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Heroes of Might and Magic/HOMM3 general

Astrologers proclaim the week of Rabbit edition

old thread: >>3360465

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Hmm maybe Heroes IV wasn't so fucked after a–

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>not HoMMg
>not hommg

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Well true there were some weird designs bu–

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Well I copied the text over from the last thread

It said: "Heroes of Might and Magic/HOMM3 general"

So I assumed /HoMM3g/ would be more correct

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Well the rest of units is pretty beara—

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NWC tried new ideas. I somewhat liked the idea of a hero on the battlefield.
If they released HoMM V, HoMM IV would get more love.

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Van Caneghem said his wife hated the game and said he ruined Heroes for her

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>Specialty: Stone Skin
With a portrait like that, he should've specialized in Chain Lightning or Lightning Bolt or something suitably powerful

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No wonder they bankrupted.
Never make your wives feel bad.

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>standard units in HoMM3 stay mostly still in combat, sometimes playing idle animations
>Cove's units are constantly moving around, breathing and bobbing
Autism = Triggered, will never install HotA

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3D was a mistake.

What is the NWC team doing nowadays? Surely they could make a comeback.

Can you do the thing in HoMM4 where you have a full party of spell casters and spam Armageddon twelve times like you can in the M&M RPGs?

>peasants' idle animation where they sob on their pitchfork

I'd feel bad if I didn't need their skeletons.

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>mfw that HoMM II campaign scenario where you start with a hero with expert necromancy and every neutral stack is a legion of peasants or a throng of archers

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Just call it a homm thread. No need for this general bullshit.

We need a balance patch.

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OK next time I will


>What is the NWC team doing nowadays? Surely they could make a comeback.
NWC is dead mate. Closed when 3DO went belly bankrupt in 2003. Back then, Van Caneghem and co offered NWC to buy out the rights for M&M/Heroes franchise. But NWC refused, hoping to sell the whole company.

In the end they didn't make a deal and went bankrupt. As an in-house development studio of the company, NWC ceased to exist. After that, Ubisoft acquired the rights for Heroes franchise.

Right in the feels…

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Well in all seriousness, the art direction was my biggest complain with the game back then. Also, I was 11 and couldn't be bothered to learn all new mechanics.

I haven't played the game in years. I would though, but I'm already deep into H3 and I just don't want to readjust right now. It's so different from both II and III, it's almost a different series.

Also, I wish there was HD mod for it, like for Heroes III. Equilibris mod team is supposedly planning to work on it.

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>NWC is dead mate
I know, m80. I meant the people. Unless 3DO liquidation practices go above and beyond I'm sure Van Canegham and whoever are still around and are probably aware of their continued following.

Obviously they couldn't use the Heroes IP but their creativity and experience(? what have they been doing all this time?) could surely be put to use to make another game.

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I actually wondered about this myself.

I guess they just went each in their own direction…

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IIRC, Van Caneghem recently worked on EA's Command and Conquer games and then moved on to develop mobile games, I'm afraid the soullessness of modern gaming has gotten to him

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Oh well
> VC Mobile Entertainment
> working with/funded by Tencent
I don't know how to feel about this. Van Caneghem wanted long to make an online RPG, he did it with Rift. From what I heard it turned to be good.

But mobile is pretty shallow and relies on quick cashgrabs a lot.

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It's been 16 years, so it is conceivable that some of them are just not around anymore. Changed careers, dead, etc.

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Didn't they do the same in the necropolis campaing in Heroes 3?

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I can't guys. I tried all your tips and reading non-spoilery strats, but I still can't beat that shitty mission.
Am I too dumb for homm?

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Just restart the campaing and develop more your heroes, Long live the queen can't possibly be that hard

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OK then watch this https://youtu.be/e0k1OBOcb5o?list=PLF5D37E16B91D0074

If this doesn't help… Well, watch other walkthroughs.


I think The Known World made campaign walkthroughs, but I think they're on his Twitch only

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I don't know about restarting, shouldn't require that

What exactly do you build? What does enemy build? I think in that scenario, you only need to flag dwellings

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I can't really focus on developing more than two heroes. If I have more than two big armies, I end up losing to monsters on the field.

I don't really want a walktrough, otherwise there's no way I can beat the following missions.

I start with 3 castles, 2 of them fortless. I build dwellings in the first one and just use the others to generate gold and wood/stone, since forts are expensive. By the time I conquer the inferno towns and have some firepower there, enemy comes out of nowhere and fucks me in every orifice. I haven't even got to flag the dwellings or that city where you get ambushed because 2stronk.

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OK so let's run through this

At the start, take Lion's Shield of Courage. +4 to all stats is no joke.

Your first objective is to take care of the enemy underground. Only AFTER you beat him, go for Inferno towns. They have very strong ambushes—DON'T attempt to take them on early.

First week:

In your town with the fort, your top priorities are:

1) build as many dwellings as possible
2) end the week building Citadel and then Castle
With Castle, sieges are much easier to defend from.

In your fortless towns, just try to go for City Hall (built Market, Blacksmith and Mage Guild lvl 1 in each). That is, if you have enough wood/ore.

Heroes must flag all mines available and collect shit lying around.

2nd week:

Buy units and if you feel you can take Orange, move to underground. Continue to wipe him out.

Your next priority is getting Portal of Heaven. THat's it really, build Arch Angels, and after you have a lot of them move out

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Restarting might be an option. Just make sure to pick up every power up possible by as many heroes as possible in earlier scenarios. The campaigns are balanced around that to a degree. Leave no mercenary camp or magic school unvisited.

Other than that...use the generic tips. Split stacks to take on tougher neutrals. Use as many heroes as you can get - no need to develop them all evenly, just have them spread out with 1 pikeman in tow and scout/collect resources for you. When you build up the other towns then they can get an army. Also if any of your heroes gets Diplomacy, take it, or you find the heroes Ryland, Cyra or Adela in the Tavern, buy them immediately. Diplomacy is a broken-ass skill that can edge out a victory for you.

Honestly, RoE campaigns aren't that interesting or well-designed in the first place

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The ambushes are in a castle town, the inferno ones are easily capturable.

One more try and then it's restarting.

How many heroes is it customary to play with?

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8 heroes is the max, and it's not a bad idea to use all 8 if you can afford them (or got more from prisons) even as simple scouts. Each extra hero means some more resources gathered, some more of the map scouted, some more battles fought. However, it kinda depends on the map, as some maps have too little space for movement for a lot of scouts to be useful. But in the most common type of game, that is Large or Extra Large random maps, the more heroes you have the better.

Note you don't have to develop all your heroes equally; you should always have a main. But if you have a secondary hero with a nice specialty or skill selection, it's not a bad idea to give them some creatures from extraneous dwellings or something (or even a week's worth of creatures from your town) so they could fight their own battles.

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Ah yeah I see it now

So, then first take on Inferno, than go underground and take on Dungeon. Don't bother with 2 castle towns, they're mostly harmless (can't build shit anyway)

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Another common tactic is to have several extra heroes form a "train" that could quickly reach the main hero from the castle, in a matter of 1-2 turns. That allows you to bring in reinforcements from the town without running your main all the way back to it. Also if the town is threatened by an enemy, you can train your main hero's troops back to it, have your strong hero flee from some neutral monsters and rebuy him at the tavern. Voila, your army is ready to defend the town.

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Tell me something about your favourite creatures anons.

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Tower should be Titans, no contest.
Fortress should be Mighty Gorgons, they have the most powerful unit ability in the game, and it works at a percentage based on how many you have, not random like basilisks.
And there's no reason for having Firebirds over Phoenixes for Conflux.

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Favorite creatures, not necessarily the best. Maybe anon just likes how silly firebirds look over phoenixes.

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You hit the nail on the head, anon. Also, Firebirds' sound effects are amazing.

It would be silly to even include towns on the list if I were to choose only 7 tier creatures and Mighty Gorgons.

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Deemer is one of my favorite heroes because meteor shower is just so damn useful. It can take out two or more stacks and its pretty powerful which gives one an edge early on in the map and after getting the spellpoints worked out.

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Shame about him starting with Scouting though. And being a Warlock. He has a high chance of learning Scholar though, so he can teach it to a better hero (like Gunnar, Dace or Shakti) instead, and rather quickly. Get Alamar also if you can and you can get a very powerful spellcaster without even needing to build the second tier of the magic guild.

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Crag Hack 4lyfe

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There are several balance patches. HotA aside there is Tournament Edition, World Tournament and the Russian tournament plugn for HD Mod.

If you want something other than that why not make it?

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For me:
Castle: Champions (because I like the idea of regular folks fighting the supernaturals only by sheer will)
Rampart: Grand Elves (Because their dmg is awesome)
Tower: Naga Queen (Never seen a design more elegant than that)
Inferno: Pit Lord (That absssss)
Necropolis: Power Lich (splash damage so gud)
Dungeon: Medusa (dunno why)
Stronghold: Cyclops King (The only unit who can siege walls)
Fortress: Wyvern Monarch (All the spikes, the mobility, the damage !)
Conflux: Sprite (That ass yo)

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I like many of the creatures in HoMM3 because of their designs.
Zealots and Royal griffins
Gold dragons and War unicorns
Naga queens and Titans
Arch devils
Dread knights and Ghost dragons
Minotaurs, Medusas and Black dragons
All of them
Thunderbirds and Behemoths
Storm elementals
All the new dragons

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Sandro is my favorite
Sandro is love
Sandro is life

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I have never finished the campaigns in Heroes 3. How was Sandro well written again?

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I think most people like him because he's a cool skeleton dude.

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So, I showed this game to my girlfriend, picked out a scenario at random, let her play, but kind of watched over her shoulder to keep her from making too many newbie mistakes, like rushing for the gold buildings too early, or going for that thing I used to do of build dwelling, upgrade dwelling, build next dwelling, instead of building them all first to let the manpower accumulate.

But of course, it's still her first time, so we're playing some map on normal. 6 players total, and she's running roughshod over the AI, which is pretty puny at that level. Gobble up two of the other players, and in a dominant position in terms of troops and money.

Main hero was Christian, and he had something like 8-8-6-6 stats with artifacts. And then we peek in the tavern, and Arlach, Orange's main hero, is like 19 across the board. Holyfuckwat?

Anyway, we have a showdown, and I was a little worried until I realized his main army was pretty small, and we actually shitstomped him easily, full win, steal his artifacts.

>Armor of the Dragon Father.

This was the only time I'd ever gotten it outside that one SOD campaign where you can trade for it. How the FUCK does an AI on normal assemble a 10 part compound artifact? I hadn't even explained to Harriet what those were, since I thought the odds of it coming up were tiny and I didn't want to overwhelm her.

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>How the FUCK does an AI on normal assemble a 10 part compound artifact?
I think you can find them from Dragon Utopias, already assembled.

>> No.3381934


Really? I thought combination artifacts were in their own class. But if it's just a relic, I suppose you can get it at a warrior's tomb or a shipwreck survivor then as well. (The enemy army's puniness makes me think it's unlikely they could have taken on a dragon utopia)

>> No.3381942

After googling a little bit, some people have posted that they're considered to be just normal relics, so I suppose it can sometimes be very easy to find them after all. Personally I've only found them from Dragon Utopias though, but that's not surprising when it's possible to get tons of relics from them.

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While he is a power hungry necromancer hellbent on world domination he still has his soft spots.

He gets a crush on Daremyth, but doesn't want to show it infront of his skellies.

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>tfw your girlfriend is a better player than me

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Well, I can offer a few tips. What sorts of things are you usually running into trouble with?

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Why use the same picture?

oh come now anon, its not THAT diffrent

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Royal Griffin swarms are devastating
Master Genies, split stacks to buff the fuck up one group of Titans or Nagas
Grand Elves make clearing out your early territority EZ mode, and they look cool with the white armor that matches your other early troops.
Vampire Lords are even more intimidating than Griffins, but Skeletons are probably my favorite just because it's such a fun mechanic
Minotaurs are cool and classic mythological creatures
Behemoths are cool as shit on week 1
Death Gaze can be incredible leverage against certain battles that include T7 units
Magic Elementals are a cool concept and fun to attack troop clusters with

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I wrote idly while playing and didn't even realize I explained that four separate creatures were my favorites just because they were "cool"

I just think this game is cool as shit I guess

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Which order should the campaigns be played in?

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Tried re-installing Homm 3 recently, had this.

Also, I have 16 gig, not sure why it's saying 4.

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I would do them release order. The Restoration Campaigns are the easiest, followed by the AB ones, followed by the SoD ones, at least in my opinion. Since you'll get better as you go, you should probably do them like that.

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Are you using the GOG release?

>> No.3382564

I think he means campaigns in one release.

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So, what is the general consensus about Heroes IV? And was it true that people don't care about Heroes anymore? Since we just had the worst Heroes release ever

>> No.3382573


No, the old CD version.


I mean, there's some straitjacketing there. I would probably do Dungeons and Devils first, then Long Live the Queen, then whatever that stronghold and fortress one is (you have to) and then I don't even remember which ones that unlocks.

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In terms of looks alone: Genies (and the upgrade), Minotaurs (same), Power Liches, Crusaders, Iron Golems, Gnoll Marauders

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how the fuck can their code correctly detect 4GB but still can't understand that 4GB >> 32 MB ?

>> No.3382790

It unlocks Liberation (somewhat introduction campaing for Tower) and Long live the king (necromancer campaing)

>> No.3382798

Is it just me, or are AB campaigns just straight out bullshit in terms of difficulty and design compared to SoD campaigns?

>> No.3382814

>So, what is the general consensus about Heroes IV?
There's none. Some think it's absolute shit, some think it's okay. I've yet to see anyone call it their favorite in the series or anything, though. I like it myself, however I am of the opinion that it works best with RPG type maps or campaigns, while melee gameplay is butchered compared to III.

>And was it true that people don't care about Heroes anymore?
VII must have upset a lot of folks and might have condemned the franchise as far as normies are concerned. However, there's still a dedicated fanbase and stuff like HotA or Project Ironfist. Perhaps the franchise dying for good will spur fans to make their own content.

>> No.3382819

no I think they are all fine except the Dragon Slayer one, which is "are you fucking kidding me" tier
SoD are harder imo if you play them with the difficulty level they default to (ie easy at the begining, then harder and harder)

>> No.3382821

how good / bad is Heroes 7 ?
let's say compare to 6 or 5
I find that 6 is playable and fun if you neglect the management overworld stuff

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I guess it has something to do with that you can only address 4GB memory with 32 bits

misplaced comparison operator? or maybe it gets converted/truncated internally to another number representation?

besides to obvious naga cheesing I don't remember anything (or was it another campaign?). Otoh SoD has some kind of XL level + underworld, where you are playing fortress that looked like a chore and gave up. I don't know how many hours I spent playing heroes but never finished that one.
Also, if someone is interested, just tried the other day and Heroes2 gog version runs neatly with dosbox. No more keeping around a full VM just to sometimes play a bit of heroes.

>> No.3383343


I found the SoD ones much harder myself.


What was so bad about Dragon Slayer? There was the huge naga pile, but by then you ought to have berserk and be 24th level, and you'll get zillions of spell points to spam it endlessly.

I actually thought the Mutare one was considerably tougher than Dragon Slayer, and even that was way easier than your run of the mill SoD campaigns. My god, don't you remember the Yog one with lolnomagic?

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Is there a mod for HoM&M5 ToTE that speeds up AI turns? It takes forever in mid game, especially on larger maps.

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reposting for useful

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Fuck, now people are reposting that shit chart

Gotta make a new one

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well post a good one then

>> No.3383917

this is bait

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OK so before I make chart later let's just come to a consensus regarding skills:

Essential tier: Logistics, Wisdom, Earth

Great tier: Air, Intelligence, Armorer, Tactics

A little more situational but still really good tier: Water, Archery, Offense, Diplomacy (banned in tournaments)

Just OK tier: Fire, Ballistics

Very situational tier: Navigation, Pathfinding, Artillery, First Aid

Ok for scouts/secondaries tier: Scouting, Scholar, Estates

Questionable/easily replaceable with artifacts or map objects tier: Luck, Leadership, Resistance, Mysticism, Sorcery

Total irredeemable shit tier: Eagle Eye, Learning

Aside from Diplomacy, any changes/additions?

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I could never tell if the minotaurs have a silly shouting face in their portraits or if that's supposed to be a nose. I prefer the former, honestly.

>> No.3383973

Leadership is essential if you're mixing a lot of different creature types. Which will be quite frequent if you're farming hives or conservatories, or using diplomacy, when you can't have enough morale. It's definitely much better than luck, and is a good skill on its own.

While Water doesn't have Fly or DD, it has some of the strongest combat spells in the game in the form of Clone, Teleport and Prayer. I'd put it next to Air maybe.

Sorcery is almost Eagle Eye tier if you don't have a Sorcery specialist with elemental orbs, and even then.

Offence is better than Armorer IMO unless you're a Barbarian or something. You'll definitely want it over Armorer on magic heroes.

>> No.3383998

> Leadership is essential if you're mixing a lot of different creature types.
Otherwise, it's questionable. It's very situational, except on random maps built around taking hives as you said, which have no morale artifacts (which come dime a dozen), fountains of youth and all that. However, if that's in multiplayer, chances are Diplomacy will be banned.

I agree Leadership is better than Luck, but positive morale relies just too much on random to be truly useful. Even negative morale is not that bad unless you put 4 different town creatures in your army (and just as a reminder, Angels rise morale by +1).

Given we're making a chart for beginners more or less, I think it deserves to be where it is.

> Offence is better than Armorer IMO
Well, here's the thing: Offense is not +30% to total damage. This would indeed be super great.

But let's say you attack a hypothetical 0 defense stack with Archangels.

So, Archangels do 100%+(30 [Attack stat] * 5%)=250% their base damage, which equals 125.

With Expert Offense, they do 100%+(30[Attack stat] * 5% + 30% [Offense bonus])=280% their base damage, or 140 damage.

So, only 10–12% damage difference depending on how you count.

Offense works best when ADD is <= 0. When it's higher than that, it's basically +6 attack. Good, but not essential for lvl 7 troops fighting lower level creatures.

On the other hand, Expert Armorer always multiplies all damage by 0.85, no exceptions.

>> No.3384006

>Diplomacy (banned in tournaments)

it is god tier and pls don't include house rules in your chart

emphasis is on situational, there is no single skill one should pick 100% of the time

>> No.3384008

>emphasis is on situational, there is no single skill one should pick 100% of the time
Except Logistics, Wisdom, Air Magic or Diplomacy, you mean.

>> No.3384017

nope I might pick navigation over any of them on water (heavy map) e.g.

same goes for Pathfinding

level 3 spells mostly suck, you can get away using max lvl 2

just the other day I picked diplomacy and found literally no creatures I would have wanted. It was a small map pretty cleaned up, but still

>Air Magic
only if haste meming is still a thing, otherwise great, but no 100%

>> No.3384018


On some maps no monsters will join you regardless of circumstances.

>> No.3384027

>level 3 spells mostly suck, you can get away using max lvl 2
I'll put it this way: it's situational when you SHOULDN'T pick Wisdom or Logistics.

Sea maps are a thing of their own.

>> No.3384030

>only if haste meming is still a thing, otherwise great, but no 100%
Expert View Air.

Also, if DD and Fly are allowed it's far better

>> No.3384113

So, a long, long time ago, I made my first and only foray into multiplayer HOMM 3. Didn't expect to win or anything, played Castle.

Anyway, I was doing ok, creeping around, leveling up, expanding, and I got into a scrap with the next player over, a Nevro guy.

We play musical castles once or twice, before his main army catches up with mine, in his city.

Now, I hadn't wanted it, but my main had Artillery ( was that or Eagle eye), which I thought at least would give me the first/last spell. And wait, I grabbed implosion from his town. Can't quite kill the catapult, but that and two taps from the towers did it in, so suddenly his huge pile of skeletons was worthless. He gave a short try with his flyers, but even though if have rated his army as a whole as better than mine, he couldn't take everyone with 3 stacks and shooters through the walls.

So I win the battle, Rush forward, take my own town back, things are good.

And the guy whose army I broke sends nasty shot posting messages for like half an hour. About how I'm an asshole and a faggot and who takes Artillery anyway, and it was only because I grabbed HIS spells that I won, suck his dick, etc.

So yeah, sore loser. But the other players seemed very nonchalant about it. Was this normal for the HOMM 3 community circa 2005? Or did I just run into a massive douchebag?

>> No.3384123

massive douche
also 2005 was more than 10 years ago seriously dude, move on

>> No.3384131

If it was just an angry comment or two, I'd have forgotten it by now.

When after you win you see your screen flood with a torrent of vitriol, and you get up and go to the bathroom for like 10 minutes to come back with him still going strong, it leaves an impression.

>> No.3384425

Haha, so that guy lost to a first-time online player, playing Necro of all factions? No wonder he got a butthurt.

I haven't ever played online, but he sounds like a total underage retard with a huge inferiority complex.

>> No.3384445

Anyway, I've seen people extremely conceited in their HoMM skill. They usually rushed lvl 7 units and never bothered with anything else. Still they believed to be absolute undisputed champions of the game and every loss was like the end of the world for them. Even now I meet people online who cause lots of drama arguing that Sorcery is a "staple" skill for Magic heroes.

I guess this has to do with the fact that Heroes III is really complex, with quite a lengthy list of features/mechanics not really explained anywhere which change the game considerably. I don't even go online yet because I haven't even beaten all campaigns. The ones I did beat were pretty hard most of the time.

>> No.3384472

Did you play RoE campaigns? They are generally easy, and kind of work as an extended tutorial. SoD and AB camps can be quite difficult for new players.

>> No.3384553

Both SoD and AB. RoE was indeed not very challenging. But I just mean that I need to get the feel for the game, play it longer before I feel comfortable playing online.

I have a pet peeve with SoD, however.

> be 11
> decide I need to play SoD campaigns
> start Yog campaign
> a hero with titans comes and kills me
> what
> fear playing SoD campaigns again

> be 24
> decide to revisit the campaign
> OK I simply have to run away
> let's learn some magic
> where's magic

>> No.3384645

Anyone here using Crusaders/Wolf Raiders often?

I feel like using them is such a pain, despite huge damage. First of all, they have to strike after the retaliation, meaning first you either need 1 kamikaze stack or your meat shield units to hit the target. Then, it's also important that the target doesn't run away anywhere…

Then, the second turn; you have to somehow do it all over again.

Any tips/suggestions for this?

>> No.3384664

By the way. I've been thinking about picrelated—is it really that bad?

My logic would be this: get Hell Hounds/Cerberi ASAP. Then kill Master Gremlins with the help of Wait command.

Yes, the player has no resources, but he can probably get that wood near the sawmill. There's also a pile of gold right in front of the town.

As for the rest—why not collect the shit skills with a scout? That's what they are for.

>> No.3384685


Haste early and often. It's great for controlling the flow of battles.

>> No.3384721

Yeah, obviously with just 6 speed they need Haste, or at least Tactics.

Really, it's not THAT hard to setup the first srtike:

1) Crusaders wait
2) some stack with dispensable health strikes the target and eats up the retaliation
3) target uses its turn
4) Crusaders move in and strike

But then it's all ambiguos. What do I do with Crusaders the following turn? If I wait, the target will strike them—HPs wasted. If I move them, I'm wasting my firepower.

So, I can only think of Teleporting them away from harm—which is already a pretty complex and cluttered setup.

Also, I just realized I can Clone them and deal quadruple damage. Since Castle loves Water Magic so much, it shouldn't be that hard.

>> No.3384728

>assembled a frankenstein army of unicorns, gold dragons, pegasi, centaurs, elves, sharpshooters and monks
>got expert logistics, map travel is sonic tier
>got tome of water magic, titan gladius, sentinel's shield, +2 creature speed
>army is ridiculously effective and powerful
>the hero with all this shit spent a month away from the front, explored some irrelevant distant areas
>just as I started seriously losing my castles and foothold against the AIs, she returns to the fight and within a week brings the most powerful AI to its knees, capturing castles all over the XL map with practically no losses (resurrection ftw)
I guess I can start playing on expert difficulty now. This AI is weirdly passive even on hard.

Use ogres and halberdiers as meat shields.
Tbh crusaders truly shine in castle defense, they are usually too slow to do much in field battles anyway (unless it's a massive battle with equal army strengths and players).

>> No.3384743


Storyteller again, that's one thing I've never got. So I'll admit, almost all of my experience is against the AI, but I've never found the necro to be overpowered unless you're playing on some huge massive map.

Yes, you will eventually get this huge skeleton ball that crushes everything. But I've found that you usually make or break your game based on how well you creep in those first few weeks. And for early game creeping, the necropolis is kind of shit. All of their level 1-3 creatures are awful, and the skeletons huge numbers only start coming into play when you've got Expert necro piled up with either a few Necromancy Amplifiers (which are probably not on your immediate list of builds) or some artifacts (very hit or miss). Clearing out the sorts of guards you've got around the early sawmills and orepits are unlikely to give you more than 2-3 skels each.

In the meantime, you're slow, you've got weak creatures. You're down a skill that could have gone into something like armorer or offense or a magic school. You don't really get going until you've got a few vampires and/or liches into the mix, but neither of them is attrition proof, as the base vampires don't lifesteal and the liches have a puny sprig of health for a level 5, and a shooter gang can pick one or two of them apart.

Now I realize that better players than myself almost universally consider the Necro the best (barring the Conflux, which is just bullshit), but I don't quite get it myself, unless high level online play is dominated by double level XL maps.

>> No.3384753


I mean, yeah, sometimes they'll get mussed up. It happens, and someone like the crusaders or the wolf raiders are much better if you can hit without retaliation. But they hit so damn hard that you don't need to set up a perfect strike, especially if it's round 2.

Cast a bless on the second round, and you've got a stack that's going to have each guy hit 10+, take a retaliation, and then swipe again. Especially if a few stacks have already been depleted with your first round's charge, you should be looking to finish off something, or pouncing on a group of shooters; who cares if they retaliate against you?


For the stronghold, gobs and even rocs aren't bad for taking an initial hit, and for the Castle, the Griffins and the Cavaliers/champions aren't bad either. Sure, they each have their ideal retaliation grabber, but you shouldn't be so attached to the perfect combination that you pass up a good one.

>> No.3384762

It's not a bad starting position, there's plenty of gold (two piles and two chests) and MGs could probably be beaten with few losses once the player gets Efreeti or at least Hell Hounds. The rest of the stuff is not essential at start and there seems to be space to expand. But it's definitely discouraging, considering how Inferno has probably the worst start on Impossible in the first place.

I never use Wolf Raiders at all - their build order is fucky and I don't even need them once I rush for Behemoths and use them with Orcs and Rocs to start clearing the map. Crusaders are however much more beefy and have the best damage among level 4s - you don't really need any tactics with them except Hasting the dudes and attacking, preferably with some 1-stack pikemen to eat up the retaliation

>> No.3384769

>>got tome of water magic, titan gladius, sentinel's shield
Well this is really, really lucky. So, you basically got +9 ATK, +9 DEF? I've never found both in the same map, at least yet. And plus you got Clone to boot, which is super nice given you have Grand Elves.

> Use ogres and halberdiers as meat shields.
Yeah well Halberdiers are more down my alley given it's Castle
> Tbh crusaders truly shine in castle defense
Well it's true, since I guess in defense you have more control over enemy position. But to limit them to this feels so disappointing.

With double hit, 4 Crusaders deal the damage equal to that of 1 Angel to a stack with 10 DEF. Just slightly below 1 Black Dragon. I guess you get what you pay for, since Crusaders are still lvl 4 units in everything beside double attack. But still I wish there was some tactic to get the most out of their ability.

>> No.3384782


Vampire lords are the absolute best creature for anything. Unless you get shafted with creatures you can't life drain there is no other faction able to keep up with rushing vampire lords.

>> No.3384791

Rocs, goblins and griffins like to die too easily to be considered "meat shields", and I really want to avoid wasting those two flyers (needed in sieges). Champs and goblins, I guess, are acceptable.

>> No.3384793

Sure, they're easily the best 4, but is that really it? I mean, they'll basically have to carry the army along with the death/dread knights, everything else the necro has is pretty bad for its level. And the VLs are only dominant if you can get a real deep stack of them, otherwise they get shot up or just dog piled and they can't regenerate fast enough.

>> No.3384794

Necro has a bad first few days, which can be somewhat rectified by buying a hero from another town who has shooters. Afterwards, they rapidly begin to dominate.

It's not just skeletons either - although you'd be surprised how quickly you can accumulate hundreds of skeletons even on smaller maps - Necropolis also has the best level 4 and level 6 creatures in the game, a cheaper, better Ressurection you can get with Basic Wisdom and a lot of other things going on for them, for example being able to use the Spirit of Oppression to great effect. So yeah I'd say Necropolis is easily one of the top 3 towns if not the strongest one. And on XL maps skeletons are simply unstoppable.

Their ability is hitting things twice as hard, not exactly very complicated or tactical. Best you can do is using Clone or, early on, using 1-stacks of mooks to eat up retaliation and then attack with Crusaders. And/or use defensive buffs like Shield if you're so scared of losing them. Honestly, sometimes you just lose creatures, be it Crusaders, Vampires or Demons.

>> No.3384809


it doesnt matter the vampire lords prevent all casualties while building up the skeleton pile, in russian on russian the necro will always have more of every unit in addition to being able to access things more quickly or at all that a different faction couldn't without loses.

>> No.3384814

I'm no Necro player but first, what >>3384782 said

Second, I can't find the vid now, but I saw Maretti playing vs Necropolis once (the enemy hero was Galthran which is pretty cheap too). I nearly dropped my jaw when I saw that in less in a relatively short time (not sure if over a month) he had 7,000 skeletons, IIRC. Yep, that's 7 thousands of them.

Now, without them, of course it's true that Necro's early game relies on melee units, since their only shooters are Liches. But I guess the same recipes which apply to Stronghold work for them too: Mass Haste/Tactics, locking shooters with Wights.

Wights are pretty shit I agree; but Zombies are great as cheap meat shield (surrounding Liches), and Bone Dragons, despite being really weak, offset this by being really cheap and available relatively early.

>> No.3384815

How many losses are you taking creeping anyway by the time you're throwing upgraded level 4 creatures around?

Hell, I rarely take losses in the exploration phase with just a big pile of centaurs with the Rampart, and I can put that together way more easily.

>> No.3384816

This is quite true. Necropolis gets an advantage in free units that isn't compensated with anything the other towns have, and the bottom line is that in the final battle you'll have free extra 2,000 level 1 creatures and your opponent just won't.

>> No.3384837


I'd actually like to see that video. Because I sure as hell have never done nor seen anything like that. I mean, say you're starting with Galthran, that means you're starting with basic necro and basic armorer. So you have a 50/50 chance of being able to advance necro when you gain a level, meaning you need to be level 5 to insure you have Expert. More, if you widen the pool by taking other skills I assume you want like a couple of schools or wisdom.

Expert will give you 30%. A necro amplifier or two, or something like the Vampire's Cowl, can bump it up to 50%.

Then, to get 2,000 skeletons, you'd need to kill about 12,000 hp worth of creatures. 3.5 times that if you want to get 7 grand. And that's after getting it up with artifacts and/or town boosts, and killing things are numerous enough not to be restricted by the 1 skel per creature thing you usually run into if you say, hit a neutral stack of 6s or 7s.

Throw in the fact that your creatures are all slow, and Necro guys are unlikely to get logistics, and you just can't hit that many stacks, or at least not as many as someone playing a different town, and I just don't see how that happens.

Even in my above story, we had our big enchilada in the middle of month 2, and he only had like 800 skels or so. Are just huge sprawling maps with tons of loot and tons of monsters more prevalent than I think?

>> No.3384840

>I never use Wolf Raiders at all - their build order is fucky
Ah yes. I remember now, they require upgraded Goblin Barracks for some reason.

Anyway, I just see the opportunity to deal lots of damage early, like with Grand Elves.

> who cares if they retaliate against you?
But this is the most important part. We assume that I'm against some really big stack of HP, right? They could wipe lots of Crusaders with a single blow. Even then, the battle losses add up: 1 unit lost here, 1 unit lost there, next thing you know—you have 5 Crusaders left in your mighty stack, doing nothing really.

Otherwise, if I'm against some weaklings—why would I bother with them? I'd just pick much safer route with Marksmen/Halberdiers combo.

>> No.3384852


Not him, but you usually have the creeping phase, where yeah, they're not that important, and the Huge As Fuck battle against the enemy main hero.

And you usually don't have too many of those. Usually only 1-3. And if you win that, even if you have to sacrifice your crusaders, well, they did their job. Yes, a big stack with an arbitrary number of HP will hurt the crusaders, but probably not as much as the crusaders hurts them, especially if you're smart and targeting something other than their big walker stack. Pile on a shooter, or some fast but fragile unit, and his retaliation will hurt you a lot less than your two strikes will hurt him.

>> No.3384853

True. If you've built Ogre Fort, Ogre Mages are THE choice for meat shield for Stronghold.

Rocs are alright. Behemoths work a bit better

>> No.3384863

Use multiple heroes, swap your armies around to hit as many stacks as possible in a single turn. Any level 1 dwellings, external or in captured castles? Into the skeleton transformers they go. Necromancy amplifier or two, artifacts, they all add up. Imp caches? Yes please give me some of that shit. Lost some skellies? Animate Dead. 100-200 skeletons a week is quite within the realm of possibility, if not more. AND THOSE ARE FREE. YOU GET FREE LEVEL 1 CREATURES BY THE HUNDREDS. OTHER TOWNS HAVE NO EQUIVALENT. YOU'RE ON EQUAL FOOTING, EXCEPT YOU HAVE THOUSANDS OF EXTRA LEVEL 1 CREATURES AND THE OTHER GUY DOESN'T.

And keep in mind NECRO DOESN'T ONLY HAVE SKELETONS. He has VLs and DKs, which are the best creatures in the game in their weight categories. They are assured to have Earth Magic, and everything it entails. They have cheaper Ressurection that is easier to get. They can use the Spirit of Oppression to really fuck you up.

There's a reason all legendary Russian grognards who have been playing this game since before it was released agree Necro is broken.

>> No.3384878


>Sure, they're easily the best 4, but is that really it?
The thing is: they kill anyone weaker then them without losses. No, that's not even entirely true: they kill weaker stacks with GAINS.

All those seemingly useless stacks of lvl 1s, which would get other factions only some measly 200 exp and a big yawn, turn into a goldmine for Necro.

And with Skeleton Transformer, all those Peasants gain a new meaning for your army.

>> No.3384895

>Their ability is hitting things twice as hard, not exactly very complicated or tactical.
Except for the retaliation part. I really want to escape it, but I can't find an easy way to do so.

This is where there's a problem though.

For shooters, I'd rather get Royal Griffins. They're perfect for the job, with high enough speed to fly over the whole battlefield. And if I can speed up Crusaders to be that fast—why use them, again?

Now where would I like to use Crusaders, in theory? As the damage dealers for Castle. It's their most obvious best parameter.

But in practice it just falls apart, because 1) they are slow, 2) they have just average lvl 4 health, 3) they can't avoid enemy attacks. I can Haste them alright. But only with Resurrection they'd be really safe to take to fight big stacks, which really require big damage output.

And for small stacks, that'd be like cracking nuts with a sledgehammer.

>> No.3384898


>use multiple heroes, swap your armies around to hit as many stacks as possible in a single turn.

You can and should be doing this with every town.

>. Any level 1 dwellings, external or in captured castles? Into the skeleton transformers they go

So, recruit free creatures, again, which you'd do with literally everyone. Capturing a castle? How many of those are lying around, usually they have vengeful players attached.

>Necromancy amplifier or two,

When do you build this? I assume you want basic creature dwellings, maybe some town upgrades so you can reliably recruit those VLs you'll be wanting? Two? How do you even know there WILL be a second Necro town?

> artifacts,

And if you get a bunch of glyphs of gallantry and an amulet of courage in that big score?

>. Imp caches?

And if there aren't? What if you get a naga bank instead?

>Lost some skellies? Animate Dead.

Because I'm going to build up to a level 3 mage guild, get basic wisdom for all my multiple heroes who are running around doing the fighting, expand the time that I'll need to get the minimum assured expert necro, which by the way, isn't likely since I'm splitting this up between multiple heroes, sometime finding 10 of EACH rare resource in addition to the 10 sulfur I need for the Mausoleum, and the gems I need for the upgraded estate.

Then, I'll need to get enough knowledge to cast a spell that costs 15 a pop. And I guess hope to find a well or to run all the way back home for more MP when I do.


>> No.3384901

Forgot to reply to this.

I also have Heroes Complete. Recently, I played a quick RoE map.

First month, enemy hero comes out. I fight him. He casts Mass Weakness, Mass Curse and several other spells. All in one turn. He had that combination undead armor artifact.

How he got it? I have no idea whatsoever, he was pretty weak too. No Dragon Utopias on the map as >>3381915 said .

>> No.3384902



Except, you know, running around and grabbing those same external structures, and using one of the many treasure level artifacts, or rally flags and fountains of fortune to keep morale up.

> He has VLs and DKs, which are the best creatures in the game in their weight categories.

And they are really the ONLY creatures the Necro has that stand out. And even the DKs aren't that much better than Nagas.

Look, I don't mean to contest "all the grognards", but most of the games I've played on random maps get decided sometime in week 3 by heroes of 6-10th level or so, usually with fairly small armies; it's usually the 2-4s that are the dominant levels. I just don't see how this COLOSSAL SKELETON HORDE even comes into being, short of spamming a lot of external creature dwellings. But ANYONE can do that, and build up a more varied horde of level 1s, and often stronger to boot if you've got guardhouses and centaur whatchacallems. If you are generating a huge force, it's not on the backs of the necromancy skill, because you don't even have the HP necessary in the wild stacks to generate that much.


If you're fighting a big main battle, you're going to take losses. And yes, they'll probably be among your most offense geared units if your enemy is any good. But usually, once you've won that big battle, you've broken another player and absorbed his domains, that's enough by itself to win a game. If you trade your stack of crusaders for a won battle, that's usually enough. Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

>> No.3384929

That armour of the damned is actually one of the easiest combo artifacts to find, since it requires 4 very common artifacts. In fact some maps have artifacts of the same archtype grouped together on the map too - or they are all found via similar quests, and so on.

heck it could've been even just a shipwreck survivor handing it over.

>> No.3384950

Not him but

>You can and should be doing this with every town.
Except you don't get skeletons from these fights

> So, recruit free creatures, again, which you'd do with literally everyone.
So, 30 Gremlins, 30 Goblins, 30 Pikemen, 30 Gnolls and a -2 morale already. Or ~100 Skeletons and no morale penalties. Which is better?

> artifacts,
>. Imp caches?
Yes, if you don't get those you will gain less skeletons. No arguing about that, it depends on luck/map.

> get basic wisdom for all my multiple heroes who are running around doing the fighting
So at lvl 6 max. Don't forget you don't even need Earth Magic since its effect is always permanent (unlike Resurrection which costs more).

> But ANYONE can do that, and build up a more varied horde of level 1s, and often stronger to boot if you've got guardhouses and centaur whatchacallems

But again, that "varied" army will be 3+ stacks from different towns, not to mention a management nightmare.

With Skeletons, you get all that conveniently packed into 1 slot. Not to mention you can use Glathran to further buff them, not to mention they aren't susceptible to Blind or Berserk.

>> No.3384956

> If you're fighting a big main battle
No, I'm definitely not talking about those. I'm actually referring to stronger guard stacks with which everything is much more predictable.

I was thinking that maybe—just maybe—there was a way I could take on those earlier than usual, or with less investment by using Crusaders. Because with Grand Elves, for example, I could do that. We're comparing apples and oranges of course, but still there's a huge damage potential which alas is hard to realize.

>> No.3384995

I just went and started a game just for you. Necropolis, Impossible difficulty, starting hero Thant. Month 2 I have 500 skeletons. Mind you that's me playing quite sloppily and also facing constant attrition from the AI attacking me through portals to kill 20 skeletons with magic arrow and flee. I only have one external skeleton dwelling, most my skeletons are gotten through necromancy and converting secondary heroes' starting troops. Now I'm playing Thant but perhaps if my play was smoother I could make just as many (or more) skeletons with another hero. Now are you saying 500 skeletons on month 2 aren't a force to be reckoned with? Especially if I was playing against a human, who faces the same Impossible penalties unlike AI?

>> No.3385051


Not at all. But that's in line with my (admittedly limited) experience. I don't see how people are getting 2-7 thousand skeletons on anything less than setups designed to favor the necro as much as possible.

And sure, it's very strong. But in those same conditions, I can usually get a couple hundred of my level ones by the same timeframe. Not 5-10, but 2-300 isn't really that uncommon.

Now, yes, 500-1000 is definitely more than 2-300, and that's a hefty advantage. But you give up a skill, you have a demonstrably slower initial creep, it doesn't affect any of the higher tier creatures at all, you have to divert some of those critical first week builds to get the necro amplifier and the skeleton transformer that could have been spent building upper tier dwellings and/or castles, and there's also the little fact that some of the better t1 creatures like Centaurs are worth 2-3 skeletons apiece.

I don't mean to imply that the necro is weak or anything, and they're definitely a very strong faction. But every time I see it discussed, 4 figure skeleton totals by month 2 seem to be a given, and I have no idea how the hell people do that. I don't even see how it can be done, even if you kill every single stack around you for no losses on the usual sort of creature density on random maps.

>> No.3385087

Skeleton transformer and necro amplifier are very cheap. On Impossible, you'll probably be going with mage guild for your first building, and won't get many higher-tier creature buildings in the first week anyway. So that's not that a big setback at all.

And I don't see how you'll be getting that many level 1s as any other faction unless you find a shitload of externals by some miracle, and/or start with a hero like Shakti. As a faction like Fortress, you'll probably be skipping level 1s altogether, or buying only enough to cover your shooters, in order to save money, anyway.

Now I also have a secondary hero Vidomina gathering skeletons, with over 200 skeletons in addition to Thant's 700, and other heroes grabbing the scraps to give me yet more skeletons. Mind you my movement economy and battle tactics are NOTHING compared to competitive players, so I can totally see how four-digit numbers of skeletons at month 2 are possible (especially since I'm playing on a standard random map, not a richer template like Jebus).

But, hey, I can kinda see your point, I wouldn't say Necropolis is UTTERLY UNSTOPPABLE and I'm learning new things about a town I wasn't using that much to begin with, so this has been kinda enlightening.

>> No.3385170


Also here's TheKnownWorld's 1v7 Necropolis play, well over 1,000 skeletons across the board on 2/1/1

>> No.3385198


Neat. I'll look it over when I get a chance, although I don't' have a couple of hours to spare right now.

>> No.3385287
File: 118 KB, 603x523, 1112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all the talk about stronghold makes me want to play some
>pick all for one scenario, a standard three man match
>rush behemoths
>first week passes and a new one dawns
>week of the behemoth

>> No.3385360

How are you supposed to enjoy maps with water?

>> No.3385569

the same way you enjoy water levels in any other video game

>> No.3385737
File: 12 KB, 341x324, 1425376107244.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can anyone upload the map "Adventures of Jared Haret" for me please?

>> No.3385820

Did any of you tried to play a S random map against 7 AI. It's hard, on easy, no fun, so i thought you guys might like it

>> No.3385858

Friendly reminder that in the last thread with fairly generic setup people picked

1. Conflux
2. Castle/Sir Mullich
3. Diplomacy chick / Castle (?)

Sandro shilling btfo

>> No.3385863

Yeah, I forgot to mention: in the video I mentioned, the game was played on Jebus if that helps.

>> No.3385887

Isn't that map installed with vanilla?

>> No.3385892

I can't see it in my map list, I have heroes complete.

Can you please upload it?

I really want to play this map.

>> No.3385904

Have you sorted the maps alphabetically? It's there in my version, SoD map

Did you search the directory? The file name is the same as the name of the mission

>> No.3385952
File: 100 KB, 656x1209, HoMM3 skills guide.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, as promised: Heroes III skill chart

Critique welcome

>> No.3385962

I must admit though it was hard to fit enough text and keep it readable. I'll work on it, now I have a template with all skill icons

>> No.3385969

I'd put Resistance under depends or could be worse. It's not superb against AI, but it can be quite nifty to have against human opponents. Definitely not in the same tier as First Aid. Bump Leadership up to depends as well.

>> No.3385971

Could be worse ? I'm afraid I disagree.
It could be land-rich bankrupt aristocracy,
without a penny to their name...just like you...and me.

>> No.3385976
File: 194 KB, 1073x311, heroes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can disagree if you want, but you'd be wrong.

>> No.3385978

I can change it, but first of all, the chart is made with beginners/intermediate players in mind.

Second, could you give some examples of Resistance being useful please? Also, I guess it's mostly exclusive to Rampart.

Third, as I said, for a beginner/intermediate player, morale mostly means nothing.

>> No.3385980

> Fortress
> dog
> girl
??? Well ok I guess

>> No.3385981

>opponent casts Berserk
>your 9,999 archangels resist the spell
there you go

>> No.3385987

> implying CPU casts Berserk, ever
> implying opponent has time to cast Berserk when you have 9,999 Archangels
> implying your nearest troop in this case is a friendly stack
> implying your 20% Resistance chance works all the time
> implying this scenario isn't one of those Bogdan Sverediuk HoMM III fantasies

>> No.3385990


She's a grill. Look it up

>> No.3385993
File: 5 KB, 58x64, Hero_Mirlanda.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well Fortress admittedly has a lack of competition

>> No.3385997

I did say Resistance is better if you're playing against a human. AI sucks at magic, but against a human opponent sometimes you'd be wishing you could resist that Berserk/Blind/Implosion/Slow the other guy just cast. It becomes even better with Rampart and artifacts, yeah, when you can resist every other spell and turn all of your mans into mini-dragons. But I'd probably get it over any other skill in the lower half of the image in a competitive match regardless.

>> No.3386005

That won't help you against Armageddon, right? Also, what about mass spells? Can Resistance deflect those?

The artifacts you mention are quite rare, and they actually don't require you to have Resistance skill. They'll still give you some skill percentage. Of course only with Resistance you'd have like 50% chance of deflecting a spell… But that's quite a lot of useful slots wasted on just enemy magic.

Resisting 1 in 5 Implosions doesn't sound super great to me, too. And even then, I'd think twice who/what to bring to a fight with some insanely buffed Warlock.

>> No.3386013

Leadership should be "depends", mandatory for mixed armies. Also, add some text explaining the situations where "depends" skills are useful, if this is for noobs.
Otherwise pretty good. Some parts are somewhat debatable, but that's unavoidable.

Where's that qt trap Kyrre?

>> No.3386021
File: 106 KB, 656x1209, HoMM3 skills guide v2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OK, by popular demand, here's a slight edit

>> No.3386024

How is mysticism bad? Mana regeneration should be a priority for a caster.

>> No.3386029

2-4 spell points/day is basically nothing unless very very early in the game. Considering there are also other ways to regenerate mana, such as wells, it's a waste of a skill slot unless in very specific situations

>> No.3386052


in addition to what >>3386029

said, if you are worried about running out of magic points, Intelligence is pretty much always better. Say you've got a relatively puny 4 knowledge. You're looking at the difference between Expert Intelligence, doubling your spell points, or expert mysticism, giving you another 4 a day.

That means it takes ten days for mysticism to make up what you have at the outset with intelligence. How many games have you been in where you haven't been able to find something to replenish your spell points in 10 days of activity? And intelligence gives you the option to burn a lot of magic on a serious fight, which mysticism wouldn't. And the difference becomes even greater the more knowledge your hero has.

>> No.3386163

Just started playing the game and I was wondering what some recommended maps for a beginner were? Also, is it possible to configure the amount of resources each player can start with? I see people playing maps with little neutral units on the map, but the two I played with necropolis were filled with them.

>> No.3386170
File: 443 KB, 1200x900, 0002650067_10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where can I find a clean version of gog heroes 3?
>tfw kat is down

>> No.3386171


>picking magic heroes ever

You need to learn a lot.

>> No.3386184

The amount of resources humans begin with depends on difficulty. You start with a ton of resources on 80% (pawn) difficulty, and with 0 across the board on 200% (king). You can also change the power of neutral stacks on random maps, but not on fixed ones.

>> No.3386194

p bad m8

>> No.3386218

proxybay or any tpb mirror
to check if it's a legit upload, check the MD5 hashes of both files and compare them with the ones here https://www.gogwiki.com/wiki/Heroes_of_Might_and_Magic_3:_Complete_Edition

if they match, it's clean

>> No.3386268

Been a long time, but IIRC, Isle of Fire is something of a tutorial level. Might be good to start with

>> No.3386314
File: 101 KB, 599x902, 1469193469945.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Last scenario of Crag Hack's SoD campaign

At least I get to do Sandro's next

>> No.3386334


this has nothing to do with who's the best gameplay-wise

>> No.3386472


WHat was so bad about that one? It's been a long time since SoD, but I seem to remember the one where you have to assemble the statue of the Legion being the real ball-buster.

>> No.3386534
File: 388 KB, 787x600, Spazzmaticus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good ideas
>Advanced classes
>Cities have different terrains deppend on map
>Buy all units button

Mixed feelings ideas
>Fighting heroes
>Choosing between two unit dellings per level
>"Aligment" between towns for example Nature with Life and Chaos
>Some units have their own spellbooks
>Defeated heroes go to prison

Bad ideas
>Units counter-attack at the same time, even worse shooting units counter-attack enemy shooting units
>Daily unit growth
>All towns have the same structure, they are less unique
>Magic schools are monotonous and have no variety of spells
>Heroes have no specialities, they are just different portraits now
>Skill packs, you have to learn skills you don't want to have skill you want
>Units can walk without heroes
>Neutral units can walk to you and attack

>> No.3386546

"Fighting heroes" was done well in Heroes 5, I think. They either cast a spell, or attack, once a turn. And sit on the sidelines otherwise, so they can't end up killing themselves by hitting efreet sultans.

>> No.3386576

>hero can only cast spells on his turn, as opposed to at any point when a friendly creature can act
Well that sucked

>> No.3386583


Not him, but I always liked the feature. It means that who gets that important first/last spell is dependent on hero level and artifacts, instead of which army has the fastest (or best initiative) creature.

>> No.3386601

I always started on normal. Does the difficulty give the AI a boost to anything besides resources?
I'll give that a shot. I've been reading and it seems that my favorite group is banned all over. Any other factions to try out for a beginner?

>> No.3386695


Well, I quite like the Rampart, the Stronghold, and the Castle myself. The Stronghold is one of the most beginner-friendly towns out there. Very few of their units have real tricks, just a lot of hit hard. They do admittedly have a very funny dwelling progression, which can take a bit of getting used to. It's quite often that you can build your level 7s long before your level 6s, and sometimes even your 4s.

>> No.3386703

Thanks. I'm always a necro fan, but I'll give stronghold a try for my next game.

>> No.3386710

The difficulty setting does actually affect the AI's behavior, aside from them cheating with buildings and resources:


This doesn't mention how the AI's battle tactics also improve, as a higher-level AI will do stuff like cover his shooters or use the Pause command, something a 80% or 100% AI doesn't consider.

>> No.3386729
File: 29 KB, 240x200, 1445414981608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AI on hard and upwards is whole another ball game than AI on normal.

>tfw AI used wait with his troop but you didn't notice

>> No.3386948

>Berserk lets you kill 9,999 crystal dragons with an army of one gremlin
>Hypnotize even on expert barely allows you to control a small 1st level stack to open castle gates, and is simply useless in any other scenario
who balanced this game

>> No.3386957

I'd rather have a worthless hypnotize than HoMM IV's hypnotize.

>> No.3386975

Why are the majority lvl 3 spells so shit by the way?

> Hypnotize
You just said it
> Fireball
Damage is literally that of Magic Arrow
> Frost Ring
Even worse
> Destroy Undead
More like "slightly scratch undead"
> Land Mine
Implying the enemy doesn't fly. Again, abysmal damage
> Forgetfulness
Unless you have Expert Water Magic, it's a very shitty version of Blind
> Protection from Earth
So important that it's lvl 3

Of course it has quite good Teleport, the slightly less important Earthquake, Anti-Magic, Mirth and Air Shield, plus Animate Dead if you play Necro… But otherwise, it's really disappointing.

>> No.3386976

What's the point for having 4 different spells for Elemental summoning?

Would anything be different if there was just 1 spell which summoned a random type of elemental? In any case, the only difference I see between them is that 2 of them fly, plus their magic weaknesses. Otherwise, they're all pretty much the same.

>> No.3386984
File: 17 KB, 418x359, 1468069515410.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's almost as silly and unnecessary as an entire elemental town

I really wish Forge happened

>> No.3386985

>Damage is literally that of Magic Arrow

on up to 7 hexes.

>Frost Ring

affects 1 hex less but costs 2 spell points less (from the top of my head).

They are bad in total damage output, yeah, but they can do alright against really tight formations. Of course, Meteor Shower outclasses them, but then Lightning Bolt outclasses Magic Arrow too.

All the spells have their uses really, and remember that you are not likely to get all of them.

>What's the point for having 4 different spells for Elemental summoning?

So you can pick and choose the one you can cast on expert level, or the one that has the most immunity to the opponents spells. Also, again, luck factor: you are not meant to find all of them in a typical game.

I just wish you could keep them after fights, since HOMM3 does not have the elemental guardian spell you can put on adventure map objects, like in HOMM2. Plus elementals kind of suck in HOMM3.

>> No.3386986

Because it depends on the school your hero is proficient with? Also it's minor, but Conflux's creature specialists buff their respective summoned elementals.

>> No.3387007

Oh, wait a second. I forgot the proficiency changes the multiplier, not just adding a tiny bonus. My bad

But still, I now have 2 Tower towns with Libraries. All 4 lvl 5 spells are the goddamn Elementals.

>> No.3387009

Playing Necropolis like


>> No.3387024

Well, but seriously: when are you going to see all 7 enemy stacks standing conveniently in a hexagonal formation?…

The AoE meme is OK for when the enemy has covered up his shooters with bodyguards from all sides. Even then, the best target is the shooter stack: they can still hurt you from their position, but they also have the least HP. A 100 dmg explosion isn't going to make a huge difference to a stack of Pikemen or other meat shield units. A 200 dmg zap of lightning to the Marksmen they're guarding is IMO more logical—despite overall you might do more damage with a Fireball.

>> No.3387045

Isn't Air Shield bugged or something? That it increases damage you take?

>> No.3387060

I think NWC really wrote themselves into a corner. M&MVII suggested Forge should have happened with its 'bad' ending.

Personally, I don't even know… The faction is very much like Necros, only with technology. Which is pretty much what they are—story-wise; mysterious dimension travelers took over Archibald's Necro kingdom and used technology from their space ship to create superhuman cyborgs.

All their units looked like mechanical zombies. Not too much variety for a whole faction, don't you think? I think they should've just taken the units they had left from Heroes II—Fairies, Phoenixes, maybe Wolves, etc, and make an all new faction with them.

>> No.3387064

Only from Arrow Towers AFAIK, at least that's what Heroes Wiki states: http://heroes.thelazy.net/wiki/Air_Shield

Otherwise, I think it works alright. Except I'd rather take Forgetfulness altogether. However, it's a mind spell, meaning it won't work on Titans, Liches and so on. Air Shield might be the only option then.

>> No.3387109
File: 264 KB, 799x599, Classic-forge-5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh wait, I didn't know that, but apparently they had a Naga Tank with a topless naga

>> No.3387459

All enemy Necropolises are behind border guards you can never pass evenly spaced out so their Shrouds of Darkness black out the entire map every turn and there's a one-way teleporter leading to your core territory.

There's edge cases where AoE is more useful. E.g. there's a small stack who'll soak your retaliation next to a big stack. You want to kill the small one, may as well put some damage on the big one.

>> No.3387503

Pathfinding and Fire Magic has to be most underrated skills.

>> No.3387505

those are mostly pretty bad choices if we go by perks that matter.
characters are still kinda nice.

speaking of Inferno, I can give you Zydar. but Ash? bloodlust starting spell is bullshit. any spell specialist is not really worth it, except Solmyr. I'd rather pick Fiona (scouting is bullshit but she makes a great fighter/mage mix) or Octavia (+350 gold, why not). Scholar sucks though

Oris (Stronghold) is a good choice but Eagle Eye is wasted potential.

>not Alamar or Jeddite

Sephinroth is okay though.

all the others in that chart are okayish.

>> No.3387513

H5 is fucking good but do yourselves a favor and install the Heroes 5.5 mod from moddb so you actually have classes again. (this time it's 3 classes instead of just 2 like in H3)

>> No.3387568

Why? H4's hypno was great!

Heroes needs more tiddies.

>> No.3387702

>implying your guide is not shit
>implying there are still beginner players
>implying they can't read what a skill does and decide on their own

you should really trip to maximize your attention whoring

>> No.3387704

>criticizing to fit in the crowd
>it is literally one click to switch to stationary guards

kys my man

>> No.3387804


Not him, but whatshername, the one with the magic arrow specialty with the conflux, is pretty good if you play with Conflux. Great for wiping out early stacks.

>> No.3387824

I think that's Ciele.


>> No.3387836

Fire Magic only has a handful of good spells, them being Blind, Berserk and Armageddon. While the latter two are very nice, the chances of you getting to use them are quite slim. This leaves Blind, which doesn't even benefit from the proficiency - the duration isn't changed, only the fact whether the affected creature retaliates or not, which is hilariously pointless. This leaves Curse and Bloodlust as serviceable spells, at which point I'd just take Water.

I take Pathfinder sometimes but it's kinda map-dependent and is even less useful for like half the factions.

>> No.3387927

To add to >>3387836
For Armageddon, the bonus is negligible, as it doesn't change the multiplier. The formula for the damage is, Power x 50 + (30 or 60 or 120) dmg depending of Fire School proficiency. The difference between 530 damage and 620 damage IMO isn't worth one skill slot.

That leaves only Berserk, which affects much wider area with Fire Magic. However, it's hard to get, and its usefulness varies—it's useless against Undead, Elementals, Black/Gold Dragons and Titans.

>> No.3387939
File: 6 KB, 78x65, how can you be so retarded.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying your guide is not shit
Oh well mr. expert, let's see your chart then. I used most universally agreed upon tiers, which I ran by people in this thread, and made some changes they asked for. When I asked for suggestions, you faggot remained silent.

>implying there are still beginner players
Several people in this thread have already asked for beginner tips, retard. Someone made a shitty chart which mostly everyone criticized for obvious mistakes. Suddenly when I volunteer to make a better one, it's "attention whoring".

>implying they can't read what a skill does and decide on their own
—Implying they have HoMMIII official strategy guide lying on their table and are willing to spend more time reading than playing
—Implying they know which spell schools give most benefits
—Implying they know what the Expert level of skill does when they get offered it on Basic
—Implying some faggot didn't advice to always take Sorcery in his chart

>> No.3387963

except for I have given my opinion before and according to it your chart is still shit. Yes, people should read the in game info, look up online and experiment with skills on their own and actually understand the mechanics.

Your tldr explains nothing and is inherently shit because it does not take game context into consideration. Without it the most sensible advice is you should probably take logistics and avoid eagle eye/learning, which should be pretty obvious.

You should collect yous on 9gag

>> No.3387968

Also, about pathfinding: it's very situational.

For any kind of road, Dirt, Grass, Lava, and Subterranean, it does absolutely nothing.

Now where it gives benefits is on terrain with movement penalty: Rough (normally uses 125% movement, native terrain for Stronghold); Snow (150%, Tower), Desert (150%, neutral); and most of all, Swamp (175%, Fortress). It removes those penalties, so that even if your whole army isn't native to the terrain you're traveling through, you will move through it like it was the usual Grass/Dirt. This means a lot on Swamps, where your movement would otherwise be cut almost twice.

So, if I have a map where I absolutely need to go through Swamps or Snow a lot, I'll pick Pathfinding. no questions. Otherwise, I'd never pick it as it wouldn't do anything at all.

>> No.3387979

>except for I have given my opinion before
Which one was it

> Your tldr explains nothing
Because that's the point of tldr. The chart is a crash course for a beginner who doesn't know the difference between "Lots" and "Throng". You expect me to explain every skill here? That's what Heroes III wiki is for. This is just a very short cheat sheet for the first-timers who get offered skills they know nothing about.

As far as I'm concerned, the opinions divided only on few skills like Resistance. I can add better descriptions as the current ones pretty much are drafts. As far as I can see, this is still better than the skill section of that other chart some autist posted

>> No.3388101

a better crash course is to just read the fucking manual

>> No.3388108

you sir is a homm3osexual
take your pills
you please stop feeding the throng of trolls

>> No.3388237

In a previous thread someone mentioned that heroes are always offered Wisdom on level 5 or 6 (don't remember) if they don't have it, I'm wondering if this applies even if you have been offered it at an earlier level but declined?

>> No.3388250

>Also, about pathfinding: it's very situational.

Damn near everything is situational in the game. Earth Magic, widely regarded as the most game breaking skill in the game, is completely useless if you don't roll any good earth spells.

Logistics is great but what if the map is 90% water? Logistics is then useless.
etc etc...

>> No.3388257
File: 42 KB, 650x1058, 1439112272619.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3388312
File: 2.61 MB, 2000x1301, HoMMVbyNWC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If they released HoMM V
They started HoMM V before bancrupcy

>> No.3388337

That doesn't look too bad. At least the creatures don't look like they've been lifted wholesale off WoW or Allods Online.

>> No.3388341

>Logistics is great but what if the map is 90% water? Logistics is then useless.
I lost count of how many times I was a few movement points short of reaching my boat.

>> No.3388353
File: 234 KB, 535x699, 63624259_olivierledroit3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

got a problem with Olivier Ledroit ?

>> No.3388370

do you guys also experience shitty RNG maps sometimes? like in the sense that you can't even leave a certain area at all unless you have the fly spell?
I had to start over often because of that.

>> No.3388372
File: 1004 KB, 1920x1080, zydared.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just finished a random game (random map, random town).
What hero would be better when playing Fortress Tazar or Alkin?

>> No.3388378
File: 57 KB, 258x188, 1469640628811~01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>little dragons with bows, arrows, spears and armour
I want this

Maps usually have more than two castles and it's extremely unlikely that you won't find any useful earth spells.

>> No.3388383

Never played Might and Magic games, but I understand the whole thing is the Inferno demons are actually aliens, and the world is actually the remains of an advanced civilization that descended into barbarism?
I'd guess dragons and other such creatures are experiments?
But what's the deal with magic, spell points and stuff like genies though?

>> No.3388395

Alkin has more variety.
>Gorgon specialist
>starts with basic offense and basic armorer

Tazar is all about advanced armorer right at the beginning.

>> No.3388408

>I'd guess dragons and other such creatures are experiments?

don't know about them but Beholders are experimental creatures. I think it was mentioned in the game somewhere.

>> No.3388436

AFAIK, it goes like this: the worlds of M&M were originally created by the Elemental Lords, then colonized by the Ancients and rearranged into artificial biological plates inside a gigantic spacecraft. Then the Kreegan invasion happened, separating people from the Ancients and throwing them back into the medieval age.

Genies and Efreeti are creatures from the elemental planes of Air and Fire respectively, so they probably predate the colonization by the Ancients. But as for dragons and magic, I don't think it's explained very well.

>> No.3388602
File: 273 KB, 450x600, its_beautiful.jpg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is… glorious

>> No.3388645

When I say "situational", I mean that half the time it will be useless.

Yes, the game has enough variety that even Logistics can be useless. But given that land maps are by far the most numerous in the game, and most action obviously takes place on land, Logistics can only be useless when the map is more than 50 percent sea. Which is very rare.

Pathfinding does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when you traverse terrain with no penalties, such as grass, dirt, etc, which are by far the most common types of terrain. Even then, if you have 1 Fortress town located on a small patch of swamp, you probably won't need Pathfinding all that much.

The best scenario for Pathfinding is when the whole map is covered in swamps and you can't have all army consisting of Fortress units for some reason, which is really rare and specific. Then Pathfinding would be nearly indispensable. Also it's pretty desirable on snow or desert maps with the same conditions, and again this doesn't happen all that often.

But even on Rough, you can travel 80% of your normal distance if you don't evade the penalty. I assume it might be crucial in some cases, but I'd say it's more or less bearable otherwise. Slow, but not crippling.

>> No.3388657

That sounds about right. MM1-5 are all about one of the Guardians of the Ancients that are supposed to protect the planets going haywire.

>> No.3388662

Yep, you understand correctly.

M&M universe is pretty much based on Arthur C. Clarke's 3rd law: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic". Not sure about how exactly magic is explained and all that, but almost every M&M game reveals near the end that the villains/saviors are all actually androids or travelers between the planes, with a few spaceships/blasters in their closet.

>> No.3388665
File: 63 KB, 594x640, TankConceptArt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3388669

Same. It would have been a perfect tie-in to MM and Heroes. Instead of scrapping the entire faction, they should have maybe redesigned it and changed the look a bit. Fuck the anti sci-fi fags.

>> No.3388757

I'm not completely against the idea of that merger, but…

> No full information has been released regarding the statistics of the Forge troops, but their ranks are publicly known. According to a New World Computing representative, Forge units were to be, individually, the strongest in the game - though highly overpowered (with units stronger than Archangels), would be produced in low numbers and cost far more materials (even some non-7th tiers apparently costing precious resources).[8] In-game graphics of only the first three tiers were showcased.[9]

I must say I'm not a huge fan of this. Conflux already broke the game and the balance way too much.

I admit the faction actually looks well-designed, albeit somewhat characteristic of late '90s vidya and Quake II in particular. But IMO, next to all other fantasy factions, it produces a huge obvious clash of styles.

Maybe NWC should've started from introducing little dozes of sci-fi, like having only 1-2 cyborg units instead of a whole faction. This might actually have worked. Well, looks like they actually did re-use one Forge unit, the Dragon Golems, and it worked well IMO.

>> No.3388795
File: 173 KB, 1455x728, 1447799647694.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did the latest HD mod update break everything for anyone else?

>> No.3388808


There is a screenshot of forge troops and their stats floating around somewhere.

Imo they should have done a sci fi spin off instead, instead of retconning a bunch of dimensional alien zombies.

>> No.3388838

>instead of retconning a bunch of dimensional alien zombies.

>> No.3389080

tazar is better and its not even a debate. tazar is a top 5 hero easily.

creature specialists (especially higher lvl creatures) are not very useful. the +1 speed can help (esp for something like skeletons) but the buffs to att and def are minimal and start to get washed out for higher tier creatures.

that said, armorer specialist vs might gorgon spec, its not even close. tazar will most likely get offense as well

>> No.3389112


get out

>> No.3389149
File: 133 KB, 656x1209, HoMM3 skills guide v3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have updated the chart slightly. What should I do next? I think town build-up and tactics should be covered, many new players ask about this. But a cheat sheet won't do as it's a complex subject.

>> No.3389175


Is intelligence really great for everyone?

I mean sure, when you get it going, it can be REALLY powerful. Doubling your knowledge stat can be the equivalent of 10+ levels.

But it only really works if you're doing a high magic hero to begin with, and a lot of multiplayer play bans those high costing adventure spells where it means the most. If you've got a Barbarian with a knowledge of 4-6, and relying on mass haste or mass slow to win battles, it's not really that great.

Town build up and general economics is probably a good thing to do.

>> No.3389185

Intelligence is actually more useful to might heroes, who get less knowledge points.

>> No.3389190

why isnt diplomacy in anal rape tier?

>> No.3389203

I agree to an extent. Intelligence is one of the least likely skills to be offered to Barbarians (Offense is 10 times more likely to offered to them).

I agree that the skill probably won't do much good to a hero who doesn't care about magic at all. But if you're casting even lvl 1 spells, 40–50 mana is not too much to begin with. On some maps it's offset by magic wells. On other, they're scarce if present at all.

In this case, if a chance came by (which isn't likely for any Might heroes except for Alchemists/Death Knights), I actually wouldn't mind getting more, given I had free slots.

But for most other classes, Intelligence is immensely useful. The bonus Intelligence gives is really generous, and you'd have a shit ton of rare artifacts to get as many spell points as you can with Intelligence.

>> No.3389209

It's so broken and misunderstood by many that I don't even know where to put it. Plus on some maps monsters don't join you by default.

>> No.3389285

on what NWC maps are all monsters set to savage?

>> No.3389304

>own build up and general economics is probably a good thing to do.
Yeah I've been thinking about it for a long time

OK, here is a draft then, feel free to add anything

General build-up and economics:

Usually, at the beginning, your #1 priority for your heroes is to flag ore pits and sawmills in your reach and collect wood/ore. They are absolutely required for build up and crucial for town development (especially in the early stage).

Your second immediate priority is to collect resources, artifacts and flag other mines around your town, exploring the surroundings and getting rid of the fog.

On all but the smallest maps it makes sense to hire multiple heroes for these purposes. At the beginning, you will have 2 heroes for hire in your tavern: one from your faction and the other from some random one. Both will have small armies of level 1-3 creatures which will come in handy for early expansion. A word of warning though: most Might heroes come without spell books, so it is desirable to buy one for each of them immediately in Mage Guilds, unless you're 100% certain don't plan to fight with them.

The earlier you start fighting, the better. A safe strategy early in the game is to rely on shooters to get rid of guards without losses. A faster but much more advanced strategy is to get fighting immediately with all available army "juggled" between heroes.

Town Build-Up

Usually, at least one town you start with will already have a Fort. It's a very expensive structure, so it's better not build it in other towns immediately (if you have them).

Generally, on lower difficulty settings, the common main town build-up strategy in the first week is to get as many creature dwellings as possible, finishing the week by building Citadel, or even better, Castle. This way, the next week you will receive double your normal growth rate of units. It depends on a town, but it is usually very desirable to try and get lvl 5-6 creatures in the first week.

>> No.3389309


Inferno can with proper demon farming, although it depends a lot of what the map offers to you.

>> No.3389335

>There is a screenshot of forge troops and their stats floating around somewhere.
It's fanmade.

>> No.3389343


On harder difficulties, establishing income becomes more important. This is where building City Hall becomes a bigger priority.

Upgrading dwellings is not very desirable in week 1, unless it provides significant benefits (e.g. Workshop for Master Gremlins, Homestead for Grand Elves, etc.). This way, you won't waste days you could otherwise spend on building new dwellings.

If you have more than 1 town, it's a good idea to focus on income buildings in the ones without Forts. A usual goal for such towns is a City Hall which provides 2000 gold every day. The required buildings are Market, Mage Guild and Blacksmith, and except for the last one, they will come in handy later.

Advancing Mage Guild in the beginning is usually not a good idea. Not only your heroes usually can't learn high level spells, but also their stats and secondary skills don't allow to realize their full potential. It is better to postpone it until the later stages of the game.

Finally, another important priority for the week is to get enough resources required for lvl 6–7 dwellings. Unlike previous structures, they require much more precious resources.

2nd week

Since you get units at the beginning of the week, it's a good idea to buy them and start taking on stronger guards to advance further.

It's better to always let scouts clear out the fog in advance to understand where to go next, especially on large/complex maps. They can also pick up the resources and flag map structures to not waste your main hero's/heroes' movement points. Scouts are better off when equipped with small groups of fast low level units (e.g. Griffins, Gargoyles, Serpent Flies, etc). This allows them not only to move slightly further distances, but also flee combat in a pinch.

Second week is also a good idea to start thinking about getting level 7 dwellings, if you haven't already. This can be harder or easier depending on town, but the sooner you build them, the more level 7 units you will have.

>> No.3389387

unless you have diplomacy and can pick up wandering stacks, demon farming is essentially an hp trade. unlike necromancy where you are getting free units with every battle.

>> No.3389392

If the money is tight and there are no enemy towns in sight, it is probably a good time to think about building Capitol. You can only have 1 Capitol in your faction. Since it requires Castle, a good location for it is your main town.

Finally, week 2 is also a good time for getting essential dwelling upgrades. [I will make another guide for it]

Additional section: Chests—Experience VS Gold

There's no strict rule for this choice. It depends on map, difficulty, amount of potential sources of experience around, and so on.

Going for gold is required on high difficulty settings, resource-poor maps and if you deliberately choose to avoid building Town/City Halls.

In case you have enough gold and income, remember that it's desirable to advance your main hero(-es) early in the game. 10,000 exp gets you to level 8, allowing you to learn Wisdom if you haven't yet and potentially giving you useful skills like magic schools, Logistics, Tactics, Intelligence, and so on. Thus it can make your expansion much easier, saving you units and money.

However, for scouts experience is almost useless, so gold is always better option for them.


That's it for now, any additions/changes/comments welcome

>> No.3389404

Haven't checked, what are they set to on most maps?

Anyway, Diplomacy is a really long talk, and the fact that mostly only Clerics and Battle Mages get it doesn't help at all. For Might heroes the probability is even worse.

>> No.3389418

well I have never had a situation where I could not pick up any troops at all, even on 200%.

maybe on some user-made maps all monsters wont join but thats definitely not the case in campaigns or random maps.

>> No.3389427


Diplomacy is highly dependant on how much money you have. Otherwise you won't get an offer to buy out the stacks.

At some point you'll have to buy because higher level units won't join you for free.

>> No.3389442


Mages guild depend highly on faction. With Dungeon, inferno and tower you will benefit greatly from high level spells. Stuff like armageddon, chain lightning and implosion will help you clear up more neutral stacks than a huge army, because mana points are free, while your army costs gold.

The only problem is that you will not get early expansion with these towns. But if you luck out and can get armageddon going. Nothing will stop your spellcaster.

>> No.3389449 [DELETED] 


Not that anon, but since the guys upthread are talking about getting free level 1s from dwellings and then tossing them in the skeleton converter, that's also an hp trade ,and an inefficient one at that.

>> No.3389472

I'm just curious. Has ANYONE ever built a mystic pond?

>> No.3389589

Only when I'm already filthy rich and have virtually won the game. Or maybe in a very resource poor map, with no almost no rare resource mine, but even then it would be something I have to ponder a lot before deciding to build it or not.

>> No.3389620

is this hating sorcery thing some kind of meme?

Even though in the long run spell damage isn't always ideal it still has some situational usage, is there something I don't know about the mechanics of it?

>> No.3389724

Is there a way to drop artifacts?

>> No.3389824

Tier 3 sorcery gives +15% extra spell damage. On any spell that isn't Implosion, that's pitifully little, and even if you're spamming Implosion or Armageddon every turn, it's a pretty measly bonus. You would definitely get more mileage from any other combat skill, like Archery or something.

"But what about Sorcery specialists?" you may ask, but remember the way skill bonuses work is that they're not flat +5%/level bonuses, but multiply the base skill percentage. So a level 10 sorcery specialist, instead of dealing 65% more damage with spells, only deals 22% more damage. You would need a Sandro, Zydar or Malekith way beyond level 100 to double the damage output of your spells.

>> No.3389848

sell them at artifact merchants. conflux, dungeon and tower have these.

or look for black markets on the map.

>> No.3389853
File: 70 KB, 726x695, 1467239018122.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Sorcerer actually has a lot of hidden passive bonuses that synergize if you can multicast though

>> No.3389897

How much do you savescum?

>> No.3389908

often. HotA is crashing quite often. and saving in front of a witch hut and wandering scholars so those assholes don't teach you eagle eye.

>> No.3389914

Never played this. Is it anything like the Disciples series? OP's picture kind of looks like Disciples overworld.

>> No.3389916
File: 2 KB, 37x47, Scholar.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so who of you fellas wants to learn some dank meme skills? I got eagle eye, ballistics, learning, first aid and basic luck.

all of them are so useful. been studying hard to share muh knowledge.

>> No.3389924

I don't know the Disciples games series but I just watched a Disciples III video on youtube and both game series seem to be very similar.

also, play Heroes 3, 4 and 5. you're really missing out.

I envy the players who get to experience H3 for the first time.

>> No.3389931

Ballistics is gud.

>> No.3389942

Heroes is more tactical than Disciples I-II as units actually move around on a grid in battle and the economy/town development matter. In most games, Heroes don't participate in combat directly, only cast spells, and you have an actual army of hundreds of creatures instead of a Pokemon team. Otherwise they're quite similar.

>> No.3389945

are we talking about the same game anon?

>> No.3389952
File: 8 KB, 82x93, Basic_Ballistics.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"As you ride into a clearing, you notice a university scholar resting his horse. He agrees to teach you some of what he knows before setting off."

>> No.3390000

Hello /hommg/. I dont usually visit these threads but I just popped in to say that I think HoMM3 is a great game, even if I am not so good at it.

Have a nice day, everyone.

>> No.3390006

oh boy, thanks for letting us know.
cool quads.

>> No.3390047

This. Also, the way it works, your chances are the best when you encounter a stack weaker than your army and when you already have the same units in with you.

Is this some kind of WoG HotA faggotry? In vanilla Heroes III, there's nothing like what you're talking about

This is why you need scouts.

Disciples was heavily inspired by Heroes, to the point of copying.

>> No.3390058

That's part of the game though, you should have a scout check out a witch hut first and scholars are a gamble. Savescumming is a nasty habit and you're playing a different game when you abuse it.

>> No.3390068
File: 140 KB, 390x482, fuck you too game.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3390086

God hates diplomacy

>> No.3390089

I don't. Scholars are the only problem, but I can gamble here and there, and one meme skill shouldn't make me lose the game anyway.

>> No.3390090

Not him, but what pisses me off though is the scholars. They can only teach one hero, and AFAIK there's no way to know what they'll give you, except for savescumming.

Not to mention they look almost exactly like Monks.

>> No.3390113

Do Neutral Dwellings never appear on random maps?
Don't think I've even seen the lower tier ones appear in the games I've played so far.

>> No.3390118

They absolutely do. You just have shitty luck.

Or do you mean neutral dwellings, like the ones for Halflings, Boars, Mummies, Enchanters and so on? They can appear too in that case.

>> No.3390124

Yeah those, they just haven't appeared at all.

>> No.3390125
File: 351 KB, 1166x660, REALLY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>put random map with everything except for player number and size random
>first week

>> No.3390130

at this point you can only wait 2-3 weeks, stack up those creatures and just rush those faggot dragons.

or go beat the devils first if they aren't that many..

>> No.3390134

I definitely saw some boar glens, hovels and enchanter hollows in my recent random map games, so it's just you I guess. I'm not so sure about the superdragon dwellings, but by logic they should be there too.

>> No.3390140

As a first-timer, which version of this game should I start with?


>> No.3390143

Yeah, they are. I was recently playing with a friend on a medium random map that turned out as basically a big crossroads and a race to the faerie dragon dwelling smack dab in the middle, was pretty fun

>> No.3390146
File: 364 KB, 1170x654, wat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same Game.

>> No.3390147
File: 282 KB, 800x600, empty_boxes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well, the RNG maps are definitely weird sometimes.

like look at my map. so far it has been full of creatures guarding all these boxes that usually have random rewards and literally 95% of them were empty. the ones I'm surrounded with probably are empty as well and there were like at least 10 of them scattered all over the map so far. so yay, fighting enemies and gain no reward for it.

>> No.3390148

HoMM III Complete

Avoid the HD release

>> No.3390153


With pandoras you get what you fight for, if you see one guarded by shit tier creatures like centaurs you can make a safe guess it's empty. Kinda weird there are so many, still

>> No.3390165

yeah. I thought about how the rewards are related to the troops and their strength in front of it.

left and upper box were empty but the one on the right with the griffins at least had a 5000 exp reward. there were at least 70 griffins. so it kinda makes sense algorithm wise.

>> No.3390168

They can be empty even with relatively tough stacks.

>> No.3390171

oh man, actually true.
that also happened to me once.
other map though. but I'm having fun.

>> No.3390173

"1 of each please"

>> No.3390279
File: 129 KB, 606x700, 1467210975201.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Working up the motivation to make a Steel Ball Run map based on that america base map.
Give me your ideas

>> No.3390290

I thought Japan was blissfully unaware of HoM&M3.

>> No.3390292


Looks korean

>> No.3390296
File: 316 KB, 1176x656, lmao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He attacked me
Resurrection 2 Stronk
Shackles of War also 2 stronk

>> No.3390312

3D was a mistake.

>> No.3390315
File: 1.70 MB, 350x266, 1-vince-mcmahon-wwe-funny-face.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do Asians even play HoMM?
>inb4 slavs are asians meme

>> No.3390325
File: 107 KB, 347x330, hungry_hungry_hydra.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So pixelshit would be better?

>> No.3390332
File: 104 KB, 600x450, heroes 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The one in HoM&M2 was perfect. It looks great to this day.

>> No.3390353


fuck this shitty meme

Heroes 3 looks fucking fantastic

>> No.3390381

There's a strong chinese modding community for HoMM3

>> No.3390617

Interview about HOMMV

>> No.3390751
File: 5 KB, 58x64, 1468746043802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does Alamar have a hitler moustache?

>> No.3390819
File: 43 KB, 600x600, 1469071286074.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Beware these legendary creatures of the deep!

>> No.3390820
File: 11 KB, 101x93, HeroAlamarII.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>start as Dungeon, want to try out dracogeddon strat
>build up a Dungeon and an Inferno magic guild, neither have Armageddon
>exit from underground is guarded by a horde of red dragons
>want to diplomacy them bad
>literally nothing left to do in the underground other than to autistically sit around accumulating gold and blackies
Just shit my fuck up senpai

Not quite

>> No.3390838

All necro heroes already start with a shit-ton of spell points and creatures
That's when I gave up in SoD

>> No.3390850

Any recommendations for channels/vids on youtube? All I find are those stupid "tricks" videos and that slow-as-fuck 1v7 dude..

>> No.3390857

I think HoMM3 started my love affair with elves. I always had a unit of Wood or Grand Elves in whatever army I had.

>> No.3390892

RNG maps are supposed to be a good aspect of the game?
I'll take pre made scenarios any day

>> No.3390935

meridian is slower than mekick but you can learn a lot from him

playing heroes at rapid fire pace is usually a bad idea

>> No.3390948

Random maps = infinite replayability, if you feel like the standard ones are fucking you over just get a decent usermade template like Jebus or something

Fixed scenarios are good too though, I'll admit the earlier RoE maps make me feel all nostalgic and like I'm playing an entirely different game

>> No.3391028

I hate maps like that because most of the time the rng generator goes nuts with monoliths and it gets just tedious and confusing remembering which one goes where, especially when you have like 3 beside each other.

>> No.3391229

There are better and worse templates. Jebus/Jebus cross are tournament staples. Obviously, in multiplayer random is the only way, since other maps can be memorized.

However, they're also quite different from most scenarios because of very powerful monsters and, more importantly, pandora boxes, which potentially give you shittons of exp (something like 30,000). Of course this is a big change from most other maps where leveling is rather slow and lvl 20 is where it pretty much stagnates.

>> No.3391416

Does Sorcery is really considered shit tier?

>> No.3391447

this guy >>3389824 explains it

>> No.3391701

So, any other additions/corrections? If not, I'm starting to make the chart

>> No.3391961

Okay i've understood the 1st part but not the 2nd i guess. Is he saying that sorcery skill fuck up heroes who are considered sorcerers? (I didn't even know there was differences between class, i believed that the only difference among heroes was their bonus (ex: starting with a spell /or increased the strenght of some units).

>> No.3391982

Several heroes in the game have Sorcery specialties: for every level they get, they get 5% to the effect of their Sorcery skill. So at level 20, they'll get 100% bonus to it, or simply put, double the effect of the skill. So level 20 Sandro will receive 30% damage bonus to spells, instead of the usual 15%. Level 40 Sandro will do 45% more damage, level 60—60%, and so on.

However, this is still not very much and not very useful. Usually, on a lot of maps you won't go past lvl 20–30 range. It's an OK bonus if you only cast Armageddon or Implosion all the time, but still it's not night and day difference for so much leveling.

So all in all, Sorcery specialty is simply not worth it. It's too much work for too little.

>> No.3392007

>boot up II after years
>get to lvl 5 guild mage
>summon earth elemental
Fucking hell why are the summon spells so fucking worthless.

>> No.3392015

And that's when your economy crashed and burnt?

>> No.3392124

There are differences between classes, namely stat increases (i.e. Beastmasters are most likely to get +1 Defence when leveling up, while Warlocks are most likely to get +1 Power) and what secondary skills come up (Battlemages are more likely to learn combat skills than other mages, and Alchemists are more likely to learn magic skills than other warriors)

But what I was talking about is specifically heroes with a Sorcery bonus - Sandro, Zydar and Malekith - which says they receive a 5% bonus to sorcery per level (similarly how to other heroes give a bonus to units and certain spells that increase with level). Unfortunately due to how the math works, that bonus is largely worthless

>> No.3392126

So it doesn't fuck up them per se. Just a level 10 hero with Expert Sorcery would be dealing 15% extra damage with spells, while Malekith with Expert Sorcery would be dealing 22% extra damage. Which is an improvement, but a very slight one. What I am saying is that sorcery heroes should rarely be considered at all, as Offence and Archery are far better at boosting your combat damage

>> No.3392157

Is there an ultimate guide on how not to suck at this game? It seems I end up getting fucked no matter what I do.

>> No.3392168

what do you do exactly ? and on what difficulty ?

>> No.3392179

>rng generator

rip in peace

>> No.3392180

>attack bunch of gremlins first week
>split in 2 stacks, one is MG


>> No.3392251


There is actually a massive Strategist's guide to Heroes 3 PDF floating around somewhere. I dont have it though.

>> No.3392360

Is there plugin that shows how much is "lots" "throng" etc like in hota?

>> No.3392365

there's a spell called Vision for that
unless you want to CHEAT

>> No.3392428

Noticed the mistake long after I passed out.

>> No.3392507


There was a way to see exactly how many units the enemy had. Can't remember how I did it though.

>> No.3392584

Well for skill I made >>3389149

For the rest, I recommend jolly joker's guides

>> No.3392621

I swear to god.

every now and then I have RNG maps that trap me right at the beginning. like you can't leave at all. no portal, no shipyard, no underground passage, nothing.

I sometimes have this if I choose L map, 8 players, underground yes, water levels normal.

sometimes you're literally fucked choosing that.
with a fly spell one could get around but you can't get expert wisdom that quickly and you're not gaining exp if you cleared up every obstacle in that small area.

>> No.3392659

Which template?

>> No.3392896

no specific template. this isn't like HoMM5 where you pick a template first, so I don't know what you mean or where you could actually select that. I'm just playing HotA and make a random map based on these parameters.

>> No.3392913
File: 88 KB, 796x226, Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 22.35.33.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haven't use HotA but in H3 Complete, you just click random and the first option is to select template

>> No.3392939
File: 250 KB, 800x600, no_templates.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

interesting but I've never seen that in my life. there simply is no option like that in my HotA version but I could see how HotA would benefit from that if it is really lacking. which I'm pretty sure of.

here's a pic of my random map selection screen.

>> No.3392940

It's in the HD mod I believe.

>> No.3392943

huh, makes sense I guess.

>> No.3392986
File: 156 KB, 600x600, HeroesIV-GrinningIdiot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think this one is by far the worst though

Looks like some early 2000s amateur 3D art used for smileys in AOL Messenger

>> No.3393002
File: 70 KB, 848x870, vnigc8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was browsing Heroes concept art when

>> No.3393007
File: 33 KB, 203x303, 98d24i.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Our lord and savior

>> No.3393028

>superior AI army closes in
>diplomacy hero rides off and has 150 pit lords join him for free, then 120 basilisks
>game turns into the biggest demon farming session ever
I'm such a shitter, but I'm physically incapable of resisting clicking diplomacy

>> No.3393052

Well if you get so many joiners—then of course it's good. Judging that they came form 2 different factions, either the aggressiveness of the monsters was set to low or your army was very strong.

It's a different story when there are no joiners or they are all shit like Wights or Imps.

>> No.3393064


I hate random maps. They look ugly, are illogical, and don't have any secrets or easter eggs to discover.

They are probably better from a gameplay perspective, but there's no fun to them.

>> No.3393070


HotA doesn't show the exact number. It shows "1-4" instead of "Few" etc.

>> No.3393076

My army wasn't even /that/ big, like 6 Gold Dragons, a bit under 100 Grand Elves and some extras. It came as legitimate surprise to me.

Of course diplomacy is useless if a custom map sets all monsters to savage, but otherwise it will almost always massively pay off. Even 200 extra imps are nice to have, it's free army after all, and if you can join a bunch of shooters (which is quite possible) that can easily sway the odds in your favor quite early.

>> No.3393135


Random maps can be great just for the gameplay alone. But you need to fiddle with settings a lot, otherwise you'll end up as inferno while half the enemies are conflux and the map is a total clusterfuck of one way portals and witch huts with half the overworld map that is just generated mountains or water.

I really wish there was a way to make certain overworld objects not spawn in the game. Shit like portals and 3 colloseums in a row really break the game, also fucking witch huts because all they rarely teach magic for some reason.

>> No.3393145


The best thing is to gather monthly creatures to get the ball rolling, because they are a lot more likely to join you. Griffins, lizardmen and dragon flies are fairly common and are alright units.

Cyclops and liches are the best though.

>> No.3393150

>I really wish there was a way to make certain overworld objects not spawn in the game. Shit like portals and 3 colloseums in a row really break the game, also fucking witch huts because all they rarely teach magic for some reason.
Making your own template, perhaps?

>> No.3393156
File: 1.40 MB, 406x449, 1468204216701.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Heroes 3 has better music than Heroes 4

>> No.3393159


Also the HD mod random map generator is even worse than vanilla. The templates all generate the same type of map.

>> No.3393169


Templates are shit sempai. Would be nice with a global filter or a mod.

>> No.3393170

No argument there.

>> No.3393184

and on that note, crypt of the necrodancer has fucking sweet music too.

>> No.3393206

IV's music is overrated, all it has going for it is a couple battle themes and the sea theme. III has more memorable tunes, like every single town screen theme

II had the best music of all though, dat opera singing

>> No.3393241
File: 36 KB, 475x356, necromancer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.3393271


>> No.3393278

Guy looks like a club bouncer but makes such a fantastic music.

>> No.3393308


Most of IV's music sounds the same to me. There's no real variety. The tracks sound nice, sure, but to me they're missing that element of diversity that made Heroes 3 so good. I'm also personally not a fan of the general atmosphere of Heroes IV's music, so I'm double against it.


Damn that's actually really nice. I gotta play Heroes 2 sometime.

>> No.3393328


Homm3 music is Vivaldi
Homm2 music is Opera
Homm4 music is New Age

I am a Vivaldi fan myself

>> No.3393336


Oh man the necromancer town looks like Halloween

Homm3 > Homm2

>> No.3393353
File: 361 KB, 1920x1080, heroes 3 necomancer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Compare the two and tell me this looks better.

>> No.3393368


i haven't seen bait this dangerous in a while

>> No.3393397
File: 25 KB, 320x200, mm3-dos3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think both the cartoon fairy tale look of HoMM1–2 and the serious 3D look of HoMM3 were great and memorable.

Some people don't know that from Might and Magic III to V the series had heavily deformed cartoon art direction, with some very cheesy/joke characters. Bright, colorful palette and hand-drawn graphics suited the early '90s games well, when screen resolutions were low and the color palettes were still limited.

However, times changed, different things became popular, and hand-drawn sprites started to fade away. Moreover, previous restrictions simply didn't exist anymore; it was possible to produce good-looking 3D renders and realistically drawn characters. Pre-rendered 3D quickly became a staple in strategy and RPG games, and it was logical for HoMM series to go with the times.

>> No.3393402

>that pic
Jesus fucking Christ, now I'm not that sure if I want to buy complete M&M on gog

>> No.3393413
File: 67 KB, 512x320, 9-mm3_3740.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You have seen nothing yet

>> No.3393418

That game has some very surrealistic enemies. A little bit nightmare-inducing

I don't even mention close-up shots of some characters where the whole face occupies the whole display

>> No.3393419
File: 423 KB, 1024x768, armageddon's blade.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm probably alone on this, but even at the time I thought that the visual style of M&M6 and HoM&M3 was awful. I realize that they were not trying to be left behind and follow along when everyone else was slowly switching to 3D, but even my teen self noticed how bad it looked compared to how great their 2D pixelart in HoM&M2 was. It's why I'm looking forward to The Succession Wars.

>> No.3393420
File: 30 KB, 320x200, mm4-dos3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3393450

you're just no fun at all, are you?

>> No.3393478

To each his own. To me, I appreciate them both, despite they're so different.

Of course it goes without saying that to most people, that 2000s 3D looks like a cheesy Deviantart work today. Admittedly, it hasn't aged very well, unlike pixel art; but the art style as a whole, on the other hand, looks impeccable to me. Many things in the game immediately felt timeless to me, and still do.

The games just have different art directions, I can't say some is worse than other—I assume NWC didn't change all of its artistic staff in the time between the games. Heroes II was like a fairy tale book, Heroes III was serious and more realistic—take its intro, for example. That's all there's to it. It's just down to your preference, what you prefer, because honestly, both of them have top-quality art.

>> No.3393483
File: 28 KB, 320x200, mm3-dos4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some other highlights

>> No.3393490

Apparently this particular enemy is named after a reviewer who gave M&M II an unfavorable rating

>> No.3393523

Kek. Yeah, I remember reading about it. Van Caneghem is not the one to fuck with

>> No.3394132


>> No.3394137

Honestly, I'd be honored if someone did that to me.

>> No.3394142

We need a map pack.

>> No.3394150

Grand Elves are definetely my favourite, have a feeling they are a bit OP? Otherwise Black Knights are really cool aswell.

>> No.3394185

Tribute to Strategists


It might miss a few tricks, but most of the stuff is there.

It's a shame there isn't a HotA version.

>> No.3394248


Does anyone else have trouble psychologically starting a new map after a big win? For me, every time it goes

>Be cruising around late game on some big map
>Have big strong hero, lots of spells, stats in the double digits, skills selected to my satisfaction.
>Can zip around the map, crushing things, casting resurrect/animate dead to prevent losses, obliterating forces with small loss, if any losses, due to magic and just huge leadership stats
>Win game
>Start new game
>Have to deal with a level 1 schlub again.

Then I have to psych myself up to start anew every single time.

>> No.3394262


Why is it bait?

New to this game

>> No.3394263

For me it's kind of the opposite. Gallivanting around the map with a late-game hero with only level 7 creatures is fun but grows old fast, there is little strategy involved. Early-mid game is much more fun for me, especially if I'm playing a random map on Impossible. If I'm absolutely sure I can beat the AI with what I have I'll just start a new map.

>> No.3394267

magogs are great. in HotA there is a command where you press "G" and then it lets you place the fireball attack anywhere. it doesn't necessarily have to hurt your units standing closeby anymore.
you can shoot anywhere if fire efreets are closeby regardless.
because they are completely immune against magog attacks

>> No.3394269

It's just bad advice, especially considering skills and creatures. Sorcery is worthless, Artillery and Leadership are situationally good. Water Magic is one of the strongest combat magic schools, aside from Bless and Prayer it also has Teleport and Clone. Gurnisson is among one of the best heroes in the game and he's a Ballista specialist. Demons are a core Inferno unit, and leaving out level 1 units in early game (especially Master Gremlins) is suicide. Unicorns don't grant spell immunity, only bonus resistance. There's very little actually useful information given.

>> No.3394271

tghe games looks beautiful i need to play it

>> No.3394273

Not everyone plays with HotA and Efreeti aren't immune to Magogs' fireballs, as those don't actually count as magic spell, it's just physical splash damage.

>> No.3394275


Don't forget cure and dispel, which is vital if you know, your opponent has decent magic.

And the upgrade priority is usually

>Slowest unit
>Fastest unit
>Unit that you have a lot of

>> No.3394276

it says a bunch of really stupid shit and exaggerates things

just ignore it entirely, it will confuse you

>> No.3394289



>> No.3394329

>Efreeti aren't immune to Magogs' fireballs

they never move if one hits them. so I totally assume they are. is it just HotA thing? I don't know but I think nothing is happening to them damage-wise.

>> No.3394338

Magog fireball is a creature ability, not a spell in vanilla, so it absolutely damages Efreeti. Though it would make sense and make Inferno slightly less underpowered if they were immune, so perhaps HotA fixed that, but I wouldn't know.

>> No.3394393

again, which maps in ROE, SOD, AB, or random templates have all monsters set to savage?

>> No.3394414

interestingly I have this problem with every other strategy game other than HoMM

>> No.3394430

Yup. She also got in trouble with the magazine for giving Baldur's Gate a low rating. Funny enough she enjoyed Might and Magic 3.

>> No.3394431
File: 584 KB, 960x800, 1468657044776.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go play them right now you bitch

>> No.3394436
File: 337 KB, 1295x998, DOSBox_0.74,_Cpu_speed____20000_cycles,_Frameskip_2016-07-22_20-43-06.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3394439

Which game would be the easiest to get into in terms of both gameplay and actually getting it to run on a PC?

>> No.3394440

For HoMM or M&M?

>> No.3394443


>> No.3394446

try HoMM3 with the HD patch here

>> No.3394447


heroes 2 gog has everything and like other gog games sets up dosbox for you

>> No.3394463
File: 73 KB, 960x540, 1468119090677.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3394470

yeah, HotA is confirmed for cheating and is for little baby

>> No.3394507

HoMM3 is incredibly easy to run on any modern computer, especially with the HD mod

>> No.3394545
File: 35 KB, 302x378, 1433651205930.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone got any advice for beating to map "Serpants Treasure" on Impossible.

This map is hard as fuck.

>> No.3394549


More like balancing an otherwise completely useless unit.

>> No.3394578


vanilla Homm3 looks good enough

it starts to visually fall apart with the expansions though. The CGI just looks really shitty

>> No.3394668

get into fight and receive demons

>> No.3394692

Fucking this. The real fun lies in the early and mid game, when you are constantly on your toes and a wrong step could mean defeat.


>> No.3394724


It's not so much the fun/challenge part, in fact, I agree with you that the best part of the game is like that weak 2-3 area, when you're getting strong enough that you can really clear stacks and have to decide which ones to prioritize.

But it's more that, especially when you're playing campaigns (and this thread has inspired me to re-do the Armageddon's blade ones, maybe I'll go on to SoD after) you get used to your Big Hero with an Army strength of X being able to take out stacks with strengths of Y or less. Then you get a new hero, and suddenly you can't hold to the same calculation anymore, and everything goes so much slower.

As an aside, does anyone else hate the Playing With Fire campaign? I mean, I'm trying to think of a setup that's worse designed. Go forth and play a Fire Witch! With effectively no specialization once you level up and have a bunch of expert skills! With a school that is COMPLETELY USELESS for the main enemy with which you fight, since neither Curse nor Berserk works on Undead, and the proliferation of Fortress towns means that you have trouble finding Berserk anyway.

>> No.3394792

I feel you. I guess this might be the reason I get discouraged playing HoMM3. In fact, it might be the reason why I never finished it.

>> No.3394820

Favorite standard map? Playing random against AI is getting a mite bit old. Usermade maps are fine too, preferably not autism galore like Wayfarer though

>> No.3394842

Barren Land from HoTA. Absolutely beautiful map. If you want classic, One for All always has a special place in my heart.

>> No.3394849

A Viking We Shall Go (vanilla)
Pandora's Box (vanilla, this one is slightly autism, but you'll love it if you're into Greek culture)
World 4 You (usermade)

>> No.3394885


>> No.3394919


>> No.3394924


Armageddon Blade campaigns are so shit it`s not even funny.

>flag all creature dwellings
>on an XL map
>oh yeah there`s a time limit too
>I hope you enjoy this terrain :^)
>This is your main Hero, his special is Behemoth!! Your adversary will be Crag Hack at the same level as you are! We know our fanbase loves Crag Hack!

plus they litter the overworld map with resources you won`t even need just to waste your time and give you carpet tunnel.

>> No.3395041
File: 32 KB, 320x200, mm5-dos5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

put your hands in the air

>> No.3395086

What's the best tool for multiplayer? Tungle? Hamachi? Haven't played online for many years.

>> No.3395141

2-3 threads ago, some anons decided to go for a multiplayer match using GameRanger.

seems pretty cool

>> No.3395349

I think the game looks legitimately better with 2-3 layers of nwcphisherprice

Is this degenerate?

>> No.3395367

I legitimately couldn't finish WoX after beating MM3 because of the insane closeups. I'm super-fainthearted and it was enough when fighting Terminators in the endgame area caused the "ZZZT ZZT ZZT ZZT" sound and then suddenly ERADICATED skulls staring right at me.

I liked MM3 a lot, but fuck, I can't handle the freaky status faces and Screamers popping outta nowhere.

>> No.3395392

Intelligence is a single-player skill, for sprawling XL maps that feature a lot of travel-spells and extremely lengthy battles. An Intelligence specialist is the surefire way to beat any AI army:
>spam the ground with quicksand
>Blind a stack and Disrupting Ray their defense to 0
>keep Forcefield up to beat 500 azure dragons with 10 archdevils [zzzzzzzzznnnsssnnzzz...]
>hell, even just keeping up in Implosion / Ressurection wars

it's a very well-intentioned guide, but honestly, bad and doesn't explain anything. Air Magic is great in MP [for Haste] and if travel spells are available. If not, like on certain carefully crafted SP maps? Then the best tactics in the game include Mass Forgetfulness or just cloning your Archangels for endless Ressurection. Water Magic even has Waterwalk if necessary, and Mass Cure/Bless, and even a cheap Magic Arrow.

Most people here wanting to "git gud" won't even get close to an MP game; it involves a ton of waiting around for another player [an obstacle not everyone wishes to put up with] and a learning curve laden with HoMM-obsessed cheeki breekis. Peeps want to get the Archangel score and win some single player scenarios, and the easiest way to do so is
>get a fast, tough unit to travel fast on the map
>get shitloads of spell points and expert magic to fit the needs [almost always expert Earth for Ressurect/Slow/Implo, then Water for Clone/Forgetfulness/Bless/Cure/Prayer, Air for travel spell cheese or Fire solely for Berserker cheese]
>wreck everything by micromanagement of spells and units

That's why Fortress isn't popular or seem tough to play because they lack a tough super-fast unit. If you're not retarded and don't go Capitol first [but the AI will forgive you anyway] Inferno gets really good because you can just fry stuff with Efreeti supported by lots of spells, then do the same with Archdevils.

Training wheels for MP play would be learning how to break banks with ezmode like Rampart.

>> No.3395557
File: 258 KB, 472x316, 1469685827810.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since the thread's started discussing mainline MM games, I figure I might as well post this pasta for any HoMM3 fanboys that want to get into the main games.

Want to get into the main Might and Magic series? It's never too late to try them, here's MM1-6.
Just get Grayface patch for MM6 at https://sites.google.com/site/sergroj/mm#TOC-GrayFace-MM6-Patch-v2.0 and copy all .mp3 files from your "Sounds" folder into a new "Music" folder.

If you want to start from the very beginning, you can play the mac versions of MM1 and MM2 which have better graphics and interface.
MM1 has to be played through vMac while the rest can be played on BasiliskII. Just remember to go to the control panel and turn off outSPOKEN8 if you get bombarded with text-to-speech when you open up BasiliskII. More info can be found in this post: http://www.rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/marathoning-might-and-magic-games.109852/page-2#post-4639284

If you want to play Might and Magic 3-5 with higher quality audio, download MUNT https://sourceforge.net/projects/munt/ and these roms https://mega.nz/#!pA5HzDyJ!THTL9MSIs_WN5XBEexIkMNBo7nfNWAMT6QmRDHvbhtk

To get mt-32 sound working you have to open up dosbox and type in "mixer /listmidi", find out which number correlates with the mt-32 sound emulator, and then you have to go to "dosboxMM4-5.conf", find the midi section, then set midiconfig = whatever number your sound emulator is set as. Note that MM4-5 is prone to crashing with music enabled when using MT-32 sound but you still get higher quality effects.

Also here's MM7 which also has a Grayface patch you can download.

>> No.3395574

muh dick. What's the best M&M universe games in both gameplay and lore/story combo?

>> No.3395580

Play all of them. 1 and 2 play differently from 3-5 which play differently from 6-8 which is different from 9 (which is unfinished and shit). 6 is my favorite but you will appreciate the series more if you play through all of them because there's lots of references between games and HoMM.

>> No.3395592

Also MMX takes place in the new Ubisoft setting so no sci-fi elements whatsoever and ubishills defended it.

>> No.3395624

6-8 take place on Enroth
1-5 are about Sheltem and World of Xeen has the best setting.

>> No.3395670


At least they're better than the Restoration of Erathia campaigns.

>Transfer all your heroes over!
>The late campaign levels are just normal maps, except you start with MORE stuff than the AI did assuming you brought over any 8 heroes from your starting town to merge them into a giant ball of death.
>Oh yeah, you can have fly and dimension door too as long as you bothered to do a bit of prep work.

I think I beat every map in Song for the Father in under 3 weeks. The last one, I remember popping a cleric over the mountains and garrisons with a fly spell and letting him beat his army against his own castle, while I sat there enjoying the +11 to all stats from the helm of heavenly enlightenment I started the game with, and the sword of justice I nabbed past whatever was defending it because of the aforementioned fly spell.

>> No.3395773

>even a cheap Magic Arrow.
Um, every school has Magic Arrow. Or did you mean Ice Bolt? Well, Air has Lightning Bolt. Which one you get depends on your town. Anyway, damage spells don't really benefit that much from magic school skill level.

But I agree I put Air Magic way too high… Thinking about it now, even HoMM wiki says it:

> In conclusion, School of Air Magic has only few truly great spells, but they are so remarkable, that if the game is played at its full capacity (no bans), Air Magic becomes mandatory. Haste, or to be precise mass Haste, alone makes Air Magic a winner's choice. However, if Fly and Dimension Door are banned, let alone if Haste is banned, Air Magic and the School of Air Magic becomes significantly less attractive.

But alas, no one really came with comments regarding this. And still, Haste and View Air are extremely useful, especially to some factions, but I can feel it now—Air should go to the third row.

Right now I have no time, but I plan on adding descriptions at the bottom.

>> No.3395793
File: 24 KB, 109x199, lichMMVII.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I only played VII and VIII but both were amazing and sucked me in. What's super cool is that VII takes place in Enroth/HoMMIII world, with all the models from the game, except you see and fight them in first person and with a system which III heavily drew upon. Some of my favorite games ever.

>> No.3395805

6-8 are all on Enroth.

>> No.3395965

It depends what you are looking for but most people say 6 or 7. It's built as 3 generations of games as >>3395580 said. MM1&2 might be a little hard to get into because of automapping not being there in MM1 and being bare basics in MM2. Also MM7 uses the default characters from MM3. I personally prefer WoX, but really anything 3-7 has an argument. Also, make sure to look at the manuals. MM2 has a ton of lore in its, and MM6's is written in a pretty enjoyable way.

8 is in the same world, but a separate continent (Jadame). Sandro of the Necromancer's Guild (different Sandro) even says that because of the all the other guilds falling he is basically the leading Necromancer in the world.

>> No.3396075
File: 7 KB, 376x400, homm4 sorceress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>see sorceress hero
>damn cute red hair and black dress
>so hot
>idle animation plays
>she takes off her hair and scratches her bald head
What the hell 3DO?

>> No.3396325

well, she's part of Chaos. something is always "off". that's the whole point. it's funny too.

H4 models are cartoony and wonky as fuck anyway. even more so than H5 ones, weirdly enough.

>> No.3396345
File: 184 KB, 419x512, 071.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you think of Horn of the Abyss,anon?

Also the 4th Heroes were good, the most underrated part of all. Modern are shit.

>> No.3396353

>Modern are shit.
I will never understand why Ubisoft went full retard with the franchise.
HoMM 5 was a good game and well received. Why did Ubisoft decide to take the licence away from Nival and give it to some obscure devs?
Was Nival asking for too much money or something?

>> No.3396356

>HoMM 5 was a good game
It was HoMM 3 rip off with warcraft cgi, c'mon.

>> No.3396362

>According to Le Breton, Nival Interactive were considered to reprise their role as series developer, but Ubisoft could not agree on a common vision with the Heroes V team, most of whom had already been transferred to work on Allods Online; Black Hole Entertainment impressed Ubisoft as experienced, talented and passionate people, and were selected to create the sequel.

>> No.3396373

>Black Hole Entertainment impressed Ubisoft as experienced, talented and passionate people, and were selected to create the sequel.

>> No.3396414

wouldnt call wisdom essential desu. On might heroes you will mostly be casting slow or haste anyways, and on most random maps you end up getting the books or the hat.

>> No.3396467

i really like it. its made with much love for the game and looks like it could have been also been offical aswell. i dont get the balancing on the other hand because cove is pretty strong.
why give pirates 4th magic guild? why do their upgraded t7 units 2 abilities and also 300hp and high attack stats ? the pirates are to strong early game. but its still cool

>> No.3396495

Basic Luck is p good in HotA, they pretty much fixed it and buffed Inferno in one simple fix. Introducing negative luck.

>> No.3396505

The unit animations trigger me so I refuse to play it

>> No.3396509

Whats wrong with the animations?
I havnt had any problems with them. I dispise nearly every other H3 mod for that reason though...

>> No.3396516


>> No.3396531

The way the units move around and "breathe" all of the time is weird and distracting

>> No.3396536

I think it actually adds to the game, but to each of their own.
You got a problem with skellies and angels breathing aswell I take it.

>> No.3396580

So it was essentially a good game

>> No.3396746
File: 10 KB, 258x196, ALL skeletons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any custom maps or campaigns that rely on raising large quantities of skeletons? Kind of like the second mission of the Necropolis campaign or the peasant rebellion in II.

>> No.3396829
File: 296 KB, 650x652, Sandro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post more Sandro

>> No.3396884
File: 34 KB, 640x400, YouGotEagleEye.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It hit me way too late

>> No.3396995

I like inferno

>> No.3397038




>> No.3397040

I think kreegans are cool too

>> No.3397045 [DELETED] 

Jesus, why do I have so much trouble with first mission in Hack and Slash campaign, Bashing Skulls?
I have mass haste and all dwellings in two-three weeks and I still get my ass kicked. Fucking computer just keeps coming with one army after another and I can't keep up.
And of course it escapes every single time, fucking pig with no honor.

>> No.3397051

Its mostly because archdevils are my favorite unit and the town has a cool theme

>> No.3397110
File: 883 KB, 1296x1018, oqtahw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Christ I suck at this game but it's fun

>> No.3397170

never played that campaign but by the number of your losses yeah i would agree. but if you still have fun its fine i guess

>> No.3397172

Mass slow spells are the bane of my existence.

>> No.3397201

How DO you lose so many grand elves and dragons against that

>> No.3397204
File: 6 KB, 227x225, 1465884093127.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus Christ, i didn't know here was a heroes III thread.
I'm in heaven.

>> No.3397209

Best new HotA item is the cloak that forbids casting of spell-levels 1-2.

Also a middle rare item I think, so it appears often enough.

>> No.3397216


Because Dragons are his only flyers and he has no ballistics.

>> No.3397232
File: 1.48 MB, 2500x1563, 1373062252780.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3397252

He also has Pegasi, but I blame it mostly on him having terrible magic skills.

>> No.3397265
File: 45 KB, 600x573, 1463652810642.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>play Crystal Dragon campaign
>fail to kill the Crystal Dragons in time
>get decapitated

that's a tad excessive

>> No.3397313

this is a reference to roald dahl's "witches", where witches are bald.

>> No.3397323

How do I get not shit magic skills? Every castle battle I got fucked because the enemy could mass slow and blind all my troops while draining my spell points.

>> No.3397328

Water magic and mass dispel/cure
Air magic and mass haste

>> No.3397330


>> No.3397334

Remember that when you cast the counter (bless over curse, slow over haste) it wipes out the previous spell.

I tend to get air and earth all the time, and water if I have space for it. Fire is situationally useful because it turns blind into paralyze (no retaliation when breaking the spell) and mass berserk, but there isn't a single campaign where it is needed.

>> No.3397337

>mass berserk
That should be AoE berserk. It doesn't really hit everyone.

>> No.3397432

>there isn't a single campaign where it is needed
There's that fight against 3,500 naga queens in Dragon Slayer where it's pretty much mandatory

>> No.3397502

It was also the final battle of the campaign so I just brute forced it.

>> No.3397585

I remember this campaign a bit too well.

I started it out having quite a lot of confidence in myself, before being wiped out by an overwhelming Necro army. I had to go through several guides and learn playing Rampart (gameplay aside, I don't like them much).

Then, came a map with one-way teleport exit near your base, where the enemy could come to any time he wanted. Oh, and the map was all divided by garrisons with around 3-4 weeks worth of full Necro unit production in each—with Bone Dragons and all that. Which the enemy could walk through freely, of course.

Then, came an ambush with around 50 (IIRC) Ghost Dragons.

At the end of mission 1 I already said "fuck it", built every Mage Guild, and maxed out Gem and my other hero in every mission. Then at the start of every mission I made sure to abuse every Lich stack in my way with Destroy Undead (by the way, it deals shit damage, but Liches also happen to have shit health). I beat the Ghost Dragon ambush spamming Force Field. Fuck you too, NWC.

>> No.3397591

Nice, thanks for explaining

How do you know this?

>> No.3397592

There's an icon showing silver pegasi casualties

>> No.3397598

I figured >>3397172 was the same person not knowing how to counter mass slow.

>> No.3397620

I've never used mass berserk on it. You already have hundreds upon hundreds of spell points. Just blind and ranged smash the mass slowed naga.

>> No.3397624

Ah yeah, I should have clarified I was referring to magic

Actually, I think since it was his final battle, the losses make some sense. Campaigns kind of encourage wasting units since you can't bring any of them to next scenarios.

But still so much could've been optimized, even judging by the small part of the screenshot. All those losses (101 Dwarf lmao—how???), and the arrow towers still stand?…

>> No.3397626

I didn't know you could attack arrow towers.

>> No.3397627

By the way, this made me think: if you cast Mass Prayer on slowed down creatues, what happens? Does it counter the spell or not?

>> No.3397629

Both spells remain. It's not a direct counter.

>> No.3397631
File: 32 KB, 640x480, I came here to laugh at you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3397648

No, I mean not directly. As >>3397216 pointed out, you probably had no Ballistics skill, so you couldn't aim the towers directly. But on the other hand, bear in mind that it's rare you get offered this skill playing any Rampart heroes. I bet all you could choose at level ups with Gem was Luck, Scholar, Eagle Eye, Mysticism and Sorcery. She's a very shitty hero without spells

>> No.3397649

The three Necro towers kept hammering away at my grand elves. The dwarves got destroyed by some lucky hits and the three necro towers when going up to finish off the liches which where the last unit up..

>> No.3397663

Which mission # was it?

Remember that Grand Elves' damage is halved by distance penalty, and then halved again when they shoot through walls—meaning that in sieges they do just quarter their normal damage.

And yes, arrow towers LOVE your shooters. They will target them most of the time. So if this wasn't the final fight in the mission, I wouldn't even bring them to combat. What you should rely on in sieges with Rampart is Gold Dragons as they fly through walls, have breath attack, immunity to lvl 1-4 spells and enough speed to fly right to enemy liches

>> No.3397763

I didn't have very many gold dragons and they got quickly overwhelmed early on in the battle. Any tips?

>> No.3397778

Champions for sure. They look boss and they do dope shit.
Grand Elves and it's not even close.
Naga Queens are too much fun. Snek tiddies.
I like all Inferno creatures because it's fun to watch them die in swarms against my superior forces.
Vampire lords are gay as shit, Skeletons is where it's at and you al know it.
I love Black Dragons. They have some of the coolest design in all of video games. Well, HoMM3 all over has the best visual design of any vidya.
Cyclops is best always. That gorgeous mane of hair is something else.
Mighty Gorgons are nice, Death Gaze is fantastic.
Fuck Conflux, gay ass fairies. Magic Elementals

My overall favorite creature is Grand Elves. They are just so great, and Rampart is best town.

>> No.3397791

Is there a guide of sorts for Cove?

>> No.3397813

>no dendroids

seriously anon why?

>> No.3398135

Because they're slow as shit, slow the hero down and are even more useless in sieges?

You don't need a guide for Cove, they're more broken than Conflux, just acquire those level 3 pirates and kill everything

>> No.3398279


They are your best meatshield, pop down a teleport/haste and they are good to go.
Excelent for defence and they just dont die, you really wouldnt have had so much casualties if you brought them along.

>> No.3398320
File: 709 KB, 800x600, grLwJpX.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The next thread ought to be a more "general" Might and Magic general instead of just HoMM3.

>> No.3398330


>> No.3398396

It should be HoMM/Might and Magic general.

>> No.3398486

M&M6 looks great imo. I mean it looks like pixelated poop because the view screen's resolution is stuck at 640x480 but the environmental textures and music really set the mood.

>> No.3398535

Hey guys I made a basic pastebin if you want to add it to the next thread OP. Feel free to make a clone of it and improve it because I left it pretty barebones and poorly formatted.

>> No.3398537

I just reinstalled V and wow it aged poorly.
Any quality of life mods since the last, huh, 6 or so years?

>> No.3398542

I also didn't add any info on HoMM1 or HoMM2. Should I add a link to download HoMM3 too?

>> No.3398559

>every single RoE campaign
>2-3 piss easy scenarios like flag all mines where the AI only puts up token resistance if even that and your only enemy is boredom
>last scenario
>fuck off XL map that is basically a normal map except the AI has a shit ton of castles and heroes with armies 5x times bigger than yours and unless you've spent hours meticulously picking up every single stat enhancer and artifact in previous scenarios you have no chance to win
How did they fuck up so badly with campaign design after the relative perfection that is II?

>> No.3398736

Most likely because the Forge town was an integral part of the story and they had to go in and quickly fix it when they removed the town.

>> No.3398739
File: 444 KB, 800x600, 10K_skeletons.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw I have found my old save with 10000 agressive skeleton warrior army

>> No.3398742

I hope WoG fags die.

>> No.3398746

how rude

>> No.3398827

>wisdom, intelligence and mysticism without any magic school

>> No.3398831

last thread tricked me into giving it the benefit of the doubt with the "you can pick and choose what you like" meme

after realizing I hate every fucking stupid gimmick implemented, I uninstalled it and then realized I'd have to reinstall HoMM altogether to cleanse it because it fucked with the base game's data

I hate it so much

>> No.3398868
File: 532 KB, 800x604, h3-forge-thugs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In wog, heroes can have hidden skills which aren't visible. Also you can go to a market of time to forget secondary skills. Towns can also be destroyed (and ghosts recruited from them)

You can play the forge now but its not the same as it would have been if released officially.
The vcmi mod version doesn't have the nagatanks but it is playable.


>> No.3398871

Waiting for VCMI to be totally finished before I start using it. I'm glad there's a community dedicated enough to do something like it though. If only we could get the same thing for M&M6-8.

>> No.3398914
File: 22 KB, 480x480, 1413931179018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>have 6 towns, no town portal

>> No.3398954

New thread: >>3398948

>> No.3398967

>no naga tanks, half of the creatures are different from what we've seen in the Forge leak
>pretty much the same otherwise...
W-why? This is incomprehensible. If you wanted an original faction, make one from scratch. If you want to deliver a town fans have been waiting for for decades, make it accurate to the original. What's the point otherwise? Fucking slavs I swear

>> No.3398968

the jump troopers look better at least

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