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source port never

god bless atari

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Blood was cool but then I finished it.

Not enough modding options for it to have much of a community I guess. A couple of custom mapsets, but no easily available editors as far as I can tell, and you gotta run it in dosbox...

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>Not enough modding options for it to have much of a community I guess.

This has nothing to do with it. You can do a LOT more with Blood than with Doom.

>and you gotta run it in dosbox..

What is this, /vr/ or /v/ ?

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a guy named Kaiser is working on one

Play the deathwish mod, 30 levels, excellent quality

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>tfw being able to jump over enemies was a thing
I miss the mobility of these shooters

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It's not a sourceport. He said himself that he has to recreation every behaviour, and some in an "empirical" way. Your best luck is whatever is happening there


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I got stuck on the second level or something (with the train tracks) and never played it again.

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Eh, we talk about it quite often OP.

Threads go something like this "hey guys this is a good underrated game, no source port bawwwww, I'm having trouble can't do this, here are some tactics/webms, bloodcm is not blood, jace hall is full of shit, fuck atari, have you tried Death Wish? etc"

There's just not a lot left to say.

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>You can do a LOT more with Blood than with Doom.
Without decent modding tools, no one can actually do any of those things. Also modern doom via zdoom or GZDoom can do everything the blood engine could do and more. True rooms over rooms, 3D voxels, Gl lighting, colored lighting, teleporter lines a la portal, etc. etc.

And yes dosbox is the most legit way to play blood
source: I played it back when it first came out.

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Better than saying nothing at all imo

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We need a great port like Duke Nukem and Shadow Warrior.

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Jace Hall hinted at something recently, I wonder what it is?

DosBox works but if I can choose between playing a game in Dos or without it, I'll go for not.

Yeah, shooters need more mobility.

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They weren't that great desu, clunky mouselook

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I want to make a Blood map.

Any ideas? What would you like to see?

I have 2 layout ideas floating in my head already but ideas are always welcome. Ideally it should be cool but not too complicated as I don't want another development hell like my Shadow Warrior map had.

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What do you use to build blood maps?

I'd like to see complex cult map with multiple paths and the possibility to take out enemies from behind by opening curtains and such like.

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There is only one editor, the one that came with the game, running in DOS(box).

>multiple paths and the possibility to take out enemies from behind by opening curtains and such like.

I have this layout idea where you have a big hub room in the middle (with room over room, if possible) except you go all around first before unlocking access to that room. So, that could work.

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The Rapture 3 level conversion was pretty cool, but it feels like the underwater base motif could be done better.

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make something better than death wish

glwt lol

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Why don't you just make a whole episode ya bastard?

btw I didn't like what I played of Duke Hard (ended up quitting 'cause it sucked), including your maps :O

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Actually one of the 2 layouts idea I have involve water, it's kind of a mix between Lev09 "Aswan" of Powerslave (go up against the current of a waterfall) and Blood's map Aqueduct. And the other stuff I just mentioned could be underwater.

The problem is that cultists underwater are annoying. It's like the game thinks they're crouching or something.

Impossible. I'm not bad but Death Wish is one of the best map pack I've played.

>Why don't you just make a whole episode ya bastard?

Because it takes time and I'd rather do several things. Atm I feel like trying different games, and I still have a map for Doom I started and a level hack for Mega Man V that's 90% done.

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As for Duke Hard, what didn't you like?

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You could rely more on sharkmen, in that case. The game has a diving suit included, has lots of cool rusty iron textures and a drippy, echoey (seemingly abandoned) underwater base with flickering lights makes for damn good horror ambience

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Godspeed, nesfag

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Needlessly convoluted. Navigating the levels wasn't fun.

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BloodCM is the closest to a source port we are gonna get, and its fine. Pretty much identical to the original game

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What levels are you thinking of? Sure levels are uneven, but I didn't find any one convulated, except maybe map15, which is why it's one of the lasts and also it gradually got dubbed down
at each update.
>BloodCM is the closest to a source port we are gonna get

No, it's not. Just be patient.

>Pretty much identical to the original game

Not even close

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whats different about it then? The latest update seems pretty spot on

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Is Jace Hall a prick or not? I can't decide.

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I'd say he's a prick. They've had years to release the source code and they haven't and all he does is make empty promises/teases. I'm sure at some point in the last two decades he could have released the source, probably even now, or accidentally "leaked" it, and Atari wouldn't have given a shit.

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He defintely LOOKS like a prick

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probably the best atmosphere and some of the best level design in any shooter. my favorite level is probably the lair of the shial, the combination of the music and the underground setting make it very memorable when you first step in

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Releasing the sourcecode was never considered by him. People have tried to convince him of the benefits, to which he never answered. When he came out of nowhere a couple of years ago, teasing the community with "his" dream for Blood before realizing convicing the right people wasn't easy, it was all about "his" dream, "his" vision, which in some aspects were completely out of the loop. For instance he talked about trying to give Bloodbath a serious competitive gaming place, I'm sure everyone here realizes how unreal that sounds.

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>cd music

>that motif of infuscomus at 2:23
that's awesome

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The best way to play Shadow Warrior is still dosbox though. The source ports aren't that great.

Let's not even talk about Redneck Rampage and that abomination erampage is.

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>No, it's not. Just be patient.

If you're thinking about the retro engineering attempt with the XL Engine, "patient" will mean 10 years, if ever.

The last update was to remind us how busy at work he is, and the update before that was also to say he is busy. The guy seems geniunely interested in that, but I don't think he'll ever find the time to finish it.

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Maybe it's because i didn't have a true CD copy growing up, but I always preferred the MIDI's over the CD
Though recently I've found that playing with no music is just as interesting, there's so much atmospheric noise in every level that makes it more interesting sometimes

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Midi is definitely better imo... and I'm talking about the high quality midi version:


I had the CD but I still preferred the midi music and so wouldn't play with it inserted.

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I don't support any recreation of that kind.

-Just - be - patient.

Whether it's through Jace Hall's thing he's working on, whatever it is (or another way) I'm telling you we'll be able to play a real Blood port at some point and all the projects like CM, XL or EX will feel like embarassments.

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>All we have to do is believe!

lol, you know whats gonna suck? when bloodex comes out morons on this board will think it's a legit source port. a lot of kids here already think bloodcm is 'spot on' despite it being an obvious abomination. I'm sure kaiser will do a much better job than that but he still admitted that he will have to recreate behaviours himself and make his own assumptions, so no matter what it won't be accurate to anyone that isn't an idiot or actually knows the game. this of course doesn't apply to enough people here, no offense lads.

oh well, it's only video games

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Never tried BloodCM. What is wrong with it exactly?

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What are the correct settings for DOSBox running Blood?

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I really can't get into the default controls for Blood anymore, and haven't figured out a good control configuration, what do ya'll use?

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anyone have these webms?

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just beat blood on monday actually, i started a thread about it then. oi think it's a cool game, especially all the hidden jokes and references.

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Kicking the heads around was kinda sweet desu.

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press U for mouselook.

WASD and mouse

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Depends on your computer, but I was running on a 2,5ghz dualcore (though number of cores shouldn't matter for dosbox) I was stuck with 320*200

Try different settings for "machine" and "output". Make sure memsize is at least 63. Manually settings core may make you win 10-15 FPS but may make intro and ending videos stutter.

You can also try this, some people claim it did wonders, but for me it didn't change anything.


I run the game in 800*600 and anyway in build games, between 800*600 and above doesn't make a huge difference.

Also I think I've heard of someone making a DOSbox version specially for Blood but I can't seem to find it atm.

and BMouse

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Thank you.

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Configure the controls via setup.exe instead of the main game menu. You get way more options there and can also do stuff like putting alternative fire as right mouse click. I use standard esdf and mouse controls. By default pressing u toggles on mouse look and prevents mouse movement in y axis btw.

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