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Are there any sprite-based fighting games that offer the choice of different outfits for each character? As far as I know that's something that was only really possible once the genre when to 3D.

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The only one I can think of is Noel from BB, but that's not retro by a long shot

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There's no reason it couldn't have been done on 2D sprites. It's just a question of storage space.

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color choice

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You forgot about overworking the poor japs until their suicide rates double. One new costume means double the total amount of frames they have to draw.

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This is why it never happened. It's easy in 3D to alter the model a little and toss a new texture on it. With sprites it's way more work than it's worth.

Do you want to re-draw Cody this many times just so he has a different shirt or a silly hat or something?

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actually there were two factors: storage space and production time, the second being the real reason alternate costumes weren't made. Since all sprites have to be redrawn in 2d making an alternate costume takes the same effort and space as making one more character. In 3D you can just make another model using the same skeleton and reuse all animations.

Noel from Blazblue could happen because the Blazblue characters were actually animated as 3d models, rendered and painted over by pixel artists, so it was still a bit more economical than remaking all sprites from scratch.

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Graphics are unnecessary for fighters anyway.

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Well there's always Athena from the king of fighters. She wears a different outfit each new game.

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0/10 fighters are one of the few genres where graphics are very important so that you can judge timing and positioning properly. All it took on the Playstation was not enough RAM meaning they had to cut some frames of animations in many ports of fighters and it makes those versions essentially worthless.

Roguelikes. There's a genre where your graphics can be just a bunch of ascii and the game itself isn't affected at all.

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Yes let's just all fight with stick figures.

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Makes me wonder, how come old Kirby games gave you tons of different characters to play as like the Super Star helpers or Gooey (God they put a ton of work into Gooey), but the new ones can't bother to do anything more than recolor Kirby or shoehorn in once-good main characters into a playable role that doesn't suit them or utilize them correctly (King Dedede, Meta Knight)? This also presents the problem of not being able to color Kirby with certain abilities that would better fit a new pallette, like Beam, Ice, Fire, Stone, Plasma, and potentially Water or Poison. But that's besides the point.

Wouldn't be easier to model and animate 25 simple playable characters (24 of which will be recolored, dumbed down, and used as enemies) than it would be to make big expressive sprite sheets of them?

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Didn't Chun-Li in some of the Alpha games have that?

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Capcom vs SNK 2 had a custom color edit mode. There's an edit archive if you wanna see how it looked:


Pantyless Sakura ftw

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>being this retarded

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Hitbox-only fighting game when?
>not maining the orange box

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I believe each character also had 4 pre-made outfits that you could choose depending on which button you used to select them. At least on the Dreamcast version you can.

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it was a complete redraw, not an alternate costume, it was like making a new character

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On the flipside its hard to do smears with 3D models

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guilty gear xrd did them perfectly

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Show me

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Was it selectable from the other costume she had?

Then it was an alternate costume.

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Well, there's Kakuge Yaro Fighting Game Creator, where you can draw your own sprite, at least for your character head. Pretty dank.

Fighting Layer has some decent smears.

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I love great sprites but I for one am grateful for the shift to 3D since it gives us great outfits like this. Karin has never looked so great.

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No, not really. The animations for the enemies are already different from the ones Kirby uses, and you'd have to modify their hitboxes as well, not to mention create basic animations for everyone, design the characters to work with the holdable items, and overall make more characters that could easily be replaced by another Kirby.

It's simply not viable. The sprites were relatively tiny anyways, and you can make them look however you want. Also the last two platformers were single-player anyway.

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>hur dur she's in a bikini

She looks horrendous. Everyone does. SF5 looks like some claymation nightmare

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>Everyone does.
I like new Bison.
Grey hair, huge, new neutral pose is great, classic Bison grin. Better than Alpha Bison and much better than SFIV.

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What's the game with the most amount of frame animation?

Something like SFIII or garou looks like it might be it, but Rakuga Kids also looks like it has a crazy amount of frames per character. Granted they're simple designs, but still a shitload of frames.

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They were going to do it on the gamecube but they realized they're not good enough anymore and gave up, I guess Hal just sucks now.