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Let's see what charts you can come up with /vr/

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Template here

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This is pretty funny, OP.

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And I guess it can be easily translated to 5th gen, so here's a template for that too

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Missing 3DO. Make the chart wider and reupload.

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Oops... oh well, no one cares about the 3DO anyways

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What are these supposed to be... like comic characterizations

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Yeah, for comedic purposes, so I guess you can paint the Saturn crowd as a bunch of weebs and what not

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>Dreamcast graphics
>Worse than N64 and PS

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That's a Saturn, and even if I do love the Saturn, even I will admit that 3D is pretty dithered. Virtua Fighter 2 looks amazing though

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It's a Sega Saturn

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Saturn had good sound eh? never owned one maybe I'll have to give it a go sometime.

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What are the two sound machines in the N64 and Playstation and which one is more high advanced?

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I'll be true, I just searched synth for the N64 one, and searched Yamaha XG for the PS1


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Very random.

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Is it true that Playstation is better for horizontal shmups and Saturn is better for vertical shmups?

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This a pretty great thread, op

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Warm-colored capsule me on this

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indeed the psx has a special grafx chip under the hood that allows it to harness the Shinto god of parallax scrolling to realistically simulate the scroll rate of a belt sander.

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>SMS market
should be Brazil, not Japan.

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Pretty accurate. I was gonna rebuke the master system's parts but that's pretty spot-on for the most part and NES was totally all the rage back then. In america anyway.

Good stuff though I feel using Snake in playstation's video image is lazy.


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If that's the Saturn community, how would the PC-FX community even look like?

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like this

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Like this.

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Nu-males in the mid 90s?

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Hipsters would obviously go for the Pippin.

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Nah, that was before Apple was popular again. Modern hipsters are only concerned with the pretense of being niche.

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Pretty accurate apart from sound.

Oh I am laffin.

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Pippin is extremely niche.

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Just read your explanation for the sound, yeah I agree then. Pretty accurate. Before I was like
>classic moog

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>using Snake in playstation's video image is lazy.
How about an origami?

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Niche implies it was successful in a limited market. It was a complete and utter failure, which prevents it from fostering the image today's hipsters are concerned with.

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That would apply to the Saturn for succeeding in Japan, N64 for succeeding in the USA or maybe the 3DO for its partial success in Russia.

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I think you forgot to update the gen, m8.

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I thought atari was second gen and pong machines were first.

What the hell are second gen, then?

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That's the 7800
Don't take generations too seriously, second generation is basically the stuff released before the Famicom that was mostly gone by the time the NES was released in NA.

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7800 is 3rd gen.

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Should be the "best looking guy" Squall face.

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Top kek.

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So the Genesis had the best sound.

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Robot farts couldn't have picked a better image

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NOBODY bought the Master System in Japan.

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yeah genesis had the worst sound

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this is a thing of beauty

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>no 2nd gen
>no 4th or 5th gen portable comparisons

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>brought up the fact PC Engine has a CD add-on
>didn't bring up the fact that Mega Drive does as well

Butthurt SNES fanboy detected.

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Soundtrack for Scorcher on the Saturn. Supposedly, everything except for the last track is being generated by the Saturn's SCSP in real time.


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What does market refer to?

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I would imagine the current state of the secondhand game market for that particular console.

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why did you use that beta title screen for sonic 2

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It's still running on Genesis video hardware.

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i know it just looks worse than the final version that grass looks dumb

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Final version also software tricks to get more then 61 colors on screen at once.

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It looks lazier. What did you fix?

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It is not lazy.

Most of it was fixed.

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You just added video game pics (which is why it's lazier) and some e-celebs.

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Joe & Dave >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kim & Kanya, face it e-celebs are the celebs of the future.

PC Engine - Bomberman
Geneses - Sonic
Super NES - Mario
NeoGeo - King Of Fighters "whatever"

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But that's significantly worse you idiot.

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Straya-kun, is that you? It was a joke m8, I find the YM2612 quite underrated, actually, GEMS driver sucked, though.


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Straya-kun, is that you? It was a joke m8, I find the YM2612 quite underrated, actually, GEMS driver sucked, though.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wm7sT87AXFA [Embed]

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this is shit

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I'm sorry

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Use X68000 vs everything else.

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I wanted to make x68000 vs Towns vs PC98 but I suck at this.

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Sorta tried

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What are these?

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Someone do these.
>Atari 2600 vs. Colecovision vs. Mattel Intellivision
>Gameboy vs. Game Gear vs. Lynx
>Gameboy Color vs. Neo Geo Pocket Color vs. Wonderswan (Color)

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Someone should do "PC Master Race vs. Console Peasant vs. Arcade Master Race" for each gen.

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No, it's not.

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X68000 audience is made up of people with money to spend like Lukemorse1, the game library is made up of quite many Japanese games, the market is generally a few doujins, Sound and graphics are just like the arcade (Specifically CPS1)

PC-98's audience is /jp/ hikis, Library is mostly lewd hentai, market is loaded with Doujin, graphics are like 80's and 90's anime, and sound is pretty orgasmically good

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No, it's this >>3527958

Please understand.

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I think he meant which one was which, presumably about the last two.

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PC and Mac should be against Commodore 64

X68k and PC-98 should be against MSX

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either that or just combine all of them into a single chart

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That was the Amiga & Atari ST but you are right about the MSX, also FM Towns.

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Now with FM Towns.

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I would think Market would be more broadly occidental than just Lucas since you had a couple nice ports of Dos games to FM-Towns

>> No.3528049

Alot of those games were from LucasArts however.

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Even the superior versions of the Ultima games, Life and Death 2, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego and Stunts?

>> No.3528058

Granted, but LucasArts is brought up the most.

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I'm a little confused by the "market" row. Some of these look like "community" and "market" are the same topic.

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Market is who the companies advertised to. Community is the actual gamers.

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I mostly define market as general prices for the games or how many are for sale in the present.
Basically N64 is farmer's market, pretty fair prices for games. Saturn is Jewelry store as many of the great Saturn games are going up in value or are already pretty expensive. And PS1 is Super Market as lots of games are for sale and still for pretty affordably prices.
And here I basically say that NES games are being inflated in Value, Imports are the ones to go with for the Master System and they are rather reasonably priced, and 7800 doesn't really have anything worthwhile in market to my knowledge at least

>> No.3528274

>Imports are the ones to go with for the Master System and they are rather reasonably priced
Aren't those imports from Europe though?

>> No.3528278

Yeah, I fucked up with the Japan thing, should have done Brasil or Europe/UK

>> No.3528280

god damn why do so many of you watch fucking gamesuck? Dont you get tired of their fucking boring voices and shit taste?

>> No.3528398

why the bauhaus building?

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that is horrifying
have anymore

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check out /jp/ its full of anons pretending to be anime girls. Kigurumi.

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huh? who is bearded guy? hipster?

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I wouldn't complain tebeheitch

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That is some 10/10 shit. Amazing.

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Kyd did amazing work. Btw the Saturn is also a fully capable FM synth as well in its sound hardware.

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Yeah, moog is good

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do these nigga

>> No.3531417

>Dont you get tired of their fucking boring voices and shit taste?
For me it was one sharp bell curve. I spent a day or two watching most of their stuff and learned a few neat things, then the oddly specific preferences and strange attittude towards some genres/titles came out until I found their weird taste more offputting than their commentary.

I also can't stand people who can spend hours on wikipedia researching every last minute detail of a western title, and then having almost no info on Japanese titles and going "wtf japan were they high when they made this" so there's that.

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n64 DOES NOT sound anything near a mood voyager. More like a CASIO SK1 (because most n64 songs were 4 second loops sampled from full songs on CD based versions)

>> No.3535035


>> No.3535042

>because most n64 songs were 4 second loops


>> No.3535741

>most n64 songs were 4 second loops

nigga wat

>> No.3537856

Master System public was Europe and Brazil, and it got a lot of games there.

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Best of thread.

>tfw no neogeo

>> No.3539401

>tfw was about to get a consolized MVS, but then they just stopped selling them
God damn...

>> No.3540637

you mean back in the day or are you talking about the "neo geo x" or whatever they were calling it?

>> No.3540960

No, I'm talking about that Consolized MVS by those Analogue guys who make the super expensive RGB modded NES/Famicom system.

>> No.3541560

Oh, OK. I thought you meant actual official shit.

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