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Are the Wild Arms games worth playing? I vaguely remember playing a copy at a gamestop or Walmart or something but I don't remember hearing much about them. I was all about Final Fantasy at the time.

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I never finished the 2nd one. But i love the first one. Out of Combat items for solving puzzles, vehicles on the world map, learning sword techniques, new summons, and find new guns for your heroes. I dont remember the first one having a bad story but i havent played the game in over 12 years.

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Very yes.

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Wild Arms 2 is a very good game. I played it for the first time a few months ago, and was surprised how interesting the characters and plot are. The translation ranges from mediocre to really bad, but nothing that will hinder your progress (actually, there's a single puzzle that may be confusing...).

There's a lot of "taboo" themes in it too, like genocide, incest, homosexuality (and I don't mean Brad, that's a mistranslation). The characters are much more ground in reality than in idealism. The theme of the game is "what is a hero".

I can't say much for WA1. I've played it more than 10 years ago, so I don't remember a lot.

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>I was all about Final Fantasy at the time.
That's explains the Wild Arms experience so very well. They were often considered an RPG series to just hold you over between FF releases. but they're great games in their own right (Except 4, which is rather 'meh') But in short, definitely check them out, including 3-5 on the PS2.

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These are probably some of my favorite RPGs to explore in

Just exploring optional areas on the world map and finding secrets and items in dungeons was very rewarding and fun

You'd even get rewarded with super cool secret bosses and in-game lore too

Like shit the lore in the first Wild Arms is so fucking good

Some people don't like the graphics in the first one's battles but I personally really loved the Kaiju/Tokusatsu style of everything, and the second one even throws in a badass kamen-rider type character for you to use.

There's lots of classic tokusatsu themes in the series like cyborgs and body modification and legendary heroes and enemies, even does the 4 demon generals thing and slapstick recurring villains

like jesus I love it so fucking much

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That one puzzle relies on you somehow having specific knowledge of norse mythology/the origin for the names of the anglican days of the week, and it really comes out of nowhere seeing as it's not actually based in the in-game mythology or anything

it's really bizarre because none of the other games do that ever, someone just dropped a mythology major real life riddle on your ass for no reason

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>tfw I was that kid who liked Wild Arms and SaGa Frontier and shit more than the Final Fantasies
m-memories to last a lifetime

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>Kaiju/Tokusatsu style
thought I'm the only one getting that impression

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I've watched some gameplay of the first two games and it looks fairly decent. However please tell me, are these games somehow connected by the plot? Can I just go straight to the Wild Arms 2 and understand wth is going on or I have start with the first one?

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Great games, really, known for awesome music and the tool system which pretty much makes every character fun to play as and necessary to play as for that matter. The games had the misfortune of looking really, really ugly for the years they were released in. At least WA1 and 2. 2 should have been a master piece. It is a fantastic game with great characters, awesome story, great music and exploration galore, but it's translation is nothing short of criminal, and graphically it is very underwhelming for the year it was released in.

WA1 is a classic, and it's remake for the PS2 is also very, very good. It has one of the best intro themes in a video game ever made, the characters are loveable, the plot is alright but as another anon said, the stuff you find through books and lore is what makes it stand out.

The PS2 games are a bit different, and to some they might seem too different, but they are still great. I was not much of a fan of 3 in the begining, but it grew on me and it has a nice story as well. 4 is the black sheep of the franchise due to a very changed battle system and trying some new things. It is probably worse than the others, but it still has one of the better endings and is, underneath it's light exterior a fucking depressing game.

Didn't yet play V or the PsP one but I heard good things of both.

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Each game is its own thing and happens in an alternate planet.

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Don't think that's true. In fact, pretty sure there are books that reference characters and/or events in some sequels.

But yes, you can play the games in any order since they are mostly self contained stories. Still, villains in some games are the same they were in the previous ones, even if they don't make a connection to their previously appearing.

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1 is can't stop playing tier. Others aren't as great.

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Each game is a different rendition of the same basic plot outline, which slowly becomes apparent and more clear the more of the games you play. They are not directly connected stories nor are they even necessarily in the same continuity, but every entry references earlier titles and pays homage to recurring themes and ideas the same way Final Fantasy does.

You will enjoy the games regardless of what order you play them in, but you might enjoy them more if you play them in order.

In particular, you should really play WA before WA3, and you should really play the first 4 games to get the most out of all the extras and costume cameos and little nods in WA5. I'd also recommend not playing Alter Code F until you've played the original, not that either one is definitively better than the other, I just find the storytelling and character relationships to be a lot better in the original, even if the combat is probably not, and they'd be spoiled if you played ACF first. On the other hand, while ACF sort of flubs some scenes and character developments, it goes into more detail on certain parts of the plot that the original didn't dive into as heavily, and probably enriches the experience of playing both if you end up playing it after. The riddles and dungeon designs in the first game are also really nice, even if the ability to avoid random battles comes a bit late.

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it really is one of my favorite games of all time

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Zed vs Liz & Ard
who loses?


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The games themselves all take place in the same world, Filgaia. Although there are no direct references from one game to another, you may find a side character from a prior title mentioned in a book in a later title. The story itself of the titles mostly repeats (world slowly recovering from a disaster) although some of them have a different take on it, so you don't know if they're all referring to the same disaster or not. My take on it is that they're not, because WA2 happens a century after its "disaster", and people in-game still remember some of it.

WA2 references that one of the reasons for the disaster was nuclear weapons (they're a little...different in Filgaia), but other games make it seem like it was a cataclysm or human extinction event that was unavoidable (meteor, asteroid).

One point that can maybe tie the games together are the Guardians (summons trapped in stones). One of them features in the first games in the series, and it's confirmed it's in fact the same Guardian.

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They don't take place on the same world.

They do call their world the same thing though.

Every game takes place on a faraway planet (Hence, "Far-Gaia") colonized by humans after migrating through space. The planets are terraformed with nanotechnology, and the people modified themselves with the same technology to survive the voyage through space and the eventual hardship upon making planetfall.

Some of them might take place on the same world, but it's probably more correct to consider them alternate universes of the same event.

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Then why reference some events or characters in installments that happened in previous titles if it has nothing to do with each other? Pure fan service?

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idk m8 why do they do it in Final Fantasy?

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Liz & Ard, only because their poetry sounds like such jibberish in the English translation that Zed gets confused to the point of brain aneurism.

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I still have to finish the first one. I got pretty far in it already.

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3 > 1 > 5 > 2 > 4

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It's not really jibberish

even in Japanese it doesn't make sense if you don't understand historical Japanese poetry

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Criminally underrated series.

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Play Them, 1 might be a bit arid (The 2D graphics were great but the 3d battles looked horrible) but had great music and characters. You can consider playing the PS2 remake if you are inclined.

2 is wonderful, the battles were a lot more fluid than 1, even though it was a bit melodramatic at times.

3 is my favorite of the ps1/ps2 era. Now games get all high and mighty for having a "strong independent woman" as main character, but this game did it, and wonderfuly, in 2002.

It sad how Sony has buried this series. When they released sony super smash bros, I was expecting to have a few characters from this series. NOT A SINGLE ONE, sony ffs.

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I'm playing through Wild Arms 2 right now and it's pretty good. Story's pretty alright and I like the games style. Best part is the characters tools and their use in solving puzzles.

My one issue with it though is how pitifully easy the combat is. All random encounters are killed in one hit and boss fights are done in a few turns with little risk. Makes it kinda boring.

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Wild Arms 3 is a lot better on the combat. If you don't GRIND GRIND GRIND for gella and levels, the bosses end up being these real satisfying puzzle-fights.

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There's a rumor about a new Wild Arms beign in production for the PS4. Maybe they're going to announce something for the 20th anniversary this December.

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The first WIld Arms is objectively awesome. It doesn't get nearly enough love

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If that's true that'd be a system-selling game for me... assuming the reviews are favorable, of course.

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idk about a new wild arms, but media vision is working on a more traditional type of rpg set in the valkyria chronicles universe, that seems to have some wild arms stylings

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I don't get the love for 3's gameplay. I can't stand the insanely high encounter rates. It'd be a lot better without the cruddy ECN gauge thing and it just let you skip over most regular encounters like the second one did.

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The rates are high because you can stop more than half of them. You can even screen out low level encounters completely for free. You can even level yourself crazy fast if you have any idea what you're doing, letting you skip more encounters more sooner.

I don't know what you're complaining about.

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I am playing the first one and loving it, my only complaint with the game has a serious case of what the fuck do I do now? 3 times I have had to check a walk-through

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Anyone got some rad art?

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I'd use that guide to look up how to get the Death Rune. Pretty much the only thing you can't go back for, and it's one hell of a magic boost.

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FUCK YEAH I got rad art! Are you MAN enough to handle gardening?

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1 is excellent. The graphics haven't aged well (especially the 3D battles) but the story and characters are very solid, with a seriously shocking twist.

1 got remade for PS2 as Alter Code F with fully 3D graphics, tons of new content (including playable characters) and minor story changes. A lot of people prefer the original because of nostalgia reasons but also because the story is handled much better, especially the twist.

2 is my personal favorite, it has a really solid cast and utterly unique world, a lot of fun overworld stuff to do, actually challenging dungeon puzzles, and the 3D graphics aren't solid. The story gets a little too "anime" sometimes but most of it is very good.

3 is weird in terms of mechanics, especially the way you move through the overworld, but it gets better over time. The characters are hit or miss, but the hits are fantastic. The combat has also been refined to make it more tactical. The story seems kind of muted unless you really pay attention, the game also encourages you to replay it in order to find some easter eggs and foreshadowing.

4 has a really stupid story that tried a little bit too hard to be like Final Fantasy I think, the main cast is okay. I thought it was decent but not overwhelming. It also introduced a new combat system that basically takes positioning into account, some people like it and others think it's unnecessarily complicated.

5 is really average in terms of story and characters, but has nice graphics and the combat system from 4 has been improved. It's basically a huge nostalgiafest for longtime fans so you won't get much out of it unless you've played the previous games. Everything is polished but feels kinda "generic," and the encounter rate is stupid.

There's a PSP game as well but I haven't played it. Overall a solid JRPG series that got lost after the sixth console generation, much like Breath of Fire, Suikoden, Star Ocean, etc

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The PSP game is an SRPG. It references the other games a lot.

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What? You didn't talk about the anime too?

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Sorry, friend. Seems like your fingers did it wrongly. Clearly you meant

2>1>Alter Code F>3>5>4

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So, main three tier list?

Main three being the protagonist, the badass and the usually ditzy mage

Protagonist:Shockingly, I might even go with Virginia Maxwell

Badass: Brad Evans all the way, with Jack being a strong contender.

Mage: Gonna go with Lilika here.

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Protagonist: Wild Arms ensemble trio are just perfect
Badass: Missile Puncher. Honorable Mention to Maya Schrodinger, Brad Evans, and of course Rudy when he goes full Guts mode and cuts that shit off like a beast.
Magician: Cecillia. Only 2D girls can be this pure.
Ship: RudyxCecillia. Honorable Mentions are BradxBilly, VirginiaxJet, and RaquelxArnaud

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You disgust me.

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because it's gay or because it's masc4masc

because I can understand if it's the second one

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Because it is wrong, as was explicity proven that Brad was not gay. If it's your wishful thinking, then I don't have a problem with it. Always thought of Brad as clearly asexual really. Too brooding and angry for that.

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there are probably more than a hundred games and anime where the characters are gay and the public material has to explicitly state that they're totally not gay

that's what kind of country Japan is, the dreams of the developer are crushed by the conservative investors, they're old guys who put on a sour face when they think about our generation liking gay things

just imagine a japanese clint eastwood walking up and being like "no don't be such a faggot change that shit"

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Not him but please shut the fuck up, you're clearly talking out of your ass to justify your Working Design gay meme.

>> No.3412003

if he's not gay why doesn't he like girls

even Tim likes girls

>> No.3412006

I told you, shut the fuck up.

You're making assumptions based on WD terrible translation without having played the original.

You're telling me any male character who's not explicitly drooling on women is gay by default.

Is Buttz gay for you because there's no romance in FFV? Fuck off already, if a character is gay you can be sure japanese of all people wouldn't have a problem with that, there are tons of games with explicit gay or lesbian characters that came before WA2, stop being a fucking retard.

>> No.3412008

That's a dumb rationalisation. He's not gay because Sony said he's not gay. And to answer why hje doesn't "like" girls it's because he doesn't like anything. Being betrayed by the country you gave your everything for tends to make you a bit jaded towards society in general.

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sounds like japanese clint eastwood isnt doing a good enough job. jap games are full of gay shit.

>> No.3412012

I think the fact that you're so upset about it probably means that somewhere in your own feelings you know the truth. If I keep arguing with you now it feels like bullying.

>Japan doesn't censor homosexuality

wew lad. Homosexuality might be rampant in Japan's history and media, but it's always downplayed and censored unless it's specifically targeted at fujoshi or fudanshi.

Wild Arms is like two steps away from being as much josei as it is seinen anyway, I don't know why this is so hard for you to accept.

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faggots turning every discussion into justifying his existence

>> No.3412021

The fact I'm upset is that you're pushing a literal lie just for the hell of it and you yet again confirm that you don't know shit about what youre talking about.

You base your idea and argument of a character being homosexual on a shitty translation instead of using the original script when the theory was debunked by the devs a long time ago.

You claim that homosexuality is downplayed or censored when games like Cho Aniki exist, when SaGa Frontier, one of the best selling PS RPGs in japan, had an explicit lesbian main character and an outspoken bisexual in the same cast and even Chrono Trigger had an okama, and even to this day many RPGs like Elminage even give the Okama option when choosing genders for your character.

You literally pull off the same old stale fujoshi meme like an underage /a/utist when you can't even put it in context and say dumb shit like Wild Arms being either a josei or a seinen when such categories not only do not apply to videogames but the old ratings straight tell you you're full of shit.

I'm upset because you're spouting gibberish while being a dumb ignorant faggot, and your dumb ignorant ass will keep on spreading lies and wrong ideas all over the internet like those chucklefucks at tvtropes.

>> No.3412029

In Chrono Trigger it's treated as a joke, in Cho Aniki it's treated as a joke, and Cho Aniki is not a popular or mainstream game. Asellus' homosexuality is downplayed and never explicit, it has to be subtley implied or given weight with porno book easter eggs. Even then in the context of the plot homosexuality is literally a disease that she caught. Elminage was released 10 years after WA2.

WA2 is by far the most josei story out of all the Wild Arms games including the ones that star women or are written by actual female novelists.

If you had to name the two biggest influences it would be fucking Sailor Moon and the Violinist of Hamelin, and you're trying to tell me that you're not playing an RPG series for girls with gay characters in it. Lets never even mind that -every single other character in the party- has a sexually themed subplot.

>> No.3412051

Okay, faggotry or lack of it aside, what was the most epic moment for you in a WA game. I am torn between Brad unleashing the railgun for the first time, last battle in WA2, missle punch, or Boomerang Flash battle.

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>In Chrono Trigger it's treated as a joke
It's not treated as a joke at all, in fact it's not treated, period, it's just there free for you to interpret.
>in Cho Aniki it's treated as a joke, and Cho Aniki is not a popular or mainstream game
Cho Aniki is arguably very popular considering it's still alive to this day and referenced even in games like Langrisser, let alone Tohou games.
>Asellus' homosexuality is downplayed and never explicit
Have you even played the game?
How is her crying over White Rose and having an explicit full lesbian harem with wives downplayed or subtle? How is Zozma(someone who previously told her that human gender distinctions are "curious") telling her that she should be more honest with herself when she tells him that White Rose was only a sister to her, downplayed or subtle?
>is literally a disease that she caught
It's not a fucking disease, it's the simple result of becoming a Youma, all Youma are by definition of their race not tied to human standards of sexuality.
Do you even play the fucking games or are you here to just shitpost?
>WA2 is by far the most josei story out of all the Wild Arms games
XF is by far the most "josei" besides 3 and WA2 was explicitely inspired by Tokusatsu, go lie somewhere else, I played the games, unlike you.
>and you're trying to tell me that you're not playing an RPG series for girls with gay characters in it
Are you clinically retarded? Do you think people played WA2 in Japan because Brad was "gay"?
>Lets never even mind that -every single other character in the party- has a sexually themed subplot.
What's Kanon's sexual themed subplot?
What's Lilika's sexual themed subplot?
What's Ashley's sexual themed subplot?

What are you even try to pull?
Are you seriously arguing that WA2's theme was sexuality? Are you seriously trying to imply that it's the first RPG with homosexual characters in it? Are you that fucking stupid?

>> No.3412064

>>What's Kanon's sexual themed subplot?

>Implying she was not hungering for Judecca's psychopatic schlong and secretly wanting him to cut more and more of her.

>> No.3412072

>What's Kanon's sexual themed subplot?
She literally gives up her sexuality in order to fight monsters out of a deeply embedded sense of guilt over her powerlessness to accomplish what she sees as her duty.
>What's Lilika's sexual themed subplot?
Lilka is sexually and romantically attracted to Ashley but buries her feelings as a result of her damaged sense of self-worth over failing her sister, and not becoming Ashley's choice ends up reinforcing this in her mind.
>What's Ashley's sexual themed subplot?
Marina you dense fuck.
To add to that, Tim has to deal with feelings of puberty and his first love, and Marivel is still in love with Anastasia.
>XF is by far the most "josei" besides 3 and WA2 was explicitely inspired by Tokusatsu, go lie somewhere else, I played the games, unlike you.
Aside from XF being the only entry I haven't played, WA2's protagonist is far more significantly inspired by the protagonist of Violinist of Hamelin than any tokusatsu show. If you want to tell me that WA2 has nothing to do with Sailor Moon Super S you can just shut the fuck up.
>It's not a fucking disease, it's the simple result of becoming a Youma
Literally a magical disease from Asellus' own perspective. No really what you said is even better, rather than homosexuality being a disease, it's actually literally inhuman. Bravo.
>Are you clinically retarded? Do you think people played WA2 in Japan because Brad was "gay"?
Maybe it's your lack of reading comprehension that makes you like this, maybe its your autism that makes you incapable of understanding metaphors. Regardless, the fact that I said you play an RPG series for girls with gay characters in it in no way implies that it has gay characters because it has girls. That was just me burning you twice in a row.
>Cho Aniki is arguably very popular
Among oldfag internet subculture meme posters on an image board primarily populated by the fringes of japanese society, perhaps.

Flea is a joke character regardless.

>> No.3412073

>Boomerang Flash last battle
this for me. the BGM helped a lot in this.

>> No.3412078

Quiet Rudy's shining moment of manliness, for sure. Rudy's got some fucking stones.

>> No.3412082

>liking 4 better than any other entry
literally what?

>> No.3412098

It's a fun game. The battle system is nice. It has a lot of really good scenes. Several of the setpieces are really interesting and memorable. Most of the characters are likable or at least tolerable, excepting the two virgin protagonists. Well, no, whatshername might have been sexually abused. Raquel's probably more likely a virgin than she is.

Really nothing is wrong with 4, 2 is more of a mess than 4 is.

5 is really underwhelming and the cuck and cuck-queen love story is real sad, sad in a lot of ways. ACF is almost laughable at times compared with the original or the level of polish and sensitivity in any of the other titles.

>> No.3412110

Are you the same guy who, in a previous WA thread, pointed out that Avril spends eternity cucking Rebecca?

>> No.3412124

I do tend to make those kinds of flippant remarks and she's not a very likable character to me, so it's totally possible.

It's not like I don't like the game, I just found it a touch disappointing and I'm not really sure that having a novelist write a videogame is really an idea that has a lot of merit anymore.

Though I do still want to see Murakami write a Mother series game starring a middle aged man who likes spaghetti.

>> No.3412156

I liked 4 for the message that it had, and the ending is really kind of unhappy when you look at it. Especially for the two main characters (the other two you could pretty much know what will happen). Still, the only "mess" that 2 is compared to 4 is the localisation. As a game, it's much better.

>> No.3412170

I actually really liked 4, but I havent played it since I finished it like 10 years ago. It is kind of rough in parts, but a lot of the mechanics are novel and the characters had a bit of depth to them. Also, had a really bittersweet ending, i liked that so mjch at the time.

>> No.3412196

I'm not saying 4 is bad. Just that it's the weakest of all WA games.

>> No.3412241

>She literally gives up her sexuality in order to fight monsters
>Lilka is sexually and romantically attracted to Ashley
Nice headcanon
>Marina you dense fuck.
Marina is so insignificant you can hardly call her a subplot, Ashley's subplot was him becoming Knight Blazer, fucking Anastasia of all people has a bigger impact on Ashley than Marina who is just there to remind Ashley he has somewhere to go back to.
>WA2's protagonist is far more significantly inspired by the protagonist of Violinist of Hamelin than any tokusatsu show.
Read this you dense motherfucker, since you can't even read japanese I'll make you the favor of giving you a resume in english.
WA2 is completely inspired by Tokusatsu and classic robot and toku movies, none of your character analysis make any sense and Kaneko himself says that there is no sexual theme in the game besides your allucinations.
>Literally a magical disease from Asellus' own perspective.
No, not once she says she's sick or something, even in the cut content where she would have gone to Nusakan she said she was under the influx of a disease.
>it's actually literally inhuman. Bravo.
You dumb motherfucker, the literal theme of Asellus story is that human nature, sexuality and everything is simply an arbitrary societal norm far from being objectively true, it was a straight Utena ripoff and if you actually played the game, and you evidently didn't, you'd know SaGa Frontier's world had humans, monsters, mechs and youma coexisting peacefully, even SaGa 2 on the old gameboy had explicit interracial couples between human and monsters or espers and robots.
>Among oldfag internet subculture meme posters on an image board primarily populated by the fringes of japanese society, perhaps.
Or maybe not since even popular animators like Obari play Cho Aniki and it was shown also in popular videogame shows like Game Center.

So again, stop spreading your fanfiction all over the internet, you're sickening

>> No.3412251

The plot progression of WA2 is really bizarre and the game changes objectives and tone and content so many times you pretty much never really get a grip on it. The aftermath of war atrocities, terrorists, demon summoning, body horror, incest, encroaching parrallel universes, Ashley's bizarre episode in space, extraterrestrial lizards, ancient ruins, native american shamans, magic college, pocket dimensions, train hijacking, nuclear weapons, vampires, cyborgs, robots, ghosts, terrorist ghosts, prison breaks, flying mansions, demonic possession, kamen rider, spirit bombs, a swordfight with the devil on the fucking moon.

It's by far the least coherent out of any of the entries in the series, it's seriously one spicy goulash. It's the Samurai Flamenco of videogames.

That being said as an actual videogame 1 and 3 are just written better and thought out better, and better designed in their fights (3) or dungeons and progressions (1).

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>The above exceptional skills may be combined with subtle or significant delays in other areas of development. All individuals with the diagnosis demonstrate some of the following:

>Impairment in Social relationships
>Deficits in communication/language
>Perseveration on interests and activities
>Dependence on routine
>Abnormal responses to sensory stimulation
>Behaviour problems
>Variability of intellectual functioning
>Uneven development profile
>Difficulties in sleeping, toileting and eating
>Immune irregularities
>Nutritional deficiencies
>Gastrointestinal problems

I like how butthurt is already on there and I didn't even have to add it

>> No.3412293

WA1 is great, only downside is bad combat which to me is a big one since a lot of the game is spent in boring random encounters

>> No.3412305

The boss fights are quite nice though

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>Oh shit, he whipped up some facts!
>M...maybe if I type this snarky Reddit reaction people will forget I'm a clueless retard
>S...sick burn brah, I sure showed you

Good, so you finally show your true colours, I was right, you're truly a sickening, mentally ill moron.

>> No.3412328

I literally just typed characteristics of autism into google and copy pasta'd to ridicule you

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>Patting himself on the back for making reddit tier replies

this fucking guy

>> No.3412436

please stop, it's embarrassing to watch

>> No.3412483

Yeah, I guess it is embarassing for you when people expose you for what you are, a cheap fraud.

Maybe next time you'll think twice before going full retard, let this serve to you as a lesson.

>> No.3412503

There's nobody here who thinks what you just said. Everyone here is so embarrassed by your behavior that anyone who would have taken your side in the argument has abandoned it. You are a shining, glowing example of someone who's already come to their own obtuse conclusions, can't correctly read subtext, can't read the mood, and isn't capable of understanding how others see them. Even just to agree with you would be something painful and agonizing, and you know my words are true because this is how it happened for you in real life as well. This is why you sit here, alone, on an internet message board, throwing a tantrum while your better tries to educate you.

>> No.3412512

>faggot pushing gay agenda without even knowing the subject matter
yeah this is just too typical

>> No.3412519

But I'm not gay and I don't have an agenda I just like BL

>> No.3412549

>There's nobody here who thinks what you just said.

Really? Is it so hard to face the truth?

You make baseless claims then back off with cheap insults once people actually bring up facts in the forms of interviews with the game's devs.

You talk about games you evidently didn't play, you talk about japanese society when you evidently don't know shit about it but a few buzzwords.
You try to apply manga and novel standards to videogames.
You try to push your stupid idea of a character being homosexual when it was not only literal western fanfiction due to a shitty translation, it was already debunked YEARS ago, and what's worse you try to convince others that devs totally wanted to make some sexually themed undertones on certain characters when it wasn't even remotely the case.

You deny that the biggest influences on WA2 came from Toku and Mecha cartoons and again, I posted proof that this isn't the case.

You try to lecture others on arguments that you evidently know shit about and you can't even pull out sophism to at least make you look good.

And YOU say you are trying to educate ME or anyone else in this thread?
And make baseless assumptions on MY life and how I can't understand subtex or read mood?

Yeah, go fuck yourself kid, you're an embarassment to this board, as I said, you're a repugnant, pretentious liar, and you keep on proving it.
You can't even stop getting baited by how much it burns to read what I'm writing to you, you MUST have the last word to at least try to save face, do you?
Sure, tell me how sad I am about your life even though you know nothing about me, you're not telling other about me but you're telling a lot about yourself and how miserable you are.

>> No.3412607

you brought up no interviews. what you brought up was a second-hand translation of a supposed magazine interview that you failed to provide an original source for, and even in that second hand translation, paraphrased and of suspect diligence, the subject at hand wasn't even addressed. it was not refuted, denied, or confirmed, because the question had not been asked at all.

As for the subject of the game not being inspired by tokusatsu or mecha, that's not something I ever said. what I said was specifically that the protagonist, as in mr Ashley Winchester and his situation, were directly inspired by a specific show. I said that in exactly that way because I knew you would immediately run at the mouth and prove yourself an idiot for all to see as a result of your inability to properly order your thoughts and correctly comprehend text, because your arguments are not based on fact or logic or knowledge, they're simply based on your own emotional understanding of things and how you need them to be for you not to get your jimmies rustled over your favorite thing having a any sort of sexual ambiguity or subtext or actual mature themes in it to make you squeamish.

>> No.3412649

>that you failed to provide an original source for,
The ISBN and source is right in the document. you moron, let me highlight it for you.

Wild Arms 2nd Ignition Complete Guide (Famitsu, 2000)
ISBN-10: 4757701098
ISBN-13: 978-4757701090
Summary of interview (pg 344-353) with Kaneko Akifumi (writer, total game design), Ookubo Tetsuya (monster design, battle graphics), Itou Yukihiko (character design, field)
> the subject at hand wasn't even addressed.
Congratulations again on proving you haven't read the source and you're STILL trying to move the goalpost.

I knew you would have fallen right into my trap, because in fact there is a part in which Kaneko talks about sexual themes, but it's about Irving and Altaecia's implied incestual love, and it was cut from the game, but you're too stupid to even read.

And for the record, YOUR subject wasn't addressed because the only place where it exists is your mind.

>As for the subject of the game not being inspired by tokusatsu or mecha, that's not something I ever said.
I don't care about your fanfiction, post facts, I posted facts, with source, translated for you.

You brought nothing to the table, you keep saying that Ashley's character was inspired the the Violinist of Hamelin, yet Kaneko never mentioned anything like that, if anything he specifically says that Ashley's own Knight Blazer mechanic was inpired by Ultraman, just like Kanon was a character inspired by Cyborg 009 and that the game's theme and subsequently Ashley's was about what it is to be a "Hero", what is a "Hero", and its concept of Antihero ties into the whole idea of Knight Blazer.

You tell me my arguments are not based on facts or logic when I posted words from the mouth of the developer about the game's theme and characters whereas you try to hide yourself behind a finger without providing any source for your claims but "interpretations" and evidently lied.

>> No.3412656
File: 89 KB, 800x800, DumpsterFire2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pictured: This thread.

>> No.3412663

provide text retard, I'm not sitting next to a stack of catalogued famitsu magazines, your statements are completely vacant of what one can actually call proof

show me scans or shut the fuck up

>> No.3412678

>your statements are completely vacant of what one can actually call proof
Oh, now you say my statements are "vacant"?

Beyond pathetic, and now why should I even go at the length of torrenting scans you can't even read when your next post will be pure backpedaling like the others?

We're done here, I have no more time to waste with a sociopathic liar, I've already humoured you far too much.

Not a single one of your arguments stand nor have any kind of source to be based on, you evidently didn't even bother reading the sources I provided and try to aimlessly keep moving your goalpost to save face on an anonymous imageboard, all the while insulting other people that call you out as a liar providing facts.

I've wasted enough time with you, you play your own game with your own distorted rules, you deny evidence but provide none, this isn't even an argument anymore, it's your own desperate attempt at saving what little shred of dignity you think you have, and I simply don't care enough about taking part in this nonsense.

But you're right on one thing, I overreacted when I should have ignored you and I'm sorry I ruined a thread other people were enjoying, I am guilty of that and I apologize for what little it could mean at this point.

>> No.3412754
File: 1.34 MB, 837x1150, 66-page_25.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It'd be nice to see a game about anastasia and marievel.

>> No.3412925

Oh, sure that is completely fair, I just think the game merits discussion. I think it says a lot that the arguably weakest game in the franchise is still a fairly good game in its own right.

>> No.3414090

So do you think Brad is on top?

>> No.3414610

I agree. Honestly, when it came out, fans bitched that it wa bad but after playing it, I don't see the bitching. The battle system is changed, but not necessarily bad, Arnaud was hysterical, Raquel was one of the best "badass" female characters in a jrpg, that did not make me cringe with forced awesomeness, the story line seemed very basic, but at the end it really turns out bitter.

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