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Keyboard or gamepad?

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It depends on the game.

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I hold my keyboard like a joystick.

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it takes more work to reach for a controller than a keyboard. you can not disprove this.

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Not true.
My conrollers are on my coffee table, so it's just as easy.

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Depends on the game/mood, James is a retard

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the cuck sucks at video games, his opinion is shit

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he's not saying using a keyboard is manual labor. He's saying since he works at a computer desk 24/7, that he assocoiates keyboards with work, and gamepads with playing.

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fpbp baby

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But his job is playing games.

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10% of his job is playing games (now)
80% is writing and editing at his computer

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James is still as based as ever. PC is for spreadsheets, not games.

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What about spreadsheet games?

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Spreadsheet simulator. Fund it.

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They've existed for a long time. Sports management games, in depth construction games and so on.

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A few versions of Excel had games hidden in them.


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you suck at math

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nah the last 20% is him and mike taking turns jerkin each other off

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I could never understand how people preferred a keyboard, even for something like an FPS. You need 4 buttons to move (WASD usually) which is fine, but if you're using those a lot of games make it so you have to contort your hand to unbelievable levels to hit things like C (crouch), Shift (run), Space for any number of things, and so on. In the heat of battle it's too easy to mistake V for C or something and hit the wrong button, or your finger slips, or whatever. Not to mention you're not getting smooth analog control from just WASD alone. And then don't even start with having to constantly look down to hit the appropriate number to change weapons, or even us the F series keys sometimes. Going from WASD to 7 is not intuitive at all and I can't do it without looking.

I don't care what the elitists say, give me a controller for an FPS. They're not difficult games anyway that require 1/60 reaction times and pixel perfect precision to win. Using right stick to aim is fine.

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Mouse for aiming, one-hand thumbstick controller for movement actually works pretty well for FPSes. That's how the arcade FPS games in Japan work anyway.

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D you know what a scroll wheel is? Don't need 1-7 to change weapon anymore.

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Of course FPS are not difficult anymore, because they're dumbed down for console babies like yourself.

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Keyboard for FPSs and heavy pointer use games.

Gamepad for everything else.

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I agree with this cuck.

But keyboards are made for pc fps.

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>keyboards are made for pc FPS

Which is why the originated on typewriters, right?

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All the best fps was made for pc. Cowaduuuty is just generic dudebro garbage.

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Confirmed for not playing it.

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>underage detected

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Don't forget Eve Online

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>this is normalfag

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too many visuals, just give me the numbers

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that gamer is doing some serious gaming on all those games

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Why because I didn't sate the other percentage of him setting up props and filming etc?


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Controller. Might as well play your games on a typewriter if you want to use something designed for typing to control a character in a three-dimensional world.

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Keyboard. I don't need to waste my fingers on holding things.

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Whatever kid. Just play the games for normies.

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What about wasting 3 fingers on WASD instead of one on an analog stick?

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I can do 6DOF with one hand on my keyboard, can you do that with your gamepad?

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That's not really the same.
And for some reason I have five fingers on each hand so that still gives me one extra over thumbstick+trigger.

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every night i imagine james rolfe and his wife getting taken in every whole by a big bald black stallion with a huge cock

it turns me on so much i want to see it i want it to be true. i want some big black daddy to make me his james rolfe

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you could with a dualshock

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I understand controlling two ministicks with your fingers but where do you get the remaining two degrees of freedom from?
A DS4 should work due to the touchpad. Maybe even for further degrees of freedom via the gyroscope.

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Welp. That was fast.


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This is the ideal setup. Stick movement feels much more natural, same goes for mouse aiming. Put the two together and we're in business.

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Why not get a real joystick?

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>Which is why the originated on typewriters, right?
>He doesn't play the Olivetti M40 Doom port

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>I don't care what the elitists say, give me a controller for an FPS. They're not difficult games anyway that require 1/60 reaction times and pixel perfect precision to win. Using right stick to aim is fine.

Casual AND underage

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You know it's not that I care he has a different opinion but he's got an upsetting sense of superiority about it. There's not really any point to go online and spout shit.

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Instead of getting angry about it, you should watch the video. He says he knows kb+m is better for FPSs, but just that he prefers using gamepad because his _OPINION_ is that keyboard reminds him of work, because he works with the PC a lot.

The out of context pic is bait, and it works wonderfully.

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See, that's stupid. That's like saying my car reminds me of work because I use it to get there.

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No, it'd be work if you worked as a chauffeur. James doesn't use his PC to get to work, he works with it.

You are the stupid anon, sorry.

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James doesn't have a PC. He's a Macfag.

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>shitty jew e-celeb uses shitty jew products

How apt.

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I wanna be cool and say arcade stick but i usually just use the gamepad

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You should already be living without those if you have at least half a brain.

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I concur.

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Shouldn't you be out jerking off in the forest instead of using the Internet with us evil conformist capitalists?

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>living without Mitsubishi, Sharp, Toshiba

Good luck using electronics.

>> No.3509704

None of my electronics are made by them.

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consoles games i play with a controller, pc games i play with whatever i feel like using.

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Zenith for life bitch.

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How ya gonna play X68000 Castlevania then?

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How are japanese companies like Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Sharp related to Israel?

>> No.3509758 [DELETED] 

They give money to them.

Japan is just as cucked as America in terms of sucking circumcised dick.

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But why would the person who made that pic randomly choose japanese companies? Japan is one of the countries with the least amount of jewish population and influence... I'd choose companies from other countries before Japan if I had to make a bait pic like that.

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Holy shit his hands are even sweating as he hits dem buttons.

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Japan, I am disappoint.

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So Toshiba cucked an israeli company and not the other way around, weird.
Still, you could pick so many other western companies that are more related to Israel than any japanese company, that pic is bad bait.

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I only use a gamepad when I wanna be lazy on the couch.

>hitting buttons arcade stick style
why not get the arcade power stick instead? those shits have lasted me since 1998 and are still responsive as fuck. when are arcade manufacturers gonna start making some industrial quality parts?

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Anyone got a YouTube link for this commercial?

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No it's fucking stupid. I watch netflix on my PC how is that work? I go online to shit post here and that's clearly not work.

If you see a keyboard and think it's work regardless of programs are being run you're a moron.

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>I go online to shit post here and that's clearly not work.

That's what you think.

>> No.3509819

I'm sorry you're socially retarded.

>> No.3509823


Well then I need to see a man about some back pay.

>> No.3509827


Keep solving captchas, monkey.

>> No.3509836

Slavery is still work.

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>ZNES taught me to master keyboard gaming .

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>you have to contort your hand to unbelievable levels to hit things like C (crouch), Shift (run), Space for any number of things, and so on. In the heat of battle it's too easy to mistake V for C or something and hit the wrong button, or your finger slips, or whatever.

Are you retarded? All you have to do to press C is to slide your index finger down from D and for X you just slide your middle finger down from S. To press Shift all you have to do is press your pinky finger down and for Space just press your thumb down.

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Kill yourself fucking retard

>> No.3509885


well at least there's job security

>> No.3509950

Yet another example of how modern "gamers" ruined by "console is the only way" retardation of post-1995 "gaming" has basically ruined videogames forever.

>> No.3509960


What the fuck are you babbling about?
Are you OK, anon?

>> No.3510007


Im fine, Terry. Just tired. Thanks for asking.

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>Toyota is not on there
>literally the most dependable and reliable make of car

whoah... really makes you think...

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depends, I grew up with pads, but keyboards are the only way I can play FPS' these days, even though MoH underground was one of the first ones I played

>> No.3510452

Only if you count savescummy simulationistic PC garbage as games.

>> No.3510517


Playing on a keyboard for 30 or more minutes always cramps up my hand.

>> No.3510539

Pretty much all the FPS/TPS shooters are better with keyboard+mouse and I see no idea why the fuck those games are so popular on consoles. It just feels awkward. Then there's the whole genres like RTS and map painters that are simply unplayable without keyboard+mouse.

When I play some platformer type of game like Abe's Oddysee or Spelunky I prefer the controller even when I'm on PC. You'd think the console market would focus more on games that are better on consoles, but no. It's been nothing but downhill ever since they introduced the analog sticks. At least if you ask me. I don't even want to play console games from PS2 generation onwards because I hate the controls. I feel like a cripple playing those even when I'm good. Of course there's exceptions and I'm being a bit too harsh but still.

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Yeah hes a video editor and for some reason they all think Final Cut Pro is good. Windows has plenty of alternatives. But it fits his casual nature.

What a smug cunt. I only watch Mike and Bootsy these days, you can tell how surprised mike is if James does anything half decent in games, even he knows how casual James is.

>> No.3512304

This is taken from one of his Doom playthrough videos as well, kek.

>> No.3512493

> why not get the arcade power stick instead?
That guy didn't know there will be some clever anon like you.

>> No.3512761


Not that much difference playing Doom with gamepad or keyboard. d-pad = keyboard arrows.

>> No.3512781

i play doom on a ps3 pad. radically different than keyboard and mouse. gimped controls

>> No.3512782



>keyboard and mouse

Anon, I don't know how to tell you this but Source mods aren't like playing the real Doom.

>> No.3512802

I agree. FPS, RTS, Point and Click, classic adventure games as well....all work best on a computer.

Now let me tell you something you little shit. DO I have to draw a diagram on proper finger placement?

If you have your thumb on space, C is the next row up. If your fingers are on WASD, your pinkie should be resting on SHIFT, F is next to D, and E is next to W. It's not rocket science.

>> No.3512909

>console peasant cutting out the part where James says he knows keyboard is better but he types all day so prefers gamepad


>> No.3512915


Read the thread, it's already been said. Still the bait worked.

>> No.3512926

>read the thread


>> No.3512932



Nice memestic manners you've got there.

>> No.3512938

>classic adventure games
With a text parser? Hard to see those work without a keyboard.
Tactics and strategy in general and RPG for the largest part.

>> No.3512942

>for some reason they all think Final Cut Pro is good

It's probably what they were indoctrinated to use in college. Some professor who gets a paycheck for recommending it and having his students use it in class so they all get hooked on it and run right out and buy it as soon as the class ends because it's all they were taught to know.

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I think you're missing the point. No one cares what he prefers. His logic is retarded.

>> No.3513428


it's not really, as long as he states it's his own preference, the logic isn't retarded.

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