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All right, I've fallen into /vr/ memes and bought the ultimate gaming system (guess which).
Should I get Ethernet adapter?
Your favorite games?
Also, thread.

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Cool, it's almost like an upgrade so your Dreamcast can play DVDs

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Just don't buy Shenmue. That game is insufferable shit garbage for degenerate dumpster people. Get Jet Set Radio.

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>Just don't buy Shenmue
It's too late, I bought the console with backuped Shenmue.

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Get typing of the dead and a keyboard

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Shut yor mauth, Shenmue (and escpecially 2) are better games than Jet Set Radio

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inb4 that sperglord from the Shenmue thread

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>Should I get Ethernet adapter?
Literally no point.

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Lol Shenmue is marginally better than being kicked in the face by a horse.

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An ethernet adapter will cost you more than a phone line emulator, which will let you use all of your analog modems on your modern network. Get a VGA adapter if you haven't yet. Also, comparing Jet Set Radio to Shenmue is dumb.

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> An ethernet adapter will cost you more than a phone line emulator, which will let you use all of your analog modems on your modern network
Elaborate please
I don't know what's that.

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A phone line emulator is a piece of hardware that can trick analog modems into thinking they're connected to an analog phone line when they're really just connected to each other.

>Dreamcast thinks it's dialing an ISP
>PC thinks it's receiving a phone call
>Share Internet connection

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This is bait.

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>Jet Set Radio

Archaic piece of trash. Future is superior.

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Oh I agree wholeheartedly! I'd take Future any day! It's exponentially better! But we're recommending Dreamcast games here.

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Future has shit level design. See the entire pyramid chapter.

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It's weird how you can have an opinion that's objectively wrong.

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>Just don't buy Shenmue
>Get Jet Set Radio.

Im confused

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Don't buy bad games.

Buy good games.

It's literally that simple.

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Agree with you with everything except the graphics.

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So, a regular modem will work?
By the way, does anybody ever play Dreamcast over Internet?

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Not OP, but is Skies of Arcadia actually worthwhile for the asking price? I'm kinda iffy on most longform RPG's these days, is the plot cohesive at least?

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You can do that with normal modems dipshit, how old are you, 16?

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No need for namecalling buddy, he probably was only suggesting an easy method.

as for >>3413091
you can also just hook it straight into your computer without an intermediary by following this guide: http://www.dreamcast-scene.com/guides/pc-dc-server-guide-win7/

There a few other ones floating around for older OS's, I personally have mine set up on a win98 machine.

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I burned a disc from an image, and it failed to be verified. What do?

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Kill yourself nigger, you already have the Shenmue thread to shitpost in.

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why can't he just play it on the PC? the PC port is good, and it's much, much more confortable to play on it.

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16 year olds don't know what a dial tone or ring voltage are and neither do you. Just because a Dreamcast can be tricked into connecting without them doesn't mean other devices can.

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What can you do with an internet connected DC in 2016?

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Play Phantasy Star Online which tbqh is better on GC or PC. My characters from back in the day are long gone from my shitty multi-page memory card.

There are Quake 3 servers as well but again probably better on PC. I must say even though I love my DC, I've been gaming on my retro gaming PC a lot more. Probably just because I missed out on so many of those games back in the day.

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Get Shenmue 1 undubbed and Shenmue 2 PAL. Best voices, english subs.

Don't get the BBA, only a limited number of games are compatible with it.

Get El Bucanero's VMU backup CD.

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Memory card seems to work but it doesn't appear in memcard menu. What do?

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It's worth it. Then again, not like there's much to choose from with DC's JRPG library. And yes, the story is the game's strongest point.

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Remember that there is a better GC version.

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GC has worse audio and DC will look way better provided he has a VGA box. Plus the DC version's DLC is easily obtainable these days if you have a blank CD-R lying around. The only matter left is the encounter rates, but I never found them to be that bad.

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>DC will look way better provided he has a VGA box
What if he plays the GC version in 480p in a Wii?

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Stop undermining his self-validation.

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GC version doesn't even support 480p

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>muh armchair psychology

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Turns your computer into a ISP to bridge your cable/DSL or whatever to a modem.

There are some no effort solutions people have been doing with the raspberry pi.

A broadband adapter is mad cool though. But overall online isn't going to exactly be that exciting for the most part.

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I have a hacked Xbox and can't fucking find a iso of this game. Literally the only reason I bought this Xbox.....

What happened to Xbox piracy? Is it really only on private trackers now?

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How can I find a ISO for Metal Wolf Chaos but you can't find one for JSRF?

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If your GDROM optical drive goes, replace it with the USB emulator.

You can load your isos onto a usb stick and play them on the dreamcast

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Where did you find it?

I'm amazed I haven't found a working torrent or link.

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I have a Dreamcast with the stand. Jealous?

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Got a guide? My DC's optical drive is in rough shape

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I was only asking about the dreamcast version, I don't own a nintendo home console past the SNES.

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Opinions you don't like aren't bait.


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