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Do yyyou feel the fear swell inside that filth-filthy baaag of meat?
What is it like to be afraid? Why do you c-c-c-cling to such a pathetic exisstence.

What are your opinions on this game, insects?

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Stop stuttering faggot

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How dare you insult my magnificence, insect?

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SS1 > SS2

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they're not really comparible

SS1 is more of a dungeon crawler than SS2.
While SS2 has much better shooting mechanics and interesting (for its time) RPG elements, SS1 has much better level design, and its dungeoncrawling gameplay is practically metroidvania-esque.

I like them both equally for different reasons

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>RPG elements

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I just bought the Enhanced Edition on Steam and I'm loving it. One of those games I boot up "just for a bit" and I end up sinking a few hours into it. Pretty cool stuff.

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The RPG elements in 2 bring it down a lot if you ask me. It always seemed like LGS could never really make a true RPG like they wanted. Ultima Underworld and SS2 have such weird upgrade paths and it can be hard to know what does what sometimes. Especially in Underworld.

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>I just bought the Enhanced Edition
why? the community has had all of the features present in this payware shit since forever.

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>tfw they're releasing the source code for SS1
Looks like we're finally going to get a proper source port for Shock 1.

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I hope for a mod that completely changes the ui and control scheme so it can control like SS2.

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Love second one, started learning how to make levels recently.

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SHODAN confirmed for the BEST TSUNDERE in /vr/dom

This is irrefutable fact.

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Daily reminder that all RPG excluding Soulsborne is shit, including Deus Ex and System Cocks. Stop playing shitty games lads.

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Sounds incredibly stupid.

In Ultima Underworld you get mantras for specific skills to upgrade, like mantra for sword fighting, axe skill, casting etc. Then you have ├╝ber mantras that improve your entire potential in one field, like mantra of attack for hand-to-hand combat.

SS2 has at least 3 basic paths you can chose, and a mixture of any form you like: You can be a high-strength, high-speed, high-constitution marine fighting machine, a utility type hacker who is a jack of all trades, and has an item for every situation, or a psionic wizard type character who has thousands of different applications.

Seriously, the combinations you can go with the psi-wizard alone are astounding. Shooting psi attacks aside, you can create a psionic pyrokinetic field, go invisible, and burn your enemies alive while they are helpless. You can buff up your strength, your hand-to-hand combat damage, and then summon a psionic blade to just whack people to death. Depending on how you spend your points each playthrough can be completely different.

For example, no matter which class you start with, playing an agility-whore character is always a viable option.

The RPG Elements are what makes SS2 a highly replayable game.

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I bought System Shock: Enhanced from steam on last summer sale, and I've been enjoying it a lot. I have never played it before and I had only played SS2 on coop before, so it was a fresh experience to me.

I like how it's kind of like dungeon crawler, but also a doom clone, and point'n'click adventure all at the same time. Some call it survival horror, but to me it's more like just a crazy adventure game.

So far I like this more than System Shock 2. The graphics are more comfier, I like the music better, the sprites don't look as outdated as SS2 low-poly models, and the overall cheesy 90s atmosphere just makes it one heck of a game. Still haven't finished it, I'm about 8 hours in, but I'm not rushing it because I want to savor every single little detail.

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>doom clone

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That's what we called first person shooters back in the 90s, kiddo.

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Not everyone knows this, I've been playing since early 90's and I was only made aware of that fact recently.

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It's alright. Sorry if I sounded rude.

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NP, I'm not him, just putting the fact out there

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I thought doom clone referred to games that drew inspiration from Wolf 3D and Doom. Not just anything that was in first-person.

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>didn't play SS1
>excited for the reboot being developed by Nightdive
>beat SS2 like half a dozen times, but can only do it going Navy
casual level?

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means you can play through with different builds, increasing replayability.

Also the RPG SS2 is based on is a pen and paper Sci Fi RPG called Traveller, which is came from the pre-Star Trek, pre-Star Wars 70s era. very based. Traveller is the reason you go through careers at the start of the game.

In fact it was one of the only RPGs where you could die during character generation. Something not represented in SS2 obviously

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I always thought ss2 resembled a pnp system though I didn't have proof. it reminded me heavily of white wolf. this is interesting.

but dying during character creation? wtf?

it's actually not a hard game once you know what you're doing, for example, there's the fact that you have perfect aiming, and you can perfectly avoid 99% of melee damage and 70% of ranged damage

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well character generation in Traveller involved doing 4 year terms in some kind of career. You rolled your stats and then chose a career. Depending on what you chose, some would be much better suited to you, others would be highly dangerous.

For example, if you joined the navy as a low endurance character, firstly you're likely to not be accepted at all, and then you're going to serve 4 years of military... which involves combat and danger, so essentially you would roll an endurance check to see if you survive. if you failed, your character was dead. In later versions they nerfed it a bit so that you just get wounded instead.

Just means you have to be careful about which career you go for, and try to pick one that your stats would suit.

Really cool system, I've run a campaign with a more recent version (the mongoose version) and its a lot of fun. personal combat on the ground, starship combat in space, radiation, aliens, roleplayan.

It quite a versatile system too, designed to handle all tech levels from cavemen to future. You can do western duels with it and it still works (1 shot from a revolver with no armor and you're unconscious) I've run napoleonic, viking, and 90s Bosnia scenarios with it too.

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i don't understand people who beat SS2 more than once

once it was over i never wanted to go through it ever again, while SS1 was fucking great and i play through it almost every few months

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>i don't understand people who beat SS2 more than once

I beat it once as marine and as a navy tech right after that. Some 10 years after that I went back and did a new Navy run.

I'll never touch the OSA branch but I had the time of my life playing the game those three times, the times I failed and I might go back once more in the future. I guess it's really about how much you're into the game, the game itself is solid as it is.

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with the RPG elements you can choose different builds to play through. marine, researcher, psi-guy, hacker, stealth faggot, and hybrids of each one.
Lots of replayability value.

What makes SS1 so repayable? isn't it exactly the same game each time? I started playing it but lost interest after not too long

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yeah, but if you roll a character and he dies, you just reroll, which just waste's peoples time...

also, I'm pretty good at math and all, but I don't think I could calculate legrange points on the fly during a pnp sesion...

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You dont need to calculate legrange points, the formula is just for working out travel time between planets within a solar system. Its actually not to bad to do. New versions eliminated those formula you see on that page though.
If I was running Classic Traveller I'd want to have all the characters prepared ahead of time, and I'd probably use injury instead of death if someone fails a survival roll. Thankully the new versions are easily compatible with the Classic 70s version

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Vastly over rated. Don't get me wrong, it's a good game, but it is hardly brilliant. Especially System Shock 2 which is hailed as some kind of godlike game. All problems can be solved by hitting them in the face, the boss was subtier in terms of any kind of difficulty. I liked the little messages you got.

I'll go against the /vr/ code here, but I thought Bioshock was much, much better.

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System Shock 3

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>I'll go against the /vr/ code here, but I thought Bioshock was much, much better.

I like Bioshock (well, first two. Infinite was trash), but can I ask why you'd think System Shock is inferior?

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So, it's like heavy rp Space Station 13?

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I liked the underwater setting a lot more than outer space for one. I don't know, it's just so goddamn atmospheric. In System Shock, you are completely alone and find things via logs which is okay, but the game is just too sterile for me to enjoy it and (granted, this is also because it is a product of it's time) too lacking in detail.

I feel, like the main reason why SS is liked as much is due to Shodan, and here's the breaks, I loved, loved Andrew Ryan more and the twist was actually a decent one in the game.

Again, SS is a good game. Maybe even a great one. But I wouldn't call it a 10/10 experience. A 7 seems more like it.

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Nope, before fps was an established genre they were Doom clones. I didn't believe it either until I read an old magazine ad from around the time ranking "how good these Doom-clones are".

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nah, SS13 is based on a single space station.
In Traveller you're constantly traveling between different systems, checking out new worlds and customs, and engaging in ship to ship space combat.
There are times when its like SS13, and certainly I used my experience of playing SS13 to help with basic ideas when I was running the Traveller campaign. The atmospherics and fire fighting was quite useful, dumping supercooled N2 into a fire for example, things like that helped add immersion to the game.

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Shity GLADOS rip off

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Is this really true?

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Did it include Ultima Underworld and System Shock?

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>2010 is before 1990
here's your (you)

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>actually eating b8 THAT fucking obvious
>"here's your (you)"
lmao /vr/ will forever be the most autistic board I've ever seen

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well im sorry that sarcasm isnt easily detected through only text

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