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Alright, who here likes Penguin Monogatari so much that they feel the need to use this image in every post. Which one of you is it.

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its not me

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they fucking suck. they never contribute anything of value

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Probably Faggot Sevenleaf posting without its tripcode.

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I enforced this penguin

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This and that faggot gook with the microphone are the worst memes on the internet. On the entire world wide web. /vr/ memes suck ass.

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Not me. I'm this guy.

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Supposedly, it's supposed to represent how he sees the average LP-watcher, shitposters..."others"... And something along the lines of "Look at him, just blissfully munching away as he waits for the next recommended video, fat and dumb as fuck.".

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I thought it had something to do with being a cuck.

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I haven't seen the Pearl avatar poster in a while.

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He's been around for awhile.

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I'm just going off what some Anon said a few months back. It could be complete bullshit that someone made up, but it had that ring of truth and was at least somewhat memorable.

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I'd bet anything that was indeed him. Someone pretending to be him would have probably made up something completely ridiculous or otherwise more directly disparaging to Penguin Poster. At this point though whoever is doing it could very well be a copycat.

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I prefer comic/cartoon reaction images.

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No, I fucking despised that poster and I can guarantee you at least 95% of his posts contained the word "underage". It was literally his own forced meme street cred instaboost for being more knowledgeable than the next random anon victim who displayed ignorance of any popular /vr/ subject. I caught him once or twice even deleting his posts because he fucked up reading comprehension so bad his own cringe must have shattered. He was also a greentexting faggot the likes which wouldn't have surprised me if they were straight out of reddit.

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Avatar-use is forbidden on 4chan.
Report him and move on.

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Hijacking this thread.

Now this is a /vr/ reaction pics thread.

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Penguin poster here.

>I caught him once or twice even deleting his posts because he fucked up reading comprehension so bad his own cringe must have shattered
Yes, I've misread some things and mistakenly passed judgement a few times. I'm sorry.

>Avatar-use is forbidden on 4chan
It's not an avatar. It's a reaction image used for special instances of ignorance, as >>3469215 remembers. Unfortunately, we had some bad spells of in/v/asions that required heavy use of that image. Some of you may notice that I haven't posted in the past few months. That's because it hasn't been necessary as often. I actually otherwise contribute a lot on this board, and in such cases I don't draw attention to my being the penguin poster, because again, it's only an image used for special occasions.

I've explained it before:

>I reserve the fatass penguin for underages and youtubers who demonstrate levels of ignorance that could easily have been countered by two minutes of research. Look at it: a dopey, chubby penguin obliviously munching on candy--much the same way that I imagine the youtube babbies to look as they watch their favorite e-celeb or admire their latest idiotic post, stuffing their faces with junk food all the while.

>They perpetuate memes built on ignorance; they flood the board with threads demanding that they be spoonfed answers to inanely simple questions; they regurgitate inaccurate or outright false information from their favorite, hipster-tier e-celebs. It wouldn't be so bad if they took a little extra time to lookup information on their own and simply made honest mistakes, but some people leave posts here betraying such levels of apathy that it's clear they don't bother seeking any knowledge outside of what automatically runs off a playlist.

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damn that Harley has some nice titties.

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Bruce Timm is a god-tier artist. He was the producer for Batman: The Animated Series, and also draws a lot of pinup-type stuff if you like sexy ladies.


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>Bruce Timm

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That art is not by Bruce Timm though, but by someone else who was mimicking his style.

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You remember those heroic thread derails no one needed for GCCX threads on /v/ years ago? The only thing I remember was people calling him "le epic savior". And they were right, he even got banned in front of our sight with red text and all. Let's not kid ourselves, this board sucks just as much as any other board relating to mainstream interests. It doesn't need your "saving", other than concise posts about what you think is wrong with a thread or a certain post. You don't need to post a recognizable pic (recognizable only by regulars, defeating its entire "heroic" purpose it might have) to show off your vigilante e-penis because at the end of the day you're still anonymous, also because you might be just as unknowledgeable about other arguments which don't pertain your sphere of interest.

You're just annoying, plain and simple. I'd rather spoonfeed retards and teach them what's better for them than shit up the board with pic spamming, which as you might know is kinda against the rules, which you are bending to suit your own law of the wild. So please don't ever post that fucking penguin here again, unless it's related to that cute game you did a good job in making me hate.

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I never pretended to be a savior. I also don't do it for recognition. If I wanted that, I'd crusade with a tripcode. I also don't do it to stroke my ego. I don't consider myself super-knowledgeable, either. Some people just deserve to be embarrassed for blatantly demonstrating their willful ignorance.

I'll remind you again that I hadn't posted the image in quite some time up until recently, so I do have my standards beyond "lol, I want to be lauded as a hero!" You could always just ignore me, you know. Come to think of it, whoever created this thread just gave me a boost in exposure.

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>being this butthurt

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>Some people just deserve to be embarrassed for blatantly demonstrating their willful ignorance.

Still doesn't stop you from being annoying as hell.

>You could always just ignore me, you know.

God, I fucking wish. I suppose I could just thank you for toning it down recently. Please keep it that way. I'm not even as much active here as I was a couple of months ago, but please. I'm asking this in the favor of any other innocent anons who will see that fucking Pentarou swallowing chocolate in their nightmares because some someone was being willingly or inadvertently retarded on /vr/ (which is like saying sun shows up every day in the morning).

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/vr/ reaction images, you say?

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>annoying as hell.
Nah. Pepe and smug anime faces are annoying as hell.
Idk why you're so worked up over a pen-gin,

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this thread is cancer

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>I'm not even as much active here as I was a couple of months ago, but please. I'm asking this in the favor of any other innocent anons who will see that fucking Pentarou swallowing chocolate in their nightmares because some someone was being willingly or inadvertently retarded on /vr/
Thank you for breaking away from the norm here and engaging in an actual dialogue. I'll keep this in mind.

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good taste

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If you're getting this anal-pained over a picture, then just filter it.
It's a pretty specific fucking picture.

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pick 2

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>pick 2

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You're not fooling anyone by turning your trip off, Sevendicks. We can identify you by shit taste alone.

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I hate muslims and trannies though

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Oh, my mistake then.

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>hating trannies

Tranny love is one of the pillars of 4chan though. That's like saying you hate anime, or hate corny reaction images.

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Futanari is acceptable.

IRL trannies are disgusting subhumans, though.

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Literally the only thing that annoys me about the penguinposter is that the fucking gif doesn't loop.

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You forgot to shoop out the stupid watermark.

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The only pillar a tranny belongs on is a wooden pike.

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With text.

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Come to think of it, I have too many Plok reaction images.

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This guy kind of reminds me of Hoshimaru.

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Looks like I triggered the insecure libcucked janny.

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>gets offended because of a warning
C-cucks! Get c-cucked, l-libcuck!

>> No.3470663 [DELETED] 

>siding with the janny that deletes opinions xhe doesn't approve of

Lel, epic man.

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I got my post deleted and a warning for using the word "nigger". It was an on-topic, well thought out post and I didn't use it in a racial way at all. definitely a libcuck

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I love the game but I dont use the image that much.

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from bonk's adventure on NES

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Bishop of Battle from the 1983 movie Nightmares

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>Avatar-use is forbidden on 4chan.

Care to explain why? Because it exactly sounds like what people on the board bitch about tripusers except since it comes from team4chan it makes it okay? It's no different than "stupid frogposters" or smug anime girl reactions (but if it's the same girl from the same person then it's considered avatar-posting). Pretty stupid if you ask me. Sounds like they're being stingy on bandwidth.

>> No.3474245

You know, I recently tried out penguin posting. It's pretty fun.

>> No.3474279

The only problem tripfags cause are people bitching about tripfags which is the fault of the bitcher. Avatarfags eat up the image limit with low-quality off-topic images which is a shitty thing to do in image-heavy threads.

>> No.3474292

>Care to explain why?

Image limits. Trip codes don't waste an image when you post with one, and reaction images are generally limited to one per poster. You usually don't have some lone asshole dumping his reaction image folder in a single thread, were as an avatarfag is doubling down on fucking a thread up by generally shit posting AND wasting the image limit.

That and bandwidth and storage of the same fucking image over and over. Its one thing to have a thousand copies of rare pepes because the site as a whole embraces the memefaggotry, its another to have a thousand of the same fucking picture because some asshole thinks he's clever.

>> No.3474293

Report them. It's using an avatar which isn't allowed

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Has anyone considered that the fact penguinposter hasn't been banned for supposed avatar fagging is because it's not just one person? If it's several people, it's the same as a popular reaction image proliferating.

Also, you guys WAY overestimate how many threads here actually approach the image limit.

>> No.3474440

Reported your ass too.


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We have to go deeper

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>> No.3475146

I actually played that penguin game it was pretty good

it was really short though I beat it in just over half an hour

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>That and bandwidth and storage of the same fucking image over and over. Its one thing to have a thousand copies of rare pepes because the site as a whole embraces the memefaggotry, its another to have a thousand of the same fucking picture because some asshole thinks he's clever.

Oh, please. There's no way they're not somehow storing pictures with the same checksum (that is byte-identical images) to save space.

>> No.3475214

you can't actually post identical images, so avatarfags are posting slightly different versions of the same image over and over

>> No.3475224

what do you think will happen

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What disappoints me is that no one ever posts that whole great scene where the girl Penguin dumps the schlub for the "cool guy" while he's munching away on chips.

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>you can't actually post identical images
Sure, right. I guess that's why I can't post the same image in different reaction threads. OH WAIT

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1/10 made me reply

>> No.3477092

Oh fuck he's eating something? I always thought he was sticking out his tongue.

>> No.3477107

>I can't read
My post said you can post an identical image as long as it's across DIFFERENT threads. See >>3477103

>> No.3477286
File: 485 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160905-144638.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you really this stupid? No, I refuse to believe some moron with a quarter of a brain like you actually exists in the real world. There's no way...

>> No.3477910
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>gets proven wrong
>"maybe if I insult more obnoxiously, it'll make me right!"

>> No.3478002

Wasn't me. It looks like he was arguing with someone about retrobrite and just misposted.

>> No.3478007


Literally laughed out loud.

>> No.3478023
File: 1.45 MB, 1470x2164, batmanmadlovetp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But it was, you fucking faggot.

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