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Do your worst, anons

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As someone who has played this game, why is this upsetting?

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The message box I think?

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It's mildly annoying at most. It's not like rocks populate ever screen in the game. Also the Japanese version lets you skip through the dialogue box much faster. It also has mermaid tiddies. OG B&W jap version is the best way to play.

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It's mildy annoying at most. Rocks are not in every screen in the game. OG B&W jap version is the best way to play cause you can skip text faster & it has mermaid tits.

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Thought my post didn't go through.

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Yeah that's not a big deal at all. Just walk around.

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That annoyed the fuck out of me. Once my stepdad said patronisingly "well put the power bracelet on then" (he'd read the manual). He refused to believe me when I told him you had to find it first. He thought it was something you had from the start (for some reason) and wouldn't accept otherwise.

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But you brush up against them all the time.

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When will Dreamcast, Game cube, PS2 and Xbox be retro?

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Now that the dust has settled, did this remake of an overrated PSX game age badly? Anniversary was the start of the casualization of Tomb Raider with auto-aim and easy fights, very few actual "tombs", and twice as many weapons.

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The only thing that triggers me is an urge to replay LA.

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Your dad sounds like a stupid arrogant entitled baby boomer piece of shit and he honestly should probably kill himself for being such a drain on Western society along with the rest of his generation who have the gall and complete of self-awareness to call our generation entitled.
It's as if baby-boomers are incapable of comprehending the concept of irony.
Although then again, maybe they're just ignorant of its existence.
After all, many baby-boomers believe in traditional authorship and dating of the gospels because they refuse to do any research of their own and just want to believe whatever makes their comfy bubble comfier and less likely to pop.
Fuck baby boomers, they all need to be fucking exterminated. One by one, execution style to the fucking temple after being tortured for hours made to listen to thousands of hours of Bart Ehrman lectures so that they finally come to the realization that everything they've ever known and needlessly forced upon their children has been a lie, while their limbs are slowly and agonizingly dissolved from their body in their own stomach acid that was removed through their stomach with a tube forced into their asshole while still awake without any anesthetic.
I hate baby boomers.

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I've never seen this copypasta before.

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get a job

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..is this pasta?

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This looks so much more comfy than the SP. I wish they would have just added a backlight and rechargeable batteries to this model.

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Ha ha holocaust I'm glad lots of people died! People today are too fucking P.C to admit Hitler was funny! How can you not laugh your ass off seeing subhumans get gassed and bulldozed into ditches like they deserve?

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I'm not so sure about rechargeable batteries.

They're nice, but after a while they refuse to hold charge, and replacements won't be made forever.

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James c'mon, its enough

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>tfw your shitpost triggers a mod

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SNES, legit Earthbound, composite, stretched to 16:9 on hdtv.

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that alone triggers a good portion of /vr/. Same as Sega Genesis/Mega Drive.

Good consoles tend to trigger people, dunno why.

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But an original GBA with backlight is the best way to play GB and GBC games, everyone knows that. Fuck the SP.

>When will Dreamcast
Right now.
>Game cube, PS2 and Xbox be retro?

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whats wrong with that? They fuck with your image?

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what's your problem, dude?

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I'm going to save that.

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You all lose.

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Its like they're all giving mini handjobs

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Holy shit you are mad.

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This is one case where the accurate translation was harmful.

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But the jap font is also smaller and has less spacing.

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They're both 32 character textboxes.

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>replying to dumb copypasta
get a brains

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>It also has mermaid tiddies
You never saw her boobs though. The European B&W had this too. I know there's a hack for the DX version that changes the necklace back into the top.

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I'm surprised that using a tripcode, the dust meme, reference to a 6th gen game, calling Tomb Raider overrated, saying PSX, buzzwords, and complete falsehoods triggered nobody.

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These Midway trolls.

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>still pretending link's awakening is better than oos

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You might prefer OOS, but you can't deny LA isn't god-tier. And Seasons are basically Capcom romhacks of LA anyway.

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>made for Playstation
Dear trip fag, please do you research. This came out for saturn well before the psx. Pic related will show you. Not to mention the many interviews with former core employees. It wasn't untill after tomb raider one that it became a psx/pc only game. ... fucking trip fags, what did I expect?

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How has no one posted this yet?

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Final Fantasy 3 on the Snehss

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When someone is trying too hard it has the reverse effect.

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Everyone already knows I'm a newhalf, you can stop posting this now.

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I could have stopped any time, but won't because it's still funny. I thought you were an annoying pedantic retard already, that's just added comedy.

Also your name is beyond stupid.

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Die in a fire.

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With the font hack it's not that bad.

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I'm glad everyone hates you now. You deserve it for thinking Dreamcast wasn't retro back in the early /vr/ days.

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Too obvious to bother responding to.

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What? I never said that.

In fact, I wish this board were more inclusive. I'd like to be able to talk about GBA games, for example.

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I legit thought your trip was made to be an obvious troll name. Knowing now it's sincere, I don't know which would be worse.

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I actually ree'd at Digital Eclipse for all their PS2 retro compilation hatchet jobs.

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I liked her better when she was Princess Sevenleaf. The Islam shit has got to go.

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Who's this tripfaggot? Kill yourself.

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Stop enabling trannies. They need to be gassed with the other degenerates.

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you feel anything there, /vr/? how about here? anything?

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really wish CRTs were just gone.

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>So edgy!

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I'm feeling great, thanks.

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Atari caused the video game crash of 1983. Nintendo saved video games.

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>hurt a man's eye

Whew glad framerate perception is gender specific

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>mermaid tits

What what

does it really?

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It doesn't. At least you never get to see the, although she is missing her top.

It does have hippo tits tho.

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I post this in every one of these threads because it's actually the most frustrating thing I can ever recall dealing with in a /vr/-approved game.

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Color me triggered. Why couldnt it just read
>Woah! It's to heavy to lift!!

>> No.3493050

scart switchers are notoriously shit.

>> No.3493076

Because then it would contain a grammatical error.

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What was posted that triggered Faggot Sevenleaf?

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this fat cocksucker, worse than the bonus boss

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it shouldn't even have a message at all

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Well, the message box makes it clear that it's not just a decoration. Like hints in a point and click adventure game.

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Because you see that shit every time you accidentally touch one of those rocks, as well as other similar unskippable messages for other shit like items you pickup.

>wow you've got the guardian acorn!
>wow you've got a piece of power!

Fuck off go awaaaayyyy

>> No.3494696

>wow you've got the guardian acorn!
>wow you've got a piece of power!
And OH MY GOD THE FUCKING MUSIC FOR THOSE. So repetitive and annoying. I started actively avoiding the acorns after a while, still picked up the piece of power because it looks and feels cool.

>> No.3494720


>don't get the accorn

Problem solved

I mean, yeah the music is annoying and it used to bother me, then I learned to just avoid getting them if I don't need them.

>> No.3494770


The first time you run into one, it shows the message. After that, it shows an abbreviated message if you run into one before you get the bracelet. After you get the bracelet, no message when you run into it.

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the 'b' and 'h' characters are distracting me more than they probably should.

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It's almost like you don't understand how Japanese works

>> No.3494784

But that's true.

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God I lold hard because when I read that first post, I immediately heard the theme in my head

God, Link's Awakening was such a weird beast

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When you're able to read and understand the rules.

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...has no style, she has no grace?

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Here, I have a present for you.

0101a6c5 ~ Disables the heavy rock message.
010071d4 ~ Disables guardian acorns.
010015d4 ~ Disables pieces of power.

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