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Your appointment as retro game should be finalized within the week. I've already discussed the matter with the moderator.

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I take it he was disagreeable?

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He didn't really have a choice.

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Has he been bribed?

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Oh yes. Most certainly. When I mentioned we could put him on the priority list for Hotpocket delivery service, he was so willing it was almost pathetic.

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This plague... The 6th gen shitposting is intensifying to the point where we may not be able to contain it.

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No, within six months.

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Why contain it? Let it spill over the threads and topics, let the bans pile up on the board. In the end they'll beg us to save them.

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Why contain it? S'cool!

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Robotic old men.

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electronic OLD MEN


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>>>/po/ pls...

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Papercraft & Origami ?

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>that dead dog
what the fuck

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dead electronic dogs, has gaming gone too far ?

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I should give it another chance.
Liberty island was sorta enjoyable,but I got stuck on the second level.

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The one where you're suppose to sneak into a power plant guarded by NSF? I just plant gas bomb everywhere, activate an alarm and then lol as they run around releasing all that gas.

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jd newfriend

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wow, cringey.
fuck off, faggot

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i know you killed anna. i vill find you

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Gunther's in that room. Remember that a headshot is a lethal takedown.

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Sticks and stooones

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Best thread on /vr/ right now.

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What a rotten way to die.

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Maybe you should join Majestic 12

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Daily reminder that Deus Ex is complete shit and the single most overrated PC video game ever created. Shithouse clunky gameplay in the shittiest genre ever created known as RPG. Retarded story meant to cater to teenagers and manchildren that relate to these stupid pixelated cartoons. Pathetic.

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You can't troll a troll thread.

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oh yeah it's not retro either

this pos shouldn't even be allowed here

looks like deus ex fags need to go back to /v/

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I spill my drink!

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electronic old men.

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Nice argument fagtrons, you sure showed me with those hot opinions.

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...and their flexibility has allowed us to make progress in the mythical city on the hill

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Let's try some word-association. First word: Retro.

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It's all in the numbers.

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What if I told you Deus Ex sold like shit?

Don't believe me? It's all in the numbers.

Fact 1. Deus Ex barely broke 1 million units sold.

Fact 2. Almost every other Eidos franchise outsold Deus Ex and Deus Ex Invisible War including Hitman, Tomb Raider and Kane & Lynch.

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in 2000 that wasn't all that bad

the market was a lot smaller then

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I think the government is behind the sales numbers.

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There's a reason we do "per capita" for sales, anon.

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What if I told you that sales is not a direct indication of quality?

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this would have made a better OP

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No, it would have been called out as a troll thread almost instantly.

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>What if I told you Deus Ex sold like shit?

That's terror. Terror built into the system.

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and then would have proceeded to 70+ posts of arguing anyway

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Lucius DeBeers says you got 5 seconds to tell me who you work for


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>not retro

>runs on the same hardware and OS as Unreal


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>runs on the same hardware as Unreal

But it doesn't. Deus Ex has INSANE CPU requirements for the time. The minimum specifications is virtually a lie.

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Number 1

that's terror

Number 2

that's terror

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retro rule makes no sense
games that run on win98 should be allowed the same way games made in 2016 on dreamcast are allowed

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>What a shame.

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It runs best in Glide, on 3dfx hardware. That's close enough.

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