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Please can someone explain to me how in the world this game can have such realistic wave sounds on the fucking SNES? I've been going through my playlist and was blown away. Was it this good in the game itself? I can't remember.


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>how in the world this game can have such realistic wave sounds on the fucking SNES
By having good samples? Japanese aren't really known for having good samples. Afterall, one of the biggest trademark of the SFC JRPG is a muffled orechestral soundtrack, that only really sounds good in arrangements. The Japanese are rather incompetent sound designers.

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>Japs are incompetent sound designers


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The things /vr/ say sometimes, wew lad.
Op, in regards to your question I can think of four off the top of my head and all Jap games.
Actraiser, Super Metroid, Super Castlevania IV and Axelay. Axelay's voice sample "Arms installation is complete. Goodluck." is the crispest, cleanest voice sample on the SNES/SFC.

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>The Japanese are rather incompetent sound designers.

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Doc Seuss?

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OP if you knew anything about this album, you'd know like the first 8 tracks were remixed for the CD

What you hear in the OP isn't actually in the game

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>sound designers
>not composers

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shit noa shit

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>Yuzo Koshiro
>not a sound designer

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>The Japanese are rather incompetent sound designers.
Wow, just wow. I'm amazed at your earnest and forthright studity. You're either an unequivocal semi-moron or a talented shitposter.

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Those are remixes by the way, famicom.

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Aw man, disappointing. But still great tracks.

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It's sampling, mate. The same reason you can hear hadoken being yelled from SNES.

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You mean having an amount of treble you'd expect to find in an equivalent commercial recording? Next time you listen to orchestral music, pay attention to the high end - there pretty much is none except for the percussion and maybe the triangle.

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>The Japanese are rather incompetent sound designers.
Especially Squaresoft games, the fx in SNES/PS1 games were really bad.

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Thanks Op.

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>Vagrant Story
>Driving Lagoon
>Threads of Fate
>Seiken Densetsu 3
>Legend of Mana
>Bad FX
Wew Lad

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Please, the NES could do that.

And the SNES was way ahead of the NES.

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Some game carts like Star Ocean stick in their own customised sound chips?


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