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Sorry of this is a bad place to ask this, but does anyone know what Donald No Magical World (japanese version of Ronald Mcdonald in Magical World on GameGear) cart only goes for? I paid 10 for it

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it goes for what you paid for it

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If only there was a website that people could look at to see how much similar items were selling for. Such a thing must only be possible in a magical world.


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>the very first listing result uses an identical picture to OP

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>its not cart only

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>I think he wants us to believe that he purchased and expensive game for the low.

Oh wow op, you got lucky. That game is like worth over 9k$ and you got it only for 10. yousoluckyboy

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>links to a value of a sold cart only copy

pick one

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shit nigga those let me google for you links were funny in 2004 now they are fucking retarded

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now you know the maturity level of the autists on /vr/ they couldn't just fuck off they felt the need to pretend to be superior while not actually helping or answering my question

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So is going out of your way to start a thread when Google gives you an answer in 2 seconds.

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you found a link with a price on a loose cart? mind sharing it? All I could find is a few listings on amazon japan for around $100 after conversion

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Where did you buy it?

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