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Any of you guys play R-Type any more?

Do you have a favorite R-Type game /vr/?

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I like the one with the giant fanny as a boss.

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I haven't played R-Type in a while, but my favorite is Delta. Game gets fucking real come stage 5.

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R-Type is my jam. It started with R-Type DX, moved to R-Types on PS1 then branched out from there. I still spend a considerable amount of time playing R-Type on my PC Engine but my favorite, oddly enough, is the black sheep of the series: R-Type Leo

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Oh geez, it's that guy again...!

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The best R-Type is still Pulstar.

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>pod buddy doesn't do anything

Best non R-Type R-Type game is X-Multiply.

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Oh it does something! It fucks up everything in its path. You've never really played it, have you?

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I've been playing a lot of un squadron lately but I really like r-type 3 too.

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Is that Image Fight? Haven't played that shit.

R-Type Tactics II is technically not /vr/, but it has homages to other Irem games in little places.

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You should, it's pretty darn good. It pretty much is just a vertically scrolling R-Type with modified force/bits. Hard as hell though, only R-Type II comes close to matching its difficulty.

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Which emulator would you suggest for it?

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Whichever version of MAME you're using should be fine. I use UiFX32.

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I fucking love r-type, started the same as this anon with DX on the GBC, then to R-Types, now I emulate 1, 2 and Leo on my MAME cab all the time

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III is my favorite, but I recognize that Delta is a better game. R-Type is my favorite shmup series. I really like the lore, and I'm really sad that we're probably not going to get another game :(

Final is pretty meh. Tactics are fun

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>R-Type 3 is a $150 cart

How did that happen? Super R Type is only like $10.

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You know who it is

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Aw yeah I got R Type 3 (and Super). Not that I plan on selling it.

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I just want to find a list of all game sales. Only thing I ever find is a top 50 but I want to see the printings of the more obscure and rare games like R-Type 3.

>Not that I plan on selling it.
Exactly and I don't blame you which is why things are expensive too in my mind. I don't ever plan on selling my collection so whatever I get never gets put back on the market and I'm sure most collectors are that way.

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Does going allahu-ackbar really count as doing something, though?

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I did sell a fair few of my games a few years ago, when I fell on hard times. Most of the ones I sold were generic/bland games that I bought in the early 2000s when they were still £3 a pop. Sold them in bulk to a shop.

I did, however, sell some of my better ones on eBay, like Secret Of Mana, Sunset Riders (£50 in box). I regret some of these ones now (like Mana).

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Picked up r types for psx from the bargain bin back then
That console was a blessing to poorfags

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I still need Secret of Mana with a multitap and Sunset Riders. They're pretty pricey games nowadays so I'm sure you regret it because now you have to repurchase them. I also sold a set once... my n64 and all the good games with it. I have most of them back besides mario kart 64 and smash brothers lol the best 2. Never sell anything again that isn't a duplicate and my kids basically took over everything anyways so they would never have it.

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I'm not bothered about Sunset Riders. It's not that good. One to emulate when you're feeling nostalgic.

I've still got about 80 games.

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As of right now, Leo because of that smooth soundtrack


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>I've still got about 80 games.

Nice. Oddly enough that's almost the exact same number of snes games I have right now.

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I am the only person whose favourite is Super R-type.

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>R-Type Delta ranges anywhere from $100 to $200

Oh well, at least R-Types is still at a reasonable price.

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>r-type 3 is $450 cib


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As a guy who enjoys a good SHMUP, but have never played a single R-Type game, what would you say is the best one? Or at least, what would be the best ones to play, in order, to get a sense of the series without literally playing every R-Type game?

I have played a couple Thunder Force games, and I fucking love the crazy boss designs and awesome soundtracks. Does R-Type deliver on those fronts?

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Play R-Type Delta

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Delta is best one. There's only 3 ships, but stages themselves are so fun, that I've played it through many times. Final has shitloads of ships and alternate stages, but even the first playthrough is painfully boring. No need to play it second time, even though there are alternate final stages and endings. It's kinda sad that Delta seems to even a have better graphics that Final. Surely there is less polygons, but everything is so much more detailed.

Also what they did to Dobkeratops in R-Type Final is unforgivable. It's supposed to be the final battle with most iconic boss of the series. And it's just "dead" pieces of it's corpse used as scenery while you battle some unorginal slime creature.

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Final actually put me to sleep. No shmup has ever done that.

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I bought it for 40 bucks a couple years ago. That's ridiculous.

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It's got the best music in my experience.

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What do you guys think of R-Type Tactics

tfw Tactics 2 translation never

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There's an interesting, even if it is just artsy wankery, article by Edge Magazine, about why they ranked Final as one of their top 100 games of all time and how it's an allegory for the death of the series (as well as the genre). Dobkeratops is on life-support and you put him out of his misery, which I do kind of like.

The whole game is depressing as fuck though and it regardless of the reason behind it, it really does appear to be intentional. The multiple level variants and the sheer number of ships make me really like it, but I can understand why others would see it as disappointing.

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Well try the first. It's the only one I've even played but I like it

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The original R-Type will always be my favorite.
2 jumps the shark, 3's got kind of awful pacing.
need to play more Delta, but it's pretty cool
haven't played Final

Leo doesn't feel like R-Type at all, but I love it.

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T'was okay. They dialed up the difficulty by several notches in Tactics II, which in my opinion, was a good idea. Many situations in the first game were just easy to plow through.

The Bydo were god tier in the first game (Gains anyone?); Space Corps got all the good shit in II (Ragnarok, King's Mind, Wiseman, the motherfucking Narcissus and Hector).

The deep water mission in Tactics was a mistake.

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I'm a grown ass man, I play Parodius.
PCE and fourth SNES versions, of course.

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Parodius is way better than Gradius 3 on the snes

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I know it's not retro, but did anyone else have trouble with the controls in Final?
Controlling shmups with a PS2 controller always felt slidy and unnatural to me.

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Final sucks.

It has a cool atmosphere. But it's a shmup, it's supposed to be fun to play, not slow and brooding

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Oh. So it does something, you just don't like what it does. PULSTAR! King of the shooter.

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Played that a few months ago. Was balls-hard in places.

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Just started playing Image Fight.

Please tell me how to beat that asshole.

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