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Hiro has made it clear that we need to talk about and discuss what should be and should not be allowed on our boards. And that the mods must be regulated on a tight leash to follow our guidelines.

So let's talk about how to fix and improve /vr/. Also Hiro is watching mods, don't try to fuck us

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Allow the rest of gen 6 so that gen 6 kiddies will quit shitposting the board out of spite and revenge.

Also get rid of the mod that abuses its powers around here.

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Leave everything as it is

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Stop the cunt of a mod deleting Arino threads. Pokemon pt 1 was soft subbed and we can't talk about it.

Same goes to the mod who deletes every thread with a mega link in it

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Don't fix what isn't broken.

GBA is not retro

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>GBA is not retro
It's more retro than Dreamcast. 99% of its games are SNES-esque.

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that's why we don't have gccxg anymore ?

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The current rules are ridiculous. This board obviously wasn't set up to discuss new games like Pier Solar so going by console doesn't make any sense.

I vote we go to a rule of including anything that's 15 years old by date. That will give opportunity for new topics of discussion most days as some game or other turns 15, but it keeps the board dedicated to old games. 10 years or 20 years would also work well, but I think 15 is a good number.

Also "Retro Games" is a misnomer that only confuses people so we should also change the name to Old or Classic Games.

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I agree with this. Scrap "by generations" and "by hardware release".

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DS is also more retro than Dreamcast. 99% of its games are N64-esque.

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Make sure 6th gen shitters stay on /v/.

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Delete troll posts?
Given the amount that would take for ever

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Stagnatefags are the cancer killing /vr/.

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>This board obviously wasn't set up to discuss new games like Pier Solar

Says who? It is on the Sega Genesis and plays like any other Sega Genesis game. It isn't widely discussed because it isn't all that great compared to other RPGs on the system.

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Because it's not a retro game.


Yeah, and?

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We already had a lot of "tests" with 6th gen threads and it was 100% console war shitposting.

/vr/ already has enough console warring, we don't need more.

Also, certain group of people's childhood era isn't "retro".

1999 is arbitrary but it works.

Leave everything as it is.

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>certain group of people's childhood era isn't "retro".
Good point. Leave /vr/ as is.

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It is a "retro game" by the definition of the board (it runs on an old system, that's literally the board rule). It is a retro game by the actual definition of the term - it an old fashioned game.

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Stop trying to get 6th gen retro.

>hurrr shaddup old man i wanna talk about double dash and wind waker


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The cutoff could be moved from 1999 to 2000.
But honestly that depends on if fanbases of games like Deus Ex, BG2, Diablo 2 etc. are shitposters by large margin or not

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>Says who?
You can't honestly be serious. Sure, it technically fits but the board is obviously mainly for discussing older games.

/v/ is the more appropriate board to talk about it on, and that's not a slam against /v/ or even Pier Solar. The same way Shovel Knight and Cave Story are retro games, they're not really "retro games" like this board was made for.

And don't pretend you don't understand that.

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2/3 of those games are discussed here anyway because they are sequels to games released before 2000 that 99% of people who played the first also liked.

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this is not primarily about age, like the definition of vintage cars, but a definition of technology. If anything, there could be more seperation, like by graphics; 2d/sprite, polygon, and "textured" graphics, or storage medium; cartridge, cd, dvd etc.

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Stop trying to reject reality and face the fact that everyone but /vr/ considers PS2-Xbox-GCN-GBA retro.

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because /vr/ knows what retro actually is, yes and "everyone" being the denizens of /v/, which consist of the third or fourth most low-quality denizens of 4chan, yes.

I recommend playing more retro video games, half-wit.

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We already had this conversation. I told you I've been to more retro communities and literally no one does, to which you replied with a
>lol who cares what people outside of 4chan think
So who's this everyone you're talking about?

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>this is not primarily about age, like the definition of vintage cars, but a definition of technology

This is really the crux of the issue we need to come to an agreement on. I disagree strongly, and think it is and should be a moving bar for old games. Not just discussion of 16 bit or 2D sprite based games.

This board is already slow and doesn't need to be split into even smaller subforums. There are other places like Reddit for very niche forums like that, 4chan has always been more generalist.

But that's my opinion. I hope Hiro and friends really are reading these threads and thinking about what direction to take the site.

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Define retro game for us then, champ.

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In that case it's a formality and there's no reason to not make it official.
Deus Ex 1 is far more popular than both though and its inclusion would be the deciding factor.

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Here you go, pal. :)


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>So who's this everyone you're talking about?
Oh, I dunno, maybe the biggest videogame retail chain in the world?


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>citing gamestop

Just get outta' here.

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Someone post the pic of that store that sold DS games under the "retro" label.

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>I have no counter-argument but I must shitpost

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I'm being entirely serious. If it will run on a stock Genesis (or other old console), which is the board requirement, why shouldn't it be fair game.

The fact that old consoles are still popular enough to get new games released for them shows their appeal and makes them even more relevant.

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I just find it very ridiculous is all.

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thanks for affirming we were right kid

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To a reseller teh definition of retro or classic or whatever always is: no longer in production.

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Atechan's /vr/ allows all of sixth gen hardware, but cuts the software date off to being at least ten years old in order to qualify as being retro.

That's how our rules should be like tbqh.

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Dude, this place is for the elite, believe it or not, and elitist enthusiast usualy now more about a given thing than some companys marketing tool.

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I'd like the idea of making it a specific amount of years. If it were to the day we could have open discussions on the anniversary of the release date of games that are now considered a part of /vr/ and drive some more content and discussion rather than the same crap "what is the best Genesis add on and why is it the 32x" and castlevania shit posts. Am I saying drastically change it? Fuck no but it would be a great way to drive more conversation.

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Remove the sticky. The links are dead anyway.

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Up to 2006? That still sounds like a very poor decision.

If you're not interested in retro video games then why are you even here? Because it's cleaner? It's clean for a reason you know. Eventually you'll just ask for the board to be /v2-eb/ and it'll defeat the purpose of the board completely.

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All games that run on windows 98 should be allowed on /vr/ just like console games for n64 past 1999.

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>I'm being entirely serious.
You made me even less sure, but whatever.

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>ten years old
Literally yesterday. If you're going to have a variable cut-off at the very least make it two full gens.

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Way too much effort to find that out.
Just ban console games released in 2000 and later and all it right.

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>windows 98

Yeah, such retro classics as Unreal 2k4, Halflife 2, and World of Warcraft.

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that's just silly.

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Ten years is a long time in video game land. I think 15 works better, but 10 is reasonable.

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Not my fault consoles are shit. Half Life and HL2 were ported to consoles in the same gen. Doom sourceports are more advanced than most early 2000s games.

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I was looking for more obviously recent games, but it looks like support was phased out around some time in 2005.

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Had a good run.

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So what do we do when 6th and 7th gen are too old to discuss on /v/? Make a "somewhat retro" board? Just keep making boards!
And when the playerbase of /vr/ is so old that they've all died off, we just delete the board. No need to update it to include newer things.

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Medieval 2 Total War is ten years old. It barely looks different than the newest title in its series and is basically the same game (but better in little ways). There's basically no change in games in the last decade.

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It's not just about age, it's about board quality too at this point. Allowing KH, DMC, Halo, Melee and other games with horrible discussion would kill this board.

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16 or 18. I don't want too many PS2 games at once.

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>Gears of War is retro.
No. Just no. Two gens is the bare minimum.

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We kick Dreamcast out of the allowed systems list. When that was allowed to happen /vr/ got pushed down a slippery slope and gave leverage & ammunition to those whining that GBA and the rest of 6th gen should be allowed here.

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Yeah, you're right. Were we to allow 6th gen that would probably be all that is ever discussed here, probably. And it would probably drown out all of the actual retro vidya threads. And I for one would not like that.

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Street Fighter V came out this year and looks and plays like a graphical update to every other version. Certain genres change a lot, others don't. It doesn't make an old game not an old game though.

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Yeah, pretty much this.

Look the PS2 had some classics and I'd love to talk about JSRF and Melee, but there's also a lot of shit that really doesn't belong here, nor would it fit in with the tone of the board imo. Like /vr/ doesn't need Call of Duty, or cancerous DRM. And where do you draw the line with PC games? There's no hard line like 2000 or console generations.

My only suggestion is put a tighter leash on the janitor or at least educate them a little better about the subject.

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>looks and plays like a graphical update to every other version

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Aw why is that kitty on the right crying?

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because he's a lonely neet probably

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There will probably be a new definition for those kind of games.
keep in mind though, that before /vr/ retro vidya was discussed on /v/, so why shouldn't "new definition for medium age games" be discussed on /v/?

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Don't worry anon. As long as we're around we'll never let 6th gen kids shitting up this board.

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I'm guessing that Gen 6 will have to have its own board once it's 2020? I understand that /vr/ is suppose to be only 1999 and older because that's what the retro market at the time considered "retro" (aka, shit you couldn't find in a Gamestop) when this board was created, but I honestly don't see /vr/ ever allowing Gen 6 threads happen; even if there's another major leap in tech as big as sprites to polygons.

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>/vr/ is going to allow all of sixth gen soon

The shitstorm of butthurt from Gen Xfags will be amazing.

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Let's settle this then.

We tell Hiro to bend the rules to the results of the poll after we give time for everyone to vote their input.

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M2TW looks worse than MTW and Quake 3 but Icewind Dale is not retro here.

>> No.3496359

It does though. Not really any different from MTW or Civ or a ton of other games.

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Go away.

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Yeah that seems like a good way to settle things up, it's clearly not an issue a lot of autistic people from both sides would cheat for.

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Even though there are issues with this board, it's still 1000 times better than /v/

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The current rules are shit. Hiro pls fix.

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let the next gen officially come out and then we can talk.

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I'm looking at /vr/...

and I'm looking at /v/....

I don't see what you mean.

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Allowing Gen 6 in would mean that we have to allow an Xbox console to be retro.

The very idea that an Xbox console could be considered anything other than objectively trash disgusts me.

I say, we allow the GBA, Gamecube, and PS2, but disallow Xbox from discussion

Xbox is responsible for the death of video games, and marks the end of gaming as a whole.

It'd be like having a board about Classic Simpsons but allowing season 12-17 in there. It's a despicable idea and should not be entertained.

There is nothing good, or notworthy about the original Xbox, and therefore, it should be left to die, a forgotten piece of trash with no right to exist.

Let me make it clear: Xbox has no place in /vr/

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For reference, 2channel (not Futaba; they only have 1 game board) is organized like this:

General Retro Games board:
-PC games through Windows 3.1 and PC-98 DOS
-home consoles through Super Famicom generation (includes 3DO and PC-FX)
-arcade games through 1995

Home console retro board
-TV consoles through the Super Famicom generation

32 bit+ home console retro board
-PS1, SS, 3DO, DC, N64, PC-FX, Virtual Boy, [email protected]

Arcade game retro board
-standard arcade games: more than 3 years old
-online-based: after service shutdown

Handheld game system retro board
-??? (rules intro curently blank)

*Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest discussion goes in the "FF and DQ" board regardless of how old
*eroge discussion goes on eroge boards regardless of how old

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>M2TW looks worse than MTW

I like MTW and like its single player more than 2's. But no, it doesn't look better.

>> No.3496408

i like my xbox though

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>Xbox is responsible for the death of video games, and marks the end of gaming as a whole.

No. That was Sony, and partially Nintendo. Xbox came after the damage had already been done.

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I just want to talk about GBA stuff. I could care less about anything else

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Make another Retro Handheld General and talk about GBA there then.

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sorry friend.

I just don't talk about non-retro stuff with anyone. Maybe try /jp/ if you're into weeb stuff.

>> No.3496426

A Board for Handhelds would be to consider, it would have to include mobile games though and hence woul be cancer.

>> No.3496427

While we're at it, Australia-kun should get his ass permabanned from this board, that nigger causes a big chunk of this board's shitposting.

>i-it's not just one guy

Then ban the two of them.

>> No.3496432

>still discussing the cut off date
You're pathetic.

>> No.3496434

>it would have to include mobile games though
Is Space Impact retro? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ol9TsSs-9ok

>> No.3496435

Just block all IPs from Australia in general and nothing of value would be lost.

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>he's still butthurt he was trolled by some guy and holds a grudge over it

laughing at your life my man

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It's a great emulator.
2002 was quite some time ago.
There were some good games.
Halo,Ninja Gaiden,Psyconauts,Shenmue II, Morrowind, Fable. Little gems like Indigo Prophecy.

I mean if we are gonna allow GBA,Cube,and Ps2 you have to let in Heug. Fair is fair, no matter how much you cry about it faggot. For the love of fuck the N64 gets praised here. Among other shit systems. I

>> No.3496442

The funny thing is he's not actually from Australia. He could even be a Britbong.

>> No.3496445

Then we should just ban all Anglo countries, including the yanks.

>> No.3496450

Or how about fuck off with your retarded Australia boogeyman.

>> No.3496453

There, this is what you would get by allowing 6th gen here, what's not to love?

>> No.3496457 [DELETED] 

no need to get so uppity, newfag.

>> No.3496459

If you think Civ V is remotely like any of the previous versions then you need to have your head examined.

>> No.3496460

Not having a place to discuss Summoner or Dynasty Warriors 3 is fine if it means that Halo, or even worse, Halflife 2, is off limits.

>> No.3496463


>he was trolled

He shitposts here all the time, he's been ridiculed time and time again, he gets his shit deleted by mods all the time. Nobody was "trolled" by him, he's just an annoyance, and he seems to be online every single day. It'd be a good riddance.

>> No.3496464

board quality would skyrocket

>> No.3496467 [DELETED] 

For a mere annoyance, you sure do like to complain about him all the time.

Sure there isn't some hurt feelings in there?

>> No.3496472

>let's talk about how to fix and improve /vr/.

There's nothing wrong with the board rules, the problems come from the userbase.

People can't stop taking baits, there's all kinds of leaks from /v/ to /pol/ and people keep responding and bumping those threads, then there's the resident autists like Kattfag, Australia-Kun and the chronic RPG shitposter.

The userbase itself is low quality aside from the dedicated threads which are the only ones who actually manage to stay more or less on topic, be informative and talk about games, then we're constantly plagued by tons of Chrono Trigger threads that invariably lead to the same tired arguments between CT and CC fags, Mother threads, Treasure threads, consolewars threads, the problem with this board is that people only talk about the few retrogames they played as children and little else, the people who actually want to try something different and play retrogames are less by each month.

The board has problems because its original userbase is dying and getting replaced by the same inane userbase as other boards like /v/.

>> No.3496476



First time I'm actually talking about Australia-kun, but if you spend at least a few hours per week on this board you get used to him.

This thread is to improve this board's quality with suggestions, right? Well, ban that fucker's ass.

>> No.3496479

>defending australia-kun

Sure you aren't him, right?

>> No.3496480

Both Australia and his witch-hunters should get range-banned, as they contribute to the shitposting.

>> No.3496486


I'm fine by that. As I said, this is the first time I'm actually mentioning Australia-kun, since this thread is fitting for that. I ignore his shit otherwise.

>> No.3496487

Really, I would only let GBA games which are ports or are related with retro games, e.g. Super Mario Advance 1-4, Advance Wars since it's the sequel to Famicom Wars, the Doom and Duke3D ports, etc. That way you would leave out the consoles (which are too advanced to be called retro) and the shovelware or new shit from the GBA like the horrible Mortal Kombat games or Shrek Karting or some shit like that.

Equally for PC games, bump up the limit date to literally 1 day after a game which would leave out crap like Halo and Cawadooty while letting people talk about the sequels until another limit date, e.g. Diablo II being includes because Diablo I is permitted but HalfLife II not because of being to far away in time to Half Life

Sorry for the crappy english btw

>> No.3496494


Your English is perfect mate, don't appologise.

>> No.3496495

>I ignore his shit otherwise.
I don't believe you, but whatever. This isn't the place for discussing shitposters, either, but rather how /vr/ should move forward from its paradoxical sticky.

>> No.3496501

Halo is like 15 years old, I don't get the hate. Is it a meme?

>> No.3496503

remove 5th gen

>> No.3496506


Why do you defend him so much, anyways?
I'm not the only one complaining about him ITT, either.

>> No.3496510

I think he just gets a bad rap for having opinions you disagree with, such as not liking Nintendo and preferring PAL.

>> No.3496517 [DELETED] 


slurp the rank fecal waste from my anal hole.

>> No.3496519


There is a difference between not liking Nintendo and preferring PAL and shitposting about it every single chance you get to derail threads.

He is a shitposter, plain and simple.

I find it hard to believe you aren't him, why would you defend him?

>> No.3496523

I'm new and there is something I'm unclear on. Does the chosen definition of retro apply to what someone can start a thread about, or what can be discussed period? For instance, yesterday there was a thread about Brave fencer Musashi, and I mentioned it's sequel on the ps2. Is something like that acceptable or should I have just not brought it up?

>> No.3496530

Personally, I don't like how movement feels, and prefer Call of Duty over that game, but I just mentioned because it seems people have problems with it and I'm trying to find the best answer for everyone

>> No.3496542

It's acceptable.

>> No.3496548

I suggest we get rid of the rogue janitor who has deemed all GBA titles totally retro despite the very obvious cutoff date in the board sticky. Ports from other systems, FF4,5,6, etcetcetc fine... but straight up allowing all discussion about GBA is bullshit. Since when do fucking janitors have the authority to make / change the rules? Could've sworn that was up to the mods or up.

>> No.3496551


It's a bit of common sense, if the thread is about a /vr/-related game, and someone mentions the non-/vr/ sequels in said thread, it's generally OK and nobody bitches unless it's for obvious bait.

The problem is when people start straight non-retro threads, sometimes it's just newcomers who aren't used to the rules, but most of the time it's just shitposters baiting.

>> No.3496553

Not sure what you're going on about. GBA threads are still against the rules.

>> No.3496557

If nothing else, we should at least get the current rules written more clearly regarding computer games.
We've been using this tradition of "console & old PC hardware before through 1999 even if the software is 2000+, Windows/Linux/Mac software only if the software came out before 2000" but the board rules don't actually say anything about treating Windows/Linux/Mac differently than anything else.

>> No.3496562

Arino threads have been dying from inactivity. That's not the same as deletion. The only reasons why I think a mod might delete those threads is if the OP was bitching about something or the OP had a game that wasn't /vr/.

Do you want to talk about that soft sub? In my opinion, it was low quality. Things like 'Arino-kachou' and honorifics for everyone are bad choices, and overusing translator notes is a mark of a lazy or unskilled translator.

>> No.3496568

The sticky's outdated too. The wiki's down.

>> No.3496570

A few weeks ago there was a GBA thread up and the janitor was deleting all posts that said "Not retro", either as quoted or giving much longer explanations as to why the thread shouldn't be up. There was straight up GBA discussion going on in that thread for days.

Days after my ban in that very same thread when it was on page 9, said janitor deleted my saged post "Remember to report and sage non-retro threads". The janitor baby sat it until it fell off the board, making sure that all call outs of being non-retro were deleted, and that GBA discussion could happen.

>> No.3496573

Oh, forgot to mention that my page 9 sage post was deleted in MINUTES. In a thread that was about to fall off the board.

>> No.3496575

This 100 percent. Allowing Halo would be the death of /vr/.

>> No.3496582

Halo's fine, not sure why /vr/ gets so butthurt over it. Must be Doomfags that want to have a complete monopoly over the board.

>> No.3496590

I know people will shit on me for this, but if the current age advisory (i.e. 18 years) was born after a game got released, that game should be considered retro.

Today, anything made September 14th, 1998 or earlier should be /vr/.

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There is nothing wrong with what is and isn't allowed here. As someone who loves gen 6 we don't need it here and should never allow it. Hell I question if allowing DC is even something we should do.

What we really need is fucking moderation here. Being plagued with 10 "snes vs genesis" or "Anyone else hate earthbound?" threads is unacceptable. I understand mods can't constantly be here, with a board as slow as we are you have to accept that some shitpost threads might be up for a few hours or even a day. Where I draw the line is an obvious shitpost thread staying up for days AND getting actual replies. Its disgusting.

>> No.3496595

Did you report it?

>> No.3496597

Solid shitpost, 8/10. Here's your (you)

>> No.3496601

Well, appointing a moderator would be a good start.

Change the rules to include 6th gen also. It's fresh discussion and would end all the generation war shit posting once and for all

>> No.3496603


Fuck it I can't do this poor attempt at satire.

>> No.3496606

Yes, as did many other people. Easily 50-75 posts were pruned from the thread calling out the bullshit.

>> No.3496608

Aren't ports already allowed?

>> No.3496616

we've been treating them as allowed, though the rules sticky doesn't say so

>> No.3496618

rename /vr/ to /v20/ for "20th century vidya" to reduce confusion

>> No.3496620

I think saying DC and sixth gen threads shouldn't exist and countering with "snes v genesis" and "Earthbound sux" threads should also not exist is kind of counter intuitive.

>> No.3496627

How? Sixth gen isn't shitposting like those other two examples but I don't feel they belong here.

>> No.3496634

Only allow 2D/sprite games and make 3D/polygon games against the rules.

>> No.3496635

But sixth gen is treated like shitposting by the current community whereas Earthbound sux and Snes v Genesis aren't.

>> No.3496637

Make "overrated" an autoban filter.

>> No.3496641
File: 602 KB, 963x720, huh1124.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he thinks filters work

>> No.3496647

The only, and I mean the ONLY argument I've seen against the PS2 is some faggot bringing up sport shovelware and saying "But it still has games coming out!". We've made 3.5million posts on this board and things are getting stale. Remember when the board started and it was awesome? When a board stagnates, all the conversation starters leave, people stop discussing, and it is immediately replaced with shitposting and trolling.

I've been reporting trolls and backseat mods left right and center for years on 4chan, but the lack of transparent moderation means that the mod's work is largely unknown without chasing the archives.

Another major issue is mods deleting posts that acknowledge anything post-Y2K. Remember a good while back when I made a threat that compared the sizes of each metroidvania, showing that Symphony was still the largest in terms of sheer size? An interesting factoid that appealed to the board deleted because "u menshuned the gaybayayyyy".

Also, I accuse the mod of babysitting certain threads, not off-topic threads, but the Doom thread which has received unusually high amounts of moderation on more than one occasion while obvious bait and shitposts go completely unmoderated.

What we need here, and on all boards, is hard and fast punishments for backseat moderating. Remember when moot said that he was a fan of "hide shit you don't like"?

I strongly support the idea of 15 years, maybe 12, or simply "Any console that has been discontinued".

The shitposting was caused entirely by antis. Every time their #safespace is threatened they go apeshit and try to ruin the board for everyone else. This happened on /tg/ immediately after quest threads were told to GTFO and go to their containment board, even starting fights in threads about Warhammer and being as petty as possible, the literal reason /tg/ was created in the first place. They even tried to argue that setting lore wasn't /tg/-related in their infinite butthurt.

>> No.3496651

Anyone like that is a clear shitposter though. We don't dismiss gen 6 because its fun, we dismiss to maintain the board.

>> No.3496652 [DELETED] 
File: 39 KB, 998x720, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ban yankee IP's and filter "Genesis" and "Mega Drive" to Mark V.

>> No.3496656

You seem to be missing >>3496593 's point(s). Anon made two seperate statements, first being that although they love 6th gen games, they do not believe that gen should be allowed here.

Second they mention that this board needs either more mods/janitors or competent mods/janitors. Mainly so that obvious shit posting gets pruned in a semi-timely manner (not be up for days). Which seems to have no connection to the first point, since they are two seperate statements.

>> No.3496663
File: 1.26 MB, 1324x992, WOWDUDE3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no more
>snes vs genesis console war threads
>pal vs ntsc threads
these threads are cancer

>> No.3496664

Yeah let's bring back the early 2000 anti-xbox shitposting why don't we? That's nostalgic as fuck. If you don't like Xbox games, then hide the Xbox threads. Also, gaming didn't "die". You just kept buying shitty games. 100% of all complaints centered around the gaming industry can be solved by NOT PLAYING SHIT GAMES.

Let me amend this. Things aren't getting stale. It's covered in mold and starting to stink. I have not discussed anything at length here in a fucking year.

>> No.3496669


You can thank this guy for these: >>3496652

>> No.3496674

ANY thread can be shitposted, anon. Just because snesVgenesis and Earthbound sux threads are doesn't mean they're the exception.

Sixth gen belongs in /vr/. It's out of print, it's older than the majority of people on 4chan, and it would diversify this board. Hell, people spam "underrated or unknown retro games" every two weeks and get the same answers, I think we need to broaden our horizons.

But, I'll reiterate my statement, in that anything that is over the 18 year old age limit should be considered retro since it came out before the youngest of forum users could understand it.

>> No.3496686

Ban all treasurefags

>> No.3496690


the most important thing to fix and imporve /vr/ is GET RID OF THE TRIGGER HAPPY JANNY.


>> No.3496695

>Let me amend this. Things aren't getting stale. It's covered in mold and starting to stink. I have not discussed anything at length here in a fucking year.

In other words
>/vr/ topics no longer interest me.

So really its just time for you to go. If the topics here don't interest you then that's just too bad. An entire boards population / culture / etc should not be changed because a handful of people who are A.) Bored with the topics discussed here, or B.) Probably underaged wanting to talk about 6th and 7th gen games they grew up with want to change the rules.

>> No.3496697


This. PlayStation X FTW.

>> No.3496702

Non-/vr/ remakes should not be allowed to be the center of conversation (i.e. topics made about them or discussing them any more than any other non-/vr/ subject).

>> No.3496704

What did Treasurecucks do to you, anon?

>> No.3496706

Move the acceptable range of video games up to the 6th gen including any portables. The GBA should at least be considered acceptable by now.

>> No.3496713

>Retro gaming means consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other forms of video games on platforms launched in 1999 and earlier.

The rule applies to the system not the actual games themselves.

>> No.3496719



/v2k/ - Video Games 2000 through 2009

>> No.3496721


Enjoy games regardless of console choice or region.

>> No.3496727

Here're my ideas:

• change the rules to reflect the last date an official machine capable of playing the media was produced rather than the date the official machine was debuted with 2006 being the cut off
>this allows Dreamcast, but disallows most of the rest of the 6th gen

• make an exception to that 2006 cut off for GBA (the last machine officially capable of playing GBA media left Nintendo's production line in 2014)

• allow port and remake discussion

• issue in-thread visible warnings/bans for non-retro discussion so posters can see what is and is not allowable and why

Now, I won't be able to engage in any GBA discussion as I've never played much GBA, but I don't see much harm in allowing it, personally. The few games I've played for it have a very strong 4th gen feel to me. If my idea is enacted, I'll start posting to GBA threads eventually, after lurking in a few for games to download onto my phone and play.

I believe that this would smooth things over nicely for all of our core contributors. Do you agree? Disagree? Why? Other thoughts?

>> No.3496731

/vr/ is the best modded board right now. There are a minimum number of shitposts compared to other boards. It is peaceful and comfy here. Pls don't change.

>> No.3496734


They're mostly underage nintendo fanboys that shit up the board.

>> No.3496739
File: 18 KB, 350x371, Cage Concern.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really hope Hiro doesn't think just going to /qa/ is a good way to find out what's wrong with boards.

>> No.3496741

Comes down to these four probabilities:

1. Sony fanboys who are mad they got the short end of the stick from Treasure.

2. Arcade elitists who think their game is better than [insert Treasure game].

3. Sega fans who felt betrayed that Treasure started developing games for Nintendo systems, such as Mischief Makers, Sin & Punishment, etc.

4. Contrarians that just think it's hip to shit on anything remotely popular.

>> No.3496742

>16 years is older than most people on 4chan
>let alone the men on /vr/

>> No.3496746

Mainly for the don't change position, and I agree with >>3496727 in most parts, but I'd ask also to forbid the fucking "x vs y" threads or everything that is or become just an arid flaming with two unconciliable opposites.

E.g. PAL vs NTSC, Amiga: u yuro or not etc.

Those threads usually starts from nothing, bear to nothing and are boring as heck to read aside from those two guys which started it.

>> No.3496757

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Anon.
Personally, I haven't played much of anything newer than 4th gen in about... oh... 16 years. Or so.
I'm a bit of a curmudgeon. I know this.

>> No.3496763


Source? It doesn't make much sense though, Treasure has made a lot of games on Sega as well. If anything, it's both Sega and Nintendo fanboys, but I doubt they're underage.
You have some weird ideas.

>> No.3496776

I'd like to see a 15 year limit as far as what's off topic. I honestly spend more time looking up how to fix 6th gen shit because discussion is banned here, modern boards don't give a shit, and private forums from that time are full of dead links.

Alternatively, I'd like to see a 6th gen+ board for discussing gaming as a hobby as opposed to the "Current Events in Video Games" that is /v/. Gameboy Advance should be /vr/ though. Its mostly a bunch 4th gen ports as it is.

>> No.3496793

Leave /vr/ as it is

Give us another board for 6th gen and eventually 7th gen. Call it /avr/ for almost retro

>> No.3496812

It's time to let generation 6 in here, they've got nowhere else to go and it's been long enough.

The reason you don't have gccx threads is because they're filled with a fully toxic atmosphere and have a certain vengeful janitor watching like a hawk and deleting half the posts every fucking time .

>> No.3496814

Except when something isn't Retro. Then everyone freaks the fuck out.

>> No.3496821

Why, yes. That IS what I'm saying.

If our userbase was a bunch of mature people, we could actually have discussions on Earthbound and NES v Genesis instead of shitposting.

>> No.3496823

I think the only Treasure game most Nintendo fanboys would've played is Mischief Makers, but I never see that game get brought up much on /vr/.

If anything, Treasure was Sega's greatest ally.

>> No.3496843





>> No.3496849

I was traveling to a conference with my boss, and he has a satellite radio, which he has on the 70s channel. And it's all 70s music, all the time.

Man, it's been 35 years. They could play some 80s music on that channel. It won't hurt anything, and gives them some more music to play. It really got stagnant after an hour or two, and some Paula Abdul or Jane's Addiction would have really made that 70s channel a whole lot more diverse, and better.

>> No.3496850

I say we should drop the cutoff date to 1993, so we can get rid of the Sonyfags.

>> No.3496852

80s music is universally shit though. Are you equating that to 6th gen?

>> No.3496858

Get rid of all the retro elitism that allows Dreamcast to be retro but no other 6th gen game systems. Either 6th gen is retro or its not.

I started lurking /vr/ a few weeks ago and, compared to other boards, this place is way to anal.

>> No.3496861

Those gccx threads got babysat because of one raging autistic guy and one shitposter fucking them up for like three years straight. That's why the mods had a hair trigger and everybody was always on edge.

>> No.3496862

Yeah, go fuck yourself.

Then we should split /vr/ into /vr3/, /vr4/, /vr5/, and /vrjustDCbecausemuhtimeconstraints/

>> No.3496872
File: 46 KB, 400x302, 1460662099159.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Allow Deus Ex to be posted here.

>> No.3496876

Make a board for 6th and 7th gen consoles.

/vr/ = 1st to 5th gen.
/ov/ (old video games) = 6th (even Dreamcast) & 7th gen, also 8th once the 9th gen shows up.
/v/ = whatever gen we are in right now.

>> No.3496896

You guys are all missing one fatal flaw with the current rules:

>by allowing Dreamcast, you invite PS2fags in to shitpost /vr/
>by unallowing Dreamcast, the Segafags will end up shitposting

We need a complete overhaul of the rules if /vr/'s to be saved.

>> No.3496902 [DELETED] 

Fucking die faggot

>> No.3496906
File: 57 KB, 606x813, authenticity.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think ~15 years old seems like the best cutoff. There are games that already get occasional discussion on /vr/ like deus ex and morrowind, and it would open the door for titles of that era. Because of HD rereleases being a thing, its fucking weird thinking of MGS2, Ico DMC and Halo as "retro", but it also gives a nice platform for less known games from the same time like Arcana, Gothic and Anachronox a place to be discussed where threads might last longer and have a little more insight.

Maybe a side rule can be added for not discussing games with a modern HD rereleases? Or we can still have the 6th gen console ban, and use the 15 year limit for PC and Dreamcast games only (is Max Payne retro?).

>> No.3496909

Why the fuck can we talk about Shenmue and Jet Set Radio but not GBA games?

>> No.3496910

Most of those twelve year olds post in the Doom general now. People legitimately asking about Duke Nukem and Quake as if they'd never heard of them.

>> No.3496925

Yeah, not to mention half the GBA's library is SNES ports anyway.

>> No.3496927

Because Dreamcast came out in 1998 while GBA came out in 2001.

It's just that simple.

>> No.3496938

We're not even IN that decade, anymore.

>> No.3496943

Your childhood isn't retro. Accept it.

>> No.3496948
File: 719 KB, 860x699, no no the rules are perfect.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3496953

>left screen is 4:3 while right screen is 16:9

yep, GBA is not retro

>> No.3496960

finely crafted bait. i hope many fall for this on /v/ in your upcoming adventures

>> No.3496964
File: 3 KB, 256x224, Ninja-Gaiden-Cut-Scene.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


And done. Problem solved.

>hurr stagnation
No one who rocked the arcades is sharing a board with Halo babies. Not happening. Not even remotely ever happening.

>> No.3496967

Retro, as defined by google:
1. imitative of a style, fashion, or design from the recent past.

So I'd say a lot of the stuff from GBA is retro.

>> No.3496968

banging your mom is also retro but we can't talk about that here.

>> No.3496970

>brings up arcades
>wants to limit the boards by console pleb generations

top kek, get the fuck out poser

>> No.3496973
File: 47 KB, 345x383, 1433096723067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao 6th gen shitters getting hot headed in this thread. loving it

>> No.3496981
File: 493 KB, 1302x1049, vr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More accurate to /vr/

>> No.3496983

...So it's something that you want to imitate?

I think the people that want to cling to the original definition of the board are getting hotheaded, honestly. Though I can see both sides. I just think that, if a majority of users voted, we'd get a clearer image of the demographics that do and don't want change.

Of course, that goes against anonymity, and we all know everyone would throw honesty and integrity out the window.

>> No.3496984

But the dreamcast discussion is actually good. Just because people use it as a poor excuse to complain doesnt mean it should be removed.

>> No.3496985

Who's making this shit thread on every board?
Fuck off you autistic cunt.

>> No.3496986
File: 48 KB, 800x600, carlitos-bala-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw hiro doesn't even give a fuck and everything stays the same

>> No.3496989

The owner of the site has requested it be made.

>> No.3497010

How can I find this? It's not on SA or anything else.

>> No.3497015

It's just shorthand. What would you prefer we call it? There was no such thing as a console pleb back in the 80s. PCs were objectively awful and not designed for games (in the US, where everything is relevant -- if you're a europoor I'm going to sperg the fuck out.) The C64 was thoughtfully designed, and DOS had good games despite itself, but let's be real. Is anyone on this board really talking about Sierra games, or Gold Box D&D all that often? To merit a PC rather than console centric division? No. We have to have a general for it, because interest is so low. We can't rightfully divide the board according to arcade hardware, because there were few platforms and many unique machines. Do we go by bits? That's a clusterfuck. The very reason we're having this discussion is because a group of people want the inclusion of the 6th generation of consoles. These things are externally defined, giving us the benefit of not having to argue about them.

>> No.3497031

Externally defined, but that definition is clearly dissatisfying.

People don't want to discuss sixth gen on /v/, it's obviously even worse of an environment, and not conducive to conversation. /vr/ is great because it's slow and people take the time to talk about things, but the content has become pretty stale (we're even seeing a larger amount of generals on the board, which, while not a bad thing, shows the lack of variety) and there's obviously a dedicated group of people that want to add something else to the discussion.

Saying sixth gen will bring in shitposters is a ridiculous argument because there's already a healthy group of shitposters here that shitpost about tired old /vr/ topics. Shitposters are unavoidable, but varied conversation isn't. Hell, we could at least give it a try, instead of denying it outright, and see if things really DO become more "toxic".

>> No.3497042

The 15 years limit seems plausible. Eventually it would become ludicrous to have games considered retro or not for a matter of weeks between their releaes. Think about AoE II (1999) and the Conquerors (2000).

Somehow thinking FFX or Ace Combat 4 would fit this definition kinda makes feels kinda weird though.

>> No.3497045

So close to fpbp

>> No.3497046

I demand that Gen 6 is allowed here in 2020. And if someone refuses, he gets a 1 year ban for being a salty faggot.

>> No.3497051

I looked up the dude who translated it. He posted it on his tumblr and reddit a couple months ago and barely anybody noticed or cared. It's below TV Nihon tier bad.

>> No.3497059

You essentially want Zork to share a space with God of War. I want everyone to reflect on that.

>> No.3497064



>> No.3497067

I suppose, but since /vr/ "tends" to focus on "good games" I doubt GoW would show up very often.

Also, I'm a huge advocate of the 15- or 18- year rule.

>> No.3497068
File: 215 KB, 900x900, sign-tin-tomorrow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3497073

>Is anyone on this board really talking about Sierra games, or Gold Box D&D all that often? To merit a PC rather than console centric division?
Yes. There was even a big Lands of Lore thread and a general dedicated to M&M/HoMM. Kill yourself consolebabby

>> No.3497075
File: 25 KB, 579x329, 1429642000743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>metroid prime kiddies start coming on /vr/
>mgs 3 kiddies start coming on /vr/
>kingdom heart kiddies start coming on /vr/
>people will be discussing r&c on /vr/
>fucking gta 3 on a retro board
>slycooper, guitar hero, dmc, socom navy seals are being considered retro

>> No.3497086
File: 68 KB, 915x689, 1467741336163.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fucking gta 3 on a retro board

>> No.3497087

>This board is for the discussion of CLASSIC, or "retro" games. Retro gaming means consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other forms of video games on platforms launched in 1999 and earlier. With the release of the 8th generation of consoles, the Sega Dreamcast will now be considered "retro", though the remainder of the sixth generation (Xbox, PS2, GameCube) will not.

Leave everything alone, 6th gen fuck heads find somewhere else to go. Petition whoever to get your own board if you need to. /vr/ is for things released up to 1999, have your board go from 00-10.

GBA not retro, GameCube not retro, PS2 not retro, Xbox not retro.

>> No.3497090

I heard the mods are gonna allow all of sixth gen, /vr/.

It's over.

>> No.3497092

So this means dreamcast is allowed because it wasn't popular? Does this mean the Wii U can be added in a few years?

>> No.3497097

>the Castlevania generals
>waifu threads
>Euro bashing threads
>australia-kun xD
>Genesis vs. SNES threads
>Saturn vs. everything threads
>N64 has no games
>PS1 is the worst 5th gen system, people only like it for it's marketing
>SEGA is for neckbeards
>Treasure is for weeaboos who don't know better
6th gen won't make /vr/ any worse than it is.

>> No.3497106

>I sit here and spam "Not Retro" every few threads and contribute nothing of value to the board.

Good on them for banning you they should ban you again for good this time.

>> No.3497107
File: 602 KB, 942x705, dreamcast was the last retro console.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3497108

Can't wait for,
>your appointment to FEMA...
>what're ya buyin'?
>tidus laughing

Just put a stake in me.

>> No.3497109
File: 26 KB, 100x150, what.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>adding more cancer to the existing cancer won't make the board worse

>> No.3497114

6th gen isn't retro. If you go to /v/, you can have 6th gen discussion with any game. Wanna know why? because it's still cool. most kids that grew up with it still frequent /v/. you'll have threads about battle for bikini bottom which you know only 5 year olds played. meanwhile you can't discuss any 3rd or 4th gen game on /v/ unless it's relatively popular.

>> No.3497115

It should be a gradual drip, if it does happen.

But whatever. Just because you "can't believe" a game is old now, doesn't change the fact that it's old.

>> No.3497116
File: 97 KB, 960x540, AVGN.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys, why can't we discuss AVGN Adventures and other indie games? They're totally "SNES-like"!

>> No.3497117

You can't have a discussion about 3rd or 4th gen games on /vr/ unless they're popular.

>> No.3497118

Well it was a fun ride, on the bright side, maybe this will be the year I finally leave 4chan for good.

>> No.3497125

but Earthbound do suck

>> No.3497129

It's not about the age of the game, it's about the cultural zeitgeist. That's the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about. Maybe Resident Evil 4 is getting old, but that doesn't change the fact that you're trying to squish two completely different demographics together.

>> No.3497130

I can dig this

>> No.3497131


And the argument that always pops up that says we will be inundated by /v/idyanons as soon as we allow sixth gen. Nobody form /v/ is going to leave it just to spam up our board with shit.

Literally all of the problems we have are part of the community of /vr/ and not from outside trolling.

Allow sixth gen and GBA. To the older people that don't want it because it wasn't part of their childhoods it's okay to admit you are getting older we aren't judging you for that but it's time to start letting a younger group discuss their childhoods as well.

>> No.3497132

>Boktai: The Sun is in your Hands


>> No.3497139

Yeah, I know.

I'd rather separate /vr/ into "Pixel and Poly" boards because of how insufferable this elitist attitude is.

>> No.3497141
File: 155 KB, 800x800, 1430233374791.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that Boktai

>> No.3497143


>> No.3497157

Okay. :)

>> No.3497159

>how insufferable this elitist attitude is
How is it insufferable to want to socialize with your peers in a historical context. Do you get mad about school reunions. Do you get mad when your aunt goes out to disco night at the club. I mean it's fine if you want to come here and enjoy what's going on, but...

>it's time to start letting a younger group discuss their childhoods as well
This is new board territory.

>> No.3497168

that's really funny

>> No.3497169

You act like I visit this board more than once or twice every two months since its become the heap of shit that its been. Stay mad kiddo.

>Born in the year 20xx, raging because I can't talk about my CoD, Halo, Battlefield, Kingdom Hearts, etc that I grew up with.

>> No.3497178

20XX kids think the PS2 is ancient. At least get your strawman right.

>> No.3497180

Because while 3rd, 4th, and 5th gen games are historically relevant towards the development of video games, 6th gen was long ago enough to be considered historically relevant, as well. It did impact gaming, and not including it in the discourse is ignorant.

>> No.3497187


What if there was a VR board for each generation?

>> No.3497189

stupid jerk

>> No.3497193

>how to fix and improve /vr/
Mods that actually do their job and respect the rules we already have.

>> No.3497197
File: 37 KB, 353x439, 1407702397857.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thread full of kids begging for their non-retro shitgames to be allowed on /vr/

How about you go to the non-retro shitgames board if you want to talk about them?

>> No.3497201 [DELETED] 

How about you go fuck yourself then make me, in that order?

>> No.3497207
File: 212 KB, 1024x768, 37746_20150218141454_0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what the fuck are we even doing. we don't have to deal with any of this just report them. mods will take care of them eventually.

>> No.3497212

God damn it. We've been bitching about this for at least a year or two straight.
Countless polls have been made but the losers just get louder to pretend they're big and important.

We are NEVER going to reach an agreement.

Someone needs to come in here with their fancy-ass colored username and say "Yes the rules are law" or "Maybe it's time for a change, let the GBA/6 gen in!"

Then we can all screencap it and shove it in the other side's face until they stop crying over it.

>> No.3497214

I'm pretty sure my adaptation thread got deleted a few days ago. I had made them before and they were allowed. If it's about retro games and the adaptations are retro then how is it not /vr/?

I don't think games after 2000 should be allowed though, ports excluded. We should be able to talk about Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town because they're basically nothing more than ports and remakes of retro games (N64 game Animal Forest and PS1 game Harvest Moon: Back To Nature).


Tbqh, /v/ doesn't want to discuss most PS2/NGC/Xbox games. That means /v/ is the problem though. The games are not retro, and this is coming from a 20 year old who grew up on the Gamecube and PS2.

>> No.3497225

Why is young people so entitled now? It's like they want everything to be adjusted to specifically please them, then you give them alternatives and they cry and shit all over you. I wouldn't say this behaviour is appropiate for an adult.

>> No.3497227

I like 6th gen.
I'm not sure it belongs next to atari and NES games.
I'd like to have a place to discuss it that's not /v/.

I think a new board is the answer.

>> No.3497230

/v/ loves talking about 6th gen.

>> No.3497234

No, they ARE retro, because they're from a previous decade.

/v/ is just a hyper-fast, shit-imbued board that is more concerned with current events, leaving people that want to discuss gen 6 games (A.K.A. "the losers that grew up with it" or "people that think gen 6 has any value kek") shit out of luck, because the one board that does move slowly because it doesn't have a lot to talk about is too snobbish to allow discussion of gen 6.

I'm done. I understand that people want their comfort zone to stay as such, but it's not like gen 6 discussion doesn't go on here already. It's not like removing the taboo is going to ruin this precious place. But at the same time, if people are going to be so butthurt about it, it's already a lost cause.

>> No.3497237
File: 8 KB, 308x296, 1409677963775.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3497240

I like how all the poll results show us that the anti-GBA folks are just an extremely loud minority.

What is it about retro gaming attracting such bitter autistic nerds?

>> No.3497242

Or a thread in /vg/

Why are people so stubborn? It's like they want everything to stay the same because it's comfortable for them, then you try to introduce an experiment and they shit on it without data to support themselves.

>> No.3497243
File: 41 KB, 356x437, 1435690006198.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3497245

Hey, I tried offering a concept, at least. But yeah, thanks for further solidifying my point.

>> No.3497246
File: 18 KB, 299x400, 1470703301934.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not wanting 6th gen shit on our board mean it's 'being in your comfort zone'

>> No.3497247

let's come up with acronyms for the new board

>> No.3497251

Like the xbox or not, it brought gaming from obscurity to main stream. It was a huge success and as much as people want to deny it, it has a place.

This is coming from some one who pretty much stuck to Nintendo and Sony.

>> No.3497254

>I'm done.
No you aren't, we both know you're going to keep posting the exact same thing until you get things to go your way.

Yeah, I'm sure no one ever tried to cheat by reseting his router. I mean why would any people obsessed with fixing was isn't broken do that.

We're not your laboratory and we have no obligation to please you whatsoever.

>> No.3497258

see >>3496719

>> No.3497259


A thread in /vg/ would be nice. But you need to have critical mass there or you will slide from the board. Dragon Quest tried it and died

You need to bootstrap at least a couple autists who are super dedicated to bumping and reposting the OP.

>> No.3497260

You do realize making video games more popular inevitably casualized it into games like Fallout 4, Call of Duty, Skyrim and a bunch of other games right? Are you seriously suggesting popularizing games were a good thing? on /vr/?

>> No.3497264

>What is it about retro gaming attracting such bitter autistic nerds?
This is all I needed to read. Suddenly, this all makes much more sense.
I'm done. I'll be back when this blows over.

>> No.3497265

/bw/ - bit wars
/wahbxiaf/ - Warning! A Huge Battleship "Xbox" Is Approaching Fast

>> No.3497267


Now I actually think "Classic games is better"




"Classic video games is a place to discuss video games that are 15 years or older"

>> No.3497270

Gook Moot, please don't allow GBA on /vr/. It sets a bad precedent. They will argue to allow PS2, GC, and Xbox on if they get their way with GBA. It won't be good enough. Then /vr/ will turn into /v/.

>> No.3497271

>You need to bootstrap at least a couple autists who are super dedicated to bumping and reposting the OP.
Well judging by the time you've been ranting I would say you guys are up to a good start.

>> No.3497274

It's probably the lack of real leaders and people who listen to what people say they want instead of sensing what they need that we have storms of bullshit like this thread and the current election.

adjust the restriction so that a console that was released at least 15 years ago is considered retro, and simply let the growing pains run their course. we already have shitposters and console wars and autism threads obsessing and rehashing the same argument over and over, powered by nothing but autistic trolls who think it's even more hilarious the 50th time someone uses the same idiotic meme "what gave this such a retro feel"

who the fuck cares if we have to deal with bright eyed potheads who are ten years younger jacking off about how fable was their childhood, at least we we can talk about golden sun or metroid fusion and SMT nocturne or Killer7 without getting shat all over by an avalanche of unrelated garbage in some other general or the complete incoherence of any conversation on /v

>> No.3497275


But honestly, I think that it would best be served as a general. Hell. We could have a "Sixth Generation" general here, but since it doesn't fit into the rules of the forum, it's destined to be something that can only work on /vg/ using the methods you implied.

Buuuuuut nobody cares, so let's just drop it.

>> No.3497276

I think what you mean to say is "the commodification of videogame culture in popular media"

>> No.3497278
File: 133 KB, 776x678, goldface3D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

PS2 and GBA will NEVER EVER be retro.

Deal with fucking it, faggots.

>> No.3497279

>Leave everything as it is
for the love of god just make a new board that has gc/xbox/ps2 if people want them so bad.
simply allowing that gen alone on /vr/ would kill the board.

halo is the complete fucking opposite of /vr/.

>> No.3497282

>halo is the complete fucking opposite of /vr/.
the original tho anon? it's 15 years old

it's old enough to get teen pregnant

>> No.3497283

That's what they said about the Dreamcast.

>> No.3497285

/v/ - Stupid Bullshit
/vr/ - Retro Video Games
/vc/ - Classic Games

/vc/ - Classic Games

This board is for the discussion of games that are 15 years or older.

leave /vr/ fixed in time but give us a new one

>> No.3497286

"Classic" is too subjective. You'd see endless fights about the definition of the word. I think /v2k/ is good and clear.

>> No.3497289

I want to say this in the least-inflammatory way possible, so here it goes:

Can you explain what you mean by this statement?
>halo is the complete fucking opposite of /vr/.
Is it because of the broadening of the audience? I'm genuinely curious, and I don't even want to argue anymore. I mean, if you want to argue semantics about the term "retro", then that's whatever. I definitely don't want to argue that. But I do want to understand what you think changed so fundamentally in Gen 6, because I think it was a gradual evolution and the gens that bookend it (5 and 7) were way worse offenders.

If you could shed some light on your statement, I'd really appreciate it.

>> No.3497291

actually yeah /v2k sounds good lets do that

it makes it pretty clear that only games released after 2000 and before 2010 are included

>> No.3497293


/v2k/ is pretty catchy

>> No.3497294

The rules have always been pre-1999. Dreamcast falls under that stipulation. Not sure why mods used to delete it.

>> No.3497297

Because separation by year is retarded and the Dreamcast is a 6th gen system.

>> No.3497301
File: 21 KB, 400x300, 1402464273216.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


that sounds really cool

>> No.3497302

I seriously don't get the point of ANOTHER board. /v/ is for anything 6th gen to 9th gen. ok fine. that's 4 gens.
/vr/ is 1st to 5th gen. ok fine. that's 5 gens.
/vg/ is for any generals for tripfags to circlejerk about. that's fine, more to them.

Do you see where this is? It's like appeasing to the crying faggots just because, even though /v/ is pefectly fine. I can discuss any 6th gen game there no shitposting no problem.

>> No.3497305

How about we delete /vr/?

>> No.3497308
File: 9 KB, 236x504, 1428609002695.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3497313


Hiro, if you're here, we've got some good support for a /v2k/ board for 2000 - 2009 games.

>> No.3497316

/v/ is honestly more centered around video game news, which is so fast-paced that you can rarely get a good conversation going.

/v/ is vidya news.

>> No.3497318

maybe to you. if you pan out the news there's actual video game discussion, albeit seldom. why not you and your 6th gen enthusiasts go back there and talk about some games? maybe then there'd be less news and game discussion.

>> No.3497319

>8 people are behind it
>Good support
I mean, it sounds cool as fuck but the mods are going to have to be ruthless. Kinda like /vr/!

>> No.3497320

Not that anon, but let me shed some non-inflammatory light. By the time the 6th gen arrived, the arcade tradition was dead. Narrativism became dominant. Now we can argue the merits of either, but here at /vr/ I think you know how the old guard feel. I refer you to Carmack's position that plot in games is about important as plot in porn. As a testament to his frustration with the industry, he's now hard at work making anime real.

Okay, something maybe contentious, but I believe the Ford style compartmentalized development of games inevitably made them impersonal. And there's not much a studio can do about that when they need to hire hundreds of people in order to compete.

Halo is a blockbuster. For better or worse, that's what it is.

>> No.3497321

the 4th video game board should be

/iv/ - Intelligent Vidya Discussion

>> No.3497323
File: 2.85 MB, 1373x763, 1464674352631.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Agreed. /vr/ is like old /b/ with a retro theme. The shenanigans are a part of its charm.

Although it would be nice to have some (enforced) rule keeping all eceleb shit to one containment thread

>> No.3497324

mods should stop passively tolerating /pol/bait threads

>> No.3497325
File: 234 KB, 1024x768, 1408727450539.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i just said it sounded cool, faggot

i'm not sure if it's even a good idea. try fixing /v/ somehow。This is all it’s about anyway. How bad /v/ sucks.

>> No.3497326


/v/ is a fucking shithole because it allows people to talk about the latest free-to-play bullshit.

Making people wait 15 years is a nice little lowpass filter.

>> No.3497327

Only about 80 different people have posted in the thread so far, so 10% voicing support already is definitely significant.

>> No.3497330


no way, it'll turn r9k in no time

>> No.3497331
File: 71 KB, 250x340, 15612612616.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you see, the masterrace late 20/early 30 millenials needs their own space to thrive. we're squeezed on both sides by prepubescents on /v/ who don't know shit and absolutist genXers in midlife crisis mode on /vr/. a splinter is bound to happen, comrade

>> No.3497335

>10% is significant

>> No.3497336


That is really insightful, and I appreciate it. The arcade tradition is a great way to put it, but I don't think it died because Halo had online multiplayer which was very much an arcade-concept. Sure, not "score-chasing" per se, but definitely an evolution of the ranking, quick-burst, inexhaustible style. Now, mastery is definitely a major aspect that separates them, but it was an evolution of the idea.

Still, I think that perspective is entirely valid, and with that, I'll respect anyone that supports it.

>> No.3497337

I like the idea of /v2k/.

I'd still like to have at least one board that is explicitly defined as having a rolling cutoff.

/v15/ - video games 15 years or older

doesn't have the same ring though.

>> No.3497340

It is.

>> No.3497341

There is no reason.

>> No.3497342

literally for what purpose

>> No.3497346

I understand. the 20 or so people that grew up too old to enjoy nes and snes and too old for 8th gen and beyond. but we can't cater to them. that's retarded and toxic behaviour

>> No.3497348

This. Let the mods tolerate the occasional GBA thread while banning all the shitposters in them.

>> No.3497349

This is sad, but I can totally understand this idea.

It's too bad 20/30 millennials are hated by everyone. But we are pretty entitled, so that just makes self-pity really abhorrent.

>> No.3497350

too young*

>> No.3497351

I think /v2k/ is enough. That would cover the back end of that 15 for a while, and newer games would still get discussed on /v/.

>> No.3497354


someday people will be talking about blunder of the moment in mindVR and you'll be nostalgic about the time people actually played games on screens

>> No.3497356

>4 video game boards
How about you kill yourselves.

>> No.3497358
File: 98 KB, 600x600, 12979210.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>retro LCD threads

>> No.3497359


>> No.3497360

>you will live forever

>> No.3497362


yeah, but i dunno i mean RIGHT NOW it feels too soon. i mean fuckin 2009 makes the rules real simple but shit, is fucking Batman: Arkham Asylum retro yet?

I mean yeah /v2k/ is a good compromise though because it's catchy.

>> No.3497363

>Because separation by year is retarded
And your alternative is...?

>> No.3497365

Keeping things as they are. Keeping GBA the black sheep of /vr/.

>> No.3497367

Dreamcast, fuck. Though GBA works as well.

>> No.3497368

Came here to post something like this.
The year 2000 is an arbitrary cutoff time to define what makes a game retro. I know there's a distinct jump in fidelity between what came out in the generations before and after 2000, but that's hardly the biggest jump seen in the history of gaming.

I almost want to set the years after release to be 18, since at that point the games should have released before the "youngest" posters on 4chan were born.

>> No.3497370

I'd be stoked for:

"Shitposts will be deleted on sight Shitposts may be accompanied by a board ban of up to 3 days. Shitposts will never result in a permanent ban."

>> No.3497373

Notice how all of those are 4th and 5h gen related?

We need to take 4th and 5th gen out of /vr/ and make the board about pre-90's gaming and computers only. It's no coincidence that the best generals on this board are the old computer generals.

>> No.3497375

actually, shitposts MAY be deleted on sight

>> No.3497376
File: 130 KB, 1000x1000, optical-race-5158054cc9ec9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean, at that point, why not just make an 80s board.

>> No.3497379

Changer the cutoff from 1999 to 1998. 6th geners won't be able to complain about dreamcast anymore.

>> No.3497389

But Dreamcast came out in 1998 in japan.

>> No.3497392

I just counted and Hiro has like 68 boards or some shit.

Maybe the answer is to have like some stallman-approved tagging scheme for threads. It would need to run without running nonfree javascript. Ideally no js at all.

Default /vr/ view would show only v1-v5 but users could custom enable v6, v7, and even v8, v9 someday if they wanted to.

>> No.3497393
File: 66 KB, 523x636, 1439350733079.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no escape

>> No.3497397

Dude, are you me...? >>3496590

>> No.3497398

1997 then.

>> No.3497401




>> No.3497406

well i was half facetious. but the "retro purity" thing is the problem here. no matter how you define it, it's just going to be arbitrary. the only way to treat retro is as a relative instance of time and not an absolute or a quality. otherwise you end up with a spectrum of idiots, that, from one extreme, literally argue 3D disqualifies an era from retroness. then the other extreme says XBLA or some shit is retro because it has "retro qualities". both are nonsensical.

>> No.3497412

I literally cannot wait to discuss PS2 games on /vr/.

>PS2 becomes "le retro"
>suddenly I can discuss Persona 4, a game that came out only 8 years ago, because that's SUPER le retro now, being a PS2 game

>> No.3497415

>Hiro, if you're here
>implying that this thread won't be completely ignored and everything won't stay exactly the same

>> No.3497417

I still firmly believe that games like Persona 4 should be discussed when they exceed 15 years of existence.

>> No.3497418

We can already discuss games on PS2 like Unreal Tournament

>> No.3497419

Good news is they can, just not on this board. Keep it on /v/, faggot.

>> No.3497420

Fuck off. 15 years is all you can say. Go away.

>> No.3497421


You can do that today, right now, at this very fucking moment! Fuck off back to /v/!

>b-b-b-but I wanna discuss it with /vr/! It's got a better userbase!

It's just gonna be the same retards from /v/, migrating here to shitpost more than they already do! Fuck off!

>> No.3497426


>> No.3497430

but if we had v2k we could talk about ragnarok online and stuff

>> No.3497437
File: 483 KB, 876x720, tron faces.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Appeal for it.

>> No.3497438


i'll accept MMO fags if at lease somebody else knows how to recap a PS2

>> No.3497440

I think the reason it needs to be cut there is because it limits the available content there is to discuss to a certain volume that's reasonable for the size of what a single board on 4chan is.

>> No.3497443

Actually, I was more of an advocate of 18 years, but whatever.

>> No.3497447

staying out of jail, I see. wise plan.

>> No.3497451


/avg/ would work

adult video games

>> No.3497452

Somebody should track Hiro down. I wonder how many boards are having these talks right now.

>> No.3497456

You know that would be misunderstood constantly.

>> No.3497458

I agree with limiting the size of games to talk about, but ultimately /vr/ is meant to discuss old games which wouldn't be given the time of day on /v/ or are too niche to have a general on /vg/. If we're talking about games released some fifteen or twenty years ago, there are hardly people talking about most of those games save for the games which have a competitive scene, and those ones already have generals or can find success on /v/ since the games are still active. The amount of new games added each year seems overwhelming at first, but realize that maybe only a few of those will get a thread at a time. I know /vr/ is a slow board, but it could handle some of the more popular games released a while ago.

>> No.3497459
File: 481 KB, 1280x1879, 047_P048.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3497461


yeah whatever it would keep the normies away

>> No.3497472

"Normies" is a normalfag euphemism for normalfag.

>> No.3497481



>> No.3497483


>> No.3497487

How to make /vr/ good again.

1. Get rid of any and all 6th gen BS or newer on sight. Throw bans at the fuckers that keep spamming it.

2. Get rid of the /v/ memes, /tv/ memes, all the non-/vr/ memes period. We don't need that shit. "what did x mean by this" should stay on /tv/ where it belongs.

3. Take out any and all posts by Australia-kun, that one guy who keeps spamming the "overrated games general", the farts guy, J.D., and any other regular trolls I might have missed. Range ban those fuckers for once.

4. Delete threads from shit-stirrers. NTSC VS PAL, console war threads, company war threads, it's all /v/-tier shit and has no place here.

These four as a minimum.

>> No.3497493
File: 478 KB, 204x153, 1127592947027.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

post quality assurance then

I really wish the mods would get to this thread then.

>> No.3497508

This man gets it. I'd also add to ban Faggot Sevenleaf.

>> No.3497509

To make things even BETTER!

5. Make /v2k/, so people actually have a place to discuss modern videogames since that seems to be against the rules on /v/. Maybe that'll make the bastards fuck off.

6. Delete all the fucking "Recommend me a game" threads, or move them to /wsr/ where they belong. ONE general "recommend people games thread" would be fine, but it's getting to be spam with all the threads about this.

7. Delete all the "spoonfeed me about subject/game X" threads. This is /vr/, not fucking google. Too many of these threads on the board.

8. Limit the collectors to ONE collection/whining about prices thread. Delete ANY thread asking "where is secret cheap game source?"

These would help improve the state of the board.

>> No.3497516


/v2k/ - Video Games 2000

This board is for the discussion of all forms of video games on platforms launched from the start of the 6th generation through 2009.

Does this sound good?

>> No.3497518
File: 12 KB, 1024x800, official.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>post quality assurance

>> No.3497523

I'm not asking for a lack of stupidity, this IS 4chan. I'm just asking for the obvious troll crap to get cleaned off so the spam isn't overrunning the posts about games.

>> No.3497528

"This board is for the discussion of all forms of video games released between the years 2000 to 2010."

>> No.3497529
File: 47 KB, 480x360, 1407801447929.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ITT people can't accept that their precious consoles they opened for their birthdays as children are old and thus they are old

Denial is a hell of a thing isn't it?

>> No.3497531

i dunno what you're implying here and i don't think you do either. idiot.

>> No.3497532

Mmmm... It hurts huh

Need some one to talk to?

>> No.3497534

I think they can, which is why they want them to be added to /vr/.

Or /v2k/ at least.

>> No.3497535

read your post again. either that or go to sleep because you're drunk

>> No.3497536

Come on anon

Let it out.

>> No.3497537


>> No.3497538

Feel better?

>> No.3497539
File: 33 KB, 800x473, 1416902554281.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shut up

>> No.3497541

the font should follow suit

>> No.3497545

Putting the year limit on games instead of platforms would be hard to enforce. There's already some fudging on /vr/ with PC games that don't quite make the cutoff.

On the other hand, there are still 7th gen games being released today, so limiting platforms only could be a problem.

>> No.3497548

A lot of people are screaming no no no without giving any sort of legitimate argument other then "Because I say so"

I think the question people should ask is when would it be appropriate to talk about these consoles because they will become retro, whether they like it or not.

>> No.3497549

I would absolutely make threads on /v2k about SMT nocturne, CvS2, Killer7, Godhand, Golden Sun, Boktai, Metroid Prime, Ragnarok Online, Wild Arms 3, Zone of the Enders, Metroid Fusion, Gradius V, Evergrace, Shadow Tower Abyss, Persona 3, MGS 2 and 3, Panzer Dragoon Orta, ETC.

The only reason I don't make those threads now is because there's no place to do so.

>> No.3497553

Now, do you want to take a nap?

Want me to read a game manual to you before you sleep?

>> No.3497554

>There's already some fudging on /vr/ with PC games that don't quite make the cutoff.
Which is what the new board will solve. Just remove anything out of the line.

>> No.3497557

And lastly, to make /vr/ the best board on 4chan.

9. Have one pinned meta-thread where people can discuss the board and moderation of it, and the janitors are REQUIRED to communicate with the users. This "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" shit is what lead to the massive hatred of the mod team in the first place. Let us actually talk to you people.

10. Find a quality poster(We know you people can see IP's), and if you really can't improve the board, make THEM a mod/janitor. I feel a lot of the really bad moderation choices are made because we get mods/janitors from outside /vr/ responding to reports and not knowing what the problem is. By making one of the better posters one of the mod team, they would know how to respond properly.

>> No.3497559

Why are you so dead set on FORCING them somewhere where people don't want them, when you can already discuss them on /v/?

Let me guess, "Because I say so".

>> No.3497564

What I meant is that there could be the same kind of problem with the end cutoff at 2009 or 2010 or wherever, since that's right in the middle of a console gen.

>> No.3497569

Because there's going to be some time they're going to be allowed here.

Are you some sort of master of time? Each day they get older and slip into what people consider retro.

And it seems a lot of people DO want it. According to >>3496357 nearly 70% want it at the writing of this.

>> No.3497572

desu before and after 2010 isn't really as polarizing as 2000, but I see your point.

>> No.3497575

>70% want it at the writing of this.
which is all (You)

>> No.3497579

Why not have a /v2k/ or something similar for sixth gen discussion?

>> No.3497596

I would like retro game general board.
/v/ has a general board, why not us?

or dont make another board, and lets make /vr/ the best board~~

>> No.3497597

Thinking this over, basically limiting it to 6th and 7th gen should work fine. Most of the games still coming out today on 7th gen are just multiplatform sports and stuff that wouldn't get discussed anyway.

>> No.3497613

Why should there be a board for just one or two generation of games? I think you're grossly overestimating how much games from the sixth generation are discussed nowadays, especially if the games weren't kept alive by competitive scenes.

/vr/ is where dead games are revived via discussion in a rather slow-pace environment. /vg/ was created in order to remove generals from /v/, namely games which are discussed often enough to warrant a general.

>> No.3497616

So you're saying essentially make a board for one gen only? Holy fuck you 6th genners are demanding.

>cater to MY gen only!

>> No.3497621

Including handhelds and PC that's a large number of games to discuss over those very active two gens in a non-/v/ environment.

>> No.3497624

I'm as enthusiastic about /v2k/ as >>3497549 is. I think there would be a lot to talk about in those two gens and the portables from that time period. There isn't a lot of discussion about them on 4chan these days because /v/ isn't a great place to talk about anything that isn't current.

>> No.3497629

>6th and 7th gen
Minus the trickle of new sports games that nobody cares about.

>> No.3497632


i can't believe i'm saying it but this is somehow the single stupidest post in this entire thread

>> No.3497634

you know improvements on the board are also being discussed there. so if things work out there wont be a need for this new board. also what the fuck, if this board comes there will only be 8th gen discussion. that makes no fucking sense. itd be as slow as /vr/ which you complain about even though thats what makes /vr/ great in the first place

>> No.3497638

Yeah, this.

/vr/ is a nice, slow-moving board that's very comfortable to post on. People generally put efforts into their posts here and I've read some really cool stuff from other anons. It's not perfect, but no board on this site is. /vr/ doesn't need to change.

>> No.3497646

>all these fags pretending that /v/ hates 6th gen

Are you kidding? /v/ loves 6th gen. Just look at all the /v/irgins coming to this thread to support it!

>> No.3497649

There would only be 8th gen discussion on /v/? I don't think that would be the case. /vr/ and borderline discussions still happen on /v/, and I would expect some /v2k/ discussions to still happen on /v/ as well. We would just be making a more specialized place for somewhat older games.

>> No.3497658

right but /vr/ was made because 99% people didn't want to talk about retro games. If you go on /v/ countless people will talk about 6th and 7th gen. so there's no point in that board. there's no inherent demand for it other than wanting to stray from /v/'s shitposting.

>> No.3497660


That's right. /vr/ was created because /v/ would literally just go "lol look at those shitty old games fag nobody cares" and the thread would get bumped to death with no chance of conversation.

>> No.3497668 [DELETED] 

Well no other board is being welcoming, so why not :^)

>> No.3497676

Well no other board is being welcoming, so why not. You won't be on the board anyway :^)

>> No.3497684

how much do you want to bet youre a phone poster

>> No.3497715

>If you go on /v/ countless people will talk about 6th and 7th gen.
I think you're overestimating that a bit. There is some talk about 6th and 7th gen on /v/, but it would be nice to have a place where an unbumped thread won't get pruned in under half an hour.

>> No.3497717

The problem with allowing GBA is that the PS2 was released before it, and Xbox just 8 months later. If we allow GBA then why not PS2? And why not Xbox while we're at it? Hell, why don't we also allow the PS3, XBox 360, and Nintendo DS as well, because I'm sure they all have retro themed games.

This board when it was made had 0 problems talking about games that EVERYONE knew were board appropriate. The niche 80's comp games, pinball / arcade games, the NES / Sega Master System, Genesis and SNES, Playstation and N64, the lesser known Turbo Graphics 16, Neo Geo, etcetcetc. Why everyone is losing their fucking minds and going full retard about wanting to inundate this board with the Halo/CoD/Battlefield/Kingdom Hearts kids is just mind boggling. This board has enough of its own problems with the slack moderation... and wanting to open up the floodgates to a brand new kind of shit storm is just... wow.

If you want to talk about games that are after the cutoff then get off your ass and start bugging hiro or the admins or the mods about getting your own board (I high support the /v2k/ others anons brought up). Otherwise shut the fuck up or get the fuck out, things are just fine here the way it is and we don't need to change a god damned thing. Other than getting some competent janitors who actually enforce the rules.

>> No.3497720

Bumping for my idea

>> No.3497731

I'd say change the board name to "20th Century Video Games" just so there would be less confusion about what is and what isn't allowed from people who can't be assed to read the sticky.

>> No.3497743

>The problem with allowing GBA is that the PS2 was released before it, and Xbox just 8 months later. If we allow GBA then why not PS2? And why not Xbox while we're at it? Hell, why don't we also allow the PS3, XBox 360, and Nintendo DS as well, because I'm sure they all have retro themed games.
Right now you're falling for a slippery slope fallacy under the guise that this would all happen immediately. I'm fine with admitting sixth gen into /vr/ sometime in the next few years, but that's mostly contingent on rewriting the Pre-2k clause into something that sets a fixed number of years which must pass before a console can be discussed rather than the static year. I wouldn't mind waiting 18 years after a console's launch to talk about the games released on it, since it's been long enough for a generation of video game fans to have been born after its release while still being old enough to post on 4chan. Of course there are going to be games that people want to talk about as soon as this option becomes available, and those days or weeks will have an influx of traffic. But I honestly don't think there's enough content to warrant another board with the same rule about setting a certain frame of time for retro rather than a time spent for a game to become retro.
7th Gen remains one of the most popular gaming generations in history, and I don't think lumping it together with the 6th gen to make a new board for discussion is worthwhile when /v/ is more than capable of having threads about 7th gen games and hitting post limits.

>> No.3497745
File: 103 KB, 640x480, long long ago.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3497747


>discounting someone's post because it contains a fallacy

this is known as the fallacy fallacy.

>retards make everything about console release dates
>"GBA is allowed? PS2 is the older system, let us talk about it!"
>games from 2008 are discussed regularly on /vr/

One swift move.

>> No.3497748

I agree that not much needs to be done to fix /vr/, but I think that the creation of /v2k/ could noticeably improve /vr/ by ending most of the fighting about what should and shouldn't be allowed here.

>> No.3497754


Fighting about what should and shouldn't be allowed here only crops up once every few months, usually settles after a day or two, and always ends in /v/ going the fuck back to /v/.

>> No.3497758

That might be the case with non /vr/ threads being made on /vr/, but actual arguments in /vr/ threads about the rules of /vr/ are much more frequent.

>> No.3497761


That's generally just a few anons screaming "not retro" in a tangentially retro thread, which could very easily be handled if we had competent jannies that understood this board. Unfortunately, we just don't.

>> No.3497773

Anons screaming "not retro" and other anons flagrantly posting things that aren't retro. Both sides are a problem.

>> No.3497774


This board had a very specific era of gaming in mind. 6th gen and beyond are not part of that vision. Petition for a new board if you can't discuss things that belong on /v/ in /v/.

>> No.3497779


There are some fringe cases and some scenarios where you can probably get away with fudging the numbers a bit, but honestly if jannies could clean up non-retro threads faster than whiny anons can shit them up, that'd be cool. That's pretty unreasonable though, considering that this board is slow and probably only has 1 or 2 people assigned to it.

>> No.3497783

I'm not discounting his entire post because of one fallacy. At the same time, I can't agree with his train of thought because it is inherently flawed.

I don't think retro games can be defined under their current definition, because that would imply that back in the year 2002 all of the 5th generation consoles were already considered retro. That proposal is absurd, since we're just talking about games released just one generation ago, but that's what's wrong with the wording of this definition. It works fine for the year 2014, where we had a couple more generations of gaming added, but how long can that definition hold? It's an unfair assessment of what constitutes as retro, largely supported by the millennials that post here, but it won't be long before the next wave of twenty-year-olds come in five years from now and wonder why the date is still fixated on 2000.

On to your point about the PS2's library, I'll acknowledge that a few games released in 2008 would be talked about once 2018 came around. But the only two games which stand out to me are Persona 4 and Kingdom Hearts, both of which would likely be discussed under KH / Persona threads in the same way Dragon Quest is discussed on here now. I don't see anything inherently wrong with allowing discussion of games with series that old on /vr/.

If this board wants to maintain its time frame, then it ought to be renamed to better establish that image. What isn't retro now could very likely become retro a decade or two from now.

>> No.3497790

Whether or not the board name needs to be changed, whatever. However the one rule in the sole stickied thread is clear , the cutoff is Dec. 31st 1999.

>> No.3497802


I feel that people are too stuck on the dictionary definition of retro rather than what "retro" actually means to the users on this board. To us, I feel like "retro" represents a particular period of time. Just like how art has renaissance, victorian, gothic, etc, we've got retro and non-retro. I don't think that this board's focus needs to change or expand, when we look at it like that.

I do think the best thing we could do is /v2k/ like a few people have suggested, but at the same time, I'm not sure there would be enough people to keep conversations going to a worthwhile degree - /vr/ might become as slow as the old text-only boards. I think that if /v/ could somehow miraculously be cured of its extreme cancer, then we wouldn't even be having this discussion.

>> No.3497804

Wasn't this thread created to open a dialogue on what changes these boards should make? I'm voicing what I believe because I don't think making more boards will solve anything. /vr/ on the whole doesn't have many issues, but the whole retro/not retro debate is one of them that many people resort to the sticky for the definition because that's just how it is.
There's a bias for what constitutes as retro and that cutoff date was explicitly picked to avoid PS2 discussion, which I completely understand when games were still released for it until 2008, but at some point in the future I know that PS2 will be considered retro by the rest of the world.

>> No.3497807

making /v2k will make /vr a better board then

>> No.3497814

The existence of /v2k/ would make both /vr/ and /v/ easier to moderate.

>> No.3497818

Why not remove Dreamcast from here and create a new board that range games from 1999 to 2006. Call it /PRG posts retro gen. Including the GBA of course

>> No.3497821


I'm mostly worried about /vr/ hemorrhaging its already-small userbase and splitting it into 2 separate boards that both have virtually 0 conversation going.

>> No.3497824

Slower is better.

>> No.3497828

The only change this board needs is better moderation and enforcement of the stickied rule. If you want to discuss 6th gen and beyond then go to /v/, and if you can't do it there then petition for another split.

My stance on this issue has been pretty clear, so I'm not quite sure why you keep stating "Well eventually these things will be old enough to be discussed as retro/classic/whatever".

50 years from now there will still be a fundamental difference between the mostly analog games from the 70's-90's, from the mostly digital games of the 00's-20's, and would likely have their own seperate forums to discuss them.

>> No.3497829

Would Dreamcast still be allowed on /vr/ if /v2k/ also allowed it? If that's the case, the speed of /vr/ would barely be affected. Even if it isn't the case, the board would only slow down a little bit.

>> No.3497839

Why can't you /v/ shitposters just fuck off back to /v/ instead of trying to ruin another good board?

Have you no shame?

>> No.3497846

There's no hope of making /v/ any easier to moderate with the existence of a fifth video games board. It might keep people happy in /vr/, where they could remain content knowing that their idea of what's retro won't be infringed upon because there's a board to send people to, but I don't think there's enough discussion going on from the sixth generation to merit its inclusion with the seventh gen on a new board. Instead we'd end up with another slow board which would need its own moderators to manage what is otherwise a very minute detail in the rules between these two boards.

What much is lost by placing a timer behind a console's release rather than keeping the date at 1999? Any game released on the console can be talked about so long as the hardware is old enough. I know there are platforms which have a longer lifespan than others, but that doesn't mean the hardware's any more efficient. That similar rule is currently enforced, as we can talk about N64 games released after 2000.

What about the jump from 2D to 3D? Surely that's a distinct change in video game history? But that much happened in the 90's, so we're allowed to talk about early 3D games but only ever those ones.

I think we'll just have to agree to disagree. Video games are still pretty young, so we may not see these eras split so evenly in the same way that music, history, architecture, or other things have until we're much further ahead in history.

>> No.3497886

Gen 6 and above should never be allowed.

>> No.3497890

Oh except Sega Dreamcast, that's fine.

>> No.3497891

No exceptions. That's just asking for more.

>> No.3497894

If Gen 6 (PS2/GCN/XBOX) were allowed, we'd need a cutoff year for games on them, considering PS2 continued getting games for many years after 7th gen was already alive and kicking.

>> No.3497901

I basically think that your prediction is just wrong and based on groundless pessimism that expects any kind of change to have a bad result regardless of whether there's any real rational basis.

Lets try it out, if /v2k dies, let it die. if it doesn't lets let it continue.

>> No.3497904

Nah. One is fine.

>> No.3497910

But it's not like you can't browse both boards, you wouldn't be losing people.

>> No.3497914

This board should be renamed "No Gen 6 Consoles Club"


>> No.3497915

If /v2k/ is made, do you think it'll enjoy a period of peace and comfyness like /vr/ did in its first year, or it'll be shit from the get go?

>> No.3497921


/vr/ was created because /v/ was like "haha fags quit posting shitty old games" and we needed a place to live in peace. on the other hand, a hypothetical /v2k/ would be made because the bratty little brother screamed "MY CHILDHOOD IS RETRO TOO" long enough that he finally got his own board, it'll be shit the instant it's made

>> No.3497923

considering the subject, it'll be the latter.

>> No.3497925

This is some political shizzle I wish you didn't drag Mario Land into.

>> No.3497931

I was just looking at OP's pic and realized it's actually a fan made redrawing of the original piece.

>> No.3497936

No, make it 2000 to 2005/2006 only

2006-2009 was shit and you should feel ashamed for including it with the godly years like 2000-2006 which had some of the all time best games

>> No.3497938

should be /vr/ cutoff is 1993, and /vr2/ is 2003. Hardware-wise, anyway.

>> No.3497943


I like this idea.

>> No.3497951


While I'm not a /v user, I'd imagine that posters on there in their early 20s are at that stage when they start to see that a number of other posters are young enough that they quite possibly have their strongest early gaming memories centered around the Wii and XBOX 360 instead of PS2 and GCN. That realization probably does fuel the desire to have "their" consoles granted a special board, or at least be included somewhere outside the sea of /v youths. I can understand that feeling to a degree since I know it is sometimes weird as fuck for me to think that the 18 year old, technically an adult gamer of today is young enough to have childhood memories of games that were new when I was in college. Knowing your childhood stuff is becoming old can be a weird feeling.

I don't support 6th gen inclusion on here, but I can understand where some of those types might be coming from.

>> No.3497971
File: 67 KB, 1152x864, Forum Personafied.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's say <15 years is the cut-off date.

Is it not possible to just allow all consoles and handhelds as long as their last, officially produced <games were sold more than 15 years ago?
This still means that the GBA is not retro (because its games are rather advanced in time), but that, for example, the Dreamcast can be allowed.

15 years seem better than 10 for the fact that most people are still in their young ages, so it makes a huge difference. 10 years ago might not be that long ago for some, for some it might just be half of their age... while 15 would be 3/4 of their lifespan for a few on here. They'd be little children and have more nostalgic feels to things than when they were older. Same goes to people who are 30 now. etc etc

>> No.3497972

>dreamcast can be allowed
Actually, my mistake, I don't think Dreamcast would be allowed then. Oh well, I don't care anyways.

>> No.3497981

Seems like the best proposed rule so far is to have a rolling release where if a game is so many years old, it can be allowed here on /vr/. So early PS2 and GBA games would be considered retro but not a 2011 PS2 game. That's the only way we're going to get the gen 6 shitposters to shut up without creating yet another fucking games board.

>> No.3497982

1. Allow GBA.

2. Rename board to be Old Games. Not Retro Games since it doesn't make sense.

>> No.3497983


I think /v2k/ is a better idea than slowly get newer games be accepted here.

>> No.3497984

The best proposed rule so far is to shut the fuck up and let it as is currently. Babbies can go cry somewhere else.

>> No.3497990

>That's the only way we're going to get the gen 6 shitposters to shut up without creating yet another fucking games board.

And what's so fucking bad about giving them their own board? We got our own board. MLP faggots got their own board. Origami/Papercraft have their own board. And alt sports, quest, history, the list goes on and on and on.

So why can't the 6th and 7th gens have their own board if they can't get any decent discussion on /v/? How can anyone possibly be for allowing the beginning of the shit gens of video games on here rather than giving them their own space to talk about whatever the fuck they want to? Would adding another board to this site affect you in any way whatsoever? I really don't think it would.

>> No.3497991

1. No

2. Old Games makes as little sense as Retro Games. The sticky is up there for a reason. Give it a read.

>> No.3497996

>So let's talk about how to fix and improve /vr/.
i don't come here as much as i used to on the count of not giving a fuck anymore but really just stop being retarded and urge others to do the same

it's that simple. you know exactly the kind of stuff i'm talking about

i shouldn't even have to elaborate

>> No.3498008

Automatic ban on autistic posters that post lanced jack style.

For example: the poochie guy in every crash thread

Ps we don't need any more /v/ separations (pokemon, /vg/, and /vr/ are quite enough to discuss video games)

>> No.3498014


I just checked the current Crash thread and there wasn't any poochie joke.

Anyway I agree about the lanced jack style posters, prime example would be australia kun, followed by overrated games general guy and autismo genesis farts sound guy.

>> No.3498020

but Genesis does sound like farts

>> No.3498038

I propose the cutoff rule be 1982.

>> No.3498043

as far as rules go, yes; as far as the trigger happy doom babby janitor, no

>> No.3498046

dude I just want to talk about ps2 games on a slow board why are you getting triggered

so what if you're going bald and you're not as rich or successful as you thought you'd be and you don't like the music young people listen to and girls give you harsh eyes at the hip clubs

I just wanna talk about videogames

>> No.3498048

You realize we have /v/ as well where you can talk about it. And as much as one can say "v is bad", which it somewhat is, you'd have a 100-post thread with 70% of the responses being alright in no-time.

>> No.3498049

I agree

>> No.3498063

Best suggestions but needs one addition:
• get mods and janitors who themselves understand and enforce the fucking rules as well as handle the motherfucking reports properly

>> No.3498064

That's not what I want. I want it to take forever. I want to be able to check a thread I'm keeping tabs on maybe once or twice a day when I'm bored and see around ten posts happen in that time. I want all the different things happening in manageable quantities with the kind of automatic quality filter that happens when a board is so slow it's posters actively shun shitposting because the patterns are too obvious.

/v is so fast that people will post memes that are already stale without even knowing they've gone stale, it's a snake that endlessly swallows it's own tail, an endless parade of 69ing faggots linked in a perfect circle.

>> No.3498068

>dude I just want to talk about ps2 games on a slow board why are you getting triggered
lmao that projection

>> No.3498075

>/v poster is so threatened by the prospect that his board will become nothing but shitposting that he can't even sleep at night

>> No.3498114

Fifth gen will never be retro. Get over it.

>> No.3498146

Isnt that allowed right now? For example rayman revolution(rayman2 ps2 port) thread has been active for week now, and it even has the ps2 boxart as OP picture.

>> No.3498158

Not him, but it's not meant to be, no. It's just an example of a janny not doing as he's supposed to do because he thinks his opinion > rules.

Despite my harsh criticism, however, I think ports and remakes should be okay for discussion because they also open the door to talking about how how said port/remake differs from the original.

I know you're trolling, but I honestly think fifth gen shouldn't have even been considered retro from the beginning. I know they were included from /vr/'s first day, but I wasn't happy about it then, either. I honestly think that if moot had never included it to begin with, we wouldn't be having this 'muh sixth gen' rhetoric now because those whining about sixth gen's inclusion don't tend to play from the 16-bit era or earlier and would have never come here to begin with.

All the same, like Italy in the EU, fifth gen was a founding member and therefore unable to be gotten rid of now. When I see a fifth gen thread, I just don't go into it because I've nothing constructive to add and the thread is about a subject I've little interest in, anyway. There's no reason to be disruptive. I don't even disrupt sixth gen threads. I just report them.

>> No.3498159

>Allow Atari crap
>B-but no Xbox
Holy kek

>> No.3498161

>dreamcast 2
There's more to it than Halo, chump.

>> No.3498164
File: 22 KB, 838x241, ss+(2016-09-15+at+03.01.03).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GBA's aspect ratio is 3:2, and the resolution is actually smaller than snes.

Anyways, I agree with this guy >>3497487

>> No.3498167

>Xbox is responsible for the death of video games, and marks the end of gaming as a whole.

Original Xbox did nothing that the Dreamcast and Genesis did not do before it. If Sega had not dropped out of the console business, then you'd have the Dreamcast filling the exact same role of online co-op dudebro machine.

>> No.3498168

>I know you're trolling
I wasn't, though. Fifth gen was where it all went downhill.

>> No.3498172
File: 41 KB, 620x406, 1417466692614.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fact is, this board is called "Retro" but most of the things it includes are not retro at all.
No, Dreamcast is not retro. No, N64, Saturn and PS1 aren't retro either. And no, gen 4 is not retro too. All this stuff is too modern to be considered "retro".

"Retro" is Spacewar, Pong, Atari, the first Arcade cabinets, home computers and every console up to gen 3. Everything after gen 3 is simply "old" or "classic", not "retro". So yeah, I agree with everyone saying that the sticky of this board is arbitrary and absolutely nonsensical.
And yeah, I agree there should be two boards for videogames before the current gen. One that covers everything from the first videogame up to the end of gen 3, which is what /vr/ should be, and another new one for everything from gen 4 ownwards, up to the current generation (which will include the older generation once a new one starts).
Either they do what I just wrote or finally accept their definition of "retro" is fucked and finally accept gen 6 in this board.

>> No.3498174
File: 92 KB, 287x360, 5 stars.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Let us actually talk to you people.
Oh my god, fucking this.

Hiro/mods/janitors, if you consider one thing from this discussion, make it this. THIS! Seriously. A pinned meta thread people can hide that's cleared out once a week or something, it'll also give the jannies something to do in the meantime.

Hell I'd be cool with an email address or a comment form or something I could fill in. Just SOMETHING. This fucking secrecy shit isn't cool and it just leads to more problems and complaints. Don't treat us like fucking mushrooms.

>> No.3498179

Default hard drive, default network/broadband internet, discrete real time surround sound

>> No.3498189

Not him but...
>Default hard drive
SegaCD had internal backup RAM, HDD is merely more storage.
>default network/broadband internet
You would've seen this in a Dreamcast successor, it was a standard at the time.
>discrete real time surround sound
There are a few retro games that support Dolby surround sound (even SNES games like Art of Fighting 2 and Samurai Shodown), quite a few N64 and PS1 games.

None of those things are bad by the way.

>> No.3498191

Doom general
Unreal general
Open RCT general
Repair/Mod general
CRT General

Fine. We'll take our threads with us. Enjoy your parking lot

>> No.3498193

I like the 1999 cutoff rule as is, but we need official clarifications for certain aspects of that rule.

Both PC and arcades are "platforms launched in 1999 or earlier". Discussing games released after 1999 on these platforms technically isn't breaking the rule, because only the platform's release date is counted.

Secondly, (enhanced) ports and remakes on non-/vr/ platforms. How does the rule apply to these? Should the original release platform be counted, or the specific platform the port/remake was released on?

>> No.3498196

Welp, the chink is gone, so this was all for nothing. Reading his posts in the main thread it's just him saying "Make a thread, I'll watch!" over and over again.

>> No.3498201

Nope. If you allow gen 6 the board will be flooded with PS2/NGC/XBOX threads and talking about anything else, specially older games and systems, will be impossible. /v/ already has gen 6 threads, we don't need them here.

>> No.3498202

>There are a few retro games that support Dolby surround sound
Seriously, SNES? Tell me more

>> No.3498203

>/v/ already has gen 6 threads, we don't need them here
What kind of stupid reasoning is that. /v/ used to have gen 5, 4 and so on threads as well. Following your logic, those threads shouldn't be allowed here either.

And I'm sick about all this "flooding" reasoning. We are a fucking slow ass board nobody gives a shit about. And adding a new generation of consoles won't change that, if not for just the first month until the novelty worns off. True shitposters will forever be stuck on /v/, which is a faster board where they can collect more answers and attention with ease.

>> No.3498214
File: 49 KB, 354x500, 51aOOpHAEzL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't wait to talk about my favourite retro game once 6th gen is allowed.

>> No.3498217

>Implying Fifa threads outside of generals are common

>Implying sports game threads in /vr/ are common

This is as stupid as the claim that we'll be inundated with GTA Mod threads when nobody talks about GTA mods much on any of the other boards. Even the GTA general barely talks about mods.

>> No.3498218
File: 1.20 MB, 1090x680, Battle%20Kid%202%20-%20Mountain%20of%20Torment%20(USA)[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can all stop trying to use that as an excuse now

>> No.3498220

Gen 6 ended in the same moment the first gen 7 console was released. So no, that game, despite being on a gen 6 console, would not be allowed.

>> No.3498224
File: 237 KB, 1080x1720, DSC_3493.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Star Ocean comes to mind

>> No.3498226


>We can't discuss any Game Boy or Dreamcast game made after 2000

>> No.3498229

no more fragmentation

leave everything as it is

>> No.3498240

Yeah, living without anti-gen 6 cancer would make me feel much much better.

>> No.3498241

>Default hard drive

Wouldn't have been difficult to add to the Dreamcast a year or two down the line. They already had the ZIP drive working for example.

>default network/broadband internet
Would have been absolutely trivial to make the DC come with one out of the box, since the entire modem on the side was replacable.

>discrete real time surround sound
... on pre-recorded music. The Sega CD had that with Qsound already.

>> No.3498243

>We are a fucking slow ass board nobody gives a shit about.
And there's nothing wrong about it. I like slow boards and when threads about specific topics I enjoy are still active several days after being started. On other faster boards, anything that doesn't talk about extremely popular stuff gets archived in a couple minutes.

/vr/ doesn't get a lot of attention because retro vidya is a niche hobby and there aren't many meme threads or clickbait threads like in /v/. What's the point of getting more attention and posters if it decreases the board's quality? /vr/ doesn't need more attention and we don't need to import memelords from /v/.

>> No.3498247

battle kid is homebrew game, not official release like fifa14. Theres quite big difference there.

>> No.3498250

Maybe you should read further than the only part you quoted.
I never implied /vr/ being slow is bad. I actually said that nothing will change at all. It will stay as it is. You guys are getting too paranoid over silly shit. Adding gen 6 or changing the definition of retro won't change jack shit. Nothing. At. All. You won't get more attention. You won't get more traffic. You won't get more shitposting. Your precious arcade threads won't be flooded by other threads.

>> No.3498281

Actually /vr/ is such a cancerous board that after brief reconsideration I support the creation of /v2k/ for Gen 6 and up. Better to start off fresh than bringing the topics in here and having them get tainted by the shitposting and general toxicity that fills this place.

>> No.3498286

We should be allowing ALL 6th Gen on this board, not just Dreamcast, or Dreamcast and GBA. Have you ever tried to make a thread about the PS2 or Xbox on /v/? You get no replies unless it's a fucking meme thread ("what did he mean by this", "ITT we pretend it's 2002", etc), or if you're talking about a series that remains very popular like Metal Gear, Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, GTA.
Not even 2 years ago it was common to see threads about Armored Core, Ace combat and "CUHRAYZEE" threads on /v/ about games like Devil May Cry and God Hand, but now the userbase only wants to have console wars about the PS4/Xbone/Wii U, and sometimes talk about the PS3.

But, because of the rules on /vr/, if I want to make a thread about, say, mech games on the PS2 and want to discuss them, looking for maybe some new stuff to try out, I have to post that thread on /v/, where most of the time, it default posts to Page 6, and gets pruned in 20 minutes, with maybe one reply. Now that samefagging as OP won't bump a thread, you're doomed to never get a reply or be shitposted by kids born in 2004.

TL;DR, /vr/ should expand it's boundaries to include GameCube, PS2, GBA, and Xbox, because it's impossible to discuss them on /v/.

>> No.3498308

>implying you already can't

>> No.3498312

Leave the board as it is but allow remakes and ports.

>> No.3498317

well.. thats.. too.. bad... then..
deal with it, like we have for countless years

>> No.3498334

The /vr/ 6th gen vs. not 6th gen fight would get worse if it was all allowed here. A /v2k/ board for 6th and 7th gen would stop the /vr/ fight and give us a nicely paced board to talk about those gens.

>> No.3498352
File: 39 KB, 371x457, pearl cringe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>actually using the word "metroidvania"

I like Battle Kid, but eeech

>> No.3498356

How would the "fight over 6th gen and not 6th gen" get worse by allowing 6th gen? That makes no sense. The 6th gen began with the DC and ended with the GameCube and Xbox. Everything after is 7th gen or 8th gen, both of which are readily discussed by posters on /v/.
Nobody tries to say Dreamcast isn't retro unless it's a blatant shitpost, because, guess what, the board's sticky says that Dreamcast and any other hardware released before 2000 is retro. If we changed it to "Only games released on the Xbox, GameCube, PS2, GBA and earlier systems can be discussed", no one would have grounds for an argument.
If you mean the autists that believe the 6th gen ended the moment the 7th gen consoles came out, again, I cite the GBC and DC rule: because the hardware came out in 1998, it doesn't matter the year the game came out.
It's really the best way to go about it, and in fact it would shut down a lot of the shitposting about NOT RETRO towards 6th gen remakes or enhanced ports of SNES games.

>> No.3498359

>The very idea that an Xbox console could be considered anything other than objectively trash disgusts me.

No one gives a fuck about your kneejerk reactions. Jaguar was also a piece of garbage, but that doesn't make it not retro.

>Xbox is responsible for the death of video games, and marks the end of gaming as a whole.

Just lol to this.

>> No.3498374

If 6th gen is allowed on /vr/, do you expect all of the people who are strongly against it to just suddenly accept it? Whether they have grounds to argue or not, they won't stop arguing.

/v/ is too fast to have a meaningful discussion about 6th and 7th gen these days. It would be nice to have threads that last a few days instead of one hour.

/v2k/ would solve both problems.

>> No.3498380

/vr/ is pretty much dead these days. a few new consoles to talk about would be great. and if you dont like it, hide threads that offend you.

>> No.3498384

>bringing new topics and people to any board is a good idea
You can't be serious.

>> No.3498385

Never mind threads that last multiple days, /v/ threads about the 6th gen die in under 1 hour.

And, no, I don't expect people to not flip out and have shitpost attacks any less than they already do, but, as Hiro's thread was often about, if we had consistent and good moderation, people shitposting excessively would be getting banned anyway, and that would teach them not to shitpost threads they don't like.
>inb4 board culture
there's a difference between shitposting a Retron thread with "my wife loves it" and going into any thread you don't like with capslock and screaming.

>> No.3498389

>and if you dont like it, hide threads that offend you.
What any one person feels about it isn't as relevant as what it would do to the board as a whole. You'll never get everyone to just hide the threads that offend them if they feel that the new addition doesn't fit the board or pushes off discussions that clearly do belong on the board.

>> No.3498391

Why are you on 4chan? Genuinely curious. Boards like /sp/ and /tv/ are heavily hit with crossposting and new users during and after big events like the Oscars, Super Bowl, Olympics, World Cup, Emmys, Globes, etc. Hell, even /v/ is hit with it during E3.
All of 4chan moves on new topics to discuss, all the time. If I've never been on /tv/ before but I see a movie I liked and want to discuss it, I'm going to go to /tv/ and make a thread. If I like the memes and I like the other threads, I'll probably stay! Whenever new media releases there's new people coming into boards to post about it, but the anonymity makes it so you'd really never know.

If that sort of thing bothers you, you should find a regular account-based forum about your favorite retro games and be done with it.

>> No.3498392

>if we had consistent and good moderation, people shitposting excessively would be getting banned anyway, and that would teach them not to shitpost threads they don't like.
If we had consistent and good moderation, people constantly making metrathreads whining about 6th gen would be getting banned anyway, and that would teach them not to be an annoying shithead in order to force us to make you feel good.

>> No.3498393

The Dreamcast had a network adapter, kid.

No, there really isn't. Sports games are notoriously released for last generation consoles because there is an incredibly high probability of people still owning those consoles. It's why Fifa 2k5 is on PS1

>> No.3498394

>talking about the same shit to death for the hundredth time is fun
k, nice autism.

Just add the 15 year rule + Remakes and be done with it. And rename to Classic/Vintage/Old Gaming

>> No.3498395

If 6th gen is added into the rules of this board, then my thread about PS2 games, belongs as much as your thread about Vectrex games.

>> No.3498396

>Never mind threads that last multiple days, /v/ threads about the 6th gen die in under 1 hour.
That's what I was saying. I don't think it would fit well on /vr/, so /v2k/ would solve the problem.

>> No.3498398

Then dont post in those threads and theyll fall off the board. This place moderates its self.

>> No.3498402

And the arguing about whether they ever should have been allowed will continue and probably worsen.

>> No.3498405

If you want to conserve your board culture, bringing new people is never a good idea. Proof is right here with all of you 6th gen shitters.

>> No.3498406

Any good board allows constructive meta threads to exist.

Even if these types of threads were purged from /vr/, do you really think there aren't people who would post these requests on /qa/ whenever Hiro makes a thread?
I don't think you were here during the era of /q/, but a lot of entitled morons such as yourself went to the board to whine about things like "Dreamcast shouldn't be retro (or would've if this board had existed then)" and "Hey you should ban these threads because I have a general thread for the same thing going", and the site as a whole suffered a huge dip in quality.

>> No.3498407

You haven't been here long if you think that people here didn't want at least GBA discussion allowed.

Or are you one of those autists that think 4chan decide what retro means and shitpost with NOT RETRO every time you get triggerd?

>> No.3498408

Don't you get it? He can cry all what he want to get things to go his way, but the people protesting against him should be baned ASAP. Because that's not exactly what he's doing right now.

>> No.3498410

And those are the sorts of meta threads that should be deleted.

Board culture is the defense of shitposters all across this site
Board culture is: memes, like the Retron 5 wife meme, or Baneposting on /tv//
Board culture is not: crying about rules you don't like in pointless meta threads, forced stupid memes like you see on /v/

>> No.3498415

>Crying about the GBA not being allowed is fine
>Crying about the GBA being allowed should be deleted.
Millennials everyone.

>Board culture is not: crying about rules you don't like in pointless meta threads

>> No.3498416

Wow, am I on /v/? You didn't read the conversation at all did you?
There is a difference in constructively asking for a rule change and constructively shooting it down and having a rule change made and then shitposting about it nonstop.
People that enter threads they don't like with NOT RETRO posts should be banned if the thread fits the rules. People who make threads that are obvious bait like "GBA IS retro and there's nothing you can do about it" whether GBA was in the rules or not, should be banned.

>> No.3498424

As someone who has been on /vr/ since it was created, this thread is a perfect example of the slide this board has taken lately. When I go on /v/ nowadays, it's not even nearly as autistic as you pedantic fucks..

>> No.3498431

Last time i went on /v/ every thread was either pro nintendo or shitting on sony. Got pretty sad desu.

Though this board is turning ninty vs sega more and more.

>> No.3498439

/v/ has been that way for like 2 years now. But at least those guys will have a discussion with you as long as you stick to the current hot topics.
Here you just get your posts strawmanned and replied to with an autistic technicality that isn't even relevant to what you're saying.

>> No.3498450

Tell me about it. I guess /vr/ in its initial inception was much slower, more mature, and notable, there was far less shitposting and bait-esque posts being made, unlike today. Did this board get faster or something? This Gen 6 or GBA shit is a non-issue. They shouldn't be allowed on /vr/, period. They should not be grouped in with discussions of the T-16, SNES, NES. It's funny that the anti-Dreamcast people were right about the slippery slope since these same people are trying to use the Dreamcast to justify bringing the GBA in, making the point of this board redundant. If I had my way, in 4 years time, I would just split 4th gen and everything older into one board, and group the 5th and 6th gen into another board.

>> No.3498530
File: 47 KB, 480x640, 12235070_955657811182419_2380130165646727278_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

guys i'm pretty sure this is just a bunch of /v/ermind shitposting here

/vr/ didn't get faster, this is just the result of faggots flocking to /vr/ to screw with us. anb audience that doesn't even browse this board.

>> No.3498551

I'd like to reiterate that by retro, the user-base here doesn't mean old, they mean a fixed historical periodization.

It's like saying Shakespeare belongs in the Middle Ages because his language is archaic (even for his day), when he is in fact Elizabethan. There will be no Shakespeare in our Middle Ages board.

>> No.3498567

>My persecution complex
Did you stop to consider that maybe, just maybe, people who browse /v/ like video games? Not only that, but they like the old ones, too? I don't understand what's so wrong with believing that people would want to actually discuss video games released years ago without threads going to shit or dying in under an hour.

If we're talking about eras in gaming, you might as well cut off the 5th gen entirely from this board and put it with 6th gen, since that's the era of 3D gaming and a distinct change from classic to modern games. But I'd rather not bother with any of that and would just want a rolling cutoff date akin to what's in place for the age of posters on here. I don't care that games for the PS2 released in 2008, since those games are part of longrunning series which would no doubt be kept in generals. Keeping the current board rules as an appeal to tradition isn't healthy, and clearly there are enough people who oppose this rule to warrant a second look at it.

>> No.3498572

>you might as well cut off the 5th gen entirely from this board

>> No.3498594

Then they ought to change the word "retro" to something more concrete, since the word by itself is defined by Merriam Webster as the following:
>looking like or relating to styles or fashions from the past
The definition of retro on this board conflicts with the definition of retro in the English language, which is why people will continue to ask whether or not something is retro.

>> No.3498617
File: 103 KB, 900x583, robotron_3000_by_saturnoarg-d42dbet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then have chink moot make boards of gold and silver ages. Let the mythical hero of the Robotron war have his sepulcher. Alas, all the Mikeys died. And everything turned black. The credits null. Do not despoil their slumber.

>> No.3498676

I think you mean classic because a retro thing can't be retro unless it's new. Shovel Knight is Retro. Super Mario Brothers is not. SMB was the new hotness.

you fucking idiot.

>> No.3498679

Ban e-celeb threads.

>> No.3498741

But /vr/ hates 6th gen.

>> No.3498805

Should we be able to discuss games like The Sims 1? It is lowpoly, it is over 20 years old, and it looks retro but it was released in 2000. PC games don't follow generations like console games though. Some times threads are allowed but other times they are deleted.

>> No.3498817

I think it should. Windows XP's release date should be the cuttoff for PC games

>> No.3498831

Do you understand what default means? An optional extra is not default.
The Xbox didn't just have surround on pre-recorded videos like the competition but in actual gameplay. Only PCs had that before.

>> No.3498832

>it is over 20 years old
>it was released in 2000

It's the year 2021 everyone, where have you been the last 5 years?

>> No.3498852

>It's the year 2021
Is there time for Klax, or do we have to wait until the 2090s?

>> No.3498937
File: 2.99 MB, 1280x720, ArinoLoose.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah ban content creators, let's all type fart some more

>> No.3498946

If anything needs to be changed, the year should be pushed even further back. Playstation is not retro!!

>> No.3499169

The only idiot here is the one that misses the point. See: you.

>> No.3499301

/vr/ should remain the way it is simply because obscure games, tech, etc. already have a hard time catching on and the current speed of the board is perfect for this reason. Bringing in 6th gen WILL in fact speed up the board but it's not what /vr/ needs or will ever need. /v2k/ will be a perfect addition, I've seen a few PS2 games discussed on /v/ but eventually die off because everybody would rather discuss the latest vidya journalism gossip.

>> No.3499402

Since we're on topic of improving /vr/, how can we implement the sharing of raw MIDI files on /vr/?

>> No.3499573

There are four eras of video games, excluding current consoles. If we were to make boards based on console era, we'd need the following boards:

1. First and second generation. Single-screen arcade games. SG-1000, Atari 7800 and pre-Super Mario Bros. Famicom games can also be discussed here.

2. Third and fourth generation. Third generation from SMB onwards can be discussed here, in addition to the fourth generation. This represents an era when sidescrolling platformers were dominant. Fifth generation sidescrollers,such as Rayman, can also be discussed. Possibly include GBC and GBA, since games on those systems are made in the same spirit.

3. Fifth and sixth generation. This the early 3D era. Games on console are primarily made with polygons instead of sprites. Splitscreen multiplayer is dominant, instead of online multiplayer. Internet connections are available on some systems, but games are released with the assumption that the customer doesn't have an internet connection. Games are still made primarily for CRT TVs.

4. Seventh and eighth generation. This is the modern era. This currently includes DS, PSP and Wii only. The PS3 and XBOX 360 are still quite relevant today (the PS3 is even still being produced). They both had AAA games released up until last year. These two consoles will be added in time, as they become less relevant. Eventually the eighth generation will be added, after quite a number of years, as they are similar to seventh gen consoles.

5. The currently existing /v/, for discussion of currently relevant consoles.

>> No.3499639

It's not content we need or want.

>How to spot a /v/irgin who needs to go back
>they complain about the speed of the board

>> No.3499785

/v2k/ kicks the can down the road 10 years on what is considered "retro".

a shitstorm once every 10 years isn't too bad

>> No.3499801

I'd like a new board for GC, XBX, PS2, GBA, PSP, DS . I think that's plenty to sustain discussion.

I want a place I can go and get rapid-fire answers for how to recap PS2s and stuff. I want that place to NOT include overwatch etc.

>> No.3499848 [DELETED] 

Because hundreds of hours of best-quality GameCenter CX encodes and subs are trolling and spam, right? Fuck off.

>> No.3499950
File: 65 KB, 1001x107, 222.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the current state of /vr/

>> No.3499959
File: 569 KB, 795x392, Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 7.00.33 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3500098
File: 104 KB, 640x480, cosmologyofkyoto-11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Instead of /vr/ being just retro games, what about /vr/ being retro & obscure games?

Anything popular enough would get a thread on /v/, but I'd love for a place where I could also discuss lesser known games with a bit longer lasting threads and more indepth responses. As for what "obscure" means, I'd hope things like the Rhem series, Martian Gothic, Noctis, Hungry Ghosts, Bullet Witch... All sorts of weird, little known stuff.

It's just an idea, and I do recognize that it would be almost impossible to moderate, but I wanted to get it off my chest because I would really appreciate these sorts of discussions.

>> No.3500107

if you wanna have those discussions, push for 'em. make the threads, start the conversations. obscure or not, eventually someone will reply

>> No.3500182

I would make it simpler.
-Classic if it´s discontinued, ti fits here.
I think it´s obvious. if you want to talk about gbc to backwards, you have /vr/
if you want to talk about relevant things, you have /v/
and then, there´s that fucking desert that goes from gba to psp. come on guys. that kind of games get banned from /vr/ (people still crying for fucking Dreamcast) and vanish in a minute in /v/
we need Classic Games

>> No.3500193


>> No.3500235

totally. I came up with "classic" because didn´t read /v2k/

Hiro, we must have this. We want to discuss those games in the context of /vr/ (slow paced, elaborated threads)
We need this thread. it´s almost imposible to talk about discontinued consoles, or not-worldwide-known titles from 7th gen in literally any place of the internet.
I just want to discuss some PSP with you guys ;_;

>> No.3500258

fucking this.
I don´t care about fucking vidya news of /v/, and want a good conversation about games I grew up playing.
we need /v2k/

>> No.3500285

soon, brother

>> No.3500304
File: 178 KB, 1500x991, Man-Of-Steel-Michael-Shannon-General-Zod-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

look, faggot, it´s easy. I´m 26 now and fucking want to discuss retro games here.
/v/ is not the fucking place because it´s just games news and threads with games +5 years old vanish without responses.
/vr/ is LITERALLY the fucking place, but we are respecting menopausic oldfags who don´t want GBA to show up and destroy their childhood.
So you have two options. Either you let an entire generation post here, or you understand we open our own board.
You won´t post there, so why even care

>> No.3500310

Today I made a thread about a PSP game that came 10 years ago. (that is not MHFU or some meme, of course).
It lasted 40 minutes and got 1 response.

we need /v2k/

>> No.3500320

the thing is, you seem to think someone's opposed to you having your own board and this, so far, seems to be absolutely baseless. I can only speak for myself, but I hope /v2k/ becomes a thing. I wanna discuss 6th gen too, just not on /vr/. they have their own thing going and it's obvious it's not the place for 6th gen.

>> No.3500332

yea, thats what i´m trying to say. Even thought I only consider /vr/ "the place" for discusing from gba to psp games because there´s no a natural place, and that´s why we want /v2k/
I went full Zod at >>3497559, who implies that we can discuss that on /v/

>> No.3500378

oh no. yeah I see where you're coming from. nah, /v/ is no place for 6th

>> No.3500580

5th generation runs from 94 to 97. It´s fine on /vr/ to me. let the 6th and 7th be discused as retro once and for all, here or in a fucking new board.

>> No.3500794


I'd be ok with this as well.

>> No.3500795


Then someone will want a board for 2006 to 2009. No, a /v2k/ covering 2000 to 2009 would be better.

>> No.3500801

Honestly, any thing that is two or more generations back should be considered retro. That would cover PS2 and Xbox systems and go back from there. Someone suggested a /v2k/ board, which would be interesting but I think that would end up becoming a dead board.

>> No.3500806

Hiro, please

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