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Grew up with pal games, now replaying everything i can in ntsc for glorious silky smooth 60fps.
It is literally the only positive thing about burgermerica

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The PAL versions of Sonic 1's music can actually be quite soothing

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I was a human being.

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First PAL then moved to NTSC (back and forth twice) and stuck with NTSC even after I moved to back to PAL.

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And Japan, you know, the country that's making the games?

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t. delusional weebcuck

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Don't you have a micro-computer containment thread to stay in?

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I've never gone to it. I tend to avoid generals like the plague.

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Then don't cry when people make fun of your shitty eurotrash games and 50hz.

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You mean like how you cry when people make fun of your Never Twice the Same Colour?

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No I mean like how you cry every time you remember your 50hz childhood.

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>shitty eurotrash games

Stay jelly, Amerilard.

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I actually like Gianna, and I'm form Europe, but I want to trigger aus-kun.

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>poorfags always lagging
>"""""master race"""""
Master race of being behind the civilized world, perhaps.

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You're retarded. 50hz doesn't cause lag.

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And NTSC doesn't have color issues. Guess we're both retarded.

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Yes, it does. Did you not look at the image here >>3486190 ? Almost 1mhz higher colour frequency.

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Lag refers to network connection. Has nothing to do with colour encoding. Sad!

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PAL is good for TV and movies.

For video games, especially during /vr/ times where most good shit came from Japan, PAL was a disadvantage, and I say this as someone who grew up on PAL.

If you insist that PAL is better than NTSC for video games you're either in denial or trolling.

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I grew up in PAL but I don't delude myself into believing that 99% of PAL vidya weren't inferior to the NTSC originals

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All I'm saying is PAL was better for PAL games. For weeb shit, you'd install a 60hz mod to play them. USA didn't have anything worth playing.

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In the real world (which is what matters), there is no difference in color.

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If telling yourself that helps you sleep better at night, Ameritwat...

Meanwhile I will enjoy my superior colours.

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No, it's because you poorfags are always lagging behind the civilized world, I thought that was obvious. tsk tsk

And inferior 50hz framerates.

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>PAL games
>weeb shit
>USA didn't have anything worth playing

OK, I hope you're trolling then.

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Oh and black bars on the screen. Forgot about that since I fortunately never have to deal with that, ha ha.

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He's right. The US crashed their own market because of how shit their games were. They have never made good gamds and likely never will.
Yet when Americans still used RF and composite signals up until the mid-2000s they weren't lagging behind?

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Anonymous 09/10/16(Sat)10:53:26 No.3486376▶
>>3486361 #
He's right. The US crashed their own market because of how shit their games were. They have never made good games and likely never will.
>>3486358 #
Yet when Americans still used RF and composite signals up until the mid-2000s they weren't lagging behind?

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He's right. The US crashed their own market because of how shit their games were. They have never made good games and likely never will.
Yet when Americans still used RF and composite signals up until the mid-2000s they weren't lagging behind?

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>Yet when Americans still used RF and composite signals up until the mid-2000s they weren't lagging behind?
Nope, because we had a full library of games running at their intended framerates and at full screen. The PC market also pulled way ahead around the early-mid 90s once the limeys simply gave up. You're welcome.

Enjoy your...ZX spectrum games I guess, lol.

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So did we. You just had foreign games running at their intended speed, while we had domestic games running at their intended speed.
You didn't even make those computers, you developed the OS and nothing else. Not only that, but early PCs were inferior to the entire Amiga line.

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PAL faggots BTFO

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So go play your 50hz domestic games instead of shitposting about them? They must not be very good games if you spend so much time here.

In the meantime I'm going to go chill out with some 60fps, full screen games (and with no color issues, as I can actually adjust my TV myself without having to invent a new video standard to compensate for my incompetence pushing a few buttons).

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If you use composite signals and NTSC you will have colour problems. That is guaranteed. Why anyone would use composite is beyond me, but you people still do apparently.

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We used RCA until HDMI became commonplace here in Murrka.

Shit sucked, but w/e.

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What do you mean 'RCA'? That is a connection type. There are cables with RCA that transmit a pseudo-RGB signal, it's called YPbPr. You Americans generally used composite signals, however.

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WE had s-video in the early 90's and many high end sets had them in the 80's. YPbPr is near enough to RGB it doesn't matter much, it just gained popularity after /vr/ consoles were made.

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Show me a screenshot of a PAL game and a NTSC game where the color difference is noticeable.

The main difference between PAL and NTSC I've seen is that PAL has a few more vertical lines, but that's also the reason of the famous black bars in many games.

60hz>50hz, that's the actual most important (and noticeable) difference when talking PAL and NTSC video games.

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the entire world mainly used cvbs when the consoles were new. Here's the style of scart cable that was usually included. I didn't have or know about RGBS until I was a young adult.
Not everyone had a wealthy family anon.

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Here you go.

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It is NOT near enough. It looks like shit next to actual RGB. You're delusional.
All the Sega consoles had readily available SCART cords.

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Any actual screen not cropped from a youtube video?

Also, I don't see a color issue there, just dor crawl which is a composite problem, not inherent to NTSC.

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The red is clearly faded with NTSC. So is Mario's skin colour, so much so that it blends with the white of his eyes.

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So this is why all my games have those jagged lines all over.

Can you by chance tell me why my games also have transparent but noticeable shapes on screen at times like pic related?

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I dunno, that picture is very bad quality, as I said it looks like a cropped image taken from a Youtube video... I think it's not trusty, neither for the NTSC nor the PAL side.

I found this one that lets you see the comparison better without youtube or composite tricks.
Can you tell any color difference?

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Yes, the whites, blues and reds are stronger in the PAL screenshot.
It doesn't depend on the games.

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>PAL is beating NTSC 2/1

I call bullshit on that. /vr/ is dead when the Americans are asleep, European systems like the Spectrum and Atari ST are never discussed, and "Genesis" is used more often than "Mega Drive".

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It's rigged, silly. What are proxies.

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You need your eyes checked. NTSC is in the lead right now.

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>Yes, the whites, blues and reds are stronger in the PAL screenshot.


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I don't see how that disproves anything. Are you blind? Look here.

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So you think the PAL side looks stronger than NTSC here >>3486483? They look the same to me.

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There's an easy wat to settle this.

Americans, admit that PAL is the technically superior standard.
Europeans, admit that NTSC is better than PAL 50 for playing most games on Japanese consoles.

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You're blind, then.

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Haha, no YOU are blind.

I switched the colors around, so the color you said to be stronger was on the NTSC side, lol fell for it.

They're the same fucking color anyway.

Here's a test for your eyes.

I wrote something in the NTSC color, over the PAL color background.
Can you tell what I wrote?

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I knew you did that, that's why I said in >>3486465 dumbfuck.

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>I knew you did that


So, can you read what I wrote? You should be able to since you have PAL eyes.

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>Americans, admit that PAL is the technically superior standard.
Jesus fucking Christ no it's not.
It stretches games, it's only 50hz, everything is slow as fuck, it's awful.
And for TV it's a pain in the ass to work with, because whenever PAL shows get brought to NTSC regions, the show's visual and auditory quality gets fucked in the ass hard.
Honestly, if everyone could just fucking settle on one, and start producing for it specifically, this problem would never exist.
Seriously, I might be a dumbass, but is there a reason we can't just permanently switch to one, worldwide form of this shit, so that we don't have to deal with this anymore?

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just stop, it's embarrasing. you're getting floored.

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You didn't write anything. I have already checked the colour values and you used the same for both.

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I would have linked to the second one had I not known, you moron. Stop samefagging.
Like I said, Europeans admit that NTSC is better than PAL 50 for most games on Japanese consoles. PAL is the technically superior standard, you only have to see the specs to know that.

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Because it's the same color in both screens, genius

I actually used the colors from both screens though, the only trick I played on you was switching PAL and NTSC, but it didn't make any real difference.
And yes, I did write something. it was "fuk u"

Anyone else who wants to try, the original screen is here: >>3486465

Check the color values all you want, both are the same.

What's your next move?

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PAL babies, GTFO right now, once and for all

>> No.3486540

Look at the specs, kid.
Yet there is a clearer difference here that you ignored. >>3486452
I have NTSC consoles from Japan as well as Pal consoles from Europe, I can see which is better.

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>PAL is the technically superior standard, you only have to see the specs to know that.
How about you provide us with some of these """specs"""?

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Your next move is going back to the cropped Youtube composite pic?

come on man, just admit you lost this time, colors are the same.

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>I have NTSC consoles from Japan as well as Pal consoles from Europe

Post time-stamped pics.

>> No.3486556

The colours are clearly not the same, see

I have, like most retro collectors over here, a Japanese Saturn and a Japanese PC Engine. Why would I have to give you photographic evidence?

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The colors are exactly the same in >>3486465


>>3486452 is a cropped screensot from a Youtube video, apparently using composite, or a weird filter that recreated dot crawl, and >>3486190 isn't even a color comparison pic.

How does losing taste like?

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You're just upset that PAL gives a better picture, which is why you tried and failed to use trickery. You can't admit that PAL is better despite all the specifications saying so.

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Let's have a blind test. Which one of these is NTSC and which is PAL?

The difference should be immediately apparent.

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>Why would I have to give you photographic evidence?

Why would you not? Collectors love showing off.
Also, it'd help your (admittedly weak) argument. If you refuse to post a time-stamped pic, you might be seen as a liar.
You've been challenged.

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Take a proper picture, will you? Can you capture from your television?

>> No.3486574

Sure, give me a sec to put it all together.

>> No.3486575

I don't really care if you believe me or not.

>> No.3486578


Tthe only trickery I used was switching PAL and NTSC around, but as I said it doesn't really make any difference, I just wanted to test if you could tell, to see if you really had any "PAL superpowers" that let you see colors normal NTSC mortals would not... but you failed, as you weren't able to tell my trick, and also you couldn't read the "fuk u" here >>3486525

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It's literally just one faggot posting surprisingly successful b8

>> No.3486580


>lies about noticing color differences between pal and ntsc
>lies about owning japanese consoles

Lying is bad, anon.

>> No.3486581


>tried and failed

He was successful, you fell right into his trap.

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You still can't tell?
No, you failed. Stop samefagging.

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I can notice the difference in the mph bar... but I can't tell which one is supposed to be "better" or "stronger", one looks green, and the other kind of aquamarine.

>> No.3486587


why does the PAL screen have like a black frame around it?

>> No.3486589

Do you have GIMP?

>> No.3486590

>were you PAL or NTSC
No. I was and.
Obviously you were NTSC being an americunt who doesn't know most of the rest of the wold doesn't care because most of their shit is multi system.

>> No.3486592


And then you accuse others of samefagging.

Pathetic, australia.

>> No.3486594

>Obviously you were NTSC being an americunt

OP is a PALfag, look at the poll options.

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Did an american shit in your vegemite or something?

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File: 1.02 MB, 3072x2304, blind-test.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a potato camera, but here it is.

4 different consoles, all through the same TV, with the same settings, no adjustments, all taken with the same camera. Which is PAL and which is NTSC?

>> No.3486632

Maybe you should crop them.

>> No.3486643

It's just a quick test, nothing scientific. When I have enough answers I'll post the solution.

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>> No.3486650

You call that a sensible test? When people ask if you can "capture from your television" they don't shitty looking pictures, they mean screenshots

>> No.3486651

Post some better games, too. I don't know any of those.

>> No.3486652

Then I might as well just run through an emulator. This is a real world test with a real TV that someone would use.

Not the point, focus on the colors. (they're also pretty mainstream games, dude, seriously)

>> No.3486659

I wouldn't use a crappy tv like that, nor would I use composite. I don't recognise any of those games, sorry.

>> No.3486670

>When people ask if you can "capture from your television" they don't shitty looking pictures

You mean shitty looking pictures like these?:

Stop complaining, it's just a blind test. Guess away or ignore it.

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Neither would I, that's why it's S-video.

>composite he says
Ha ha.

Just take a guess, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

>> No.3486679

S-video isn't really any better. Use RGB or go home.

>> No.3486682

Still haven't guessed. Care to partake? Or perhaps you've just been talking out your ass this entire time, Aus.

>> No.3486685

Use true composite, not composite/S-Video and I'll guess. S-video isn't true NTSC.

>> No.3486687

Paper Mario and that racing one are PAL, right?
All others are NTSC?

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File: 159 KB, 846x1200, solution.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But what's this? I thought the difference was so immediately obvious?


>> No.3486694

The better the connection the less noticeable it is. Use your brain.

>> No.3486695

Alright then, give me a bit and I'll satisfy your autism.

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File: 916 KB, 3072x2304, blind-test-australiakunedition.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There, all composite. No excuses. Guess.

>> No.3486720

It's already been answered.

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>> No.3486740

Australia-kun is a coward after all, not surprising.

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Above you.

>> No.3486758

Cool, you can't tell the difference. Glad we sorted that out. /thread

>> No.3486762

Also if you're talking about this >>3486690 those are just images I pulled from Google.

>> No.3486790

>S-video isn't really any better.

S-Video is closer to RGB than S-Video is to Composite.

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>> No.3486830

You couldn't even tell the difference between them, what does it matter to you.

>> No.3486839


>> No.3486842


What did he mean by this? Now that the dust has settled, pro tip: you can't tell the difference.

>> No.3486846

The whole thread lol

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>67% ntsc

Sure are a lot of plebs on /vr/. As expected. Mods, please ban them all, thanks.

>> No.3486853

Above you.

>> No.3486857


I voted PAL because that's what I grew up with, but NTSC is superior for vidya.

Just give up auster. Place a cord around your neck and pull.

>> No.3486858

>yfw tomokoposter gets range banned

>> No.3486863


Range banning Australia-kun's ISP would solve a big chunk of /vr/'s shitposting problems.

But mods like to have him around to fuck with him.

>> No.3486868

The human eye can see differences in luminance more easily than differences in chrominance.

All RGB does is improve chrominance over S-Video.

>> No.3486871

*for Japanese vidya

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Nope. 60fps, full screen, no difference in image quality. NTSC is best.

>still trying hard despite being severely BTFO

>> No.3486882

Do you know what timing is? Are you familiar with that? Go play a 50hz game at 60hz.

>> No.3486884

PAL games in PAL have:

>higher resolution
>richer colours
>proper speed

You lose, yank. Better luck next time.

>> No.3486886


Do you know what shame is?

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>proper speed

>> No.3486890

>higher resolution
>richer colours
Obviously not. Ha ha.

>> No.3486892

For a guy that likes to shit on the SNES so much because "slowdowns", it's weird he defends pal this much.

>> No.3486893

Not every PAL game is a shitty NTSC->PAL conversion like Sonic 1.

>> No.3486896

Do you know that some countries make their own games using their own standards? We don't all just get Japs to make our games.

>> No.3486897

Autism runs a straight line. They don't look back. They don't think. And they won't stop.

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>proper speed

>> No.3486901


Do you know what slowdown is?
Sonic 1 wasn't a conversion. That was the problem.

>> No.3486904

If there's anything we learned from this thread, it's that Americans love to stick their head in the sand while Europeans are the champions of truth.

>> No.3486906

It was converted to PAL, but it wasn't optimised for PAL. Therein lies the difference.

>> No.3486908


I think we learned Australia-kun can't tell the difference between NTSC and PAL colo(u)rs, and that he's as autistic as ever.

>> No.3486909

And yet you couldn't tell the difference.

>> No.3486913

No, it wasn't converted at all. Go buy an Exodus cartridge of the game and play it, you'll have the same result.

>> No.3486916

Yes I could, right here.

>> No.3486919


And then you got humilliated right here:


>> No.3486920

Nah, compressed Youtube videos don't count. How about you back up your claims with a real world test? >>3486710.

Just do it real quick.

>> No.3486921

lol, owned

>> No.3486925

On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad did the PALfag get BTFO

>> No.3486935

I'll respond to all of your posts.

Put a PAL game next to a Never Twice the Same Colour game and you'll see the difference. See >>3486190

>> No.3486938

>See >>3486190
You love to keep posting this but it's obvious you can't tell the difference, so your on paper specs mean shit.

Pro tip: that's exactly what I did in that blind test. Now tell me which is which.

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File: 199 KB, 376x392, 1278823593039.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Petrified Australian Latency


>> No.3486942

Resistance is futile.

>> No.3486943

Tell me which specs are better. You have to see it in person, anyway.

>> No.3486947

Just take a guess, quick guess. Is it that you're afraid? Don't have the balls? Can't tell the difference?

Typical Australian, never have the balls to do anything.

>> No.3486948

See >>3486190
If it isn't good then NTSC is awful.

>> No.3486950


At least the latency isn't petrified, lol

>> No.3486954

Then why have we fought all of your wars for you since 1914, Mr 60%?
Show me the tvs in person.

>> No.3486956

>there is an alternate timeline where America lost the Pacific War and Japan picked up PAL instead of NTSC

Feels bad, mates. The fats always ruin everything.

>> No.3486958

>americuck education
Blame Australia, they fought that war for America?

>> No.3486960

>NTSC currently at 68%

Time to capitulate.

>> No.3486962

See >>3486624
Still waiting.

Nigga please, we've finished all the wars you started but couldn't finish. You speak German? No? You're welcome.

But let me get this straight. You'll take a highly compressed tiny crop of a Youtube video showing emulated footage as gospel over some real world photos of an actual TV? You are this fucking dumb? Amazing, you limey cunt.

>> No.3486963

I think the real winners are south americans, they had multinorm TVs that could switch from PAL-M to NTSC natively, best of both worlds.

Fucking BRs.

>> No.3486965

>Europe losing to the United States of Israel

What a shame. I thought you guys had more pride than that?

>> No.3486967

Americans don't even fight in wars. They sit back and then celebrate at the end. They're too weak to fight. Now you go around with your bappity boopity bix nood speak like a retarded millennial.

>> No.3486968

3rd world monkeys like you should stay of this, only civilized countries allowed to discuss

>> No.3486969

>brit avoiding the topic
Heh, now this is video game related, eh? Take the test, pussy.

>> No.3486970

South America probably has more whites than the Jewnited States of Cuckmerica.

>> No.3486971


You mean in the poll? Not surprising that 4chan has more americans than Europeans.
On the other hand, the only idiot defending PAL is australia-kun. I voted PAL but I don't defend 50hz bullshit.

>> No.3486974

What the fuck does "eh" mean?

>> No.3486975



>> No.3486976

It means take the test.

>> No.3486978

Is it some pathetic cuck whine?

>> No.3486979



>> No.3486980

I'm just going to explain a couple of concepts to you guys.

The reason PAL has borders is because it has a higher resolution but an identical aspect ratio to NTSC. Essentially PAL has to fit more horizontal lines into the same shape. If the source material has the same number of lines as NTSC, then the remaining lines will be black. If the material actually takes advantage of PAL lines there will be no borders. Alternatively, if the image is scaled properly there won't be borders either.

PAL doesn't discernible lag or latency. It just has a lower cap on the maximum number of frames (which is 50). Properly coded PAL ports should actually have more consistent framerates, because PAL games need less rigid frametimes which is less demanding on hardware.

However, the PAL colour advantage is slightly
overblown. Yes, PAL does have a slightly higher frequency range of colours, but the whole "never the same colour" thing about NTSC doesn't really apply to short-distance video transfers like from your console to your TV. It only makes a bigger difference on long distance transfers like TV signals.

>> No.3486981

Holy shit, even NTSC people are helping PAL out so it can at least keep face

This shit is so over.

>> No.3486982

I can't see the sets in person.

>> No.3486991

And compressed Youtube footage fixes that issue? I thought the difference was obvious?

>> No.3486992


Thanks for your serious input, but I don't think anyone here really cares. This is just australia-kun having his usual autism rage fit, and everyone else baiting him to get some laughs.

>> No.3487006

You sound butthurt about suckling from an inferior teat your whole life :)

>> No.3487009

>defending PAL

I didn't know an objectively superior format needed a defence force.

>> No.3487014

>black bars
>no color difference
Nah, that'd be you bud.

>inb4 see these on paper specs which mean shit again

>> No.3487015


See: >>3486980

>> No.3487016

I grew up with NTSC and consider it inferior, but for videogames Japan format = best format.

>> No.3487017

The black bars and low framerate are caused entirely by laziness in converting.

>> No.3487019

>me no like other standard me like da old one better because muh weeaboo games n sheit nugguh

>> No.3487021


>> No.3487025


>> No.3487027

>me no like other colours me mate like dis one better because muh amiga point and clicks n kebab alahu ackbar can't buy a butter knife without ID

>> No.3487030

Only PAL thing I had was a C64. After that I stuck to VGA monitors.

>> No.3487034

What the fuck is a point and click? You mean strategy games? Yeah, there were some good Amiga strategy games, so what?

>> No.3487035

NTSC always wins man, this is ACE TOWN

>> No.3487036

You May Think Tomoko is Just Your 'Gal' But She May Be Everyone's PAL

>> No.3487039

>kebab alahu ackbar can't buy a butter knife without ID

I thought PALfag was from Australia, not Sweden.

>> No.3487041
File: 993 KB, 250x250, lel.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


He's British.

>> No.3487042

Is that more nignog "slang".

>> No.3487043


PALfag might be from either australia or UK, only mods know for sure.

He's called "australia-kun" because SEAAAA-GUUUUH. But he may actually be a crooked teeth britbong.

>> No.3487046

Where are we?

>> No.3487047

Funny that Americans will cannibalise their own computer in favour of gook consoles.

>> No.3487050
File: 106 KB, 554x439, 1324351709017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The American public (i.e; people that matter) decided it wasn't worth supporting and chose Microsoft/IBM instead. Can't argue with that.

>> No.3487052


Don't fall into his "yanks vs european" shitposting.
I'm form Europe and I also make fun of him and his autism.

>> No.3487054

>good before 1994

Fucking kiddos that weren't even aware during the '80s.

>> No.3487057

I'd toss an ocean of computers off a river of piss before I got rid of a console. Jesus fuck this is intolerable. CAN NOT TOLERATE

>> No.3487059

Australia, Saturday has only just begun. Don't waste it.

>> No.3487062

...that's literally my point. Are you serious right now?

>> No.3487063


He's been shitposting since yesterday non-stop.

>> No.3487069

The first Amiga was released in 1985.

>> No.3487073

Yes, and the American people (i.e; people who matter) decided it wasn't worth supporting them (and PCs in general) until they were good. Literally my point. Do keep up, jeeves.

>> No.3487075


And in 1990 it received the masterpiece known as "AMIGAVANIA".

Hope James and Mike review it soon.

>> No.3487080

Fuck off, you yahoo.

>> No.3487082


>> No.3487084

>until they were good
Amiga was great hardware, though.

Why did you choose NES instead?

>> No.3487090

Americans are not bright. They're much more susceptible to cheap marketing tactics.

>> No.3487091

Because yanks are stupid dolts.

>> No.3487095


But it had no games. There's great Amiga software for multimedia stuff (Cubase and OctaMED are the shit). As a gaming machine though? Nah.

>> No.3487097


Amigavania, a strange reimagination of Castlevana made by a bunch of amateurs.

>> No.3487098

PALfags lose and now they resort to /pol/-tier """""""discussion"""""""

Beautiful, feels great to win

>> No.3487101

>implying the NES had games

>> No.3487102



it's just one.

But yeah it's pretty funny, he usually is like this during weekends.

>> No.3487104
File: 82 KB, 384x313, here's a big box of amiga games.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Indeed, the NES had games.

Amiga, not so much.

>> No.3487107

>But it had no games.
Then why didn't you yanks develop games for it? Oh right, because your gaming industry was a joke in the '80s and had to live off of Japan's scraps.

>> No.3487114
File: 55 KB, 640x395, thepowerof50hz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

checkmate ntsc friends

>> No.3487117
File: 17 KB, 500x333, amiga user holds up his collection of amiga games.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because the American public (i.e; people who matter) decided it wasn't worth supporting and thus didn't buy it. Simple supply and demand.

>> No.3487121

Nice ad populum fallacy. Is this the best debate skills you Americans can muster?

>> No.3487127

Do you think Australia-kun ever held hands with a girl?

>> No.3487134

Hi, James.

>> No.3487138


I hope he reviews Amigavania soon.

>> No.3487148
File: 94 KB, 1300x1016, thanks for the amiga games mom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nope, they sold around 600k-700k Amigas in the civilized world, the UK bought about 1.5m of them. 700,000 is a smaller number than 1,500,000, see how that works? Compare that to 30,000,000 NES consoles sold in the US.

Hence no games. Sorry if that stings a bit.

>> No.3487165


>> No.3487175

What do Amiga sales in Europe have anything to do with America's market?

Face it, you betrayed your own computer for a shitty jap console.

>> No.3487180

I think he did already...

also this is ridiculous. The difference is so minor and in most cases I favor NT. but can someone please show the webm of super mario 3,

>> No.3487186

>shitty. jap. console.

That had the largest most recognizable game library ever conceived.

japs were better at being creative I guess senfam..

>> No.3487192

>That had the largest most recognizable game library ever conceived.
What do IBM compatibles have to do with this? They're detached from NTSC or PAL.

>> No.3487193

It just seems that way to your perspective because American games were so rubbish by comparison.

European games > Japanese games > dogshit > American games

>> No.3487194

Why can't Americans do anything themselves? They play Jap games, on Korean tvs, on Chinese chairs, eating Chinese food, and posting on a Japanese imageboard with a Chinese computer.

>> No.3487198

>betrayed your own computer
Not at all, the IBM machine was always the most popular in the US throughout the 80s. Business was done in offices, games were played on toys which were completely competent at playing them. Since Americans weren't poor, we could afford to do both on separate machines instead of picking and choosing and making do with what he had (very sorry you had to live through that, my condolences).

Thus there was no reason for the Americans to suffer through terrible early PCs, instead choosing to support them only when they got good. I'm sorry you fell for our marketing though, thanks for the money.

>> No.3487201

Because Americans are uncreative. An American said so himself in this post here: >>3487186

>> No.3487203

Don't try to pretend that games on IBM PC weren't fucking deplorable in the '80s.

>> No.3487206

The Amiga was more expensive than an IBM PC and a console combined.

>> No.3487207

If Americans weren't poor, why didn't you game on top of the line computers instead of awful 1983 consoles with hardware so bad that it would cause most games to have dreadful sprite flicker and massive slowdown?

>> No.3487208

I'm sorry. Are you under the delusion Europeans are better at making video games than the Japanese?

>> No.3487210

I never implied anything like that at all. Games were played on the NES, of course. Business tasks (people have jobs outside of games, you know?) were done on IBM machines.

As I said, it wasn't until PCs got good that people started buying them and PC gaming took over.

>> No.3487215

Because there were NO GAMES. I must've said this a hundred times now.

>> No.3487216
File: 19 KB, 460x276, kill_yourself.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

t. weebcuck traitor to his own race

>> No.3487217
File: 17 KB, 149x150, sage 1418000818773.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread is bad, and you should feel bad.

>> No.3487219

Amerikikes are such bad liars.


>(3525 games)


>> No.3487220

>he plays weeb games
Kys, my nigger.

>> No.3487225

>PCs got good

You keep parroting this meme, but you're ignoring the fact that the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, and Amiga were all great computers, long before your IBM PC finally caught up to them.

>> No.3487227

I mean, you said it. lol

>> No.3487229

t. someone who never stepped foot inside of an arcade

>> No.3487230

No I didn't. It was in greentext, because I knew you'd call all the games bad.


>> No.3487231

NEs had a higher percentage of shovelware.

>> No.3487232

>were all great computers
Were they? Huh, that's weird then. Wonder why nobody bought them.

>> No.3487238
File: 28 KB, 343x362, shiggy-just.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3487240

People did, but only in Europe, because Americans lack good taste.

>> No.3487243

No shit, I was being facetious, numb nuts.

And you know what, you're right. There's games like Myst, the list goes on.

>> No.3487246

So quality is determined by sales?

>> No.3487249

Programmers will develop for popular platforms. Simple supply and demand, do keep up.

>> No.3487254

Is that why there were so many great American-developed games on NES?

Oh, wait...

>> No.3487259

Exactly, the work's already been done for us. I don't think anyone would want to pay a lot of money just to have to write their games from scratch.

Oh, wait...

>> No.3487263

>the work's already been done for us.

So not only are Americans uncreative, they're lazy too.

>> No.3487265

Why create a solution for a problem that's already been solved? There are better uses for our time than sitting alone in a dark room flipping through a BASIC manual.

>> No.3487271

God, you are such a tool, I sincerely hope you aren't serious right now.

Let me guess, you're the same retard that thinks installing a 60hz mod on a console is literally impossible, right?

>> No.3487276

Nope. But you're definitely that limey Amiga diehard, that's obvious. I can smell your teeth from here.

>> No.3487281

Why do you think australia kun spends so much time shitposting on /vr/?

Actual childhood traumas or just a clever false-flagging shitposter that tries to make a bad name for Amiga fans and Europeans?

>> No.3487291

I heard on IRC that it's actually a group effort by some trolls from over at /int/.

>> No.3487292

Honestly I have no qualms with Amiga users, I know they're not all as bad as Australia-kun, and as I said before there was great software made for it. Europeans are cool too, no problems with them. I just have beef with this one Brit/Aussie.

>> No.3487296


>group effort

Good one. The IRC mods are trolling you if they told you that.

>> No.3487305


Actual autism. He behaves like Rugarell, ManlyTears, Quentin and other similar schizos from /v/. Way too much time invested, if it was just a silly false-flagging troll he would have left already, or wouldn't post as often and for prolonged periods of time like he does.

>> No.3487320


What a massive faggot. You were caught, so just admit it.

>> No.3487321

>or wouldn't post as often and for prolonged periods of time like he does.

Or maybe you're just mistaking several posters for the same person in an attempt to discredit arguments that you personally disagree with, such as anything anti-NTSC or anti-Nintendo.

>> No.3488252

>No Terranigma.

>> No.3488263


Yeah, I'm sure there are a lot of people that share the same passion about hating NTSC, Nintendo and also like Watamote.

It's also strange how they all write the same way every time. Maybe >>3487291 is right and it's a large collaborative effort by some crossboard troll group.

Get fucked auster.

>> No.3488273 [DELETED] 
File: 67 KB, 485x700, bitch what.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hating NTSC
It's older technology, it's only right people should hate on it.

>hating Nintendo
Lots of people besides Straylia-kun hate the company. This place has many Sega fans, after all.

>like Watamote.
Because googling a Watamote picture and saving it as image.jpg is such a thing that only Aus can do, right?

>> No.3488275

So it is a falseflagger. The question is, why do you pretend to be him?

>> No.3488276

Because it both amuses me and I enjoy the thrill of the arguments.

>> No.3488278

Terranigma is a Japanese game designed for NTSC.

>> No.3488281


>This place has many Sega fans, after all.

And? I'm a Sega fan and I don't go around shitposting about Nintendo.

If you're not australia-kun then you're just as bad as him.

So it's not that "other people" false-flag as australia, it's just one faggot, you, bravo.

This is basically "i was just pretending to be retarded".

>> No.3488282

Itt: cunts arguing about shit that doesn't matter.
Its like you guys can't even see the game behind your scanlines and crt's. Just play the shit, goddamn.

>> No.3488285


Were you the guy who posted these?:

>> No.3488289

No, there's definitely another person who's actually the real Australia-kun that came up with The New Generation, Super Castlevania Bros., etc. But I've also come up with a few memes and been accused of being him because of sharing similar opinions with him.

>> No.3488293
File: 2.00 MB, 240x180, f9FW2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Alright, so literally "I was just pretending to be retarded".
Congrats, your impersonation of him is excellent, you fooled us all.

>> No.3488294


>> No.3488296

So what memes did you invent, Australia mimic?

>> No.3488298

Amigavania and "X done the Right/Wrong Way", to name a couple.

>> No.3488487

autism the thread

>> No.3488550

Aren't memes things people have like heard of? you're just putting random words together shitrooster.

>> No.3488560

Just let him have his little "moment." He probably spends his entire days thinking these up, giggling and carefully planning before posting. The madman.

>> No.3490573

Then lets have some more. We should get to giggle at his inverse levels of narcissism and cleverness while he's giggling and thinking them up.

>> No.3490596

You're an idiot.

>> No.3490603

Thanks for bumping this trash thread after 23 hours.

>> No.3491293

Why does every thread on this board turn into an argument?

>> No.3491296

Too many bitches that need to be set straight.

>> No.3491471

Sure thing. I'll bump it once a day just for you.

>> No.3492302

Huh? No.
Argentina was always NTSC US.

>> No.3492305


It used to be PAL-N

>> No.3492357

Not here. Every console i had and saw was NTSC. Nobody had PAL because it wouldn't work correctly.
Green or black and white colors was mostly the problem

>> No.3492363


Americans are always about 10 years behind on everything. So are Eastern Europeans.

>> No.3494370

This thread's pretty hilarious.

Australia-kun (or the "guy who mimics him") got owned hard.

>> No.3494375

Yep. Them PALtards sure did get wrecked, what with how they got the superior TV encoding format and all.

>> No.3494383



it was just 1 guy, and he got owned here:


>> No.3494394

That "test" doesn't matter. You have to see the colours in motion on a TV to understand how PAL truly shines.

>> No.3494403


No, read here: >>3486980

Also doesn't change the fact australia-kun got owned hard at his own game. It was even funnier when he said "I knew you did that" (>>3486527).

>> No.3495080


>> No.3495745

Here's a good one: http://segaretro.org/Power_Strike_II_(Master_System)

Japanese game that was only released in PAL regions. Is the "correct" way to play it in 50 or 60 hz? Remember that the game is region free.

>> No.3495768
File: 24 KB, 524x529, how do I get PAL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this thread has me curious. how do I get PAL to show up?

>> No.3495770

>Master System
The correct thing is to throw it in the garbage and go play literally anything else.

>> No.3495771
File: 1.35 MB, 300x168, 1434407941461.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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