garbage.

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>barebones beat em up with amazing batshit crazy design
>Sengoku 2
>barebones beat em up with amazing batshit crazy design
>Sengoku 3
>beat em up
I mean, it was actually a good beat em up, hell, I would probably recommend it, but why would you call it like that.

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>tfw minigames in Sonic adventure 2
Chao garden makes everything better
I never won anything tho:(

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> fuck 1/128 item grinding.
Get a load of this completionist.
I just see the King's Sword and Gutsy Bat as a lucky bonus and nothing else.

Anyway, would you prefer those item to be obtained by a lengthy quest, which would take as long, if not much longer?

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It's almost as if this is a thread about things you don't like in retro games that you do like and not about objective flaws in retro games.
OH WAIT >>3553464

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They are obviously meant as a lucky bonus, you don't really need any of them to beat the game.
I actually got the Sword of Kings without trying the last time I played through it, but Poo doesn't really need a physical offense boost because he's already an OP beast with PSI attacks.
SoK isn't even the worst one. The Magical Frypan is a 1/128 drop on the lost underworld part, grinding for it is insane, since only chomposaurs drop it, and navigating the map is slow as fuck with these little tiny sprites. And you need to be constantly moving for the chomps to respawn. There's also the momentaneous stop when the earth shakes.
And then the gutsy bat is also dropped by the bio kraken who is a rare enemy on the last section of the game.
I believe the Magical Frypan isn't even Paula's strongest weapon, but I think it gave her some extra PSI boost. Still not really necessary.

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>combat segments in Tomb Raider
>dying in SMB3 and having to redo the whole world up to the level you died on
>mario kart 64's Rubberbanding
>the sometimes finicky jumping in Super Metroid where samus wont curl up into a ball and spin

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>Anyway, would you prefer those item to be obtained by a lengthy quest, which would take as long, if not much longer?

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The fishing in BoF4 triggers me so damn much. The valuable fish are so annoyingly rare and they're the ones that take a long time to reel in. Even removing the frame limit in ePSXe to make it go faster doesn't help that much. You need to fish to get some of the good equipment though.

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I already am good. I'm not going to pretend that every game is perfect though

>> No.3562758

>the sometimes finicky jumping in Super Metroid where samus wont curl up into a ball and spin

That one is your fault

>> No.3562786

I thought the fishing in BoF4 was ridiculous for how detailed it was. I was like 'fuck, this could have been its own game'

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this jump

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Reseller prices

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The item limit in Parasite Eve

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>secret boss is a chump that is immobilized by ailment bullets like every other boss

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I love Crazy Taxi to death but fuck those collision physics need to be fixed.
>Drive straight into phone box and hit it with the front of the car at high speed.
>Experience a sudden loss to your speed as expected.

>Drift into a phone box and hit it with the side of your car at a high speed.
>Taxi instantly reverses all momentum and gets flung away like the phone booth was made of rubber.
I don't mind if they replace the soundtrack in every rerelease, I'd just the collision physics to be fixed.

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I liked writing down passwords for Dragon quest

>> No.3564550

only retards use localized game names when the original name is already in english

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You're not gud. You wouldn't be crying about limited continues if you were.
Funny how you won't pretend every game is perfect but are happy to pretend that anyone here made that claim. lrn2readingcomprehension champ.

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raped by horse demon just like in berserk !

>> No.3566582

>no RPG elements
Honestly, that was a lifelong craving

I have only ever beat LTtP once. That was because right after I beat it, and saw the ending, I shut off the SNES, and it lost that save forever

Thank you, LTtP, for holding out until I find used you.

I think the only thing I will never miss and hope it dies forever are load times. PlayStation and Sega CD make some games utterly unbearable. And frankly, I can see the nostalgia value in it at least, but that whole Dragon Quest menu for every action except just talking and checking the floor is incredibly annoying and a relic that should stay in old roguelikes so only they have to suffer

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Her name is Aeritth.

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I know this is bait but come on.

>> No.3566802


Robin Hood Prince of Thieves on NES:

when you get to the chapel or whatever and the useless guy you used as a mule leaves your party taking the plot-essential dagger with him, forcing you to start over the entire game

Oh well next time that won't happen, it's just the mean way the game is designed, letting you do something like that in the first place.

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>that lack of ammo for the Chaingun in Doom 2

>> No.3568832

But that's a good thing though

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name of game with horse demons?

>> No.3571478

you forgot

>no procedurally generated
>no tutorial stage
>no character skins
>no guiding arrow showing the objective
>no selection of gender or lack thereof for main character

jokes aside now

>Inventory limits
they serve a purpose, much like save areas, lives, ir permanent skill points, you gotta commit.. and regret some of it later, its part of the experience.

i guess later diablo 2 patches got so ridiculously rare to find nice items that the inv limit was a real nonsense, if it was ever appropriately sized to begin with, but take diablo 1, its inv worked just fine for the limited variety of character builds and item modifiers

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Why do most 3D games of that era look like dog shit compared to spyro

>> No.3571547

>Missing a gem in a Spyro level
>Timed sections in Sonic
>Cursed items in Darkstone
>Blindly navigating Rock Tunnel having no clue HM Flash was a thing, let alone where it was, only to lose to Blue/Gary in Lavender Town and restart in Cerulean.

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