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What's your favorite belt scroller? Mine is pic related.

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ebin :^)

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Recently picked up strider and I'm really impressed for an early Genesis title. It's addictive too. One of those games you throw the controller down then come back 5 minutes later. I'm stuck on the part where you ride the centipede guy from the first stage. End up losing whatever lives I stockpiled there.

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The NES version is superior

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The only "belt scroller" game I know is the one where after you do up your belt the buckle doesn't align perfectly with your naval so you scroll it around until it does.
Love Strider. Looks like he's wearing an obi not a regular belt.

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Is your belt suppose to be at your naval? I wear mine at hip level.

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Why do you enjoy beat me ups?

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Thats a Ushanka Shanker not a beltscroller.

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the greatest thing about R-Type is you think the stage you're currently on is absolutely brutal

that is, until you get to the next one. Such an incredible game.

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R-Type isn't that hard.

R-Type 2 though is very hard.

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they are fun

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Neither of those are hard
unless you go for the 2-All

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I like beating off. dont tell anyone.

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i like how unfair they are, surviving on the last portion of helathbar against all odds is fun.

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>What's your favorite belt scroller?

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R-Type II is a survival horror in the truest sense of the word: Trying to survive certain areas is a friggen' nightmare.

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that does look hard as fuck tbqh. jesus

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You're never going to make "belt scroller" happen, mate.

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Radiant Silvergun BEST OF THE BEST

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I always found the human centipede dude would destroy me on try, and be no problem the next.

The mega drive version is an excellent port of the coin op, one of my favourites of all time.

So is R-type. R-type 2 not so much.

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I think the trick to the centipede is jumping at the right time when he changes direction.

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Mai feevoritto Beruta Sukoroora wa Za Punishaa

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>/vr/ - Autistic Semantics Arguing
By the way, I just bought a PSX the other day. Any good PS2 recommendations?

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the genesis version is the worst beat 'em up i've ever played, i'd rather play urban champion for an hour than this game again.

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obviously akeedo, mai furendo.

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Try Final Fantasy XII: World Edition Online 2016 [Approved by the LGBT community] and FIFA 2017: Brazil Supercampeoan Edicao.

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I don't understand the appeal of games like this. Literally the only skill involved in spending hundreds of hours with frustrating trial and error of navigating a little hurtbox in a maze of hitboxes while holding the firebutton. You have to be a fucking autistic robot to enjoy this shit, there isn't any intuitive mechanical skills you really have to learn to be good, it's just pure trial and error with no creativity involved.

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Guess that's why the genre died out, huh?

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>implying it didn't evolve into Devil May Cry and Dark Souls and Final Fantasy 12

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There are still some decent indie arcade shooters that come out every now and again that actually feature a little bit of RNG as far as the patterns go which makes it a lot more fun knowing that you don't necessarily need pure 100% level knowledge as much as quick thinking and preemptive strategy. Plus sometimes they add some sort of physics element or unique ship property to allow more creativity.

My main problem is just with these bullet hell games where everything is the same every time and the only thing you are doing is memorizing the patterns of pixels and mapping efficient movements in your head.

Sure there are shooters and platformers that require the same level of pattern recognition and trial and error but those games always feature some level of accurate button timing as far as shooting and jumping goes instead of just purely static movement.

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not all stgs are like that, i haven't played r-type yet but it's considered to be one of the most, if not the most memory heavy one. nothing is wrong with liking that, there is no creativity in learning how to play a song either, but people enjoy it.
the rng you are mentioning is hated by some shmupers, but is quite common in arcade stgs(and arcade games in general) and i think it's a great thing that each playtrough is a bit different.
>just purely static movement.
you mou make it sound primitive, like it's only bullet dodging. but killing enemies is also important and positioning yourself for the kill is fun.
doing better at the moment than many other "dead" genres, plenty of indies are released, plenty of arcade shmups were made, i don't think i'll ever run out of shmups to play.

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Excluding doujin junk, the only new shmup released this year was Raiden V. That's pretty damn sad.

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So we're actually calling them belt scrollers now? Admittedly I haven't been on here for a month or two but I didn't think things would have changed this much.

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OP is just making a shitty pun. Strider is not really a belt scroller.

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You wear your belt vertically over your shoulder and through your crotch or something? Readingcomprehension

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Man I really wanted this version to be remade. I did this sprite edit a couple of years back to give Hiryu his scarf(I still have that rom).

The story is based o the original manga.

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I'm afraid that word isn't what you think it means, Charles.

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What's /vr/'s favorite non-Streets of Knuckles beat 'em about on the Genesis? Golden Axe 3 seems pretty solid.

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>Oh shit I got btfo again!
>B-better call them autistic that will show em!

Fuck off kid it's belt scroller deal with it you fucking inbred hick.

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>it's belt scroller kid
Its... Its really not at all. Saying that is an obscure term at best and is so vague it could refer to virtually any game that scrolls. The fuck outta here with that.

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>he can't tell the difference between side scroller and belt scroller

This is how you weed out the retards on /vr/.

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not enough belts

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"Beltscroller" is not a retro term.
Take this shit back to >>>/v/

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You're being autistic again, anon. What's next, complaining when people use an image that's newer than 1999?

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That's the pot calling the kettle black. Anyone who uses the term belt scroller is a God Tier Autist

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>not calling it a Walkie Punchie

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>not calling it a Hit n Run

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>not calling it a Strolling Donnybrook

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>not calling it a Meandering Melee

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Reminds me that that Downtown Nekketsu remake/sequel just came out. I've wanted to try the PC Engine version of Downtown Nekketsu, but will have to burn a disc because L O L the prices are nuts.

>Excluding doujin junk
been some pretty great doujin releases this year mate. Some are easily better than some arcade releases from the 2000s. RefRain, despite its somewhat uninspired enemy design, springs to mind immediately.

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>not calling it a Brawl n Crawl

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toplel, using this from now on.

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that's pretty accurate, i always scroll the screen just a little to have less enemies spawn.

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>not calling it a Smash n Dash

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>not calling it a Waltzing Wallop

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>not calling it Outfox 'n Box

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I just tried this. Omg what is up with the jumping physics.

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Not a beat em up since you can't walk in 2 directions.
Same with Comix Zone.

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>Streets of Rage 3
>Any Konami beat em ups

This is the worst recommendation list I have ever seen

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Actually, there can be fixed-plane beat 'em ups.


3D sprite-based ones are usually called "belt scrollers" though.

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>le belt scroller meme

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Try the Japanese version of Streets of Rage 3, its so much better

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>search "Belt Scroller" on google
>two of the front page results are archived /vr/ threads
>three others are literally about scrolling belts

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I loved the dinosaur lvl. It really is an amazing game.
Revenge of Shinobi is my favorite though.

>> No.3534827

It is and you'd know this if you weren't so fucking underaged.

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R-Type 1's recoveries are just as bad if not worse

t. casualfuck who never played a shmup

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Still not nearly as good as Streets of Rage 2.

Music is a step back. Gameplay is one step forward, two steps back. Enemies are typical annoying beat 'em up enemies. Streets of Rage 1 and 2 managed to mostly avoid the shitty arcade beat 'em up style enemies that spend 99% of the time off screen or just running around the player.

Most beat 'em ups are pretty shitty with really shallow, quarter munching gameplay (Konami ones especially), and Streets of Rage manage to throw that garbage out and actually make a decent game. Then SoR3 started having that sort of bullshit, and it's a worse game for it.

Also, the music is catastrophically terrible.

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Final Fight, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, King of Dragons, Punisher, Tenchi wo Kurau 2, Captain Commando, Tenchi wo Kurau 1

all of them are fast, fun, satisfying, and pure. no gimmicky bullshit. They're all extremely polished and show a superb level of detail and polish.

D&DTOD: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
D&DSOM: glitches up the ass. unpolished as fuck
Battle Circuit: nothing special, kid
Armored Warriors: More like Homosex Warriors, m'rite?

>> No.3534932

King of Dragons is a satisfying and engaging experience. D&D is quarter munching bullshit. I only play it multiplayer with buddies and we just feed credits.

>> No.3534958

no gimmicky also allows also for reskinned samey shit like Captain Commando and Punisher

making a distinction between boards is retarded anyway, King of Dragons or Knights of the Round play nothing like Final fight and are more related to D&D Tower of Doom for example.

>> No.3534969

d&d tod is challenging but zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

d&d som is the easiest arcade game ever made

Oh look it's that "cool kid" whose always so serious.

Damn. What a badass. I bet he wears shades when he plays acrade gaems

>> No.3534971

serious for what, for not acting retarded like you? lmao

>> No.3534973

>he got triggered

Mission Success.

>> No.3534987

no but here is your (you)

>> No.3534990

Oh look he's the type who ((always needs to get the last word in))

>> No.3534994

oh look he's the type who (desperately needs attention from anonymous internet people)

>> No.3535049

why'd you reply to yourself

>> No.3535052


It's just a meme that some posters have probably legitimately fallen for hook, line, and sinker.

>> No.3535057

A completely different animal. I do like how Capcom tried an entirely different approach to the game knowing that the NES wouldn't be able to make people jack off over the TECHNOLOGY, but it kind of felt like a poor man's Bionic Commando overall to me.

>> No.3535059

meant for >>3534990 looks like you felt identified tho

>> No.3535060

Where is shinobi?

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>he replied again

Like Clockwork.

Looks like I was right >>3534990

>> No.3535074

Where is Shinobu?

Oh yeah this is /vr/... Err... How about them Sonics?

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>> No.3535083

Lol is this mootykins or something

>> No.3535087

Toppest of kekkest of mornings to ur belts and exquisite drawing of said belts and thorough annotations

I take it yall already knew vr/rv/rg/vg/

>> No.3535091

>implying that's a bad thing
>implying your mom isn't autistic too
>implying anyone here is anything but autistic

>> No.3535120

>he asks a question
>hurr durr you replied xD
you are beyond an attention seeking retard, reply this nigger

>> No.3535131


See >>3534990

>> No.3535136

reply this one too

>> No.3535138


Did you see this? >>3534990

LOL this is what I get for triggering an autistic beaner.

>> No.3535139

now reply this last one

>> No.3535141

Your turn to reply.

>> No.3535474

I reply hi there i like retro games too yes

Here is some attention for you anon

Do u want a birthday card from me



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guys wtf is going on?

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>Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Punisher, Tenchi wo Kurau 2

No its CPS Dash games

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Reminds me of the faggot(s?) that kept pushing "character action" for DMC even though no one had a problem with calling it a hack-and-slash for the longest.

>> No.3535534

Hack-n-Slash is a tabletop RPG term (initially D&D) for sessions without much plot.
Later the term was applied to computer RPGs where plot only serves to put you into a combat scenario, and RPG interactions outside of combat are limited. Diablo, for instance, is an iconic Hack-n-Slash.

Before DMC came out, games in that genre were called "Slashers" (look at journal publications about Die By The Sword, Severance: Blade of Darkness, Rune, Drakan etc.) and everything was fine. Everyone knew what game you are going to get if you hear the term "Slasher"

DMC came out at the time when old journalists that actually cared about things like proper terminology and genre definition began leaving the scene, opening their spots to younger wannabe gamer-journos that were ready to write for food. One of those inept idiots called DMC a "Hack-n-slash" because it sort of sounds like a proper name (but it is not), and the rest followed suit.

Now you have a situation where Hack-n-Slash is applied to both Diablo-like kill-loot-repeat-minmax stats RPG (Titan Quest, Grim Dawn, etc), and an arcadey actions like Bayonetta. The term "slasher" quietly went out of general use thanks to inept journos, who later started inventing new nonsensical genres because they couldn't be bothered about how those types of games were called before.

>> No.3535572

>The term "slasher" quietly went out of general use thanks to inept journos, who later started inventing new nonsensical genres because they couldn't be bothered about how those types of games were called before.
And then OP was born.

>> No.3535986

>look at journal publications about Die By The Sword, Severance: Blade of Darkness, Rune, Drakan etc.

>implying those games aren't irrelevant garbage

>muh journal publications

>implying those idiots know jack shit

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Belt scroller is really retarded sounding. Thanks OP for introducing me to this term. You are truly the huge faggot we have all come to expect.

>> No.3536020

Better than "beat'em'up" you micropenis

>> No.3536056

Honestly this. I don't care for belt scroller but it does sound less kiddie. Now if we could just come up with a better name for shoot 'em up / shmup that isn't retarded like STG.

>> No.3536221

BDSM(Bullet-Dodge 'n Shoot-eM)

>> No.3536267

Just too ahead of it's time with momentum jumps

>> No.3536563

Speaking of jumps, Streets of Rage 3 had the best jumps ever in the genre's history.

And anyone who disagrees likes dicks in his butt hole.

>> No.3536675

>not calling it fall n stall

>> No.3536740


>article about "undiscovered beat-em-ups"
>proceeds to list every popular beat-em-up ever made

I wanna meet the faggot who made this article so I can kick him in the vagina.

>> No.3536836

The only one I knew was Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker arcade and that's only because the dry ski slope I went to as a kid had one

So you can fist my vagina or whatever too

>> No.3536837

You're telling me that you didn't know Captain Commando or the Punisher?

>> No.3537382

Not everyone here can be >20

>> No.3537429

which version of rtype is this?

>> No.3537462

Regardless of that, if you don't even know about Captain Commando (that's like not knowing what Final Fantasy is as an RPG fan, or Wolfenstein 3D as a FPS fan, and so on) then, no offense, you're kinda clueless about the genre as a whole and the vast majority of the genre's library is a "hidden gem" to you.

Anyway, what's your favorite belt scroller so far?

>> No.3537570

Bad comparisons. I'm not the anon who didn't know Captain Commando. Just one taking the piss out of him. Gave my opinion on "belt scrollers" here >>3528230

>> No.3537767

Those are gmaes in that genre I remeber off the top of my head. If you know more (I know there are quite a few), you arewelcome to go ahead and list them, it does not make any difference for the case at hand whatsoever.

Back then game magazine publications were managed by actual journalists who did their research before writing stuff. They had credibility.

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File: 3.32 MB, 2536x4190, belt sanders.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posting some more rare belt scrolling gems for the one anon

>> No.3538304

Stop posting your shitty charts faggot and it's called beat em ups.

>> No.3538316

RacketGoy fucking sucks. They write an inaccurate article about eBay's prices for resellers every year.

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File: 11 KB, 300x216, facepalm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3538339

fuckin gitmo torture device
"mohammad, you're not going home to your 5 wives until you beat this game"

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File: 10 KB, 164x162, 3b02a7ef929591fca9fef1bd23a861a41cbe058960d9e93eb8a6696f0b0ffe89.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>belt scroller
The lowest of quality memes. I vaguely remember hearing the term used maybe once or twice in the mid 80s but there is a reason the term didn't stick. Its bad.

>oldag here that gets called underage all the time by underage faggots

>> No.3538865

Wild Fang, Battle Circuit, Lightbringer, and Warrior's of Fate are not nearly well known as SoF or FF. They're obscure-ish.

>> No.3538879

>there is no creativity in learning how to play a song

If you learn to play it you could in theory go on to create new songs based on what you've learned. There is no skill in shooting games that is transferable to something else.

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File: 56 KB, 1013x512, stg master race.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you could in theory go on to create new shmups based on what you've learned :^)
after 1cc'ing a shmup "hard" games like battletoads will seem trivial, srsly.

>> No.3538919

every scroll belt aficionado knows about them ,kid.

if you want rare, then u better put up stuff like buster's bad dream for gba made by Treasure or you better shut up before i slap the soul out of u

>> No.3539012

>after 1cc'ing a shmup "hard" games like battletoads will seem trivial, srsly.
average shmup is as difficult as a beat 'em up, battletoads is a meme just because consoleplebs aren't used to arcade difficulty

>> No.3539024

>average shmup is as difficult as a beat 'em up
not if you try to score in a shmup, scoring mechanics in beat 'em ups are usually an afterthought. but i said 1cc, not score, so you are right, most arcade games are brutal in comparison to console games, even arcade ports are not as hard as original, due to continues and console hardware limits(i.e. not as much enemies on screen and/or slowdown).

>> No.3540886

Is Knights of the Round considered to be a bad belt scroller?

I am uneducated about which ones are good and operate off of pure nostalgia about this genre. I consider the ones that I played to be good and don't have a lot of exposure beyond the ones that were popular where I grew up.

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so what is this

>> No.3540901

it's good, any arcade capcom one is fine, it's some of the Konami titles that are style over substance

>> No.3540905
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>> No.3541026

Looks like a belt shooter

>> No.3541876

KOTR is brilliant. Better than both D&D games imo. Very one-coinable if you use the birdman secrets for extra lives and levels. Awesome fun game. Just don't use Arthur because he sucks to the point of annoyance, mainly because he fucks up the birdman secrets a lot.

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