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Post your fav indie games here

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How many indies came out before 1999 and/or run on pre 1999 hardware?

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Doom could be considered indie.
Quite a lot of Doujin games could be considered indie, too

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>Yank magazines didn't include Yaroze games
>They never played this masterpiece

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>tfw there were poured a lot more effort in this game than in all latest indies combined

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net yaroze had great indie games


gas girl is about a girl who farts

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i love dustforce but I am shit

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>SCE logo

What kind of heresy is this

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Not QUITE indie, it was more a team of Net Yaroze guys in Japan getting funded by a bigger studio thanks to a prototype, but early game development didn't have broadband to facilitate a game's release without a publisher like we see today. Easily the finest 3D puzzle game I've ever played.

I guess the closest to indie would be the old doujin game releases of the 80s and 90s, lots of fun little concepts and the first real indie giant, Zun.

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The GOAT multitap game right here.

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the whole shareware scene, all of it. Hundreds of games

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page claims to have 27 hundreds of games. Sounds about right, if a little low

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software, not games. Shareware was more than just games

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It's CDs, not single pieces of software. I'm not sure if Teenage Street Sluts is even software.

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truly inspirational

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By modern standards, everything was indie.

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especially the games made by and for the publishers? You know, kind of what indie not is? Indie is not a suggestion of size or quality

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it's muh vaporwave movement

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Then someone tell the vaporwave kids that these 2 things don't go together, not even ironically.

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