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Anyone else nostalgic for the 2D images from the 32bit era that were clearly flat but rotated to always face the camera?

Example the trees in this image.

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Don't miss them one bit.

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they're still around in open world games

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I like them, but I admit they don't look good on HD resolutions, but they look fine on CRTs.

Speaking of Mystical Ninja, I like what they did on this level, it's like a theatre level so the trees are part of the scenography (you can even see the stand behind them), so it makes sense that they're like cardboard cut out trees.

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I like that too. It's very neat.

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For years I never realized the trees and bowling balls in Super Mario 64 were 2d sprites. But Mario 64 seems to have done it quite a bit better than Goemon.

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about them?

good riddance

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You mean billboard sprites? Yes. Some games still do it.

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That actually looks really damn good.

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It does look good but The Quest gets pretty repetitive pretty quick.

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It's pretty clear about the trees when the camera tilts down.

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It's fun but the combat system kinda sucks. I also had fun with Doom RPG.

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I've dreamed of making a game like this for years. My dream is to make a 3rd person action RPG with a world packed with secrets and other interesting stuff.

But that Quest game reminded me that graphics is not everything… I'll never catch the feel of Might and Magic games.

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Eh. They have to be done well. Large circular objects work well, and it's okay for trees and stuff from a distance as long as you can run into/through them. I prefer 3D objects with a little heft though.

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