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I finished both Phantasmagoria games recently, and now we're having a thread about them. I enjoyed them both, but I enjoyed Phantasmagoria 2 way more than the first one.
To my surprise Phantasmagoria 2 is generally disliked by the fans and it got thrashed by the reviewers. I thought it was much better than the first one: Real sets, better acting, better/actual puzzles, more dialogue, better music, better plot, etc. and just more deeper game in general.

I think the first Phantasmagoria is really nice experience, but as a point and click adventure it's little bit too bare bones. There really are no puzzles, unless you call using key on door a puzzle. The acting is really cheesy -which is not a bad thing- but the game relies wayyy too much on the FMV and not in the pointing and clicking.

Phantasmagoria 2 started out really slowly, took me about 3 hours to get even started because the camera is so retarded; you just have to guess where you are and where you have to go, because the camera sometimes has angles so tight that you can't even know which parts of the room are clickable and which are just background. Also, fuck the context sensitive cursor. The ending is also really weak.

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Sorry about the underaged kids not responding, OP.

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For a second I thought about killer floating chrome spheres. Sorry can't help btw.

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I heard that Curtis

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Sorry OP, I heard of the games but I could never get into the FMV niche. Here' a bump though.

Might want to give Black Dahlia a chance.

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FMV games have a soft spot in my heart and I think the Phantasmagoria games are some of the best the genre has to offer. Yes they're camp as fuck, but there's something about it that makes you want to keep playing. The 2nd one has so much sex and gore in it I was surprised by that

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Is Curtis the first bi-sexual character in video games history ?

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OP I know you're frustrated but there's no need to use another device to get past the poster count and come up with some strawman on why no one wants to contribute to your thread.

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No. Because Japan. But he's very high profile.

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>curtis goes to therapist
>tells how he's attracted to trevor out of fucking nowhere

It's no big deal, but goddamn the writers went just all out with the drama and cheese.

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Trevor had the best actor in the game.

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A chick wrote it

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I watched the 4k restoration last month. Fucking amazing.

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I er...am maniac another killer for murder. I mean meeting another client for dinner! Sorry

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Phantasmagoria is pure 90's shoved into 5 cd's

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He also had the funniest lines.

>show sexy postcard to Trev
>*puts the card in his mouth and does the "flamenco dance pose"*

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>Well, goooooooood morning sleeping beauty!

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RIP in pieces, Spoony

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Thanks, now I have to watch it. It's October, after all.

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I tried beating the first one, but the scene with the two hobos in the ranch was too painful to watch. Does it get any better?

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Yeah it gets better. I hate those hobos too, I don't know if they're supposed to be funny or creepy.

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That's like the worst scene in the game

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The fifth and final installment of the series came out a few days ago on VOD services. Better than most of the sequels have been.

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Trevor also has the story about the potatoe at the restaraunt that appears to be 100% made up by the actor.

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I though it had far less gore than the first one.

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I don't know what the fuck this was about

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Was Roberta Williams on crack when she made all these weird games?

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What the fuck was the deal with those dancing dudes? Were they just supposed to be some random 90s cool hip hop dudes, or were they just added for the sake of having strange things happen?

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I would say the later, so it really look like the "Borderline" entrance.

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Phantasmagoria 2 has awesome soundtrack

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Are there any other FMV games like Phantasmagoria 2 that captures that 90s feeling? The whole game felt like watching one of those weird 90s X-Files inspired/ripoff sci-fi shows like First Wave. Hell, the game itself referenced X-Files at one point by Curtis saying something in the lines of
>Hell, I've been watching too much X-Files

There was just something really comfy with the whole atmosphere. I remember reading some magazine review about Phantasmagoria 2 years ago and it stated that the game itself is not all that impressive, but if you're into cheesy b-movies it's worth checking out.

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no wonder why those dudes >>3553264 are grooving.

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Night Trap.
Phantasmagoria 2 remain the magnus opus of 90s FMV cheesyness.

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I just noticed the same thing. Pretty funny when you sync the music with the webm.

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>When people overrate the importance of Roberta Williams just because she's a woman

Women are retards and the Kings Quest series always sucked dick

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Shivers 2

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>Benzaie just finished the game
>Suddenly, a thread on /vr/
like a clockwork.

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I made the thread after beating both Phantasmagorias I got from that sierra humble bundle.

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>When some cuckold criticizes 90's FMV games then turns around and defends Kojima games and pretends they're the pinnacle of voice acting and storytelling

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>tfw someone defends pre-rendered 3D animation but trashes FMV with real actors

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>Watching 90's games with low resolution, 3D animated cinematics with tons of compression

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How tall is Curtis?

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Tex Murphy Pandora detective, it even has aliens and government conspiracy

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>it's a Curtis tells he wants to suck dick and murder people episode