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FFV, VI, VIII, IX and tactics are all on sale for 2.99 on the PSN shop.

I figured Id start a FF thread in celebration.

Favorites? For me its gotta be VI story wise and V gameplay wise.

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I just started playing XII and so far I'm loving it. Also my favorite FF is 6/7/9 and 5 is great for fiesta runs.

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Ive never played IX before. Maybe I should give it a shot.

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It's the best of the story-heavy FF games

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This. And is a great call back to older FF games which I wish they'd still do with the mainline games now.

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Playing viii now, never played it because everyone always said how bad it was.

The junctioning is a pain in the ass to get used to and the enemies look awful, other than that I'm enjoying it because it's a complete departure from vii and ix and there is a lot of stat management which I enjoy.

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It's really, really good.

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my favourites are IV, VII, IX, X, Tactics and the gba version of II

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VIII and X for gameplay, IX for cozy-ness :D

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Really? X for gameplay? That's baffling to me. Can you elaborate on what you like about it?

Personally I found the combat to be really boring. Random battles amounted to constant party-swapping in order to win the rock-paper-scissors it presents you with, while bosses were pretty easy overall if you know the "trick" to each fight (and figuring out the trick was never that difficult). The dungeons are all long hallways, the ones that aren't are big boring REALLY boring puzzles, and the sphere grid is a giant redundant mess.
I guess Blitzball is kinda cool, mixing a sports game with RPG stuff, but otherwise that game bored me to tears with a lot of the actual gameplay. I also think the Al Bhed translation stuff was kinda neat.

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Ok, I'll try to explain.
I really like the turn-based combat system in the final fantasy games.
And in final fantasy x, I feel like it's pretty much been perfected.
Mostly because you get to see in which order your characters get get to attack, and develop a strategy accordingly.

I also like how you can add dmg->exp and stuff like that on your weapons and armor in order to maximize certain stats on your characters.

Overall I feel like it is easy to understand, predictable and fun to play.

Sorry about my english, I am from Norway.

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The puzzles are incredibly boring, I agree with you 100% on that.

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How would 9, 8 and 7 be on the PSP? Anyone have any experience?

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Word, yeah the turn-based battle system was pretty good, and it felt pretty satisfying being able to see who was up next. It had a lot of nice things about it, I just feel like the actual encounters were very lackluster overall.

Also your english is totally perfect, so don't stress about it!

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psx games on PSP are great as long as they dont need the sticks

wouldnt imagine anything could improve ff8 tho

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Why this ff8 get so much hate, I loved the game play so Damn much.

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For me its because I payed full price and was hyped to the moon about it. When it came out it was FF8 mediocrity.

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Are the PS versions of V and VI good?

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gba with music hack is the best versions

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No. Load times and none of the added content from GBA. At least it doesn't look and sound wrong like the GBA. Pre-rendered cutscenes are cool but you can just watch em on YouTube.

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Well that makes it an easy decision

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Which version of 6?

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I think the best version of VI is hands down the Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition with the updated Opera plus bugfixes.


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I meant which is on psn, numb-nuts

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>giving money to modern Square-Enix-Eidos


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I like all of them. FF is what gaming should be to me.

Too bad I can't get my friends into JRPGs.

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>Too bad I can't get my friends into JRPGs.

It'd be easier if someone would actually PRODUCE a halfway decent JRPG. The genre hasn't had a god-tier representative since Dragon Quest 8.

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True. It would definitely help if my friends played anything other than current gen (or even last gen when I was applying my efforts)

Getting to the point where people I meet who game not only just pick from the current gen, but will scoff at singleplayer and turn-based which pretty much just leaves the Tales series.

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More like the genre hasn't had a god-tier representative since Persona 4

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How is a translation better than the original?

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>quite possibly the memest JRPG of all time
>god tier

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So hey, here's a question:
If I buy FF9 on PSN put it on my PSP, if I transfer the PSP save game to my PS3, would crossplay be possible?
Or don't the PSP savegames work on PS3?

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They're just ps1 save files. You can move them between PSP, Vita, PS3, back them up on a PC and use them in emulators, or use a memory card adapter to put them on a PS1 memory card for use on a PS2 or PS1

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Tactics is my favorite on all fronts.

Absolutely loved XII. It's my favorite of the numbered games. Honestly if the Ivalice games were their own separate series and didn't have Final Fantasy branding I'd still put them above the rest of the series.

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That's cool

I loved the world in 12, but the main story is just so dull. Hunts were the best part of that game.

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Tactics is probably my favorite game of all time, so I'm with you there brother.

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>The genre hasn't had a god-tier representative since Dragon Quest 8.
>Oreshika 2
>Frontier Gate+
>Metal Max 3/2R/4
>Cladun series
>Tales of Vesperia
>SMT: Strange Journey
>Grand Knights History
>Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song
>SaGa2/3 for NDS
>Stranger of Sword City
>Not good

You have only yourself to blame, if you only like vanilla icecream you can't say every other taste isn't good, liking only FF and DQ doesn't amount to liking JRPG, it's being painfully entry level.

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Don'twaste your time with Tactics. It's a spin-off series for one and two, it's one of the worst SRPGs of all time. Don't buy into the retarded contrarian hype shoveled upon the game by sperges trying to fit in on an anonymous message board of all places.

That said, V is the only one that worth it but $2.99 isn't a bad deal for all 5 of them

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but you're being the retarded contrarian right now

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I do agree tactics has some major downsides. The plot goes from being great to completely rushed and half-assed, and grinding can be a grueling and repetitive tasks. It would have been best if the game had been less of a linear RPG in plot progression and more of an overworld strategy game.

It is still a very entertaining title with amazing atmosphere and very good game play.

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Too many of the design choices are way too baffling to even consider it a good.

-Grinding, like you said. If each story mission story mission gave you enough exp. to be high enough level for the next story mission, or the game could have avoided increasing the CPU's level 2+ levels each mission. They could have increased reward JP also, or decrease JP requirements for each ability. As it stands now, you are almost guaranteed to waste a reaction slot just for JP boost. 3 chapters in and you'll barely have enough JP to master 2 classes with JP boost. It completely kills the pacing of the story.

-Difficulty spikes and save states. If you're new to the game and you decide to push through the story levels without grinding, you'll be completely fucked over by the Belias, the Gigas considering the game gives you a save option between two back to back story missions, one being a boss with a huge difficulty spike. If you and your party are level 20, and save before the boss fight, you might as well restart the game because the came throws 4 high health enemies that can one shot you from across the stage. It's the most retard design decision I've ever seen.

-Unit limitation to 5 character slots for each mission with story missions forcing the player to use Ramza every time, will the CPU uses 7-8 units every time. Unit placement is a crap shoot considering you're not even able to look at the map before place units down, making your decisions completely arbitrary since they're no way of knowing where your units are going to wind up until you've played the stage

-Speed stat makes the game rigidly turn based which ultimately hurts the strategy element of the game. Instead of speed effecting movement distance, you have to awkwardly position units, pass turns, and take hits just to get something simple done, this is compounded by how frustrating this game treats height difference between adjacent tiles, putting your units magic or attack out of distance. Bullshit.

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-Level design is horrendous. The team was more concerned with making 3 dimensional isomeric stages for the novelty of it that they forgot to smooth of the geometry enough to avoid blindspots or obfuscation of certain areas of the field, leading the player to constantly be rotating, tilting, and zooming in and out of the board just to see what's going on. It's especially annoying when the CPU is constantly doing the same thing during it's turn. Why? Why does it have to do that? The camera should be in my control, I could care less what the CPU sees.

-Movement and attacking is complete bullshit. I've lost so many turns because I moved my unit to a particular tile just to find out I'm just shy of being in range or because the enemy has a slightly different elevation then me putting them out of attack range. This could be completely avoided if they allowed a player to cancel a movement, like every other SRPG ever made. This is especially annoying considering every turn not spent attacking or using magic is a wasted turn with the way exp. and JP works in this game.

-Player units are completely pointless considering the game hands you more than enough special characters with unique classes to help you through the game. The fact they can change to any other class makes custom units especially pointless. Not only that, you have a very limited amount of units you can have total so why would you have custom units when all the guest characters are on average better and there's more than enough of them to fill all unit slots. Also considering units can disappear forever from battle once defeated without reviving after 3 turns with all the JP you wasted with them meaning you're going to spend a lot of time running around reviving fallen units during battle, especially annoying when at low levels considering they're knocked out again almost immediately.

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And God forbid you actually loss a unit, it's not worth replacing them considering newly recruited custom units start at level one with no option to spend extra gill to place them at the same level as your party's average maximum. This makes replacing units in towns pointless and useless.

-Unit classes are retardedly contrived. Instead of unlocking new classes new classes at certain junctions in the story like in FFV, you have to go through this long contrived chain of mastering or leveling up several different classes just to unlock new classes for that specific unit which makes recruiting new custom units even more pointless. It's overly convoluted for no real reason

-Guest units are retarded and rush in and get immediately slaughtered then run away and do nothing after they've been heavily damaged. i guess they expect you to waste time and resources healing them and reviving them. All they do is limit how many units you can have on the field at once and take away control from the player for even longer than usual. Why couldn't they at least give the player control over them? Fucking annoying

-Story and aesthetics are terrible. Imaginary politics is boring, politics is only interesting given the real life consequence of it all, imaginary politics is pointless and tiring, I just can't bring myself to care. It's especially retarded considering it goes of the rails with hooky shit about demons anyways. Remembering 50 different made up names or people and places gets old quick and the realism of politics mixed with the fantasy element of demons clashes so fucking hard. And both of them do not coincide with the cutesy artstyle at all, which I actually like. Little cute cartoon characters biting it super hard, heavily implied rape of a 13 year old girl, murder, deceit, genocide, death of women and children, betrayal, demons. Why did this game have to be so fucking dark for such an innocent looking game? It's just so jarring.

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TL;DR:Game is a mess of mechanics which plenty of other SRPGs do better and is only popular because of the Final Fantasy name

Inb4: >autism

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Well said. No way I'm going to read through all that autism. The game is fun and enjoyable to play. Get yerself a woman.

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You know how retarded you sound considering you're on an anonymous image board that specifically talks about retro video games. Sever case of, "you're not allow to dislike what I like, everyone here repeats the same unsupported opinion so it's right"

You probably wear khaki shorts and black metal band t-shirts


not an argument

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With all that projection you should open your own drive in.

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How mad can one little man be?

I guess you haven't spamming smug anime images in desperation yet, so I guess that counts for something

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While I do agree that FFT isn't what you'd call a good game I have to disagree with some of your points.
>waste a reaction slot just for JP boost.
The game is piss easy anyway, this is a non issue.
>you'll be completely fucked over by the Belias, the Gigas
There's many stupid ways to get around Belias I don't think it's really as bad as you say, but yes, there is a possibility of permanently fucking your run, I don't personally mind since I'm a glutton for punishment and FFT is so easy that at least could spice up the game, also
>not keeping multiple saves
>Not having a 8 slot Memory Card
>Speed stat makes the game rigidly turn based
It's a tile based game, if SPD affected unit movement as well you'll get shitfests like SRW where all your units could go everywhere and fuck anything over, that's a good concept for something like Langrisser that works on free movement, tile based SRPGs don't benefit from such an idea at all unless you add penalties such as severe weight limitations and that could cause a whole other mess.
>-Player units are completely pointless
This isn't true, by the time you get special units chances are your generics have already better stats and skillsets, I never, ever used any unique but Orlandu in any of my runs because all the uniques suck by the time I get them and their special commands aren't really worthwhile when I've already set a team of super specialized generics.
I'd argue it's the contrary, why should I waste time grinding Mustadio when my archer is already better at everything? Same with Agrias, a few "ranged" attacks aren't worthwhile when my mages have more range and hit harder anyway, and then there's useless garbage like Beowulf or Rafa.
>And God forbid you actually loss a unit
If you manage to lose anyone in this game I don't know what to tell you, I'd have to actively go out of my way to do that.
>Guest units are retarded
Welcome to any SRPG ever.
>It's just so jarring.
Fairy tales are darker than FFT.

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You never need to grind throughout any of the missions to beat the game. FFT is a very flexible game when it comes to party set ups and accommodating the player.

The duel with Wiegraf isn't that hard. Most players shortcomings come from the fact they lack understanding of job cohesion at that point. That is the most punishing part of it but it's very very rare a person would ever be stuck there unless they deliberately set it up so they would be.

I don't see an issue with this at all. The AI cannot compute on the same level a player can so giving them extra units to add to the difficulty, in an already piss easy game, isn't really an issue.

The speed stat and CTs is arguably one of the best reasons about the game and puts it above over T/SRPGs. It makes the combat a lot more engaging when you have to accommodate for it. Which is 'so hard' by pressing left or right on an ability to get a rough idea of when it's coming out.

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Level design is great as is. There's enough nooks and crannies to make the stages feel like real places. There is never really a moment you can't see where you're going effectively enough. The CPU being able to move the camera so you can see what they're doing better is a bad decision? It's something to aid the player in understanding what's going on.

So what you're saying is you're bad at the game and don't take into account your actions before you do them? It's very easy to just press select and do a little mental math. It's not that hard.

Except most of those special characters won't be useful compared to your generics unless you go out of your way to do so. There are only two great custom classes in the main storyline of the game that surpass normal units out of the box: Agrais and Orlandu.You have to go out of your way to power them up and most of the time it isn't even worth it. The only other arguably great unit comes from a side quest you can do at the end of the game.

Having permadeath isn't a bad mechanic. Plan ahead better and accommodate that units will end up going down in battle.It's not like they're outright letting them die as they would in Fire Emblem. It's a very generous game in that regard.

>> No.3447587

You can always reset or absorb their crystal for their abilities if they happen to drop.

So it's retarded that classes build on top of one another? I have no issue with how FFV did it, but, it wouldn't make sense in the world of Ivalice for it do so as is. There is nothing wrong with seeing cool new jobs by letting your units branch out and explore other roles.

Guests are retarded in every game, this isn't really a Tactics exclusive issue. You can also manipulate their AI really easily as well with a little know how. Even without that though everything in the game is doable even with their stupidity.

The story is fine the way it is. You don't need to memorize the names of everyone in the game to get the gist of how it all plays out. It's ultimately a story showing how two different men went to accomplishing their goals and the contrasts between those methods.

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TL;DR: It just sound like you're trash at this game and internalized it as the game being bad instead of you accepting that you couldn't really play it that well.

I assume it isn't bait, since you put so much effort into it, but I still see your opinions coming from a lack of skill and knowledge more than actual valid criticisms.

>> No.3447621

>It's not like they're outright letting them die as they would in Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem is a terrible series that relies too heavily on critical hits turning the game into a pure headache. From what I can tell from playing Rekka No Ken, the game uses a pseudo-RNG to determine the outcome of each encounter which is based on which units you're using, which level they're at, where they start and move to, which order they move in, and the equipment they use. In essence, you will end up with the exact same scenario playing out every battle if they're played identically. It's pure trial and error bullshit if played straight and the easiest way to play through the game is to juice up a handful of units or just one and destroy everything in sight with it.

Shitty game desu

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>hurr durr git gud

lol reported

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And you would be right with your assessment in that regard. It is a much more punishing game than FFT by far. I'm not speaking for whether I like or dislike the series, since I'm pretty neutral on it. I was simply pointing out that it's not unheard of in the genre and the way FFT does it is probably one of the most fair ways it could be done in comparison.

We're all making broad sweeping generalizations about subjects here, I think he can take a little jab to his ego.

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>the enemies look awful

what do you mean? they challenged the polygraphics power of the PS1 pretty damn well. or do you mean they look stupid? well, that's JRPGs in general. SMT demons and meme mythology creatures look fucking dumb as well.

>> No.3449448

>I have never played a JRPG
Is starting with FF1 going to make me hate the genre?

>> No.3449464

Very likely. FFI and other early JRPGs aren't very representative of the genre. FF1 specifically is really a pretty boring game when you get down to it. There are very few decisions to make and the story and setting aren't anything special.

What is making you think of trying a JRPG after all this time? That may give a better indication of your first one to try.

>> No.3449473

You can't reduce any genre to one title.
You can't inherently hate Gradius if you don't like Gyruss just as you can't hate Tekken if you don't like SF and viceversa.

RPGs in general are some of the most varied genres out there, if you don't like FF1 try another one, if you don't dig FF at all try something else, SaGa, DQ, I don't know.

Have you played any RPG?
Just say what you don't like, non linearity, specific stat or level up systems, I don't know.

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Please don't waste your time with even the digital versions of V and VI for PS1. They still have terrible loading times.

>> No.3449491

I just want a game that has a story I can really immerse myself in. I haven't had that feeling since I stopped playing MMOs a few years ago. The only other RPG I can remember playing is Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time.

>> No.3449493

Honestly, most retro JRPG stories are pretty bad when you get down to it. You get maybe 5-10 pages of story total (and that's being generous) over the course of 50-100 hours and it's badly told. Are you emulating? That at least gives more options.

>> No.3449494

FF1 is a pretty archaic game after all is said and done. I love it personally, but I also grew up with it, and I'm not sure I'd feel the same way about it if I played it for the first time today.

A lot of people in north america became acquainted with Final Fantasy after FF7 came out in the west. The game was a smash hit, broke sales records, and was the first game to sell over a million copies on opening day in NA. Which was a huge deal, because the way things were back then, video games (and computers in general) were still a "nerd" thing. Though it was becoming a lot more mainstream, but the release of FF7 sort of marks a turning point I think.

So what I'm saying is I think FF7 is a pretty good entry point into the series if you've never played a final fantasy game before. It has one of the stronger stories in the series, some of the best characters, the materia system is easy to pick up (and way easy to break wide open) and it's very friendly to newcomers of JRPGs. It's a pretty easy game, but not so easy that you'll get bored. There's also a shit-load of endgame optional content you can dig into.

I'm not saying it's the best FF (I'm not sure I could say what is the best FF honestly) but I think it's a great place to start. The one caveat is that it was quite a departure from the series in its own way, so it's not really indicative of the series as a whole.

>> No.3449504

I guess I meant immersing myself in the game world, not necessarily just the story. Yeah I'm emulating, so most games are accessible.

I'll check out FF7

Thanks for the help anons.

>> No.3449514

I should also note I grew up with Final Fantasy as well and still don't consider the first one very good.

I would recommend the Lunar games, Breath of Fire IV, FF VI or VII or IX or Tales of Destiny. Those might be unpopular choices but they all have interesting worlds to explore and immerse yourself in.

>> No.3449843

Best versions of FF1 and FF2? From what I've read the PS1 remake is the best looking and sounding 'vanilla' experience. Or should I go with the NES versions?

>> No.3450042

You might be right for the fact that you can transfer save files across psp, vita and ps3, but transferring save files from psp and emulator might be troublesome, because while psp to emulator isn't a big deal, emulator to psp usually is quite difficult to pull off effectively, If I'm not wrong.

Basically, if I remember correcttly, the save files the psp creates for psx memory cards is read only, which means that if you want to transfer some psx save files from your emulator (Like ePSXe) you might have some trouble

>> No.3450048

PS1 if you can handle the load times, Wonderswan if you speak Moon.

The NES version is really buggy and several things simply do not function, but I think there's a romhack that fixes that

>> No.3450185

GBA without a doubt

>> No.3450261

PSX natively since it uses the charge spell system which is what the game is balanced around.

NES is also an option, but, if you do use a hack that fixes the bugs in it. For example intelligence not adding to spell damage, thief being useless, etc.

There's a few but the first one that comes to mind is something like this:

>> No.3450275

IMO it's a toss-up between PSP and GBA versions. The NES version is a buggy mess (though I still love it) and the Playstation version is riddled with horrendous load times.

The GBA alters the spell charges mechanic in favor of a more traditional flat MP. They also lowered the difficulty dramatically, making stuff like Phoenix Down available, made items way cheaper in general, and added other QoL changes, such as automatic re-targeting if your character tries to attack a monster that's already dead. I might be mistaken, but I think the PSP version stays faithful to the original game on all those fronts, but looks and sounds way way nice.

Neither version is bad, they're both good but different experiences. The GBA is definitely the more "casual" version. A lot easier to cruise through.

There's also some optional super-dungeons in the endgame in both versions.

Here's a pretty nice breakdown of all the version differences:

>> No.3450291

How is the Thief being useless a bug?

>> No.3450308

Beowulf is actually useful with some bosses like the last one, which is very weak against his drains.

>> No.3450314

If you feel FFT is unfair, try Tactics Ogre.

>> No.3450334

Easily NES + Patches. Even if you just fix the bugs, it's well worth it, but there's a lot of other really cool stuff people have done with 1, not so sure about 2 though.

>> No.3450336

Because he's suppose to have some advantages. He's suppose to be able to at least run away from battles easier in FF1, but, even that's bugged and it doesn't matter if you have a thief or not, just who uses the run command if I recall correctly.

Also the bug with critical hits hurts him as well, but, more ninja than anyone else.

He's not unusable as he is now, but, he's basically already gimped enough without the few bugs affecting him.

I don't think he'd enjoy it at all Anon.

>> No.3450345

Tactics Orgre is totally transparent If you have a CS/Math degree and disassemble / reverse engineer the ROM

>> No.3450361

>Lv2 guy against Lv3
>2 damage
Tactics Ogre's damage algorithm is a load of bollocks.

>> No.3450384

>For me its gotta be VI story wise and V gameplay wise.
Good taste anon. I also loved X-2 for its gameplay which reminded me of V.

>> No.3450832


sorry what

>> No.3451460

I'm going to emulate, will that get rid of (or reduce) the load times? If they're really bad I may just play the NES versions with patches.

>> No.3451468

Origins isn't that bad, it's only the ports of the other ones. Origins was made with the PSX in mind so the load times aren't nearly as horrendous.

>> No.3451474

Thanks anon, I checked the version differences page on the wikia and it didn't mention anything changed in the greatest hits version (or v1.1 and 1.2 and they're all 103mb) I guess I can just download the non greatest hits version and not miss out on any revisions?

>> No.3451481

I double checked myself right now and there is nothing you should miss out on. There are no bugs that I know about off the top of my head that would ruin your playing experience.

For Final Fantasy 2, if you choose to play it, try the NES version first though. It's a much different beast than the PSX version for a few different reasons, but, I don't know if you're intending to play it or not. So I won't go too far into it. Have fun Anon.

>> No.3451487

I was gonna play FF2, I'll probably play the NES version since I hear it's a very different FF game and I want to see what it's originally like. Thanks.

>> No.3451851

If you get discouraged by FF2, don't feel bad. It may have a kinda cool story, but it's overall not a very good game. Feels like a very unpolished SaGa game.

>> No.3452360

To add into this most people who don't get into the NES version are usually able to get a lot better results with the other versions since some of the mechanics are altered for ease.

So if you still wanna give it a shot if you give up on it try later versions.

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Why the fuck is that not tetra master they're playing?

>> No.3452415

Who says they aren't?

>> No.3452430

He probably played WotL which raises all the job level requirements for unlocking new jobs. In that version of the game, you kind of have to grind, unfortunately.

>> No.3452442

That anon you're replying to, I have played both WotL and the original Japanese version it is based on. You still do not have to grind to complete the game or unlock new jobs.

Progression in the job tree is slower but it does not invalidate what I said.

>> No.3452458
File: 190 KB, 640x480, tetramaster.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, it appears freya is passing a card to zidane in some kind of "go fish" kind of game. There is never a time where the cards are face down on the board like that. Also, there isn't any kind of grid. Also, the backs of the cards are not he same as the backs of the tetramaster cards.

>> No.3452460

Then, I don't know. Personally, I've never tried a grindless route. It's too much experimenting with different jobs and turning your main trio of generics into overpowered demi-gods. How meticulous do you have to be with your planning to pull off a run like that? Cause I don't wanna reduce the game to a glorified research project.

>> No.3452463

*too much fun

>> No.3452635

It's far from a research project. If you just have a basic understanding of how the game works you can get through it without any grinding. Even without Gain Jp Up, you'll just end up cutting yourself out from options till a bit later in the game.

>> No.3453115
File: 1.57 MB, 1050x1450, 1440362897482.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dunno yall but we need to get some 9 pictures up in this thread.

>> No.3453927

X perfect turn-based combat though. I'm far more concerned over anon having VIII as his gameplay favorite.

>> No.3455046

The only legitimately bad games are XIV (before it was fixed), Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core. Everything else ranges from okay to fantastic.

>> No.3455080

13 is legitimately bad and pre iv is so archaic that it really is beginning to edge on the border of why even bother. otherwise I agree

FE is only more punishing than FFT because it's a rock paper scissors system that's stacked against you 5 to 1. really bad game design imo

>> No.3455171

Pre IV was just Square ripping off Dragon Quest.

Also 13 may have had a laughably bad story (then again so do most FF games) but at least it isn't a borderline unplayable pile of diarrhea like DoC and CC.

>> No.3455304

>V, VI
It's PS1, no. Tons of other options these days, even the shitty looking mobile/steam thing is better than PS1 because of loadtimes and V's unfinished PS1 translation.

If you didn't have it already go ahead. I don't think the pocketstation thing is unlocked like on PC though. Kind of the red herring of the series though.

Go for it if you haven't. You can fix the Thunder Slash glitch yourself and emulate/burn discs if you even care, but you probably shouldn't care because you're going to have Thundaga Sword anyway.

>> No.3455378
File: 89 KB, 640x264, Ff2_logo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Wanna start this but dont know if I should play it on phone or tablet

>> No.3455395
File: 112 KB, 600x942, 1460107370558.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm about to play the NES version Anon, so good luck and have fun.

>> No.3455984

I just got VI on PSN and I dont think the load times are that bad honestly. Only time it loads is after a battle and the load time is only like 3 seconds.

>> No.3456018

the gba with a balance patch is my favourite version

>> No.3456027

It runs a fuckton better off a hard drive

>> No.3456059

which dragon quest did FFII rip off?

>> No.3456090
File: 593 KB, 1464x2071, 1465343595103.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

VIII is my favorite but I admit it's a horribly flawed piece of fuck.

I've also played to completion and enjoyed I, VI, VII, IX, X, and XII.

>> No.3456183

I feel like XII is un-appreciated. I love that game. It's pretty weird and the story is kind of a mess, but the atmosphere and setting is so fun to explore, and the battles were fun again after getting so repetitive in previous games.

>> No.3456245

Never could get into V for some reason. I really enjoyed some moments like the Fire Crystal escape sequence when that Bounty Hunter comes out of nowhere and tries to kill you for literally no discernible reason then never returns after he's defeated.

I think it just comes down to characters for me. I liked Faris but found the rest of the crew to be really generic. I know I'm probably missing out on some cool villains like Gilgamesh and Exdeath

>> No.3456907


>> No.3456954

How is CC unplayable?

>> No.3457553

prove that its worth playing first, faggot
I actually unironically enjoyed most CC aside from some of the Aerith parts and the ending

>> No.3457620

VIII is still my favorite. Here's hoping FFXV is good, fellas.

>> No.3457778

The gameplay was just really badly executed. Ungodly encounter rate, slow and unresponsive controls (it takes Zack 3 seconds to swing the sword after pressing the X button), the laziest level design in the entire series barring FF10 and 13, and that DMW slot machine bullshit constantly popping up and interrupting the gameplay every 15 seconds whether you want it to or not.

>> No.3457786

if you're getting started on RPGs, I'd recommend ff4, ff6, and chrono trigger.

btw, best possible parties for ff1:



>> No.3457795

I've been thinking of trying some FF1 hacks with the extra classes added. Like Negative Zero and Ultima. Do you have any experience with them friend?

>> No.3457806

I haven't, but they're probably worth trying. the hardtype hacks for Chrono Trigger (eg level zero) are worth playing.

ff1 feels archaic, but it can be fun and it has atmosphere. the random encounters can be tedious though.

>> No.3457812

Yeah, I've done Level Zero before, it was actually pretty fun. I was just interested since they take the initial 6 classes and doubles it to 12 which I thought was interesting. I can imagine that leads to some bugs though.

I find FF1 pretty fun though regardless of how archaic it is, it's just a unique experience to me that isn't really found anymore. At least I haven't been able to find a game like it in a while.

>> No.3457824

it's challenging, you get lots of replay value with the different classes, great atmosphere/music/etc. in spite of its flaws, its pretty good for what it is.

>> No.3457845

Yeah, which is why those hacks interested me. If the classes are even remotely balanced I can see it being an interesting what if scenario for it. I'll probably end up patching some and then reporting back here how I feel about each of them I guess.

>> No.3458427

IV a best

>> No.3458469

>download 8
>watch all the intros
>get bored
>stop playing

>> No.3458489

I don't think those give an accurate portrayal of the game. VIII to me was defined in the various little towns you spend time in as well as the Garden. A lot of anons would describe it as comfy. I just found it to be intensely melancholic and dream-like. I couldn't bring myself to finish it after I found out about the ending. It wouldn't have done the game justice and I didn't want it to be over

>> No.3458490


FF8's problem is it's all slapped onto a hopelessly broken system. You can get Squal's second best weapon in the game before you fight Ifrit and leveling has no meaning. It feels like a square peg hammered into a round hole.

>> No.3458496


X has the best battle system plain and simple.

>> No.3458506

>while bosses were pretty easy overall if you know the "trick" to each fight (and figuring out the trick was never that difficult).

You just described every Final Fantasy game.

>> No.3458512

Both X and X-2 have the most polished battle systems for turnbased and ATB, respectively. Its a shame everything else about them was horseshit

>> No.3458525


9 also had the most infuriating side quests of any FF. So much fucking digging.

>> No.3458535
File: 115 KB, 640x640, 1440284829246.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he didn't like Chocobo Hot & Cold

The rewards were worth it, anon.

>> No.3458536

I liked IX's atmosphere and its faithfulness to the oldies but they failed to make characters that lived up to challenge.

>> No.3458542


It's like all the work was spent on the first hour of the game and nothing else but damn those fights felt polished.

>> No.3458872
File: 183 KB, 400x600, 1455344899998.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>btw, best possible parties for ff1:

>> No.3459094
File: 43 KB, 400x400, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So playing FFRK made me realize that I've never finished XII. It's been years since I played it and I'm quite enjoying the cast. I'm not very far in I just got to the "twin!" Reveal. The game is very engaging. most of the time when I play FF games I reach the point when all I do is set it to memory and spam/hold the A button. Anywho just wanted to bump the thread. Also Fran voice mmmmmm.

>> No.3459320

>that voice
>not that everything
Can't fucking wait for the Remaster to get my furry on

>> No.3459337
File: 69 KB, 550x344, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was thinking of holding out for the remaster. But this is SE we won't see that game till winter of 2017. And I love how every time Fran is on screen they have to show her from the back first. Pure bliss.

>> No.3459790 [DELETED] 

I'll admit, bals to the wall is pretty funny. but in actual real life, the parties I posted are optimized.

>> No.3459793

I'll admit, bals to the wall is pretty funny. but in actual real life, the parties I posted are optimal.

>> No.3461514
File: 102 KB, 350x400, 1447485847124.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really wish Black Mage was better to be honest. He has such a cool little sprite. Not that he's unusable, but, he just isn't that good.

>> No.3461989

IV's polish makes it great

>> No.3464887

meh i dont care sorry

>> No.3464974
File: 66 KB, 300x225, Really nigger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>FF8's problem is it's all slapped onto a hopelessly broken system.
Just like every FF game, how quaint.
>and leveling has no meaning.
And how is this bad?

You're seriously telling me that if you know how to play the game and exploit it the game is bad?
You do realize nobody can figure out anything people rant on here on the first playthrough without using a guide? Or do you expect people to magically know where to farm cards, which cards you need and let alone that you don't even need magazines to access weapon upgrades.

You're getting really sad /vr/, first you don't even know how to play FFII so that you actively go out of your way to hit yourself instead of using the right monsters, then you bitch about FFVIII being broken after reading everything about it on the internet.
You are literally becoming /v/ 3.0, next you'll tell me Wizardry IV is broken because there are certain party formations that are vastly superior to others and it's easy to solve the puzzles with maps and walkthroughs.

>> No.3465198
File: 187 KB, 450x590, ff5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's your favorite ending sequence in FF?

I'm listening to the 4 ending themes of FF5 right now. Reminds me of why I love replaying the game.

>> No.3465937

>At least it doesn't look and sound wrong like the GBA.

The PSX versions sound just as bad or worse than the GBA version, because either the sound emulation was shit or they tried recreating the music with the PSX sound engine.

Go compare the SPC rips of FFV with the PSF rips from Anthology. The PSF sounds like total shit.

>> No.3466079

Imo entry level does not equal bad, entry level rpg games are usually that popular die to high quality, where going off the beaten path may have some questionable quality games before you find a gem.

>> No.3466213
File: 102 KB, 640x480, cloud doesn't care.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3466263

FFIV on PSX manages to sound correct because they chose to stream the music from the disc instead of try to emulate it with the PSX sound engine like with FFV and FFVI

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