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I just downloaded GTA 2 and have the blast of a century.
I played it religiously back then on my PSX but never on PC until a few years ago and I was astonished how shitty the PSX port really was.
The PC version has shitty controller support though and I didn't want to look into programs until now and it's just like back then but a hundred times better!
I guess mostly because my english is finally good enough to understand everything.

Did you ever play it? What was your favorite gang? Best mission?
If you never played it, just give it a try! It's free by now and it's delicious!

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Forgot the thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeUuvVsYsBM

And remember: Respect is everything!

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GTA II was awesome. Pure mindless fun. It doesnt have a lot of depth but it is fun for a few hours,

Best gangs are the crazy ones or mad scientist.

fair warning the game is pretty hard.

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I loved to get a tank then upgrade it with oil slicks mines and machine guns it was a good time

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>It doesnt have a lot of depth
Who gives a fuck about depth when you can run over people for cash points?

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I am forever mad the setting of 2 never came back.

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it might one day... but prob not.

rockstar are too much into the satire aspect of gta now i guess

although maybe they could still do that with a sorta robocop angle to it

would be great if they did it one day

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People above the age of 11.

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I would love GTA and GTA 2 if it weren't for that camera. The constant zooming in and out gives me vertigo.

Is there a fix for it?

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I played the demo of this over and over as A kid. You had a timer on the screen for 2 minutes and after that there was a huge explosion and you died and lost your progress. Years later I found a hack to just disable the timer

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"hot dog" mission for the russians was the best

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That mission was modified for the PS1 version. In that version you pick up Krishna gang members instead of civilians. Can't believe all the years of playing the PS1 version I missed out on so much stuff like better graphics, no censored Taxi Drivers Must Die song, and trains, which are missing on PS1. Also the dusk setting, best way to play it.

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The best and only Grand Theft Auto movie.


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There's of course a dc version as well, a lot of fun.

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>Did you ever play it?
>What was your favorite gang?
>Best mission?
hard to pick a single mission
the one for the rednecks where you kill flambo cortez in his bulletproof limo with rigged vehicle(or just push his car onto the railway line)

as for pain in the ass missions

getting the guards in alma mater
chasing down the loonies in "grandpa!"
anything involving destroying enemy tanks
>one hit death
2 has a better camera than 1 and London
I had ps1 version and it played tdmd

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One thing always bothered me about GTA1

On the ranking screen, it shows "hijacks" but I never figured out how to hijack in the game, or if it's a counter for a specific mission.

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>I had ps1 version and it played tdmd

It's the censored version.

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hijacks = cars stolen
that's all
it is? shit.

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Yeah, they say fuck in the PC version, but PS1 version they bleep it out with car horns.

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No that's carjacking, hijacking is above it on the score screen

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How good is the dreamcast version compared to PS1 and PC? Might consider burning a copy.

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It's based directly on the PC version and is the best console version of it

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shooting at cars?
theft of emercency vehicles?

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Wasn't it for trains?

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DC version has some flaws:
No voiceovers like "JOB COMPLETE" and weapon/item pickups.

Cars lack headlights for whatever reason.

The radio resets every time you exit a car, which gets annoying.

Just random graphical glitches in general.

Still better than the PS1 version though that's for sure.

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I used to play multiplayer a lot on the PC. Was really fun driving on the rooftops and doing jumps. Awesome game. Favorite gang was the Zaibatsu, and the lightning gun is my favorite gun to use for killing people in the game.

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>Did you ever play it?
It is the game of my childhood. Still love to pick it up now and then because it has the most arcade-like gameplay out of all the GTAs.

>What was your favorite gang?
As a guy with slav roots, gonna have to go with the Russian mafia.

>Best mission?
Wew lad. Gonna have to go with the Russian hot dog one. I also enjoy the missions where you have to sneak into enemy bases.

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PS1 version is better because the PC version has some tedious missions.

Like missions where you have to kill a bunch of gang members, the kill quota is smaller on PSX. The larger kill quotas just make the missions take longer, not any harder.

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There's still an active MP scene around GTA 2. Check it out.


Anyway, what's your favorite GTA 2 area & radio station?
Mine is the Residential Zone and KREZ


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Best tracks in the game


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>PS1 version is better

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I still adore it, it's just primal and straightforward, but controls are kinda horrible, I wish there was some way of using mouse for aiming with just two buttons for going forward/backward.
Soul makin'
Sound shakin'
Earth quakin'

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Just got to the second map and damn, shit's wild stuff.
There are random shootings now, civilians have guns and sometimes someone is going nuts with his car.

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Implying every video game you play is not a toy literally made for children. Yes, even the 'mature' rated ones. Silly pretentious manchild get some self awareness.

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you'll love the third district,
deja vu missions, pissed off zaibatsu have rocket launchers (max disrespect level)
and theres an island area full of gun totin mad bastards who attack all for no reason

not to mention the Russian phone mission where you need to stop 3 tanks (each with about 6 s-uzi wielding mooks around them)

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Old post I'm responding to here, but are you actually going to type up a rebuttal (I had reasoning as to why I found it better) or are you just going to post memes?

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>If you never played it, just give it a try! It's free by now and it's delicious!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but they took the downloads for both GTA and GTA2 years ago and haven't put them back ever since.


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Oh, you were serious? So you'd prefer a couple of easier (read: dumbed down) missions instead of way better graphics, multiplayer, no censorship, as well as trains and Mad Island, both of which were missing on the PS1 version? Nah, you weren't serious.

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>dumbed down

The missions with the higher kill quotas aren't any cerebral or skillful. They're just longer and more tedious.

The censorship is a moot point for me (the one mission I'm thinking of is still in the PSX port--they just have you gathering gang members instead of civilians), trains aren't a big deal to me at all, and Mad Island has fuck all to do on it. It's seriously just an island with a bunch of angry gang members.

So yeah, gameplay being the most important part to me, PSX wins out for not making the game a borefest during certain missions.

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>They're just longer and more tedious.
Sounds like you're just shit at them, m8. Can't help you there.

>gameplay being the most important part to me
The gameplay is the same, if not better on PC, only difference is PS1 just has those easier missions that you seem to have a hard-on for.

I get that you prefer the PS1 version. Maybe you're nostalgic for it since maybe that was the first version you played, but don't proclaim your preference as a fact when no one in their right mind would say the PS1 version is better when the PC version has so many clear-cut advantages.

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The GBA game is surprisingly okay

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>Sounds like you're just shit at them, m8.
I've explained that the missions are not harder, just longer. But of course you bring this down to /v/ level shitposting.

>The gameplay is the same, if not better on PC, only difference is PS1 just has those easier missions that you seem to have a hard-on for.

I said shorter and less tedious, not easier. Read for once.

>Maybe you're nostalgic for it since maybe that was the first version you played

Swing and a miss, Captain. First version I played was the PC version.

>but don't proclaim your preference as a fact
Where did I do this? When I said that I liked one game better? That's not presenting anything as fact, you idiot.

>when the PC version has so many clear-cut advantages

Yes, and I've already gone over why these additions mean little to nothing to me.

Something is incredibly ironic about telling me that my opinions aren't objective while spouting your own preferences like they are. You dense motherfucker.

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>I said shorter and less tedious, not easier.
Making them shorter by lowering the kill quota is making it easier, dumbbell.

>Where did I do this?
>PS1 version is better
You should have started out with, "in my opinion, the ps1 version is better" or "I prefer the PS1 version because..."

>Yes, and I've already gone over why
No, you're stubbornly dismissing the PC version's advantages because of your autistic hard-on for a handful of easier missions. That single limp reason of yours shows that you're an irrational cunt.

>these additions mean little to nothing to me.
Dramatically better visuals, multiplayer, and even modding ability (which I left out previously) are pretty major advantages, but hey, you want your easier missions.

That word doesn't mean what you think it means.

>my opinions aren't objective
You said it, brother.

>You dense motherfucker.
Speaking of /v/ level shitposting...

So, anymore irrational reasons as to why you prefer the PS1 version? The loading screens, perhaps?

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also from GTA1
>Meme Traders

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>You should have started out with, "in my opinion, the ps1 version is better" or "I prefer the PS1 version because..."
This is some remdial shit. Any time a person states something that isn't objective, you are supposed to assume they are presenting their opinion.

Do you sperg out when someone says, "Oh yeah, that was a good movie!" too?

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>Dramatically better visuals, multiplayer, and even modding ability (which I left out previously) are pretty major advantages, but hey, you want your easier missions.
And these are all pretty much subjective. Visuals are far better, but the multiplayer is lackluster enough that I went back to SP, and GTA2 hardly has any fun mods.

And by the way, do you feel some sort of accomplishment from a mission telling you to run over 50 guys as opposed to 15? And having to kill even more gang members to offset the ones you just killed just so you can accept the mission? This is the hill you're dying on? To spend about 5-10 extra minutes doing the same shit? Okay.


I know exactly what the word means, dipshit. You try to blast me for presenting my opinions as fact (I didn't) while at the same time acting as if your own opinions take precedent.

Go ahead and cook up your autistic response. I'm not going to read or respond to your retarded ass after this post.

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>you are supposed to assume
Assuming makes an ass out yourself, which you've done an exemplary job of so far.

>GTA2 hardly has any fun mods.
You realize you can mod those missions you seem so infatuated with to lower the kill quota as you see fit, right?

>do you feel some sort of accomplishment from a mission telling you to run over 50 guys as opposed to 15?
Do you feel that these missions are that much of a burden? It sounds like you just couldn't complete them, which explains why you support the easier PS1 version.

>acting as if your own opinions take precedent.
[citation needed]

>I know exactly what the word means
Your brazen display of misusing it indicates otherwise.

>I'm not going to read or respond to your retarded ass after this post.
Ah, yes, the standard cop-out from someone who can't formulate any cogent arguments or respond in a rational manner. Good day then, sir, and remember respect is everything.

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I like GTA 1 better, GTA 2 added health bars which took away a lot of the arcade score attack feel.

Radio in 2 kicks much ass though.

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and the camera in 1 was shite tier, too choppy,

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I'm 20 and I used to play this constantly when I was 4 or 5. I never thought it was violent though because it was 2d and seemed so cartoony. I hated the PS2 GTA's as a kid but this one was fun for me.

Tbqh, it's my favorite GTA. I wish they made more in this style instead of 3D sandbox style.

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I tried playing it recently on ps1 but dont remember how to save, would appreciate it if someone could tell me how to save on the ps1 version. I dont have a manual because I bought a loose copy for very cheap from a pawn shop

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If you're having trouble finding the church, TV van satellite things always point toward the church.

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That would make sense.

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I just can't do the controls of original GTA these days, are there any mods that make the controls use KB&M like Hotline Miami?

Hm... GTA remade in the Hotline Miami engine, that would be awesome actually.

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>play pc version endlessly as a kid
>own ps1 version but cannot ever get used to non-keyboard controls for it

>> No.3503141

>keyboard+mouse controls for gta1/2.
That's one hell of a good idea. Don't think it's possible in any way though.

>> No.3503372

that would remove a lot of difficulty out of the game, aiming would become piss easy and effortless

>> No.3503398

The game isn't exactly balanced to begin with. If people are shooting at me, you think I'm going to spend two entire seconds turning around?

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sounds like someone needs to git gud

>> No.3503426

maybe you need more practice instead of having the game dumbed down

>> No.3503435

how do i become good at driving lads

am i just bad or does the camera and handling make it impossible to go fast without hitting anything?

it sucks because i love the aesthetics and music and it ruins the whole game for me

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>shitty design is "hardcore"
The retro gamer, folks!

>> No.3503545

>i'm bad at it so it's shitty design
why are you on this board

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Go to the Doom thread and tell them they're casuals for using the mouse and that it makes the game too easy.

>> No.3503564

carmack designed doom with mouse control in mind, retard

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brake+handbrake before obstacles
keep to lanes, car auto-aligns to them
with fast cars, focus on the very front edge of the screen so you notice incoming obstacles asap

>> No.3504095


I mean, if you want to shitpost that's cool, but on the off chance you're not a complete cunt, the game is actually designed and balanced around turning speed. Removing turning would require a rebalance to make gangs and cops more lethal than they already are. Which is far more effort than anyone's willing to put in, apparently, since it doesn't exist.

The game is fine with turning. Might feel clunky to some, but it works perfectly fine with how the game was built from the ground up around it.

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>are there any mods that make the controls use KB&M like Hotline Miami?
that would be so fucking tight man

I know it would make the game much easier but holy shit that would be fun to play. going on killing sprees with hotline miami precision would be sick

>> No.3504623

why don't you both just go and play hotline miami then

>> No.3504643

i just wish those games had twinstick controls

>> No.3504692 [DELETED] 

Rip UzeN ;____;

>> No.3504703

Rip UzeN ;______;

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why dont u keep crying about how online strangers you don't know play video games

>> No.3506621

why do you cry about crying?

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I dont :^)

>> No.3506809

never understood why didn't these stay in place afterwards?
until used,
although, if you triggered the bonus then saved the game, you only ever needed to grab 1 wang car after that to get the bonus

>> No.3506851

Now there's an achievement. Sometimes it just seems impossible to get the whole lot of them.

>> No.3506919

HM > GTA2, suck it nerds

>> No.3506926

Why "Wang Car" though?

>> No.3506937

Say it with a Bong accent

>> No.3507015

I still don't understand.

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File: 1.06 MB, 1066x800, PizzaCake!-GTA2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pronounced "juan cars"

>> No.3507680

A Cockney accent

>> No.3507685

Wanker, you wanker

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>try to replay gta1/2
>low fps + camera zooming in and out makes me ill
rip childhood

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What did DMA Design/R* North Mean by this?

>> No.3510114

Played that game for hundreds of hours. Both with and without cheats. Loved getting the bodyguards and then provoking some gang

>> No.3510129

As you guys are the guys in the know, tell me this /vr/:

How come when I play GTA 1 on the PC the cutscenes get dumped as a million TGA files and slows my machine to a crawl?

Was there ever a fix for this that wasn't dosbox (nothing against it just wondering)

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And the GBC ones?
>that music
BR and proud. Tom Jobim got Koshiro'ed.

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