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"For all you ff7 fans.
I just killed the emerald weapon.
With no under water materia.
No knights of the round
In 11 mins.

Feel free to shower me with rightly deserved praise"

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I've never beaten emerald, even using a guide.

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W item
Slash all
Haste - all
Cure - all
Hp 9034
Final attack - phoenix

Hp 8900
Cover and 3 counter attacks
X 4 cut

Full cure

Basically keep barrier up at all times.
Attack with barett

Heal with cid
Comet when avaliable

Cloud attack
Keep haste up
Use w item to phoenix down then x potion if some one dies

So is it possible?
I'm no expert.
It seems quick.

Ps1 version

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I feel for you anon.
Make it your life's quest.

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Next time I play through FF7,
I'll definitely beat ruby and emerald!
I will show those meanies who is the boss!

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You can do it!

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it's pretty easy if you don't bother to kill all the body parts

that's not manly though

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works on my machine

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Whatever nigga

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He is a manly manly man.
So i recon he would have.

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Technical masterpiece

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I remember Emerald not being as hard, it just one-shots your party so you have to revive or avoid it or something.

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hmm, this sounds like the strat the bradygames guide recommends.

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>Not knowing that Aire Tam (That's Materia backwards) does 1111 damage per materia equipped

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I don't remember the set up, but in my second playthrough I had cloud loaded up with cover and then a shit ton of counter and X4 cut or something like that. It essentially made it so he counter attacked everything for more damage than Knights of the Round does.

I had really wanted to see Supernova because I killed him too quickly the first time. But forgot to unequip him before the final battle, so I ended up spending the whole thing having my party throw megalixers at Sephiroth every round just to keep him alive long enough to cast it.

Wasn't really worth it in the end.

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>expecting me to remember the exact amount of damage one specific attack did in a game I played almost 20 years ago.
>/vr/ in 2016

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is it per materia equipped, or per materia linked?

hol up, hol up

so you be sayin

hol up

>It is possible to manipulate the characters' Materia configuration as to get All Lucky 7s if a character only has two Materia equipped and 9999 HP when Aire Tam Storm hits.


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hey look, its the poor man's Neue Ziel

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Tell me to get out but what's that.

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Should be less than 30 seconds as the fastest kill time, you need to underflow Death Penalty or Missing Scores damage.

2 HP+'s to get to 9999 HP, spam items until air tam storm hits causing all characters to go into lucky 7's which is basically a guaranteed kill.

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Welcome to the 90s, warn us about 9/11

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Speaking of FF7...

I just started it back up again. Keep in mind I'm a total new friend to this game, and haven't played it in over a year since I last put it down.

I'm on Disc 1, at Mt. Nibel. I'm using Cloud, Tifa, and Red XIII.

All 3 are around level 25, but I feel like my materia setup is garbage. Every random encounter takes a while and is pretty damn strong around Mt. Nibel.

Is my materia set up just shit, or am I supposed to be somewhere else? Keep in mind I have no idea what I'm doing.

I THINK (and, I haven't played in over a year and don't know this game) I already did that haunted house with Vampire dude, but I'm not sure.

How should I build, where should I go? Game is not enjoyable as-is right now.

Pic unrelated.

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yeah, i fell for the meme that you needed to daisy chain KotR with mime, which of course required no less than 10,000 hours of grinding in that stupid sunken shinra ship.

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A Gundam. Or probably a mobile suit rather, I haven't watched 0080 in a long ass time,

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>Is my materia set up just shit

I don't know, what's your materia set up?

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I remember beating him by exploiting a glitch in the game that involved opening up the PS1 CD tray after casting like a poison spell or something, so his HP would just gradually tick down until he died. Or something like that.. I dunno, it was like seventeen years ago.

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If you have Vincent in the party, you did the haunted house with vampire dude.

Equip less materia. The more materia you have, the more it penalizes your physical stats.

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TIL you can poison Emerald.

Today you learn that gravity is ridiculously effective against him

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I might be totally wrong

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Anyone who says "Feel free to shower me with rightly deserved praise" is most certainly full of it, even if they did manage to do something.

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Focus on basics.
Have heals
Don't over load on casting materia.

Attacks work just fine

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It's a Zeon mobile armor! Get it right! Gawl! /tism

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All magic materia gives you an HP penalty and some give penalties to things like strength and vitality iirc.

Independent Materia is awesome. Command also is always a flat bonus, like Steal gives you +1 dex iirc.

I think I kept using the Force Stealer all the way until I got the rune blade which iirc is in Mount Nibel. Double Growth is significant in FF7, and it makes your materia level up way faster.

>Is my materia shit
>don't even post it

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eat my fart.

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If you grind Vincent's Death Penalty high enough you can one-shot EW.

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I remember somehow getting a combination of materia that resulted in Cloud's max HP being 7777. Which meant as soon as the battle started he just went to town for like 2 minutes of 7777 damage (with 4x cut).
Still didn't kill Emerald.

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Actually, I can't remember if the 4x cut worked or not. I do remember that after a while he stopped auto hitting.

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You still do need to do that. You do that until 7777.

Look at the final fantasy wikia for gods sake.

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>I do remember that after a while he stopped auto hitting.
You get 64 hits for 7777 damage. That's just a little less than half of Emerald's HP.

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you can also just equip like 20 counter materia you know

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It caps at 8
Or something like that

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>No knights of the round
>In 11 mins.
Well obviously you could not have used Knights of the Round with such a time. A bit redundant, saying that.

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Seems legit.

It's actually easier WITHOUT KoTR. Certain characters, like Cloud or Yuffie can eat the weapons with the right set up.

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Abusing mime counter, limit break (preferably ungarmax) and hero potions is as old as the game itself.

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He wasn't really hard at all

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How so?
Is there a particular set up for cloud or yuffie?

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Unless you really want to break the game, just set up like a standard FF. A white mage, a black mage, fighter, etc etc
Can't go wrong with a traditional setup.

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Emerald is piss easy

Command Counter + Mime x8 use limit, win in under 30 seconds.

failing that demi + wmagic + 4x magic, mime/spam till near dead and finish off with anything.

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ITT: a bunch of people who looked at online guides to achieve emaralds defeat, whilist screaming "IT WAS PISS EZ BRUH"

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I did Emerald back in the day and didn't have any real trouble with it. But I also played that game till I broke it a little. >>3463369

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I read your post but I do not have a reply.
This shall have to be sufficient.

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Is that on an emulator? the sound is terrible. :\

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Not bad guide

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Butthurt casual who was too dumb to figure out matera combinations detected.

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Is it possible to have everyone get Lucky 7 though? I tried for two but only one of them went into Lucky 7s. The other just had 7777 hp but no reaction.

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did you use a strategy guide to write this comment too?
because it's by the books, generic as fuck.

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>Is there a particular set up for cloud or yuffie?

I forget the exact set up but it's some combo of X-attack and counter plus her lvl 3 "Limit Break Doom of Living" is one of the better ones in the game.

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same here, I never beat emerald or ruby

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It only works once per fight
And it doesnt do more damage if u have more than 1 person with lucky 7s

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I want to fight them in FF7 Remake.
I want them to be 100000 feet tall

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I've been meaning to replay Final Fantasy 7 for like almost twenty years at this point. I played it when it came out and I'm debating how I should replay it.

There's a part of me that says I should just do the vanilla experience with no mods or anything, maybe one to fix all the open mouths on the Steam version and controller support.

Then another wants to do a balance modification for it or something. I don't know what any of those are. I see "New Threat" or something along those lines mentioned a lot.

Does /vr/ have any recommendations on what's the best way to replay the game?

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Just go the vanilla route dude. It's been so long that at this point the experience should almost be completely brand new to you again.

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Alright, sounds good. Only thing I'm worried about is the controls. I know I can fake a Xbox 360 controller with a mod, but, I rather just use joytokey. Only issue is that in game it uses the keyboard commands and I don't know if I'd be able to remember that for something like the soldier scene.

I'd hope there's a mod to replace the buttons or something along those lines.

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