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Which one's better?

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this one

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This one

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These ones.

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Super Bomberman 4 is better than 94/Mega Bomberman.

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Saturn Bomberman, because of its 10 players setup.

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Let me guess, you're that one autistic anon that hates the animals you can ride on, right?

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Why is the second attack so rare and expensive?

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cause they didnt make a lot of them also the retro game ebay price bubble.

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It came out late in the N64's life time and was not produced in as great of numbers.

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Depends on what you like. 64 plays out like a 3D adaption of Bomberman with tweaked gameplay, but Hero plays out more like a tradition 3D platformer with bomb mechanics

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This one is even rarer: >>3550885

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As someone who owns most of the Bomberman series, '94 is the one I come back to the most. Though for awhile Atomic held the top spot of the ones I own.

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How would you rank the 3D Bomberman games, /vr/?
I really wanted to enjoy Hero because it was more like a real 3D platformer but the gameplay is incredibly sloppy.
I haven't played Second Strike since I was a kid but I remember enjoying it.
And 64 takes the cake as the golden game. It's perfection and it took the series in a great turn. The only thing that actually bothered me was the camera angle.

Never played Jetters but I heard its good

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Uh there's animals to ride on in 4

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didn't this game really suck ass?

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No, why did you think that?
It's a classic 2D Bomberman with 4 players out of the box.

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Fite me. (I'm obsessed, maybe)

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noice. love that gmo album.

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>green N64 controller

Patrician confirmed.

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64 > Hero > TSA > Generations > Jetters

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It's not "classic Bomberman" but I think Bomberman 64 and The Second Attack are some of the best games ever made, I have yet to see a puzzle platformer that has as many secrets and rewards mastery as much.

Bomberman Hero has good music but its really just another dime a dozen platformer from that era

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Rainbow Palace was fucking HARD. The game has all these glitches and sleeks that you don't need to bother with. Then suddenly you're thrown into a level where you need to use mechanics you were never taught.

It was perfect.

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64 > hero
64 was a really great game in general actually. make sure you collect all the gold cards.

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64 trumps all other n64 bomberman outings honestly
hero is a bit bland and doesn't have multiplayer while tsa just feels like a chore to play through

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i cant decide. hero played better but 64 had better level design and. the music on both is great

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nice. also dat gold B-daman

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>no multiplayer
>the whole reason to even own bomberman
baka senpai

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>I will never be able to play it

why did you have to remind me of that? thx man...

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it's not that good to be honest family
or you could just emulate it, half the graphical effects will look like shit though and battle mode will be hardly readable

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I want the best possible Bomberman Multiplayer game. I have a SNES, N64, Dreamcast, PS2, PS3, PS4. I listed non-retro consoles in case there is a re-release or something I'm not aware of. I'd rather have 4 player multiplayer but open to 2.

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Shit I forgot to add that I also have a modded Wii.

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super bomberman 5
the general consensus is that saturn bomberman is the best one multiplayer-wise, but you didn't list saturn, pc emulation and i'm not sure how well it's emulated on a wii; i also think it's not as hot of a package as super 5 when consider less than 6 players

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Yeah I've been hearing that the saturn one is the best but honestly I've never even seen a Saturn in person, and I live in Los Angeles. Anything besides the saturn one? I want to play multiplayer with my normalfag friends.

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definitely this

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I miss Atomic Bomberman.

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Super 4, and 5 are great for multilayer. If you're limited to US versions, 2 is great as well. Though, you can get both 4 and 5 for the price most people want for super 2.

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Mega bomberman for sega genesis or super bomberman 2 for snes

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That canceled Bomberman for 3ds seemed to have this same potential, sadly it died

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I got Bomberman Hero when it came out. I really liked it. Looking back now, I do realize it's not that great on a technical standpoint, especially compared to other n64 titles. I still find it appealing to this day, though. I don't know if it's just nostalgia goggles. I really like the atmosphere of some of the levels, the enemy and boss designs, and especially the music.