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Sprites sheet thread?

Just any friggin sprites really.

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wow that's pretty cool.

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A personal favorite

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good template.

nice and simple.

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Rather uncomplete though, the side frames of the walking animations are uncomplete

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Well, this thread didn't last long

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butt dive all day err day

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>Sonic Crackers
I've never heard of that but it sounds delicious.

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Sailor Pepe

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It's an early prototype of Knuckles Chaotix.

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I hate you

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Imagine how smooth these animations were before they were screenshotted and turned into sprites with various frames removed.

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I guess

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will this be the new penguin gif?
or that androgynous smugshot?

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that pink background is horrendous and makes the sprites unviewable

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It also makes it easy to make out what's not part of the sprite.
Or would you prefer something that blended in?

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From my experience, a high-brightness contrasting color works best.

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White's pretty much the standard, if not then fucking transparent. You think this is the 90's and we're working on a fucking FPS game.

no one uses pink nigga.

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>white's the standard
why has never been the standard, unless it coincidentally happened to be a good contrasting color for the sheet, which was almost never the case as many sprites had some form of white in them.
it's like you know literally nothing about sprite sheets

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oh tay, i know purple is the standard, but I don't use sprite sheets to make sonic the hedgehog fan art for my deviantart friends.

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Perish the thought, my reddit-tier shitposting friend.
If it'll calm your autism, know that I've never once made any sort of fan art for anyone, let alone use sprite sheets. But I have no problem admitting that I did hang around circle or two that did some fifteen years ago, and thus know a useless factoid or two.

And by the way, purple isn't a standard. The standard is a constrasting color, which in most cases does happen to be purple, although other colors can most certainly be used. This doesn't even remotely apply exclusively to ripped sprite sheets, but to pretty much any image that uses transparency as well be it for website design or video games, 3d or 2d.
Like I said before, using white is dangerous because many, many images use white. Why risk having part of your actual image turn transparent if you set the transparency value to white? Use a contrasting color, and you're set.

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See I knew where you were coming from. because in the industry it's usually we have sprite sheets with transparency, and white when drawing them, unless that shits white.

I see what you're saying you want a color you can remove easily so """"your friends"""" can make the sanic fanart :D

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Okay, have it your way, champ.
Good luck continuing to "develop" video games.

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Thanks man