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/vr/ Related "Childrens" games thread?

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What do you mean, games starred by little kids?

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All games are for children, OP.

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That game was fucking terrifying

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Man I liked this game so much

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Nigga lemme tell you somethin' bout not being ready

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The only thing that scared me about this game was how bad it was. Horrible graphics, controls, bugs and glitches up the wazoo (especially when installing). Holy shit, git gud kid.

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also the show was complete and utter dogshit, good thing it was cancelled. Thanks for bringing back horrible memories of shit games, faggot.

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Thanks, gonna go replay this.

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THQ's greatest masterpiece

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"Childrens" games are easy as fuck, right?

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Some great music in thar.


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Adventures in the magic kingdom was also hard for a kids game

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Anyone here play 40 winks for the PSX?

That game terrified me as a kid.

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>Move over Mario... - Nintendo Power

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Yeah it was fun. It's like a precursor to grabbed by the ghoulies

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In that level keep the flashlight where it is, it's more fun that way.
But as a kid I remember how I held on the that thing for DEAR LIFE, good times.

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That fucking Mummy on the Golf Course.

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I think he means games intended to be played by children like, say, Disney games in general.

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You've got stuff like Castle of Illusion and Quackshot, which are games that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, then you've got Mickey's 123's The Big Surprise Party on DOS which is an educational game, which is indeed meant to be played by little children.

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>psst hey kid... there are reptar cookies down here... come down..

Kids game my ass!

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I agree. Only retards bring up unknown but shitty games and try to pass them off as hidden gems.

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> Literally everyone on /vr/

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Thanks for reminding me Gen Y has shit taste.

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I actually played this game a lot because the golf mini game was the only game I could get my sister to play multiplayer with me with

This game gave me motion sickness, I would get sick every time I played it...only a few games have ever had that effect on me

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You can't be serious. Are you implying that game is actually playable?
I had it as a kid and it didn't scare me, I just remember it was crap

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it was an acceptable little game with a variety of modes and game types. it was cool to explore 3d environments from a show i liked as a kid. i don't think it's "good" but i got enjoyment out of it way back when

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i thought you were talking about the rugrats game, nevermind 3383186

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extreme lol, I loved rugrats, but I hate the nightmare one that someone else posted.

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wat game is that

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>Licensed game
>Hub world is a perfect replica of the show's main setting
>Levels are playable recreations of episodes
Fucking magic. This is what videogames were leading up to.

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Agent USA, released for the C64, Atari 8-bit, Apple II, and PCjr in 1984.

>go around the country collecting diamonds until you get 100 of them
>which you need to defeat a monster known as the Fuzzbomb

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Anyone play this?

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Has there ever been a licensed game truer to it's source material? Sure it was a "Kids" game, but 15 year old me enjoyed the fuck out of Minigolf.

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How 'bout a... plastic spider?

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There is a point where it's not "oh cool, cartoons", it's literal "I want to be a toddler who shits his pants again"

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This is an example of a game that's too hard for the target audience.

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Pajama Sam, especially the first one.

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The amount of time I spent playing this as a kid.

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Yeah, were. Too bad they went the exact opposite direction.

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Yeah Agent USA is a cult classic but it's definitely too hard for little kids. I can't beat it either.

>get assailed by 25 fuzzed townspeople at once

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