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Which was the superior 8-bit home console, and why?

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Master system has no game

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As a system Master System is superior but it really can't compete with NES' game library.

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Master system is a better console but new has all the games.

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>I can't decide between these two things.

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Depends on where you lived. In the US or Japan, NES was superior. In the EU or Brazil, SMS was superior.

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NES, HANDS DOWN, because triangle wave, non-square pulse wave, more non square pulse wave, and PCM.

Sega could have made it measure up well by making the OPLL add on more standard. They didn't.


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NES/Famicom based on several factors and it isn't close. The Master System is an excellent console so that should say something about the NES. The afforementioned factors are game library, influence and the fact the the NES brought back interest in video games for the entire Western Hemisphere after 1983.

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It's a PS1 vs N64 situation.

NES is a system released earlier, with more limited (but still very flexible and easy to develop for) tech, but got a gigantic library of games, many of which are shovelware, but still the volume for great quality titles is immense, like on PS1.

SMS was released later and has more advanced hard, but its library is much smaller, even counting the japanese catalogue, but it has good 1st party shit from Sega, although the arcade ports, for the most part, are kind of obsolete and only people who really love the system might still want to play those, having better ports available now that are arcade-perfect. It still has a bunch of good original, exclusive games, as does the N64, and because of that it's still worth playing, despite NES having more.

So, my vote goes to both


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Nice bait.

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Aw sweet, it's console war o'clock. Again. Forever. No escape.

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it didn't even have on-par joypads.

It didn't seem to have the same flexibility for supplemental chips in carts

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>has hardly any good games
>not shit
I'm sorry you grew up in the third world, but anybody who grew up with access to a NES knows better than you.

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Master System is superior.
But NES has a ton of everything. It's the most cloned and, probably, the most produced console in the world if anyone ever counts how many they were produced. Hell, Intellivision and Atari Flashback consoles were NOACs.
NES/Famicom controller scheme is the scheme defined future controllers.
NES gave the start of some modern franchises widely known all around the world.
NES is the first console people usually remember when they talk about "retro games" Sorry, Atari.

The only thing sucks when Chinese place nothing on the second pad instead of Start/Select buttons.

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It depends on where you were back then.

If you were in America or Japan, the NES hands down. But if you're somewhere in Europe or Brazil, the Master System had more to offer.

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>entire Western Hemisphere
Do you mean North America? Britain had the Spectrum and C64 come out around '83 and they had loads of love and support. It didn't hurt that the NES and its games were ludicrously overpriced in the area especially when piracy comes into the equation.

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>But if you're somewhere in Western Europe

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>has hardly any good games
I thought we were talking about the MS here anon :-)

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In terms of specs, the master system is more advanced (although I think Famicom has a better sound), but in terms of games, Famicom wins for me purely by virtue of Sunsoft having made games for it.

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>The only thing sucks when Chinese place nothing on the second pad instead of Start/Select buttons.
What? Why would anyone do this?

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SMS had superior joypads.

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What? Why are the buttons on the left?

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Most likely an attempt to replicate the Famicom's second controller with realizing or forgetting that it also had a microphone built in.

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If you're right-handed, you'll want to use a joystick with your right hand, as you gain more control over movement in the game. Buttons aren't nearly as important as the stick, after all.

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I'm an NES guy but Alex Kidd games are comfy. I certainly don't think the SMS is shit.

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SMS was a piece of shit. NES had a greater library, and even if the SMS came out after the NES, it can't compare to the amount of classic, great games we got on the NES

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>NES had a greater library
I'll take quality over quantity, thanks.

Pretty much every NES game suffers from sprite flicker and shite sound.

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>sprite flicker and shite sound.

Sup australia-kun. Still here?

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>NES had a greater library
But how much of that library was actually good? So far, I could only count at least like three or four studios that mostly made something of worth for the NES while everything else ranged from "meh" to "complete trash".

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You people are all insufferable.

Neither the SMS was shit, nor all the games on NES were shovelware.

>>3370078 is right

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He's around all the time. I'm convinced the man doesn't sleep.

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don't forget that ms sprites looked and moved like shit.
nes sprites were blocks, but through the magic of crt set and your imagination they've come to life and would embed themselves in your dreams.
much like ps1 games with their not so obvious textures.
on a screenshot it looks like sheit, but on a tv screen there's some breathtaking quality to it.

tl:dr nes is superior. whoever thinks otherwise is revisionist nerd and/or too much regular show.

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Americans need to realise that a lot of the best Master System games were never released in their country. I think the US only got 1 or 2 MS games after 1989 while Europe got games up to 1995.

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Mortal Kombat had beter sprites than any Nes game.

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thank you

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>nes sprites were blocks, but through the magic of crt set and your imagination they've come to life and would embed themselves in your dreams.

Nigga what?

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Americans didn't even know the SMS existed back then.

Now we have emulation or disposable income to buy all consoles and games (and SMS is not expensive, unlike other systems), so accessibility isn't a problem anymore.

NES still wins in the library department, however much you want to complain about "sprite flicker" and "shite yanks".

Both systems are worth playing, but NES wins this one, my good man.

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>Americans didn't even know the SMS existed back then.

For consoles, we went from NES to either Genesis or SNES, or both.

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please don't insinuate that I'm a man of negroid taxon.
I know that american negroes use this word to equalize anybody to them, but I'm not a "nigga", nor english is my native language.
so please be forgiving and articulate your concerns more clearly.

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Can someone redpill me on the good SMS games besides Alex Kidd? This is a system I know little about.

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Check out Monster Land and Dragon's Trap.

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>redpill me

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this game right here. get ready to have your brain blown out of your ass. motherfuckers dont even know, no one has heard of this shit. prepare your mind for the motherfucking tightest shit. this is the morrowind of the sega mastersystem

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Name more than a few. I want to see how awful your taste is.

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>morrowind of

You aren't selling it to me with that... but I'll check it out.

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Alright, h-here I go!

>Its version of Double Dragon
>Alex Kidd in Shinobi World
>Those two Asterix games
>Gangster Town
>Its version of Ninja Gaiden
>Phantasy Star/II
>Master of Darkness (decent.. for a Classicvania clone)
>Captain Silver
>Golden Axe Warrior
>Space Harrier
>Cyborg Hunter
etc. etc.

Pick apart any that you like, it's not like I care much about the damn thing myself in all honesty.

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Honestly, not bad. Phantasy Star II was a Genesis/Mega Drive game, though.

And the NES still has way more decent games.

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>And the NES still has way more decent games.
I agree, tons of decent-pretty good games along with much better sound capabilities and people that know how to handle them.

I just took the MS side of things and pretended to be retarded simply because I was bored.

And despite listing NG and DD, I still preferred their NES versions in the long run.

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>Americans didn't even know the SMS existed back then.

For a long time the only Sega consoles I ever thought existed were Genesis, Saturn, Gamegear and Dreamcast. Then I found out that they put out a lot more then just that.

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Well, those are the main ones, yeah. And the GG had a lot of games ported from the SMS.

Stuff like SG-1000 weren't released outside of Japan.

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Lots of people in America didn't know about Saturn either. We were too swept away by the PSX, and for the kids there was the N64.

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>and for the kids there was the N64.

I was a kid back then and I preferred a PSX because Crash Bandicoot. Didn't really know about Mario, I was too young so I never played NES or SNES.

My older brother got a N64 for Goldeneye multiplayer and wrestling games.

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>this controller

What were they thinking? Why a square d-pad? Why a stick coming out of the pad when it isn't even a fight stick?

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>Lots of people in America didn't know about Saturn either.

Yeah Sega pretty much just really fizzled out after Genesis. I didn't have much games for Saturn but the ones I had were pretty good. Dreamcast was a better console then Saturn. I have also read how Sega pretty much screwed themselves over more than anything else with how arrogant the Japanese side of Sega was.

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While Saturn failed in America, it was still more popular than the Master System.

Sega came from the Genesis success, so people were at least curious about the Sega Saturn, even though Sega had just came out of the 32X.

I'm not sure about actual numbers of units sold or games sold, but I'd bet Saturn did better than SMS in that regard.

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>/threads his own comment.

You have just retroactively lost every single argument you ever had over 4chan, even the ones wherein you were clearly right. No matter how autistic the other person was, the sheer wrongness of your post cancels out any validation you ever had. True justice can never be obtained, for it would require you to be mocked and ridiculed every moment of your life from here on out.

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You serious? Damn, how young are you?

I'd hate to have been born a Sonybaby.

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>the cord comes out of the side of the controller

This is absolutely disgusting.

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22, I still played lots of PS1, and later N64, before getting a Xbox in 2005. I was always like a generation behind.

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It's controlpad, not a control cross.

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Golden Axe Warrior is a pretty shameless zelda clone, but if you can look past that, it's actually a pretty good zelda clone. Came out pretty late in the system as well, so very few people played it

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Very disgusting anon.
Are you trying to defend such an awful controller? Where the hell is start and select? It shouldn't have even been that hard to build a solid retro controller design yet SMS failed in almost every single way.

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Phantasy Star is an obvious answer.

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So you knew them all except the master system


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And a shit one

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I am very upset your video game opinions diverge from mine.
Your progenitor copulates with several strangers in exchange for goods and services.

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You're thinking the incorrect way through time on this. This was before fighting games were what they are now and the main reason why people used sticks. Back when this came out sticks was what most people were primarily used to (arcades, atari, remote control cars, etc)

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In terms of actual console power: master system
in terms of games: famicom

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>this system had sprite flicker!
>this one had bad sound!
You guys are fucking dumb. Which system had games that were more fun to play? Quit comparing specs and talk about what really matters.

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> Are you trying to defend such an awful controller? Where the hell is start and select? It shouldn't have even been that hard to build a solid retro controller design yet SMS failed in almost every single way.
Bud, I tried to make a joke and you were very serious about arguing with random people from the other side of monitor.
Take it easier.

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> Which system had games that were more fun to play?
The one you had in your childhood.

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Welcome to /vr/, and get used to Australia-kun inane shitposting.

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I hate this shit so goddamn much. Why can't you just call him a faggot like a normal person? I'm fucking sick of these faggoty nicknames for shitposters.

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-kun is buddy in Japanese.

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I know that, it's still fucking irritating.

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