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How is this game so perfect?

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Atmosphere And Style

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Exoddus is perfecter tho

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Good gameplay too, one of the better puzzle/platformers (if that's the proper genre name)

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The music was pretty good too.

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I like how when something happens, it plays a corresponding tune.
Really added to the tension

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What went wrong?

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Gameplay-wise, I think the "lemmings" formula sucks in 3D.
Story-wise: Not enough Abe speaking in rhymes

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As with numerous once great franchises, it was released on the xbox

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Just recently played it trying to get all the mudokens and missed fucking 2. Wish you could go back to areas you missed.

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>it was released on the xbox
Orta was great though

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>Actually giving a lazy /v/ post like that a response

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It isn't.

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Its cool or whatever but way too
>either memorize everything or lose

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True, this game has no remorse for fucking up but that's what I like about it.

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That's called die and retry, which is pretty well executed in this case.

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