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Looks good but not retro dude

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Is it hard adding twice as many frames to already finished sprite sheets? Because I love that buttery smoothness, Sonic Smooth Edition looks great too.

Remakes of retro games are fair for discussion.

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Come to think of it, what does AM2R stand for?

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another metroid 2 remake

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>Remakes of retro games are fair for discussion.
Pretty sure it's technically against the rules. There's enough fucking threads about remakes on /v/ that it doesn't need to be here.

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Just finished AM2R and goddamn that was a good game. Me and my friend would drive out to the parklands near our house, smoke up and just play this in the car on the laptop. Was a perfectly sized/paced game for it.

I feel people should be a lot less vigilant about what's /vr/ and what's not. Just hide the thread

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If it bothers you so much then fuck off. OP game looks interesting and I do like Metroid...is it worth a try?

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Pretty sure it isn't fag. Or else the Doom general would be banned.

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oh whoops did i just release the executable, fuckwad OP?


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What's the problem?

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>Me and my friend would drive out to the parklands near our house, smoke up and just play this in the car on the laptop.

Do black people actually do shit like this?

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It is, but there's a point where you might as well use scaling and rotation and treat the sprite like a giant mannequin instead of one big sprite.

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Naw senpai, everything was drawn frame by frame, pixel by pixel, no bullshit cheats. Only old SM sprites as reference.

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ass pain

also hey SR388 Dev you better watch out, Nintendo already put the kibosh on AM2R

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Isnt SR388 dead? If it's alive then where can I look at it/download it?

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I still don't understand, in fact I'm slightly more confused.

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I wish I could kill you and your nigger friend to help clean up this board.

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>Sonic Smooth Edition
just downloaded this. Pretty clean. Did they just add more frames?

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>more than glorified hacks

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Alright, go ahead and hack Metroid 2 into giving it SNES graphics then.

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here >>3474727

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>Pretty sure I haven't read the rules

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Are you retarded? Let me break it down for you then. AM2R isn't a hack. It's a fangame. Do you really not know the difference between editing a GameBoy ROM and creating a new game form scratch in C#

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I hate it when people make hacks and fangames of Super Metroid, but give it Zero Mission physics.

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SM was designed for a smaller, more claustrophobic screen. Since the resolution is now 320x240, the physics were changed to match. Gravity was increased because falling down a screen too so much longer.

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>hur i make things from scratch
>proceeds to copy sprites from Metroid and putting everything in some generic looking game.
>not practically a romhack

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Show a bit more respect for a game that took 10 years to make and is arguably better than anything Nintendo has put out as of late.

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>lazy hack takes 10 years
>and is arguably better than anything Nintendo has put out as of late.
>implying that's difficult

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"Implying that's difficult"?
You try putting out such a professionally made product with no absolutely funding and a plethora of real life problems. At some point you realize that it's a miracle it only took 10 years to make. Lazy hack, LOL.

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Stop taking the bait anon

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Shut the fuk up nigga

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No bait.

I said it isn't hard to make anything better than what Nintendo is making now.

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>everyone is falling on the >>>/v/ tards baits

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You must have skipped over the rules friend.
Even that Sevenleaf fag knows that.

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he's just baiting, he's the samefag who keeps bitching on Doom and metroid general

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Except Metroid SR388 wasn't a remake by word of the developers themselves.

So.. Not retro.

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It's dead. That guy is just ass hurt for some reason.

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It's precisely retro, but this board is misnamed. Also no one cares except you. Let the thread continue.

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>Let the thread continue.

This discussion shall proceed no further.

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Why not just move the discussion to Metroid General?

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holy shit that's looking nice
it crashed when I tried to select missiles

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What the fuck is going on here, I thought SR388 was dead

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I know you must be baiting but you talk like you are a veteran dev with thousands of successful games behind you... yes the kid took assets and ideas and remade the game over the course of 10 years, you know what? I like it, and a bunch of anons liked it too, so I guess I haven't played your game that will make the am2r guy like a shitter. Go ahead give us a download link.

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It feels better in SM because samus spins 2 or 3 times per jump, while in zero mission sge spins like 30 times

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The problem is that it's inconsistent. Sometimes remake threads get deleted as soon as they're posted. Try making a DQ thread about one of the DS remakes or one about the FFIV or RE remakes and it will get taken down pretty fast. But these threads usually don't. It seems to be whichever mod happens to be at the wheel at the time.

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>you can't call someone out unless you made a game

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You're calling it a lazy hack. That's the problem.

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>it's a "/vr/ takes the NOT RETRO bait" episode

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The trannyjanny is a huge Nintendildo, so unfortunately he'll allow this trash.

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>It's not a game, it's a glorified hack


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any particular reason you keep bumping up this thread you obviously hate?

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I dont know, he might be masochistic

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No, I like Am2r related stuff.

I was referring to
these assholes who are saying that a fangame is like a romhack. I'm asking, "So what? We can't like it or appreciate the effort?"

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PC was launched before 1999

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I never got all the hate for drugs on 4chan. Aren't your lives fucking shitty anyway, why not get a little fucked up?

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