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You, yes YOU. Name some of your favorite games from that x-in1 pirate cart you (or your friend) had as a kid.

Mine are Goonies, B-Wings and Sky Destroyer.

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Never had one of those but our first ever computer game with a stack of copied disks from a family friend with loads of old DOS games. Jumpman, 3Demon, Spyhunter, Qbert, Zaxxon, were all standouts that I played them all to one degree or another. But Rouge.... Rouge was my jam. I would obsess over that game.

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Legend of Kage, Pooyan, Devil World, Milk and Nuts off the top of my head

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Used to rent a multicart for the Gameboy only to play Bombjack.

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Magic Jewelry, Nuts & Milk, Galaga and Star Force.

I actually have quite a bit of nostalgia for this particular bootleg gaming system. While I didn't care much for the game itself, the anime it was based on ended up being my absolute favorite TV show once I actually got around to seeing it.

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For years I always ignored Pooyan in lots of those carts and now I regret my dumbness, it's fun and challenging as fuck

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I had a "GamePlayer", my dad thought it was a super cheap playstation and bought it for me. I remember a game on it called "Pokemon" where you were a little Pikachu shooting monsters. I recently learned it was a reskin of a game called "Warpman", see picture.

I loved that thing, at the time I didn't know it was a bootleg, I just thought it was a cool console with a bunch of games. Eventually it just stopped working. I wouldn't mind having another, honestly.