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That time of the month, a bunch of fan translations were released:


> Comet Summoner (English)(Fully Playable)(PC)
> Hyper Iria (English)(Fully Playable)(SNES)
> Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare (Spanish)(Fully Playable)(DC)
> Frame Gride (English)(Fully Playable)(DC)
> Thousand Land (English)(Unfinished)(XBOX)
> Clock Tower: The First Fear (Spanish)(Fully Playable)(PSX)
> Scooby-Doo Mystery (Spanish)(Fully Playable)(GEN)
>The Wild Rings (English)(Unfinished)(XBOX)
> Kikou Heidan J-Phoenix + (English)(Unfinished)(XBOX)
> Bucky O’Hare (Finnish)(Fully Playable)(NES)
> Nintendo World Cup (English)(Unfinished)(NES)
> Final Fantasy IV (Russian)(Fully Playable)(NDS)
> Emily The Strange: Strangerous (Russian)(Fully Playable)(NDS)
> Wizardry: Seimei no Kusabi (English)(Unfinished)(NDS)
> Super Pitfall (Portuguese)(Fully Playable)(NES)
> Ikusa Megami ZERO (English)(Fully Playable)(PC)
> Pokey (Hungarian)(Fully Playable)(NES)
> Ankoku Shinwa: Yamato Takeru Densetsu (English)(Addendum)(NES)

Also other romhacks: http://www.romhacking.net/news/1754/

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A new patch was also released for the PS1 game, Tear Ring Saga.
It's the fire emblem creator's first game after leaving nintendo.

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Not retro.

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It's fucking nothing.

Who even plays Hungarian translations? You'd think the five Hungarians interested in retro games would know several languages.

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I last saw Batman released in Esperanto.

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The non-english projects usually come from previous english translations, so no harm no foul, it just isn't for you.

The rare times an original non-english translation pops up it usually just gets re-translated to english anyway, so what exactly are you complaining about.

Besides it's free shit, never be a dummy and complain about free that some passionate hobbyist is doing in their spare time. Just be grateful the romhacking scene is still thriving, my generation isn't getting any younger and as older as we get surely the newer generations will be more interested in translating games from their childhood, and lesser older games. So translating retro games is essentially a ticking time bomb.

Besides, Frame Gride and Hyper Iria seem kinda interesting, albeit not really my cup of tea.

Be grateful ya little cunt

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Re-translations are horrible.
People playing translations are deluding themselves, you may as well make the text up yourself if you can't read the original language.

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That's the most elitist thing I've ever heard. Also, what about games that only need menu and item translations? Surely Frame Gride's translation is worthwhile mechanically.

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Been waiting on hyper iria since I was about 10. Love that fukken series. The game ain't bad.

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The games don't need translations, idiots need them.

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Too obvious now, went a bit too far. Re-form and try again in a later thread

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I feel bad for people who have to rely on this shit.

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I feel like a tardy for asking, but how do you patch a snes rom with an English translation?

I've played through FE4 and Front Mission, with the roms of both already being pre-painted.

I've been able to patch rom hacks for SMW and Super Metroid successfully too.

But I can't get the tactics ogre English patch to work with my rom, and I have to patch it since I'm wanting to play it on retropie. Anyone care to talk me through it? Which program works the best?

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*pre-patched. Fuggn autocorrect

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>You'd think the five Hungarians interested in retro games would know several languages.

10 million hungarias
10-15 million of each: swedes, finns, switz, norw...
400 million native english speakers between UK CA USA.

if theres 5 hungarias perhaps there are only 150 unitedstadian interesting in retrogames, why even translate at all?

why do these morons even write in non english wikipedia, or teach their sons and daughters non-english languages RIGHT? fukken waste of time

oh wait, 500 million native spanish speakers, damn, why do chinese imageboard postadores desperdiçam tiempo hablando ingles quando deberiam hablar la lingua española

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>or teach their sons and daughters non-english languages RIGHT?
So they can understand material from other languages.
My children learn English before they even enter school and are prohibited from watching dubs.

Most people I know use the English language Wikipedia first and only check other languages for appropriate topics.

>why even translate at all?
That's the point, it shouldn't be translated.

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Is there a translation for the United States Presidential Race?

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Too many kanji for translators.

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It's a simulation of the 1988 U.S. Presidential Race.

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>Hyper Iria (English)(Fully Playable)(SNES)
Fuckin' eh. I just tried this game a few months ago and couldn't figure out where the fuck I was supposed to go. What I thought was just useless story was actually important directions. Time to really sink my teeth into this one. Thanks for the heads up, OP.

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>> Hyper Iria (English)(Fully Playable)(SNES)

FUCKING A! Iria is awesome

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Is Suzuki based on a particular Japanese figure or was he made up for the game? Also weird to see Margaret Thatcher as a candidate too.

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Where is this by the way, I can't seem to find it. I can only find the older one.

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Are you checking if the translation requires a header or not?

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you'd think faggots waiting for translations would just learn japanese

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Found my next game to play.

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The think as long as games are getting translated they just have to wait long enough.

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Probably, yeah. I got that error message and have no idea what it means.

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I've never heard of that game before this thread but it looks awesome. Just got a fresh stack of cd-rs too. Definitely going to play.

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sorry for the late response

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frame gride translated before metal wolf chaos, what the fuuuuck

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idgi a full frame gride translation has been around since 2011

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You know what you could do? Ask these fellers for their sources and just maybe by showing some iota of an effort translate these to english. It'd be a miracle, but still.

Hell, you know what I'd do if I was a neet? Superfluous shit like learning japanese and translating games all day. I could be doing that right now but I lack the interest because I don't get to dedicate all my time to the hobby. Anybody else have this problem?
>I don't want to try because I wouldn't get to do it all day.

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It means you need a rom that's either header or not. A header rom is slightly different in size and it changes where all the text is located for the translation.

So if the TO translation you're using requires a header rom or a non-header rom, try finding one of those through Google and then applying. The translation itself should state what type of rom you need in the read me.

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Cool, thanks

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Even got a game on the PS1.

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That one seems to be based more on the movie

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>Frame Gride
That happened about 100 years ago, took them fucking long enough to catch up.

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Did that SotC-esque DS rpg ever get a translation?

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Do they still make election simulators?