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is drifting usually worth it in this game (that is, with the R button)? seems that when i try, it just makes things worse

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I always found it useful
especially for the speed boost

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It would be if it actually had good controls

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Idk senpai
I like the original better

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Of course it is. Obviously it's situational, but if you can do it, then you should.

You must not win many races, or you play with really bad people.

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Git gud? You get a speed boost once you hit 5 seconds drifting or so, just keep practicing. May also be an issue with the analog stick if it's too sensitive on your controller, I certainly never had an issue back then and still play fine.

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Don't you just need to wobble the stick left and right to accelerate the process?

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You jump at an angle to get the white smoke, tilt the stick into your turn for about half a second then tilt back to get the yellow smoke, then the same thing again for orange, then release for the boost.

It's so quick to do you can easily do it even if it's a straight road.

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The way karts handle changed drasticly after they replaced the prerendered sprites with polygons in double dash, especially for drifting. For me personally it's always odd getting back to the old drifting-physics of SMK, MK64 and MKSS, after playing the newer ones for so long. I get used to it after a few round, but I guess, it's much harder for people, who never grew up with the first iterations of Mariokart, to get the hang of drifting in these games.

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Isn't SNES the most realistic one?

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How so?

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They went to a kart racing track and based the gameplay off of real karting.

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are you serious? the drift miniboost is ridiculously easy to exploit in 64. just use a heavier character i guess

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You don't need it, the game is very easy to master also with a basic tecnique. I recently played the gc and the wii versions and I found them very difficult (or maybe I just suck at drive games and Mk64 is the only one I can properly manage).

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Yes you moron. Drifting is absolutely essential to win (along with the analog taps to make the drift red to give you the boost). God how retarded is this board? Now I know why you faggots complain so much about 'rubber band AI', which is easy af to beat anyway.

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That's like saying is it essential to release the accelerator before every boost in Diddy Kong Racing?

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played it today after a week of daily LittleBigPlanet Karting. It´s useful, but it is not as decisive as LBPK, sometimes you can not drift and get simmilar results, while in LBPK if you drift, you always make a difference.

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>not forward steering on straight stretches
>not spamming jumps

Drift wiggling makes you feel cool, but brute forcing is how you hack a vidya

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I swear, more and more millenials are coming on here. The AI in MK64 is notoriously rubberband, It's not supposed to pose a challenge except on the first few times you ever play it.

Try beating the in built ghosts on three courses in MK64 and see how far you get without using mini-boosts. Without using mini-boosts you haven't even gotten the time required to unlock the ghosts.

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