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>SNES gets the based as fuck Mega Man X trilogy
>Genesis gets NES remakes chock full of slowdown

What went wrong?

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Does the slowdown line up with the NES games? Because those chug along.

As for your question, Capcom was never really on board with the Genesis. I don't think they had a flagship series for the Genesis.

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>SNES gets the based as fuck Mega Man X trilogy
Only the first one was based
X2/X3 weren't so hot

But Wily Wars was a huge missed opportunity
It could have been so great and the potential was there but they just rushed it out and didn't give a crap about the overall quality
But look at the bright side at least it's better than Mega Man 7 and was the right way of updating the classic series graphically while retaining the same gameplay unlike 7 and 8 which were horrible abominations

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>Does the slowdown line up with the NES games?
The slowdown is far worse in the Genesis
Capcom just didn't care and they just did this collection for a quick buck which is a huge shame because there was some great potential here(Cutman's stage reimagined art-style is a great example of what I'm talking about here)

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>What went wrong?

Incompetent Sega programmers and Capcom supporting SNES instead of the technically better Genesis.

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>Incompetent Sega programmers
Umm no this had nothing to do with Sega or their programmers(which btw give me a fucking break guys Naka would run circles around any of the Capcom guys)

This was done by Minakuchi Engineering the team who worked on the Game Boy Mega Man games

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>which btw give me a fucking break guys Naka would run circles around any of the Capcom guys

Then how come Ghouls 'n Ghosts on Genesis is the worst version?

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There sure is a lot of misinformation in this topic.
First off, part of the slowdown is from the fact that you're playing the EU version which runs at 50hz.
The other part is the coding. Primary coding was done by Huzuki Kamazati (who was responsible for megaman 3,4 and 5) while the genesis conversion was handled by the European developers Fun! House.
The reason for the slowdown (beyond the 50hz) is because the developers at Fun! House had to do a port of a port of Hijuki Yamatza's original NES code.
A lot of the code was lost over the years so much of it was patched with outdated assembly code, most of which was developed by Matsiyata Umitora.

Learn facts before you start spouting crap.

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The real question is, why did Capcom outsource Mega Man (one of their biggest IPs) when they usually either did Genesis games themselves or let Sega re-program games for them?

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At the time Capcom was under an exclusivity license with Nintendo. So in order to fill their obligation with Nintendo they assigned a small team lead by Hezaki Fumitaza to develop several SNES shovelware games. But when Keji Inafuna got wind of this he pulled Fumitaza off the 'shovelware project' and to punish Capcom for their hubris he assigned Fumitaza to help design the genisis Megaman ports under the leadership of Kamazati.
The shovelware games were eventually repurposed and most saw release as gameboy exclusives, but the whole thing put a huge rift between Capcom and Nintendo, which lead to them parting ways when Sony came around.

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It has less detail because it's just a 4mb port,otherwise it plays just as good and removed the no-diagonal bug

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Graphics are slightly worse, but it plays better than the supergrafx version and also has better music so I'd say it's superior.

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For some reason after Strider came out. CRAPCUM decided to say fuck genesis and suck nintendos dick full force.

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Famitsu Magazine - July 2013 issue
Capcom Through the Years (book)
Developers Interviews Podcast #16 - Huzuki Kamazati
PSM Playstation magazine #22 - Interview with Keiji Infafuna

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>Ghouls 'n Ghosts on Genesis is the worst version?
You clearly haven't played the C64 or Amiga versions.

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What? Amighouls is the best version though.

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>Huzuki Kamazati

...That's now how japanese write their names, or words, you know.

At least bother to google some real names if you're going to bullshit this much.

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>Huzuki Kamazati

...That's not how japanese write their names, or words, you know.

At least bother to google some real names if you're going to bullshit this much.

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I wonder who could be behind THIS post.

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Obviously that's not how they write their name. That's a translation, you mook. If you meant how his name is written in Katana it's:

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>First off, part of the slowdown is from the fact that you're playing the EU version which runs at 50hz
No. That isn't slowdown and running on 50hz machines does not cause extra slowdown. In theory it should cause less.

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>written in Katana

Finally a moon language I can get into.

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Whatever, pleb. I've been studying japanese for years and I currently live in the Kanto region of Japan, so I THINK I know a little bit more about Japan than you do.

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Capcom's contributions to the Genesis were notoriously sparse and hastily put together because it wasn't their main focus. None of them are as shoddy as Wily Wars though.

That being said I'll always be impressed with how they handled Mickey & Minnie being on both consoles.
I also like how Street Fighter II sounds on all the different systems.

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Find any Pikachu yet, Ash?

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I didnt even know this shit existed until about a year ago. Decided to play through MM2 out of curiosity . Id say its worth playing through because its really weird this shit exists in the first place. And sometimes you get tired of playing the originals..

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>It is weird the game is ported to another console

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capcom didn't care about sega consoles at that time (things changed with the saturn, though), most of their games on the genesis were just snes ports (great circus mystery) or reused snes' assets (street fighter ii)

pre-1993 capcom games on the md were handled by sega themselves (strider, mercs, ghouls n' ghosts, chiki chiki boys, forgotten worlds) and the late punisher port was developed by sculptured software, capcom just published it

mega man wily: wars was pretty funny though, even if worse than the nes versions. wily tower was a pretty fun little adition too.

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Fun fact, the game was programmed in C and if played on an overclocked system, most of the slowdown is eliminated.

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Does that mean Street Fighter 2 CE and SSF2 are the only Genesis games that were actually done by Capcom?

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Is DR.LIGHT having a STROKE?

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This is the list of Capcom games on the Mega Drive / Genny (and Mega CD)

Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition (developed in-house, uses SNES's sprites and backgrounds with reduced colours)
Super Street Fighter II (same above)
Saturday Night Slam Masters (also uses the SNES assets)
The Great Circus Mystery starring Mickey Mouse (SNES port)
Mega Man: The Wily Wars (developed mostly by Minakuchi Engineering at Capcom's request)
The Punisher (port done by Sculptured Software in the USA, published by Capcom)
Ghouls'n Ghosts (reprogrammed and published by Sega)
Forgotten Worlds (reprogrammed and published by Sega)
Strider (reprogrammed and published by Sega)
MERCs (reprogrammed and published by Sega)
Chiki Chiki Boys (reprogrammed and published by Sega)
Final Fight CD (reprogrammed and published by Sega, music by T's Music)
Capcom no Quiz Tonosama no Yabou (reprogrammed and published by SIMS, Sega's 2nd party at that time)


Capcom IP:

Strider Returns: Journey from Darkness (game fully developed by Tiertex and published by U.S. Gold under license from Capcom USA), japanese Capcom doesn't even acknowledge this game existence

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Is that one of the weasels from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

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Interesting tidbit about Great Circus Mystery, wiki suggests that the Genesis version was released in the US months before any other version.

Could it have been the original game and perhaps just maybe the SNES version is a port? I'm leaning more towards both of them being developed at the same and release timing was different because of manufacturing complications. Hey anything's possible.

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i believe they were developed side by side, but with the snes as the leading platform. it uses the low resolution mode on the genesis and some bosses and stages seem to have been developed with the snes effects in mind (like scaling and transparency)

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Nigger are u fucking gay. Is this an english lecture or a fucking video game board. KyS u autistic fuck

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X2 is great.

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I still have my copy of Wily Wars. It's worth more than the complete X trilogy on SNES put together, at least.

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>Naka would run circles around any of the Capcom guys

Yuji Naka is not a good programmer at all. All of the Sonic games are full of bugs up to this very day.

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X3 is the best megaman game. And this is coming from someone who grew up with the genesis

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X3's level design sort of gets shit toward the end, where Capcom goes nuts with putting spikes everywhere.

Anyway, X1 and X4 are the best ones.

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Just like Carmack's.

Either way, you can't really bug today's programmers for game/engine bugs (you didn't specify), long are gone the days where only one programmer was in charge of everything inside the game, and testers are there for a reason.

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Even though the Gen had the best vesions of G&G and Street Fighter II?

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>Street Fighter II?
[citation needed]

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not enough memory, is pretty much a launch title and more

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you've seen the phantasy star 1 dungeons, right?

you do know he programmed that game, right? the phantasy star 2 devs also claimed that they would've never made it if it weren't for him

he's the iwata of sega

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Genesis got a port of G&G, SNES got an original game.

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>I hate MM7

Which eceleb did you steal the idea from to say Mega Man 7 sucks?

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Because the Genesis gamepad only have 3 buttons instead of 4

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>...That's not how japanese write their names, or words, you know.
It is if you use Kunrei romanization instead of Hepburn.

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Yeah and SNES' original game ran slow as fuck and had gimmicky stage design.

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Doesn't change the fact he was making up shit. Might as well said "ching chong chang".

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ghost n goblins isn't a series that's characterized by being fast, it's a slow-paced game series of action-platformers like castlevania.


that's a code for "I don't know how to criticize a game" isn't it?

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>ghost n goblins isn't a series that's characterized by being fast
There's a difference between being Sanic and dipping to 5fps like SGnG.

None of the other GnGs had slowdown.

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Sonic isn't even fast, try Claymates on SNES.

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Hi Australia-kun

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sonic 2 has slowdowns.

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So? My point was that Capcom didn't support the Genesis with original titles for its flagship series.

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And that was their mistake.

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Yeah, the capcom SNES titles sold very poorly...

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Sales mean nothing. If the hardware can't support the games (for instance, Super G&G and all of Capcom's beat 'em up ports), it shouldn't be used.

>> No.3494873


I wasn't serious, Capcom SNES games actually sold well. I was being sarcastic to >>3494858

Console wars are silly.

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Sales are the only reason games exist buddy. Capcom wouldn't miss a chance to put their belowed IPs on SNES, doesn't matter they would come out seriously watered down

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I guess one of the reasons could be Nintendo partnership.

But there's a much simpler explanation. Correct me if I'm wrong here: Capcom mostly targeted Japanese market in 1991–1995 with Megaman X/7/9 which went further to be even more like anime.

And SFC completely raped Mega Drive in Japan. It sold 5 times more units than its rival. So for Japanese IPs at least, no Japanese devs gave a single fuck about MD.

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Are you that dude who hates pro-wrestling? lol.

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not that anon but I really wish they had mad mm7 on nes. it feels too much like X but with kiddy sprites. not a fan. Too much dialog in game. Just didn't feel like a megaman a sequel. They should have called it Super Mega Man or something.

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>Street Fighter II
Neh. SNES was closer to the arcade, both graphically and sound-wise. But the Genesis version was smoother and had a few more animation frames.

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Not one mention of Sparkster

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>So in order to fill their obligation with Nintendo they assigned a small team lead by Hezaki Fumitaza to develop several SNES shovelware games.
>The shovelware games were eventually repurposed and most saw release as gameboy exclusives

Which Gameboy exclusives were initially SNES shovelware?

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The games would have sold great still on the Mark V. Between '91-'93, Sega had outsold Nintendo consoles even.

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Maybe because Sparkster wasn't a Capcom game.

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>>Anyway, X1 and X4 are the best ones.
Man of taste right here

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Based fellas, X1 and X4 are by far the best Mega Man X games.

X2, X3, X5 and X8 are pretty good. X6 and X7 are easily the worst.

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>The games would have sold great still on the Mark V

not sure about that, some capcom franchises were strongly associated with nintendo at that time, especially street fighter ii and mega man

all snes versions of street fighter ii vastly outsold their genesis counterparts:

Street Fighter II (SNES): 6.3 million units
Street Fighter II Turbo (SNES): 4.1 million units
Super Street Fighter II (SNES): 2.0 million units
Street Fighter II SCE (Genesis): 1.65 million units
Super Street Fighter II (Genesis): ??? (didn't manage to reach at least 1 million)

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It fucking happened, lads.

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>mark v

Your meme isn't ever going to catch on.

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So much for BLAST processing.

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File: 1.49 MB, 1200x969, markv_m5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not a meme, you dip.

See the "m5" on this board? Mark V.

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You're right, it's not a meme if it doesn't catch on.

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