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Elder God Tier:

High Tier:

Mid Tier:
Nintendo 64

Low Tier:

Bottom Tier:

Shit Tier:

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>5th Gen
I love you Saturnfags. You shoehorn your console into a previous generation so it can look like great into comparison to older technology. The reality it's not the best of 5th gen, but the worst of 6th.

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Did you just confuse the Saturn with the Dreamcast? How high are you, man?

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are you so retarded that you thought the saturn was the dreamcast for a second?

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Honestly? A fair amount.

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for me it's Saturn>N64>PS1

Based on how often I use and enjoy them. PS1 has a lot of good games, but Saturn makes many multiplats life fighting or shmups better than PS1, and I like the Saturn and N64 exclusives better than those on PS1.

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The only area where the Saturn wins is by having a controller with 6 face buttons.

Trying to play Street Fighter games with a 4 face button controller sucks.

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Agreed. Does anyone have a higher res scan of pic related? I can't find a decent one.

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Who was the best mascot?

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crystal meth is a helluva drug

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I find that pic pretty fappable as it is.

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>Asking this on a forum for weaboos

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Mario, he actually has a good game and is still used.

You can tell sega moved away from their old franchises only then to use them again for DreamCast.

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how did the PC-FX fail again

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No gaems and weaker hardware than the competetion.

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But it had a qt3.14 mascot...!

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this thread will have guaranteed shitposting

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thanks, captain obvious

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>Arcade Ports: The Console
>Elder God Tier

Pick one.

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I'll pick Generic Platformers: The Console

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There's nothing generic about Super Mario 64.

There's far more replayablity for N64 compared to Saturn.

Doom64, Golden eye, Smash bros, Both Legend of Zelda games, Perfect dark, Wave race, Wwf No Mercy and Virtual pro Wrestling. Etc.

Saturn bombed in USA anyways, one of the reasons Sega lost money and quit the console Market. Let's not forget no real Sonic platform game.

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Back in the day, when you didn't have a good arcade nearby or MAME, accurate arcade ports were a godsend.

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I'm not talking about Super Mario 64 in particular I'm talking about all the generic platformers that came after it as a quick cash grab

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/vr/: a fair amount of honest.

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>generic epheb-pandering not sailor moon

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Why do people like the Playstation X? I can understand why little kids would've like the N64, but what was the appeal of the PSX?

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>console wars general

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list of worthwhile saturn games pls

no weebshit

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>needing to be spoonfed about a 20y/o console.


saturn is great for all that cps2 goodness

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There was that NiGHTS game. Then there was the game where you fly through dreams and at last there was that platformer with the purple girl.

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problem with saturn is it had no good shmups

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Extremly cheap games.

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Objectively the best third-party support of the mid/late '90s.

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Weird nitpick. Considering business is about supplying demand.

Aracade ports alone don't appeal to Americans seeing how it was dying then and is near dead now.

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Septic tank tier: Pippin

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I think his point was that popularity isn't always indicative of quality.

Fact is, PSX/Saturn simply has a more diverse library than the N64. Sure, the N64 did the best 3D, but what's the point when most of the library was generic racers and collectathons?

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Quality is subjective. So is tastes.

Still, sales are facts that what grab peoples interests.

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Yeah, which is why Final Fantasy VII outsold Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time in both Europe and SE Asia.

PSX > N64, and the sales prove it.

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Thats a garbage game and is getting a remake.

Nintendo is best.

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>Elder God Tier:
Nice meme

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Would swap PS1 with Saturn but otherwise bretty good

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>multiplats life fighting or shmups better than PS1
In the hunt is better on PS1
Donpachi is better on PS1
Strikers II is better on PS1
You are right about the fighting games though

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>no Batsugun
>no Battle Garegga
>no Gun Frontier
>no Game Tengoku


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>faux fighting game
>shitty sub-20 fps games
The only good game you listed there is Wave Race, and that's because it's essentially a Sega racer developed by Nintendo.

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americans have shit tastes, why do you think modern AAA gaming is garbage filled with western movie-games?

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>no Gradius Gaiden
>no G-Darius
>no Raiden Project and Raiden DX
>no R-Type Delta
>no Kyukyoku Tiger

worthless 2bh fám

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A lot of that shit comes from britfag devs. The western market in general sucks.

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>no Gradius Gaiden

But better ports of Gradius deluxe, Salamander deluxe, all the Parodius games.

>no G-Darius

But better ports of Darius Gaiden, Darius 2, and Layer Section.

>>no Raiden Project and Raiden DX

Shienryu is practically Raiden.

>no R-Type Delta

And Playstation has no Radiant Silvergun.

>no Kyukyoku Tiger

No Cotton 2, Cotton Boomerang, Image Fight / X Multiply, or Thunder Force Gold Packs on the Playstation.

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>uninspired Konami and IREM rehashes
>slowest G-Darius port
>shitty Raiden instead of Raiden Fighters
>Twin Cobra instead of an actual good Toaplan shooter like Tatsujin Ou or V-V

wow, I'm so jealous xD ps1 truly is the master race

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>But better ports of Gradius deluxe, Salamander deluxe, all the Parodius games.
None of those are better on Saturn, if anything Konami games tend to be better on PS1 than Saturn.

>But better ports of Darius Gaiden, Darius 2, and Layer Section.
I'll give you Darius Gaiden but Darius 2 was a mediocre port on Saturn. Rayforce is good but Saturn has better port of Raystorm and exclusive port of Raycrisis.

>Shienryu is practically Raiden.
Nonsense, Shienryu is the spiritual sequel of Daioh do you even play these games? Oh and it's on PS1 too.

>And Playstation has no Radiant Silvergun.
Well at least RSG was just an arcade port so you can play it on an arcade, unlike R-Type Delta which is exclusive.

>No Cotton 2, Cotton Boomerang
No Cotton 1 or 100% on Saturn. No Harmful Park

>Thunder Force Gold Packs
Silly console games, the Saturn missed fucking legends like R-Type 1 and 2.

>No Image Fight / X Multiply

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>top tier Gradius and R-Type games with several innovations
>"uninspired rehashes"
Saturn fanboys are truly retarded

>slowest G-Darius port
Hyperbole and still better than no port at all.

>dislikes the real Raiden games and the real Toaplan games like Twin Cobra
talk about faggotry

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>Silly console games
The "Arcade is always better" meme is my favourite /vr/ meme.

Judge games based on their merit, not how they were released.

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List said innovations then, so that people don't assume you're spouting bullshit.

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>What is Battle Garegga, Darius Gaiden, Rayforce, Hyper Duel, Batsugun, Blast Wind, Thunder Force V, Terra Striker, Sexy Parodius, Gradius/Salamander Deluxe pack.

There's a bunch more where that came from

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in therms of impact
PS1 > N64 > SS > 3DO > Jaguar > PC-FX

in therms of power
N64 > PS1 > SS > 3DO > Jaguar > PC-FX

in therms of library
PS1 > SS > N64 > 3DO > PC-FX > Jaguar

in therms of aesthetics
SS > PS1 > N64 > PC-FX > 3DO > Jaguar

PS1 > SS > N64 > 3DO > PC-FX > Jaguar

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If your precious console games weren't piss-easy with broken score system maybe I'd take you seriously.

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>PS1 > SS

show me a 2D game on ps1 as beautiful as princess crown or island of the seven winds story

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3DO low tier?


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the only one spouting shit here is the faggot that says top tier games in their series are uninspired rehashes

>> No.3468537

>top tier games in their series
PSX didn't have R-Type Leo and Gradius V, though...

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PS1 wins in horis

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True kino.

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>No Cotton 1 or 100% on Saturn.

Yeah because Cotton 2 is better than them in every way? And Boomerang is even better?

>Well at least RSG was just an arcade port so you can play it on an arcade

The arcade version has like 1/4th of the content of the Saturn release.

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Don't forget the controls are shit in Arcade Silvergun. On Saturn each weapon is mapped to one button.

>> No.3468564

Show me a Saturn game half as good looking as Gran Turismo 2 or Omega Boost or Soul Reaver or Crash 3.

>> No.3468565

ew, no

I give you that one

>> No.3468574

You could just have said SOTN.

Anyway Panzer Dragoon Zwei > Omega Boost

>> No.3468575

>PSX Soul Reaver
>good looking


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>not liking not only Treasure's best shmup, but also Konami's best shmup

Fuck is wrong with you, m8?

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the WR played the arcade game, nobody cares about your shitty console version rearranged for casuals

>> No.3468768

nobody cares about your pleb arcade version WR when the real game is Saturn's story mode

>> No.3468773

>"story mode"
found the casual shitter

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>not playing shmups for the plot

Nigga, get real. Nobody cares about score.

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>check out N64's catalog
>just a bunch of 3D platformers, FPS, driving games and sports games

why do people love N64 again

>> No.3468816

It's Saturn mode not Story mode, and it has the best levels in the game extended to be over twice as long, allows you to play both stage 2 and 4, and the last stage now starts with a fun as hell optional bonus fight plus two of the best looking boss fights by far in the entire damn game.

Saturn version also comes with bonuses like level select and an ability to slow down the game, should you want to practice. And the FMVs.

And if you don't like all of those, you can STILL play arcade mode. So it is superior to the arcade release in every single way.

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Dont get mad

>> No.3468852

>Anyway Panzer Dragoon Zwei > Omega Boost

Panzer Dragoon Zwei is awesome but it is more for the art direction. Omega Boost looks like a fucking Xbox game with all the trailing effects.

>> No.3468857

not mad, just amused by the namefag with shit tastes

>> No.3468863

>good 2D graphics

the sprites are pixelated and ugly as fuck, because they're based off a pc engine game

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This or the PS1 version?

>> No.3468882

Playstation X has less slowdown and more content.

Saturn version has better graphics and music quality.

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Your life is shit taste. Stop jerking off to shit no one cares about like your failed system.

>> No.3468893

>I only play games that are popular and sell extremely well

Wow, you must be an exciting individual to be around.

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Gradius V was shit. Shouldn't even be called a Gradius game.

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They were hella good arcade ports though.
SaGa Frontier 2
Legend of Mana
Harmful Park
One Piece Mansion
Vib Ribbon

>> No.3470124


Rayman is a Jaguar game and also got ported to Saturn.

>> No.3470125

Legend of Mana only looks good in stills. Go watch a Saturn game with 2D sprite graphics, the animations blow anything on the PSX away, compared to Mana which has clunky movement.

>> No.3470137

>the sprites are pixelated and ugly as fuck, because they're based off a pc engine game

Or because they had to use the lowest possibly resolution the system could do, so the framebuffer takes up less VRAM and they have more space for the great animation.

>> No.3470176

>Legend of Mana only looks good in stills
I could say the same of Princess Crown since most of the characters turn into a pixely mess once they start moving due to how the graphic engine works. But you know what? I don't care, both game looks good, and the amount of care and detail in LoM graphics and sprites is great, same for Princess Crown.
And Nanatsu Kaze is barely even a game if you wanna cherrypick.
>Go watch a Saturn game with 2D sprite graphics
>Super Hydlide
>Dezaemon 2
>good looking

Jesus Christ, the degree of console war bullshit in here is terrible.
The 2d games that did look better than PS games besides the arcade ports aren't really that many.

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>bad looking

You're implying the PS1 version looks better?

>> No.3470190

Capcom's arcade board that they used for Street Fighter Alpha, Mahvel Baybee and Darkstalkers

>> No.3470192

>And Nanatsu Kaze is barely even a game if you wanna cherrypick.

By that logic, neither is Monkey Island or Zork. Faggot.

>> No.3470197

You must be exciting with your shit no one cares about and only like to be a smug hipster.

>> No.3470207

Someone sounds a little upset. It'll be ok, buddy.

>> No.3470230

Nah, you are upset. Enjoy your rage.

>> No.3470246

Except I'm not the one bitching at people for playing games that sold less than ten-million units.

Enjoy using logical fallacies to justify your boring, cliche taste, though.

>> No.3470478

Your taste is boring considering many more didn't like it. You are the one who started a temper tantrum about your now forgotten system.

Liking a system that bombed don't make you one of the cool ones hipster bro.

>> No.3470491

>and that's because it's essentially a Sega racer developed by Nintendo.

Even Sega couldn't make water effects as good as EAD did on WR64.

>> No.3471036 [DELETED] 

>Stop jerking off to shit no one cares about like your failed system.
Plenty of people here and other retro sites like the Saturn, it doubled the N64 library and has a more varied library. Sorry m8 but you are the pleb with this tastes here.

>> No.3471045 [DELETED] 

>Stop jerking off to shit no one cares about like your failed system.
Plenty of people here and other retro sites like the Saturn, it doubled the N64 library and has a more varied library. Sorry m8 but you are the pleb with this tastes here.

>> No.3471058

>Stop jerking off to shit no one cares about like your failed system.
Plenty of people here and other retro sites like the Saturn, it doubled the N64 library and has a more varied library. Sorry m8 but you are the pleb with shit tastes here.

>> No.3471137

I love the PS1 but have never played Crash

Also playing close up emulated on a PC made me notice all that dithering hot damn ps1 games look like gifs.

>> No.3471139

>Vib Ribbon
Oh fuck that looks nice
How would I emulate that though

>> No.3471142

Would the N64 be the best console of it's generation if it used discs?

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The Saturn was fucking garbage, you weeb.

>> No.3471176

*Actual quote from Bernie Stolar.

>> No.3471203

Probably not, it would still have had it's tiny texture cache, as well as many developers being frustrated with nintendo due to their quality control process being much too controlling.

>> No.3471246

Stop peddling this tech illiterate meme. N64's texture cache was double PS1.

>> No.3472341

qt 3.14


God damn you and your fucking clever puns.

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>being this new

>> No.3472405

You have been on this site for a maximum of 2 days.

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bump for saturn master race

>> No.3475246

Nah, you are factually wrong.

>> No.3475251

N64 was the most powerful of them all. Just compare console ports, ps1 looks weaker.

>> No.3475260

>shifting goalposts: the post

>> No.3475267

Power means nothing if all you're going to do is squander it on boring kiddy platformers and generic racers.

>> No.3475274

I often confuse this title with "Ehrgeiz", because of the name.

>> No.3475280

Games made for everyone aren't kiddie. Edge-lords weren't demographics for most systems in history until the 00's mountain dew dude bros came.

Saturn is a forgotten failure that not even Sega bothers to talk about anymore or re-port to other consoles.

>> No.3475282

>re-port to other consoles.

Princess Crown got a port to the PSP.

Fail more, shitty namefag.

>> No.3475287


Didn't know Sega made Princess Crown...

>> No.3475291

Co-developed, my son.

>> No.3475295

I wish I could hate you so hard that you died.

You contribute absolutely nothing to this board, your inane posts are even more worthless than Sevenleaf's shitty bait, and yet despite this you think you're right about everything.

Fucking kill yourself.

>> No.3475297


m-muh nintendo mario is le best. kirby is so fun XD DUDE RARE

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They're all shit duse

>> No.3475326

Nice rage-graph my emotional man. The fact you get triggered over what I'm saying and need to post all your garbage is funny to me.

Enjoy your failure system you social reject, I'm sure you will jack off to how great your Sega killing Abortion is.

>> No.3475346

PS1, N64, then Saturn. Not enough games or good games for that matter to be better than those PS1.

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>people arguing about this

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>> No.3475428

It's all about dat PS Single man, get with the program

>> No.3475492

PSX was good if you were a JRPG autist.

N64 was good if you were underage during the '90s, or a devout Nintendo manchild.

Saturn was good if you actually liked real games.

>> No.3475509

>PSX was good if you were a JRPG autist.

man, of all the games I play, I got arcade racing, airplane action, fight games, survival horror, tactital turn based action

I dont have one RPG, not one in my small collection or even in my pirated games folder. Not. One.

So get the fuck outta here, you don't know what you talking about buster

>> No.3475520

>Saturn was good if you actually liked real games
Or you could go to an arcade
Because arcade ports are all the Saturn had
>PSX was good if you were a JRPG autist
Yes the PS1 had JRPGs. That's because it actually had games. And JRPGs are a type of game.

>> No.3475523

Even though your claim is bullshit, often times the arcade ports on Saturn have exclusive features, making them preferable to the arcade version.

>> No.3475525

>Yes the PS1 had JRPGs. That's because it actually had games. And JRPGs are a type of game.

90% of the PSX library is JRPG's. What a fucking pathetic system.

>> No.3475535

Yeah and most of those no one played/were jap only
Most of the games that mattered weren't. I think I can only name like 3 culturally relevant ps1 rpgs off the top of my head(FF7, Xenogears, DQ7)
People mainly remember the PS1 for shit like Crash, Ape Escape, Metal Gear Solid, and Castlevania

>> No.3475537

PSX library is packed with poorly aged early 3d, while Saturn is the retrogamer's choice for it's solid 2d library. End of discussion.

>> No.3475541

This is what saturnfags tell themselves every time they go to bed.

>> No.3475543
File: 126 KB, 375x375, solid-snack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>implying games age

>> No.3475546

I used to think like you but some of the PS1's 3D games aged p well, and are fun to play. If warping walls bother you use PGXP. If dithering bothers you use a composite filter.

>> No.3475557

At least they don't have to cry themselves to sleep like psxfags with a dated library.

>> No.3475560

At least they have an actual library and not just a collection of arcade ports.

>> No.3475572

Saturnfags are so delusional, this is exactly how Sega got into trouble, they were delusional too.

OP and faggot supporters (if there are any): get BTFO, leave and die

>> No.3475595

Eh I played NiGHTS last week.... was kinda disappointed.

For me the PS1 was far and away the best console of the generation. N64 and Saturn were ok too

>> No.3475604

Good JRPGs yeah

>> No.3475608

Arcade ports are still better than meme games like Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy 7.

>> No.3475612

Reminder that we got the better version of SoTN one of the greatest and most beautiful 2D games ever made

>> No.3475616

oh yeah the list goes on doesn't it all the meme games on the ps1 please list more of what you consider meme games we are very interested in your opinion

>> No.3475617 [DELETED] 

I got bad news for you little bitch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PxGM1np2hU

We can do this all day long.

>> No.3475621

>better version of SotN
Oh please, yours is missing tons of content, like the haunted dungeon, the cursed garden, a Maria mode, and the Lance of Longinus.

>> No.3475624

Dude I'm PS1's side you retard

>> No.3475636

It still sucks, game is a glitchy mess with fucked graphics

If you want extra content play the psp version

>> No.3475639

>non-canon features

>> No.3475643

>caring about canon

Igatard pls go.

>> No.3475661

I only know mario and hes a homo plumber. So the edgy purple guy.

>> No.3475737

Jaguar had Tempest 2000, Alien vs Predator, an excellent Doom port, and at least another good title. Did PC-FX actually have any real games hidden among the digital comics and hentai otaku fare? Thus, it seems Jag has an edge over NEC's flop console.

>> No.3475739
File: 27 KB, 300x220, sin-punishment-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


You haven't checked enough it seems.

>> No.3475748

>Did PC-FX actually have any real games hidden among the digital comics and hentai otaku fare?
Zenk FX, Zeroigar, Chip-Chan Kick, Der Langrisser FX

>> No.3475750

*Zenki FX

>> No.3475756

>Der Langrisser FX

Is it any better than the Mark V version?

>> No.3475757

>Mark v

shit meme, just call it the Genny Drive

>> No.3475842

absolutely agree

>> No.3475868

Playstation by far man

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File: 254 KB, 767x1169, guardian_heroes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3475876
File: 161 KB, 800x795, Bestgame.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3475896

>a gaijin kusoge that's aged horribly is what you pick to represent the PSX

What a shame.

>> No.3475905

>a garbage chink beat em up is what you picked to represent the Saturn

For shame anon.

>> No.3475926

t. never played glorious Guardian Heroes with any friends, likely because he didn't have any, since PSX is a loner's console

>> No.3475930
File: 320 KB, 709x709, other-consoles-46328-91343282954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chink beat 'em ups are good mang, it's just Treasure that is shit

>> No.3475937

>since PSX is a loner's console
Nice maymay, but I was already having fun with friends when playing things such as CTR though. Sorry I didn't play a poor man's Golden Axe to get that experience.

>> No.3475940


shitpost all you want, but I agree with >>3475896, twisted metal has always been a shit series.
Poor controls, abysmal physics, awful art direction, shit PS1 graphics to top it off.

I can only imagine a juggalo trapped in the late 90s enjoying that shit.

>> No.3475954

>poor man's Golden Axe
What?! PSXfag bringing up a Sega IP... what's wrong, you don't have any PSX beat 'em ups to brag about? :))))

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File: 2.93 MB, 360x314, 84948ebc425828093ba6cv6utf.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Playstation > Nintendo 64 > PC-FX > Saturn > 3DO > Jaguar

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File: 9 KB, 165x139, paintbrush_smack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You fucking idiot.

>> No.3475996

Why PS1fags and Saturn fags fight so much? both consoles are pretty good with similar libraries, they should unite to fight the cancer that is the N64

>> No.3476007

Because that would be like two well-adjusted middle-aged men bullying a ten-year-old with downs.

>> No.3476014

It only makes sense because the N64 is as powerful as both combined :^)

>> No.3476062

they fight so much because the playstation crowd bought into sony's marketing lies and hype. Basically sony raised the first generation of deluded console fanboys with the psx.
Not only is the saturn the superior harware, it also has higher quality games. Sega = substance, sony = marketing. Besides sega fans are still sore about sony pushing them out of the hardware market.

>> No.3476089

Sega could go exclusively with Microsoft if they wanted to.

>> No.3476094

Nobody actually likes Micro$oft though. Xbox One is apparently going to be their final console.

>> No.3476405


>with similar libraries


Patricians who own all consoles know the multiplats are usually better on Saturn, especially 2D games.

N64 is different from both, and I don't see how it is "cancer", unless you mean the nintendo fanbase, but the same can be said about Sony's.


>> No.3476419

>it also has higher quality games. Sega = substance, sony = marketing

>> No.3476423

>the multiplats are usually better on Saturn, especially 2D games.

You mean, only for 2D games

>> No.3476425

>similar libraries
2000 games 500 of which are shovelware vs. 500 something games. "similar" libraries.

>> No.3476442

>Because that would be like two well-adjusted middle-aged men bullying a ten-year-old with downs.
But we're talking about Sturn and PS1 vs. N64, not PS1 and N64 vs. Saturn.

>you don't have any PSX beat 'em ups to brag about? :))))
I'm sure there are at least some (considering the huge size), but there's so much of everything else in the library I don't need anything from a genre that mostly went to shit after 4th gen to brag about Famicom. How about in your side, you have anything from the Saturn to brag about other than arcade ports and some Treasure made crap?

>> No.3476783

>But we're talking about Sturn and PS1 vs. N64, not PS1 and N64 vs. Saturn.
Not at all, but continue irrationally hating the Saturn whilst thinking N64 is any good. Your ignorance and delusions are quite amusing.

>> No.3477640


console warriors, when will they learn.