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How do you feel about All Stars? Better or worse than the originals? Which would you rather play?

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2 and 3 play fine, physics are fucked up on 1 and Lost Levels. I'd usually rather the play originals but All Stars is nice for a change of pace sometimes. Plus saving is good.

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I prefer the All Stars version of 2 and 3, but the originals for the other two games.

Also, they should have kept the sound effects the same, or at least just the fireball and jump sounds, they don't carry the same weight in the SNES games.

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I'm pretty much the same. Originals play better but I prefer the SMAS version of 2.

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>physics are fucked up on 1 and Lost Levels
Is this why I have such a hard time using springs in the first game?

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Prefer the originals.

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It's exactly why.

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I hope you folks don't consider to have beaten these games when using the save features.

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Source? I thought the only change was the brick breaking thing.

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I like the graphical updates to Super Mario 2 & 3.

But for some reason, I cannot stand the updated look of the original Super Mario Bros.

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I never had a nes so this was the mario trilogy for me
Now that i know that the physics are fukd i wanna just get an av famicom so i can play the originals
Still so much good memories playing mario 3

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I only ever play the original Mario Trilogy from the beginning and it's usually all in one sitting or nothing at all, but I don't get the problem with the save feature. It's no different than putting down the controller and walking away for a few hours and then picking up to play later.

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>But for some reason, I cannot stand the updated look of the original Super Mario Bros.

Probably because the graphical updates are just adding backgrounds, plus shading and proper coloring to the NES sprites, and SMB1 kind of had ugly sprites to begin with.

Also not helping, I think the game has too much grass. SMB1 took place on a brick road. Pretty sure the point of the game is that Toads were turned into bricks and horsetail grass, which kind of explained why that's all you saw in the above ground levels.

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Huh? They aren't any more difficult to use than in the NES version.

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Grew up with both but I had the 8 bit originals first so they are a little bit more special to me. Still really like the 16 bit update and I still have my original carts from my childhood that my children now play.

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My main gripe with it is that it allows for infinite continues. I don't think SMB or SMB2 USA allowed for this

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technically they did, after game over, when on the title screen, if you held A button and pressed start, then you would continue from the first level of the last world you reached.

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yeah, I never liked the way that SMB and Lost Levels looked on All-Stars. However I am neutral on Mario 3 and I prefer Mario 2's appearance over how it looked in the NES game.

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grew up with All Stars but I prefer the originals now. they're a tad bit more precise and the original music and sprites are the best.

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The GBA version of SMB3 is better than the NES and SNES versions.

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True. The screen size difference hardly matters since it cuts off the hud.
Same with Kirby's Adventure.

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SMB2 USA is the only game in the collection that didn't originally have some form of infinite continues.

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The e-reader levels alone make it worth it.

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I think that the graphical improvements are excellent, especially on Mario 2 USA, but I don't really think the physics issues people mention are that extreme. Mostly I might notice it on the springs in SMB1 and in the timing of the gambling elements of SMB3.
I love Lost Levels on it, and I think the FDS version is god damned ugly, it makes no sense to me to have it be uglier than the game it's a sequel to.

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hey now

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I am aware of this cheat code and consider it just that.

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The only physics change was a bug that altered how Mario reacted to breaking brick blocks.
So the springs were your imagination.

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That's very much wrong. The speed at which Mario accelerates to run, as well as the speed of his call have lengthened considerably. "Friction" of the tiles has also changed for the slipperier

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Any source for this?

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I mean sure, for SMB1 and TLL

But Super Mario Bros 3 just HAS infinite continues

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I beat the 3 mainline games on a Playchoice 10 machine back in the 90s, I certainly don't 'need' saving to beat the games in All Stars (well, Lost Levels is debatable) but it is a nice feature to have nonetheless.

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It does, yes, and in both whenever you run out of lives you have to start the world over again (1P). The the save feature in the All-stars version allows for one to save at any given time, so one could merely save their progress each time they complete a level and thus never have to worry about getting a game over. Not to mention abusing your power up inventory. Part of the challenge of the originals was to do it in one sitting (maybe taking a break for a couple hours and then returning).

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I like it since it is all in one package and has saves. I play the GBC version of Mario 1 and USA if I want NES style graphics.

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This is mostly because 2 and 3 are remasters.

Meanwhile 1 and The Lost Levels are actual remakes.

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I think it's better. 4 really good games for the price of 1 plus updated graphics.
Here is an even better version.

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Right? Wikipedia says otherwise...

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This is seriously the best cartridge ever made, in my opinion. I wish I had it even though I had and still have All Stars + World on separate carts.

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Not that anon, but it's from an interview in Nintendo Power issue...... 80 something?

Fuck man, they're all a blur after binge reading them after they went up on archive dot org

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I'm that anon.

I didn't read it anywhere, It is just common sense from playing the originals and then All Stars, and knowing the difference between a remaster and a remake.

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Don't pretend to be me you fucking faggot. God damn summer kids still lingering around stealing credit for posts and appropriating my culture.

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Is this rare? It must be rare. Who would part with a perfect cartridge?

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Shipped with late model SNESes, so super fucking common

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Seems to be plenty of them on ebay... for about $30. Doesn't seem that rare.

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Really funny.

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Ah yeah I remember now, it's from the same issue where Miyamoto said he thinks DKC sucks

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People like you aren't really wanted here.

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Disregard that, I suck cocks

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>Miyamoto said he thinks DKC sucks

Stop spreading this hoax, memelord.

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That was the joke, anon.

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Think about it for a moment and you'll realize that DKC is a terrible game. It's a game that propagates dangerous ape stereotypes.

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I greatly prefer the All-Star version of SMB2, I prefer the original versions of the other games.
But I love the game's markering and promotions.

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On the other hand Doki Doki Panic had infinite continues.

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Can we at least agree the "have to beat the game eight times to get the A-D worlds" in Lost Levels is on the padding side?

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Retro games can do no wrong. Especially japanese games.
You're just an impatient underage millennial nu-male.

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Seems like the general consensus is that SMB2 got the best facelift, Super Mario Bros 3 is take-it-or-leave-it and SMB1 and TLL got the shaft.

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SMB1 is basically unplayable on SNES for me, especially considering that all of the little tricks that I use for speedrunning in the NES version were cut

Pic related is where it is most noticable

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Besides the "little tricks for speedrunning", what makes it unplayable?

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Better, or worse?

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I prefer the new graphics. The old ones are good on their own, they're iconic, but they're good on the NES; a recolored version doesn't look better than the existing All-Stars overhaul. (even if it wasn't as good as SMB2's)

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The original Mushroom Kingdom was supposed to be a rocky desert, so the original.

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I doubt they put that much thought into what the Mushroom Kingdom was and it it was at least partially going with what was easiest to show without cluttering the screen or taking up too much space. Especially considering the bushes and green hills in the background goes against any sort of desert feel.

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Not particularly arid, but primarily dirt and rock with a few grassy areas. This is why the mushroom people had a slight Arabian feel to them.

The many seperate kingdoms of Super Mario Bros 3, especially Grass Land, were all eventually extracted into the Mushroom Kingdom. Even some traits of Dinosaur Land were eventually appropriated. And that's silly.

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I played this relentlessly as a kid and i do believe that the snes version of 3 is almost better than the NES version. The mario advanced series is also great except for the fact that SMB2 has an annoying voice in the character select screen

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There are hacks that remove the voice clips for the Advance versions. Unfortunately there can't be hacks to fix the screen crunch and sound quality.

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There is no "screen crunch".

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>Miis existed way back in 1985

fuck the what?

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>he many seperate kingdoms of Super Mario Bros 3, especially Grass Land, were all eventually extracted into the Mushroom Kingdom.

A lot of people seemed to treat all the kingdoms as different parts of the Mushroom Kingdom from the start. Probably because of the Toads and the very similar looking brick blocks and such. Dinosaur Land by switching out brick blocks for filp blocks, dropping toads and even re designing the fire flower was the first time it seemed to be super clear to most people that this was new land in the same world but not the Mushroom Kingdom.

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The only Mario I remember having a screen crunch was Mario Deluxe for GBC. Other than that I think youre right.

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>yfw Mii was a concept that dates back to the Famicom days

Anyway those guys on the other pic are celebrities from a Radio show in Japan, that's the rare All-Star Nippon SMB.

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My save file died before I started playing it. The only reason for a save is to keep the beaten save file if it was the first time but sadly I was never able to do that.

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It would be interesting to see a modern game go in and be set and flesh out the original Mushroom Kingdom.

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what the fuck was Lost Levels

that was always the bizarre entry for me, I never played it

All Star SMB3 is the definitive SMB3

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>I never played it

And you missed nothing, even in it's homeland it's frowned upon and shunned in favor of the true SMB2.

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It was simply a harder 2nd part of the original Super Mario Bros.
The orgiinal famicom disk version had slightly altered graphics (ground, clouds, etc), but the All Star version shares the same graphics with the remake of 1.
It's a game made purely for people who have mastered SMB1 and want a higher challenge, and it delivers. The game greets you with a mushroom that kills you if you grab it. And by the 2nd level you will be faced with really tricky jumps.
Also added a new wind mechanic in some levels, and Luigi has a higher, floatier jump than Mario (similar to SMB2USA).

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>All Star SMB3 is the definitive SMB3


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I hate how tinny and weird the sound effects are. Nothing you do has any PUNCH, it's all plips and splaps.

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I would much rather play All Stars, but that might just be my nostalgia considering that All Stars was my first Mario game.

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This, and it's a problem that persists. They've updated every typical Mario sound byte and they sound wimpy in comparison to the originals.

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Kek same for me except vice versa. I'm sure it's just nostalgia bias but I actually prefer the older graphics. It just doesn't seem right on the All-Stars game

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I like the originals more. They have more style.

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That's because they redesigned portions of all the games to fit on the screen better.

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Are those levels really good? I've been thinking of trying out that version.

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They're interesting. They feel a little "off" though. It's hard to explain, but it's probably because different people designed them.

They're still worth playing. Gopher it.

I wish someone would make a hack with every level utilizing the new objects.

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Its not common sense. The snes booted up in 6500 emulation so theres no reason to remake the game when the snes was backwards compatible with the nes hence why they didnt choose the 6800. Its debatable how much code had to be changed or if mostly just assets were changed. The idea of physics both chipsets couldnt handle any instead its pseudo physics sliding the sprite x amount

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It's an amazing value add that the Wii U eShop version comes with all the e-reader levels included.

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>This is why the mushroom people had a slight Arabian feel to them
>Post the cover of All Night Nippon SMB.
>Those people are Japanese radio hosts.

What the fuck are you talking about?

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Played it before the originals desu, loved it! However, I do feel that the original SMB1 is a little better than the all stars version.

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