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Hey /vr/, I want to compile a set of all the systems' recommended games images. I will start with this for the NES.

Post other platforms so we can have some sort of comprehensive photo album of these types of images, per platform.

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Bumping for mad OC.

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So, a lazy man's list of something extremely subjective?

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Yes. Let's get multiple lists per platform, then archive this fucker somewhere.

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Do you have Sonic 1 on there twice?

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Probably. I Google'd this one, didn't make it.

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Does this count?

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Gee if only there was a wiki for this kind of stuff.

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Why compile a bunch of games everyone has played already? If at least someone posted a list for the more obscure consoles I'd probably end up considering it. The only thing keeping me from playing anything of this nature is not wanting to invest time digging on a pile of garbage to find something decent.

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i've got tons of graphs like this

getting tired of dumping them everytime though. fuck

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three times if you count the collection

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please dumping I love this kind of pics, please.

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So let's get a fuckin Wiki, or some kind of /vr/ general photo album somewhere. You can just paste the URL then, instead of having to repost these every time.

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Wonderboy and Crash are coming back, tho

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>bastardized Hokuto No Ken
>Altered Beast
>Eternal Champions
these games have no business being on a best of list

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That wiki sucks so hard. Doesn't work in mobile, ads everywhere, weird ass frames... This is /vr/, let's do something ourselves, even if its just the same info in a better format.

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I made this one the other day, but if you guys can add more games, it would be great.

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I find it funny how the different boards have different regulations towards recommendation threads. I've gotten warned twice on /a/ for making rec threads, when they weren't even recommendation threads (I always start my threads with questions like "What's your favorite [x]?"). Yet /v/, /co/, and /vr/ don't mind.


If your N64 collection lacks Harvest Moon 64 then you're doing something wrong. Besides the common N64 games, that is a must.

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Killer Instinct did too.

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How about Adventure? It isn't very popular, but it sort of had its own niche back in the day.

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Why the fuck is San Francisco Rush not on the list?

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Stolen from /v/

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That is seriously a terrible image, Super Thunder Blade? Slaughter Sport? That's not even bad taste, it's like putting Superman on a best-of N64 list, it looks like somebody was trolling.

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Sounds good

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V8, those games were so damn fun. Would have been amazing in high rez and 60 fps.

I never did tell my brother about the weapon combos.

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