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Weird question maybe, I just got some kickass 70's speakers and an amp from a friend of family who's retiring to Florida and doesn't want them anymore. Maybe it's a strange question but I'm still wondering. Is it possible to damage games or hardware (from any period) if it sits next to or on top of these speakers? Just wanna make sure I'm not gonna screw up my game systems. The most I could figure would be screen damage but they aren't close to my TV.

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They'll fuck up floppies and tapes.
Possibly hard drives if you do stupid shit.

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Just avoid using hardware sensitive to magnetic fields, I.E. floppies.
I don't think standard consoles would be bothered.

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post speakers and amp

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THey'll shake them good. That won't damage them but could make games fail, like old N64 carts in the slot are sometimes VERY sensitive to shakes or the game freezes because temporarely lost contact.
So it could ruin some games by making them crash.

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