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What are your opinions on Simon's Quest Revamped?

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How does it compare to that DOS remake/tribute?

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The music sounds like garbage. The overall sound design is pretty bad too. It's otherwise a fair remake.

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There's a DOS remake?

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Looks to colorful

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Did they fix all the cryptic and misleading dialogues in the game?

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I see what they did there Re-VAMP-ed.....vamp....hahahaha

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>Looks to colorful
Are you retarded or are you retarded?

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Needs more darker hues. Looks like some whimsical platformer with Rondo enemy sprites.

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Those are some damn distracting trees m8

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There was a great looking smons quest 2 romhack by some dude who killed himself.
Never got released.

Looked more than amazing:


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I'll stick wit the original

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Someone needs to take over in spirit. That looks incredible.

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Damn, that is some solid fucking art direction

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>by some dude who killed himself
Damn. What's the story behind this?

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Dude was a tranny, couldn't handle being called a fag online. Offed himself. The end.

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Don't spread false information about something this serious you insensitive prick.

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>insensitive prick
How do you know he's circumcised?

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You're the problem, you know.

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Was a woman who transitioned, you cunt. I respect peoples pronouns.

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All you americunts are.

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Someone that mentally unstable didn't deserve to live anyways.

>a nigger calls me a faggot
>logical thing to do: get over it
>illogical thing to do: kill myself

Most likely it didn't like being what it transitioned into.

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Dude was called thadeus. Thats not a tranny name.
Why do you sjw always lie and make things about your perversions?

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Agreed. Everyone would be much better off if we as a society stopped catering to these peoples delusions and treated this like the mental disorder that it is. If someone is feeling like they don't belong in their body the solution is not to let or help them mutilate themselves.

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He wasnt a tranny, youre being baited by some corpse claiming sjw. The only thing people know about him was that his name was thadeus.

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... and that he used the be a she. If you ever talked to him on IRC you'd know, he was pretty upfront about it.

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>... and that he used the be a she

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>we could've had an awesome Simon's Quest remake
>the creator falls for the transgender meme and an hero'd

What a shame.

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You do realize that doctors and really smart people come up with standard practices for disease treatment, right? Transitioning literally is the best medical option at the moment. They kill themselves because they can't get basic decency from edgelords like you.

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And nothing of value was lost.

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Genital mutilation is no cure for a brain disease.

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Legend has it that anyone who takes over for a tranny dev becomes a tranny themselves. I guess that's why nobody has.

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Making their body line up with how their brain sees it IS currently the best option. Being a 14 year old edgelord isn't a medical degree.

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So for people suffering from body integrity identity disorder we should just hack off their limbs?

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The word you are looking for is 'too'

See above

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Grammer nazhi plox leaf

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Make me

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no, don't be retarded. It's as if you think every illness is the same.

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> An illness where someone sees their body as flawed and wants to understand permanent mutilation of their own body
> An illness where someone sees their body as flawed and wants to understand permanent mutilation of their own body

Yeah, I see you're point. You've cured me of my transphobia.

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I would if it wouldn't make me a disgusting tranny

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..... what?

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If I touch you I'll catch the trans. I don't want to chop my dick off.

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What the fuck are you talking about?

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He's talking about the tranny cooties.

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What does any of that have to do with someone not using the correct form of "too"?

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You are a tranny, if I were to touch you I would myself become infected and undergo the tranny transformation. I too would then be really bent out of shape over stupid shit and sperg on message boards.

Does xe/xo/xum/xerself understand?

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Hey boys~
How's it going~

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Nope, everyone knows it's from drinking too much bottled water as a kid. Xenoestrogens, son.

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Why did /vr/ suddenly taking an interest in trannies?

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/v/irgins leaking over who are into degenerate shit like traps and futas.

Probably the same kiddos who keep clamoring for muh sixth gen.

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Couldn't he kill himself AFTER he finished this? That art looks amazing.

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He could have, if you fuckfaces would learn to tolerate his kind. Just look at all the transphobia in this thread alone, is it any wonder he killed himself?

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This is now a /vr/ trans thread

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How are you coming to this conclusion? I really don't understand.

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Man it's amazing how fast a thread can go to shit over one post. You guys really are the worst.

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No. Trannys do not deserve threads.



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I'm really sorry. I knew they weren't talking about the use of 'to', and didn't expect it to derail the thread entirely. I didn't know this was /b/

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I think Flea is beautiful.

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Flea is my waifbando.

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>people falling for the tranny bait
At this point you cuckservatives are just as easily baited as tumblr

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>some dude hates pretty romhacks
>tells lieƟ about the dev being a tranny WITH NO SOURCES
>cucks fall for it and sperg out
Thadeus was notoriously secretive, people didnt even know where he was from, let alone his sexual preferences

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Is Flea genderfluid?

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Thaddeus killed himself? That sucks to hear.

You believed anything he said on IRC?

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That is a shit-tier DBZ drawing. Theres got to be better stuff.

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Okay enough arguing about dead trannies

Has anybody actually played this and is it a piece of shit? I've been meaning to play a bunch of these windows only 2D platformers but I havent had much airtime on my windows pc this year ..

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Flea is one of those guys who plays women in MMORPGs but never claims to be a woman.

Nigga that's official art.

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I know,thats what makes it worse. none of the main characters got such a 5head in their drawings.

except for kind of magus.

>> No.3548017 [DELETED] 

and every other female in the game

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Post-op here.

That doesn't work if you have an IQ above 90 or are otherwise resistant to placebo effects. ;.; Like me

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Get out tranny AIDS

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Are you actually trying to sound stupid?

>> No.3548617 [DELETED] 

Nope, just stating the facts that you SJWs are too retarded to admit to.

Now go back prep Tyrone, he's getting impatient and has other peoples GFs to fuck today.

>> No.3548618 [DELETED] 

I feel bad for you, it's sad that our society has allowed you to permanently disfigure yourself. Stay strong brother.

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Thank you trannyjanny for censoring the thread. Now I'm no longer triggered. :)

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File: 241 KB, 1098x515, tranjan can't take the bantz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Should've used the dorito face :^)

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>dying before your magnum opus is finished
this has always been my greatest fear

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Well, it was buggy ... last time I played it, a while ago.

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I want that.

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