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So, I went into a local consignment shop/used shit store, and I know the owner personally. He sold me some Ps2 games at $1 a piece, and mentioned that he had a box of NES and Genesis games at home he'd bring for me to dig through. I got really excited, and we started talking when he mentioned he had copies of Final Fantasy Legend and Final Fantasy Legend 2 at home. I offered him $5 a piece, and he agreed. Did I make a good deal? I don't know much about those 2 or what they're worth

Also finds and buys general I suppose.

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Pretty good deal, chum.

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Final Fantasy Legend 2 (aka SaGa2) is the best GB RPG in my and many other's opinions. It's also one of the more innovative RPGs out there in general as far as party mechanics go. So yeah, I'd say you got a pretty damn good deal. There's also a DS remake of it with a fan translation if you're interested.

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>Final Fantasy Legend 1 and 2
Yes, it was worth it.

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I beat final fantasy legend 2. It was fun as fuck. A party of robots and monsters were so awesome because you could have ridiculous tanks and some of the best mages. Weapons could never miss as long as you chose the right ones, and you didn't have to worry about buying new equipment.

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Someone stole this game from me when I was younger, I will never forget.

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What a shame. Personally I lent those games to my friends so they could experience them.

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They are good games. You kill God at the end of the 1st one.

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Really, really want to play those now. I guess I'll have to emulate.

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I love the boxart for that game. They just don't make boxarts like that anymore.

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That's funny OP I'm in the middle of my first playthrough of FFL. I'm having way more fun with it than I thought I would.
It's one of those games where a little imagination goes a long way.

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I tried FFL1 and don't remember likingit.
I tried FFL3 and remember being bored out of my mind

But FFL2

I must have played through that at least 20 times, and probably only beat it twice.

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>There's also a DS remake of it with a fan translation if you're interested.

I am quite interested. Do share. please

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Doesn't matter unless you have a pirate ds card or some way to emulate ds

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>or some way to emulate ds

cuz that's hard

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Even flash cards aren't hard to come by for the DS given how cheap they are.

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will a ds flash card work on a 3ds

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FFL1 is one of my favorite RPGs. Really cool series. I got a copy of FFL2, but never really got into it.

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There is a prepatched ROM on emuparadise for it.

It's under the japanese name though I believe.

Fucking amazing game.

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Some will.
R4i Gold 3DS (created by r4ids.cn) will work if you want a cheap card.
SuperCard DSTWO is easily the best 3DS card, albeit at a higher price.
I bought both of mine originally at http://www.zhuzhuchina.com/store/
I don't know how the service is now, but they worked a few months ago.

For more information, check out http://www.gbatemp.net/

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Also, there are currently no "3DS Flashcarts." Only DS flash carts that work on the 3DS. Nothing currently plays 3DS roms.

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Also, if you do pick one up, remember not to update your 3DS before updating the cart, otherwise your cart will be useless (unless you have another unupdated 3DS or DS (lite) to run the cart's update on).

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I'm so disappointed there's not more discussion about the game itself in this thread :(

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What was your party like, /vr/? In FFL1, I used a human, an esper, and two monsters. The monsters were good to have because I could pump all my money into outfitting the other two (particularly the human, who gains power by buying stats). It was fairly challenging, but I never really had to hunker down and grind.

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in FFL1, I had 2 humans, a monster, and a mutant. I didn't figure out how to level up monsters until I was already in the tower.
I thought eating meat was a lateral move, and I wanted a Skeleton comedy relief in my party, damnit.

>Skeleton after every fight

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1 human and 3 mutants. I'd usually always restart a boss battle until there was some kind of growth on the mutants, too.

Did you know that you could take the stats on the human well past the 99 limit? Eventually it'd wrap back around to 1.. my human WAS god at the end of the game.

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Not to be OMGSODEEP fag, but it seems like FFL1 was actually a pretty good allegory for the life of the philosopher. The whole thing is about seeking ultimate reality.

My face when you find the letter to ken and yuki.

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Let's just say that you kill some Japanese designer's concept of a malevolent creator.

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Not bad. I picked all of the gameboy ffl games up for 4$ a piece a few years ago off a friend. He offer'd 4 a pop I took it. I also snagged up dwm 1&2 off him later for 1$ for dwm and 9$ for dwm2. so I do still love my gameboy games.

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>and probably only beat it twice.
Why would that be?

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I think I went with two humans, a mutant, and a monster. Right now I am rolling with the exact same thing. Can't wait until I advance to the tower to get more money to upgrade my humans. Too bad all of the monster meat sucks at the moment so I won't be getting any good transformations.

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You can kill him hilariously quick with a chain saw

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I say its explicit that he isn't God. There is a door behind him (suggesting his origin). He isn't ultimate, and thus isn't worthy of worship.

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Try beating him in the Wonderswan remake. Creator will fuck you up. Again and again.

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Fucking loved the first one.

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I remember getting wrecked by odin so many times when you go to face him.

srs ffl2 was no joke.

I randomly got lucky and got flare on my mutant after fighting that robot boss in the cave (apollo's world) and wrecked the game pretty hardcore on another run though.

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Did they buff him up in the Wonderswan Color one? All I know is that they took out the chainsaw glitch.

Yeah some of the music was great. I liked the tower music as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eTGgfePO7I

Yeah it doesn't fuck around when you fight the gods Asura, Venus, Odin, or Apollo, and that god damn final boss. Its last phase was pure on rape mode.

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They "fixed" some equipment related things in the Wonderswan remake. For example you can use the powerful Glass Sword only once and it breaks. And the Creator's attacks are even deadlier. It took a little bit of luck and quite a few tries to take him down.

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I thought it was only in the English version that the glass sword had a durability over one. Though Creator even more powerful? Jesus Christ. I personally never knew about the chainsaw glitch and took him head on and always dreaded when he could use RECOVER. He doesn't need to be harder.

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It's funny how I would always picture a hand saw when using that weapon, heh.

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