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Recommend me some really bad ps1 games.

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Shit, but also fun to play.

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The Crow, one of the worst games I ever played

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So original.

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rise of the robots is hardcore

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it's nothing like queen, sounds more like on the run by pink floyd

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I don't even remember this game having music.

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You know, the sad part about this is I would've bought this at the time just because Pamela Anderson.
It's a good thing I never knew this existed, saved myself some time and money.

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Grid Runner
Dead Ball Zone
any other derivative of handball or lame sprinting

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Crash Bandicoot

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Medal of Honor Underground.

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Have yourselves some replies.

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Youre not wrong

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I fucking dare you.

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Parappa the Rappa

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He is wrong. He posted the wrong Final Fantasy.

8 would have been correct.

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this game is great you gigantic faggot

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I adore shitty PS1 games, and I've heard good bad things about this one. Tell me more.

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No 8 would have been wrong.

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It's funny how the ultimate kusoge isn't a NES game

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Just remember boys. If you like pornography you are literally worse than hitler

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Which one of them is Danger Girl?

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any of these worth burning a copy? I've already played Rise 2 on Saturn and it sucks bad. I like bad games but only "so bad it's good" games. And I've already played >>3469191 so don't bother rec'ing that one.

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Wait is this true ?

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The soundtrack is probably the only good thing about Rise 2.

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But Galerians is actually good.

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This is quite literally the worst fighting game I've ever played, although I admit I haven't played Rise of the Robots. I'm sure it gives it a run for its money, however.

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Dead ball zone is a great game, just too fast.
I'd love a future sports game that tries to be a slower sim type game like PES and isn't just ultraviolence.

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This game was a fucking atrocity (but I still fapped to it back in the day).

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Off the top of my head...

Fighting Eyes
Perfect Weapon (same devs and engine as the aforementioned Crow game)

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Gonna check it out
Big brian may fan

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Legend of Dragoon
Suikoden 1 and 2
FF series after 7.

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pic related or War Gods. These games were so bad but the ridiculousness of the characters is what made it fun.

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Mah nigga. Bio FREAKS had some great ideas but the controls just didn't work.

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I actually like this one, but everyone says it's shit.

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>like this one
>everyone says it's shit

That means you have shit taste, son. but I'm glad you have fun with it, I couldnt get into it

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Hooters Road Trip.
>Seriously, that exists.

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Oh, so this is the Mr. Robot I keep hearing about.

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>Those proportions

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I find these all pretty decent.

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your (you)

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Keep it, don't need one.

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Final Bout as well, probably the worst DBZ games. Their only saving grace is FMV intros and music.

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Phoenix, you know.

Dead Ball Zone is pretty cool though.

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Gotta love a game where the ending cutscene is the same as the opening cutscene, but played in reverse. Oh yeah, spoilers.

The game is incredibly boring, music-less with impossible controls in an isometric hell. Seriously, try beating the first world without wanting to kill yourself. Everything is about putting objects on buttons to unlock doors, using your amazing telekinetic floaty powers. It sucks.

For some reason, I was really hyped up for this game when I first heard about it as a kid. What a dumb child I was. Must've had some weird E.T. fetish or something. Maybe it's a good thing I played it. Who knows what kind of fucked up E.T. porn I could've been making on DeviantArt, had I not played this disaster beforehand.

Thank you E.T. Interplanetary Mission for PS1.

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This piece of shit right here. Interesting premise with cool locations, all hindered by the most awful control in any ps1 game I can think of.

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Beat me to it anon, this game was unplayable

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I liked it a little, but I can't say it was anything special.

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Open way for the winner.
My little sister loved this show, and even she couldn't digest this fucking piece of shit

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There was an E.T. game on the PlayStation? Please tell me more about it.

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Hey y'all been looking for this game since i can remember, dont remember much about other then it was a survival racing games based with flying shooting cars, if im not mistaken the entire soundtrack was the intro to "on the run" im 25 and havent played this since i was six. Would love too find it or even just the name, any help would be amazing

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