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This game deserves a proper remake. A 3rd person action RPG with a companion app to turn your cellphone into your deck to jack into the Matrix.

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this game is unplayable. avoid.

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Thats why it so expensive to buy now. People must hate it.

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Is 28 dollars considered expensive?

People like this game because of the cyberpunk lore.

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I saw it for 44 but whatever. You name another game that makes his magic and Technology so well

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It's only a drag at the start. Once you get a good gun it opens right up.

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I would rather see a movie set in the Shadow Run universe tBhfaM

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If Cyberpunk 2077 does well, I wouldn't be surprised if some company picked up the Shadowrun IP and tried to do something big with it.

>It's just like Cyberpunk 2077! Except with added elves and magic!

Cyberpunk 2077 is never going to be finished/released

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once you get your first good deck that's pretty much it actually, you can make money and level up in the matrix way faster than anything else

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I never spent too much time in the matrix. It was too frustrating when the nodes would melt my programs.

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that's why you keep a stock of burner programs like slow or a level 3 scan

I don't think any matrix maps have more than 2 tar pits, and there's only something like 1 or 2 that actually have a tar pit on the data node itself, so you can pretty much just sleaze through everything till you hit the node, then try analyze, and if your analyze doesn't get eaten by a tar pit, use deception or attack to get the goods

analyze won't set off the alert, so lvl 3 is usually all you need, and the money you make off of selling the data will cover the 9000 nuyen or whatever it costs to get a new one

of course, every matrix map is always the same when you go back to it, so once you know how to get to the rich data node in the Ares server or whatever, you can use the same path and same technique over and over to steal their data and bleed them dry while lining your pockets, and rack up tons of karma in the process, distributed among your entire party for whatever crazy reason

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Remake? Why? I'll just play the original version.

I played through it again last year, after I broke my finger playing Rocky on the SMS (Fuck you Apollo!)

That would be pretty keen. Have you seen the old promo video?


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Concept amazing. Execution not so much. I would have been more impressed if they had used some of the lingo.
I would frag the slot out of that Mages face.

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You can buy the best gun in the game within like 10 minutes of starting.

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misread it as something else and the youtube thumbnail doesn't help either.

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Yeah, Sweet Sally Tsung is beautiful and dangerous.

Safer than a BTL chip, eh chummer?

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Reminder that the new Shadowrun games are terrible fucking trash and only SJW cuckolds with no taste in vidya would ever recommend them

Wasteland 2 isn't great shakes either but I'd still recommend it over the Shadowsucks trilogy

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I can't seem to get through the early game. I take a job to raid some sort of factory, then proceed to get surrounded and die.

I enjoyed them, but to each their own.

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Fuck off wasteland 2 is excellent

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WL2 is bad, but not Shadowrun trilogy reboot bad.

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Does anyone here have some hot opinions on the SNES Shadowrun? I almost rented it once (but I fragging hate renting RPGs). I love the Genesis game, but from what I gather the SNES one is rather different.

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Is fucking golden. Get it immediately and get comfy.

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Do courier runs in the beginning until you have enough karma to drop points into quickness, that will help you outrun/outmaneuver the ghouls. The ghoul missions are some of the best for building nuyen early game though (note you only get credit for the first 20 kills, so keep track). Also buy an Ares Predator pistol from the weapon shop next to the hotel in the first area ASAP. It can easily last you the whole game.

I prefer the Genesis version. The SNES one is totally different: it's more story driven, and plays partly like a point-and-click adventure. The clunky isometric controls take some getting used to, and the graphics are worse IMO.

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>Reminder that the new Shadowrun games are terrible fucking trash
They're okay. Probably not worth playing more than once.

>only SJW cuckolds with no taste in vidya would ever recommend them
Holy shit /pol/ what the fuck are you memeing about

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They're hardly 'versions'. They're two different games with nothing in common outside of the title.
Do people in this thread realize that Shadowrun IP in games is more than alive? Like, it had something like 4 games lately - a mediocre MMO, and 3 really good quality and well received tactical wRPGs.

In fact, there is a full remake of SNES Shadowrun as a module for Shadowrun Dragonfall.
There are black/brown elves/orcs etc in them, that's what he means probably. Even though metahumans in SR were always explicitly created from mutated humans of all races. I mean, between being anti-corporations/capitalism, having strong anti-racist undertones and the entire thing with indigenous populations becoming world superpowers due to magic, Shadowrun always had a anarchist/leftist slant since very beginning, so I don't get why he woke up with this shit now.

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He's probably an underage who'd never played the Sega or SNES games and had probably never even heard of Shadowrun until some post on /pol/ or something told him that the game's an SJW or whatever.

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I'm 37, and when I was a kid, this game was AWESOME... so, I would love a remake. Most younger "gamers" wouldn't enjoy it as much because to them, this is prehistoric.

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What do you think of the SNES one?

Personally, while the Genesis one is a lot more true to the P&P RPG in terms of gameplay and mechanics, I feel like the SNES one did a better job nailing the "feel" and atmosphere, and I'm actually personally not sure which one I prefer.

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>They're hardly 'versions'. They're two different games with nothing in common outside of the title.
Title and setting/world. Sorry if my word choice offended you.

I'm 38, and played both games on my original consoles in the 90s. The Genesis game is one of my favorite games for that system.

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how is dragonfall & Hong Kong?

i tried SR and i liked it up until it turned into XCOM with the universal brotherhood BS

also is being a decker not as useless in the other games?

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>also is being a decker not as useless in the other games
It is always useless.

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In Dragonfall you recruit a decker into your party pretty quickly. You don't need to play one.

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Thanks chummers. I started playing last night, and the interface took some getting used to (I still fail to open doors because I'm standing in the way occasionally), but this game is pretty wiz.

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Oh please. They're the only Shadowrun games worth playing. I mean, the SNES Shadowrun is pretty crappy because you can't use a mouse with it, but otherwise might have been decent. The Genesis game though, absolute crap. I honestly don't know how you could compare these games as RPGs and think the Genesis version is better. It being grindy is one thing, you can get over that flaw if you have patience. But why would you even bother? The combat is shallow as all fuck. Compare that to the new games where they actually have a really fun X-com style battle system that packs a good challenge on the harder difficulty settings. You really can't compare the strategic gameplay of the new games with with the "keep butting heads with the enemy until one of you dies" braindead approach of the Genesis game.

And I mean, I'm not saying that the new games are these totally perfect RPGs without any kind of flaws. They're just miles and miles ahead of the Genesis game in the gameplay department. Literally the only reason you could disagree with this is if you harbor the irrational belief that old games are always 100% of the time better than new games.

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This goy gets it. Kickstarter Shadowruns was a big mistake.

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>I suck at it

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One thing about the Genesis game that must be said in it's favour is that you are actually doing some shadowruns. In the SNES game, you're just dealing with one single run that went sideways.

Also, the Matrix is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better in the Genesis version. The SNES game's system for it stinks. The Gen version is passably similar to the 1st ed tabletop system, the SNES version is like fragging Minesweeper.

I dig them both, and I haven't played any of the new-fangled (non-/vr/ games); so any comparison to those new games is completely lost on me.

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Actually you could say that in the Genesis game combat is not the point. The point is finishing your missions. To that end you're supposed to actually use stealth and magic and decking as well as combat so that you can get the goods and get out. Most of the time it's better to avoid combat entirely or it's just something that you have to do to stay alive and hold off your assailants while you actually get shit done. You actually have spells that can incapacitate or hold off enemies instead of having to fight all of them, and these can even be desirable since weapons fire will trigger alerts.

The newer Shadowrun games are basically not Shadowrun, they're tactical RPGs with a Shadowrun skin on them, and all you will ever do is fight turn-based combat on a tactical grid or simply explore dialogue trees and closed in little maps to get your thingies. Even the matrix is just more turn based combat in a glowy blue Tron world. There is no Stealth. There is no get in and get out. It is literally, go there, kill everything, take everything that isn't nailed down, leave. It's juvenile and any seasoned player of the actual pen and paper game would groan at this sort of campaign.

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This is my favorite Shadowrun game with the snes being my second. You get to run around an open world, doing shadowruns. Hacking and stealing files to sell. Breaking into corps and stealing employees. The monsters and areas are pretty cool.
You should play the game all the way through, use a rpgshrine for walkthrough because you will get stuck.

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>implying somebody can suck in jrpgs

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It is.

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Nah. It was made by an American developer, and had real-time combat at a time when turn-based was a hallmark of JRPGs.

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Yeah, like I thought, it's basically just nostalgia fueling this kinda thinking. You can tell because you're desperately trying to use this cop-out argument of 'it doesn't matter if the combat is shit because the combat doesn't matter'. It's funny to me, because /vr/ is always complaining about modern games that shift their focus away from the gameplay and onto things like story and writing instead. Which is exactly what Genesis Shadowrun does and it's absolutely to it's detriment as a video game.

Personally, I like video games, I like playing them and not just reading them. I'd much rather take the game that has actual tactical combat that emphasises good positioning and the correct use of abilities in the right situations rather than a game where your success or failure depends entirely on if you've grinded enough or if you have good enough equipment. I'd rather play a game that makes you think about what to do next rather than just throwing your party at the enemy and hoping for the best. It really is so below par, not just compared to practically every other Shadrowun game out there, but compared to other RPGs at the time too. It's just so crude, literally nobody would give a shit about this game today if it didn't have the Shadowrun brand name attached to it.

I also think it really speaks to how much your opinion is biased by nostalgia and/or and autistic need to shit all over everything that was made after 1999 when your only criticisms of the new Shadowruns is that they're not open world and they're lacking in stealth. Well, like I clearly pointed out, they do have their shorcomings. But there is no worse shortcoming than a game like Genesis Shadowrun that fails fundamentally with it's core mechanics. Stick diamonds in a turd and it's still a turd. The game is all style and no substance.

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Not that guy, but for me I think the fun was the open-endedness of the game, and building my characters' abilities, getting new gear and programs, etc. Hacking into the progressively tougher matrix systems to finally get to those juicy red-level data nodes felt really rewarding, too. The combat itself was nothing special, though at least it has an immediacy to it that doesn't make it such a chore, as it might be if it were turn-based.

Between the player agency the open-ended gameplay allowed for, and the atmosphere of the setting (and particularly the matrix), it really gave it a unique feel for the time. I think part of why I like it is has more to do with the potential of the game, rather than what it actually achieves. Like the OP, I've long wished for a remake or spiritual successor that captures and expands on what Genesis Shadowrun had. I'm cautiously optimistic that Cyberpunk 2077 might fulfill at least some of that promise, but only time will tell.

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>implying there aren't people who can specialize in sucking.

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it was developed in Europe you fucking mongrel

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>BlueSky Software was an American video game developer situated in California formed in 1988

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>'it doesn't matter if the combat is shit because the combat doesn't matter'
The combat matters, but it is only one part of the whole thing that actually makes a Shadowrun. Combat alone does not make a Shadowrun game.

If the game lacks dimension to everything that isn't combat, which should make up the majority of what Shadowrun is, then it really isn't that good of a Shadowrun game. It might be an alright game that's based on Shadowrun, but it's a bad Shadowrun game.

To add onto that, even if the combat seems good, but actually it's exactly the same as any other TRPG. You stay out of targeting range of your enemies, you slowly move across the map as a group, just barely ending your turn in range or placing a summon into range of some but not all of them, the enemy, being a stupid robot, makes the first move and rushes into the open on masse to get a shot off.

Then you shoot all the enemies.

Rinse and repeat. All the variances in topography are essentially meaningless, it's just a question of how many enemies can hit you if you stand here; after the enemy takes their turn after being baited, how many of them will you be able to hit standing there.

The AP game and stuns and whatnot, it's nice, they tried, it's nothing new, it's not even close to the best at what they're even doing.

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Hey, I never said the combat was particularly special. It's works, it's fun, it's well made and well executed. Compare that to the combat in the Genesis game. Once again, I can't emphasise this enough, the combat in the Genesis game has absolutely zero strategy, skill or depth. It may as well not be there in the first place. Unfortunately though, it is there and it is a SIGNIFICANT part of the experience of playing the game, don't try to pretend it's not. It really is absurd to criticise the gameplay of the new Shadowruns when you're defending the shallow, brainless slog that makes up the gameplay of the Genesis game. You really are trying your hardest to downplay the strategy involved in the new Shadowruns, and it's so bizarre because the Genesis game has absolutely nothing at all when it comes to the actual meat of the gameplay so why would you even bother?

Oh, and the new games don't lack 'dimension to everything that isn't combat, which should make up the majority of what Shadowrun is'. Apart from the lack of stealth, they're Shadowrun through and through. You're acting as if they're lacking in locations, atmosphere, characters, writing and music. They're not. They manage to execute all of those things well while having good gameplay to boot.

Hey, if you're the kinda person who doesn't really like playing games and only enjoys them for the writing and the world building and other periphery elements, then good for you. Don't pretend that they make a good game. Definitely don't pretend they make up for poor game mechanics and tedious, boring combat.

This is why the new Shadowruns are better games than either the SNES or Genesis titles. They have better gameplay. Which is important. You know, because they're fucking video games.

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The meat of the gameplay in the genesis shadowrun is not combat. that's what makes it a better shadowrun game.

The newer ones might be better games, but shadowrun games they really aren't.

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There you are trying to downplay the significance of the crappy combat again. Whatever. It's still not a better Shadowrun game. Just because the new ones are lacking in stealth doesn't make them any less Shadowrun than the Genesis title. None of the Shadowrun adaptations are perfect, exact replicas of the P&P game, because that would be impossible.

The new Shadowruns may be lacking in stealth, but the Genesis game is missing even more. The character customisation is gimped. You only get to pick from three classes to play as, and you don't even get to pick your race. Compare that to the new games where you get to pick your character's race, appearance, known etiquettes and class (which even allows you to make your own custom class). Now, I'm not gonna say that makes the Genesis game somehow 'not Shadowrun', because that would be retarded. Just like the new games, it's using the Shadowrun setting. It's an open ended, real time RPG with limited customisation options set in the Shadowrun world. The new games are mostly linear, turn based tactical RPGs with a range of character customisation options set in the Shadowrun world. The SNES version is a point and click adventure. There was a Shadowrun online-only FPS (which was crappy). There's a Shadowrun MMO (apparently also crappy). They're still Shadowrun games regardless of if you like them or not.

And yes, Shadowrun Returns and it's add-ons are still the best Shadowrun GAMES so far. And they're still fucking Shadowrun.

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I feel like the games other than the Genesis one lacks Mr. Johnsons.

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I would unironically play/subscribe to a Shadowrun MMORPG.

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>shitposting underagefags try to act like they actually played the game when they were kids

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There's absolutely nothing to do on it except wandering and meaningless combat. It reminds me of games of this generation.

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what about building up character? different approaches?
oh, right, you prefer walking simulators and gone home. like, games of this generation.

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