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Would any company have the balls to rerelease vintage hardware? As in, a properly manufactured NES that could play carts, and maybe some limited offer repro carts of first party title?

Do you think it'd ever take off? Would you be interested in that sort of thing?

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Vintage hardware would mean no hdmi...

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Best you could get is probably the Retron 5. The wife loves it.

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The problem with that is one, I think they'd have no repatent a lot of the hardware used for the NES, and two, getting a manufacturer to mass produce a bunch of vintage circuit boards and connectors that don't even exist anymore would probably be pretty costly. I think anyway, could be wrong

But I'd totally be into it. Most of my old consoles have yellowed or broken down in someway. Would love to have new ones


The Retron 5 is awful. It reads the cart as copy protection, then just rips the rom and boots an emulator. Games that have known issues in emulators still have them even when using the carts. Unless that's changed or something

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Does Rainbow Dash count as a wife?

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What is the Analogue NT?

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Didn't Sega do that with it's new genesis that accepts cartridges and has flashed games

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They don't have to patent shit, it's all free now.
They just make new versions of the hardware

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>Do you think it'd ever take off?
No, because reproducing actual hardware would lead to the same prices when they came out first. Chips got cheaper to produce, yes, but you are talking about chips that got stopped produced a long time ago.
SoCs would be nice if someone actually made them to be 1:1 compatible with old hardware.
Keep in mind, /vr/ market is pretty limited and there's too little people big corporations to care about.

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>The Retron 5 is awful. It reads the cart as copy protection, then just rips the rom and boots an emulator. Games that have known issues in emulators still have them even when using the carts. Unless that's changed or something
I know, and that's why it's the best we can get.

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The fuck is this nigger on about

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Why is everyone making a big deal out of this? Sega, Atari, and Intelevision made plug and plays years ago and nobody gave a shit. Only now that Nintendo does it does anyone care.

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the second poster you replied to is memeing, they don't actually like it.

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A travesty.
Technically yes, but really they just sold their soul to AtGames and then had nothing to do with it.
All the hardware patents on all our favorite retro consoles are expired. That's why hardware clones are legal. Anon is trying to say that if Nintendo wanted to recreate the NES, they could either remanufacture the same thing they used to, or, design their own clone. No patents would technically need to be involved. Of course in reality there would be tons of patents.

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>Would any company have the balls to rerelease vintage hardware? As in, a properly manufactured NES that could play carts, and maybe some limited offer repro carts of first party title?
Sorry, no, those AtGames type all-in-ones are all you will ever see. There isn't enough demand for new hardware to justify the cost of developing and manufacturing. Most retro enthusiasts would want original hardware, and most casuals would either want to play through something like nintendo's VC or emulate on their smart phones. Given people are willing to buy the all-in-ones and spend money on official emulation like the VC or the Sega games on Steam, or games through the PSN, none of the companies involved have any reason to spend so much money on so little profit.
And spending more money to make physical copies of games when people will pay money for digital copies? There's no incentive there for companies.
>Do you think it'd ever take off? Would you be interested in that sort of thing?
Nope. We would all love fresh hardware for that eventual day when all the original stuff is dead, but that isn't likely to happen until then. Even then, I consider it more likely people will be making fully functional clones of the non-standard chips in retro consoles before we see full systems being made. I look forward to the day when I can make breadboard consoles beyond the 2600.

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Hype is big because the announcement came out, what yesterday?

It has some essential titles, Castlevania and Mario 3 shit on everything the Intellivision and Atari flashback came loaded with, and it's got easy hookup for normalfag HD tvs.

Any other connectors besides HDMI? Thought about doing this one as a gift for mom, but no HD tv after her Polaroid flatscreen exploded, she's using a Panasonic Tau now.

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Atari did as well.

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The Atari Flashback 2 is an amazing machine that can have a cart slot hacked onto it, but it did not come with one.

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There's nothing special about the NES PPU and 2A03 and they've been cloned by chink sweatshops decades ago.

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yeh but don't most of those clones sound crappy or not properly replicate the PPU's functions?

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>Sega will never sell new Dreamcasts through their website

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This sums it up.

And anyways, part of the market group would shit all over it for not being the original system, even if a shipping container full of NOS chips was found and used to create the new systems. Or they'd hate it because it would affect prices of original hardware. And then always a group of people who will hate something for some trivial reason that only bothers them/they're group while the system could be played back to back with an original in a blind test and be indistinguishable. Or, "why should I buy a $200 snes when i can get one that works perfectly for $35 if I look hard enough?" I wouldn't care personally, but companies realize there could be some negative blowback by messing with history, especially from long time fans and purists. In this day and age it's easy for someone to have a voice online, put out a negative message and have people get behind it.

While the other part of the market would buy or consider buying it regardless of if it was just a raspberry pi in a 3d printed case. Most just because it's easier and a safer bet to buy a new one, and then only a few who would see the opportunity to prolong their game library's life.

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Yeah, nothing is "genius" about this at all. Sorry. This has been done before by other console makers many times over the years, and by numerous non-licensed companies using Nintendo games as well. This is a been-there-done-that idea.

Besides that, I can play these games on an emulator, on my phone, on my tablet, for FREE, and not have a paltry 30 game restriction. Hell, for a little more you can buy the real thing and play unlimited games on an SD cart.

While time was being wasted on this, Nintendo could've been spending time on something that will save their future in console gaming, because if NX doesn't hit Nintendo will become a strictly mobile/handheld gaming company.

I love seeing this though, because it shows me where Nintendo's thoughts are (in the past) and how distracted they are by their past when the end of them as a console maker is staring them right in the face.

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No one said this was "genius" you dumb fuck

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It amazes me how poorly Nintendo fanboys react to anything that doesn't praise the perfect, can never do any wrong, Almighty N. Meanwhile, its console gaming arm is in total disarray and headed for the end.

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>All the hardware patents on all our favorite retro consoles are expired.
This is bullshit with no legal basis. You fell for the abandonware meme.

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Who the fuck said any of that you faggot. OP merely asked how feasible was it.

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Please don't remind me. ;_;

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So, by bringing up the reality that Nintendo has lacked touch with the times for many years now makes me a ''faggot''?

That mentality of not being honest about a thing or person that was ONCE great but isn't any longer is what kept Muhammad Ali fighting WAY past his prime and contributed greatly to the damage he suffered.

If you truly care, you don't enable, you provide honesty. It's the difference between a fan and a fanboy.

I know what Nintendo did, I was there, but I'm not going to enable them by pretending all is well. Nintendo is in a TON of trouble in the console market and it's ALL of their own doing for not getting with the times, except its diehard fans are enabling them by constantly saying everything is alright.

When Nintendo leaves the console market, and they will if NX bombs, what will you talk about then? Their glorious past? Fine, but by then their glorious past in the console market will be all they'll have left in that market.

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>Do you think it'd ever take off?

Yes, absolutely.

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Niggra you're out of touch no one gives a fuck about Nintendo and their current situation. OP merely asked how realistic would be to rerelease the old NES

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hardware patents last 20 years. These systems are older than 20 years

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Looks like you fell down a flight of stairs as a child.

It's not remotely similar to abandonware. It's simply the nature of hardware patents as >>3366508 eloquently stated. Maybe you could look something up next time you fucking mongoloid.

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I'd love to get a modern GBC. Low energy guts, the most sophisticated reflective LCD screen available, anti-glare coating, driven by AA batteries. That'd by my perfect handheld and I'd pay well over a hundred bucks for such a thing

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>driven by AA batteries
Why AA batteries? Don't you want a rechargeable unit?

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no, I do not want a rechargeable unit, because I can swap out AAs trivially and instantly, and they can not age and lose charge. If I still want rechargeables for some reason I can go for eneloops and buy new ones if they lose charge, including bigger ones, when tech evolves. rechargeable units spell finite life, and the gain of the slightly larger charge is not worth it. The downtime of swapping the batteries is what? 10 seconds?
My GBC still has 20 hours of battery life in it, thanks to fresh modern AAs. My NDS handles a fraction of its original charge, and I don't even know if Nintendo is still selling replacements anymore or if I have to rely on third parties and hope they don't fuck things up. Even if they still sell them, they definitely won't in 20 years, when my GBC will still have 20 or more hours of battery life in it.

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I'd argue there would actually be a lot of money in selling retro consoles that play everything up until current gen stuff. It's the market that the Retron has a hold on for a good portion of Nintendo's history, and any company would do phenomenally well if they released a box that let you load old games while having the modern conveniences of hard drives and network connections and all that.

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>It's the market that the Retron has a hold on
people don't like the Retron too much because it's an emulation box. OP is asking specifically for original hardware

>modern conveniences of hard drives and network connections and all that
don't know about others, but I enjoy older systems in part because they don't have all this junk. They're self contained units. No outside connections, no outside dependencies, nothing to maintain, to configure. You pop in a game, and play. Consoles forgot this simplicity, this direct access to a game, unfortunately. They're living room computers now, which sucks. I see no use in bringing these non-features to hardware that worked perfectly without them

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Still though, how many times a week must you have to replace AAs? Even once a week must be a pain. Plus, it just seems wasteful, environmentally speaking.

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A set of 4 eneloops, one charges while the other plays. If they ever do go bad, I'll get a new set.
And I don't have to replace them, I get to replace them. I have the option and ability to do so. That's worth the minor hassle

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It just amazes me how many people think Nintendo is doomed. Last look, Nintendo had over $14billion in the bank, and this was just last month.

The doomsayers really need to shut the fuck up, because they really have no idea what they're talking about.

Nintendo's next two, three or four consoles could fail, and they'd still be in the console market. They were in the console market long before Sony and Microsoft, and they'll still be here long after those two have gone PC Exclusive.

It's a big mistake to count them out. There are a lot of people that are excited about this NES Mini that's coming out. Myself included. May not be a genius move, but it's a really good move on the back of Pokémon Go coming out.

Besides, a lot of those "Remade" consoles that came out before were handled poorly and often had piss poor sound. If Nintendo themselves handle the production of this Mini NES, the sound quality and everything else is going to be excellent.

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to clarify a little, the advantage is the standard form factor and specs, of the batteries. I don't need to rely on the manufacturer of the device. There are plenty of AA rechargeables available, and I use them, of course.

That said though, while I get to swap them, you got to wait for the charge, no? I can swap mine out wherever I am, instantly. If you run out of charge you do ... what? Even if for some reason I forgot to charge mine, I can go to a shop around the corner and have instant new juice, even if I'm in some third world shithole. Much harder to find an outlet to occupy for several hours

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>If Nintendo themselves handle the production of this Mini NES, the sound quality and everything else is going to be excellent.
I don't get this blind company loyalty at all

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How cool would it be to have an AA powered device that also recharges your batteries via micro usb though

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You can put a battery charger inside the unit and have the option to both plug in the handheld to charge its batteries, or swap them with externally charged batteries.
Some computer mice work that way, like the G700.

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no interest in an internal charger. I don't need to have the charger inside the device I'm holding. If I'm close to an outlet that can charge the batteries, the outlet can take care of it. No need to tie myself to a wall.
And yes, swapping them with externally charge batteries is what I'm doing. AA batteries, that happen to come in many variants, by many companies, are available almost everywhere and can be bought charge if for some reason charging is not an option.

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>externally charge batteries
>can be bought charge
make that "charged" in both cases

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But you could have both, so you wouldn't have to lug a charger around.

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I don't have to luge a charger around, I get to. The charger makes my playing independent from the outlet

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lug, dammit. I can't spell today

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RetroUSB's AVS is coming soon....plays original games and accessories on HDMI

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>people don't like the Retron too much because it's an emulation box.

Purists hate the Retron because its an emulator box that is totally silly with a little bit of critical thinking. Normies and newbies love the thing until they get educated on how much it really fucks them.

However, the idea is sound as far as having a console with a bunch of different sized pin connectors that let you plug your cartridges in and play them. You could easily do the same thing running the games on actual hardware if you had the talent to design a new board with all the proper components or equivalents, depending on how purist you want to be about shit like interference from the power pak affecting the video all being part of the experience.

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>the idea is sound as far as having a console with a bunch of different sized pin connectors that let you plug your cartridges in and play them
no disagreement. Just as long as the guts of the respective system are represent, SoC or otherwise

>how purist you want to be about shit like interference from the power pak affecting the video
Hmmm. I did not have any relevant console back then, but I don't think that's something people would want to see replicated. Stuff like slowdown, definitely. It's an indicator of the dev fucking with the system's limits, it's part of how the game works. But interference? That's kind of an artifact because they didn't have better options. But yeah, talking out of my rear end here.

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Atari, Sega, and even Commodore all did those kind of things. None of them were really successful, in Commodore's case it was because the 64x was $599 for a piece of shit and was funded through indiegogo.

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if nintendoo were makin a new nes they would repatent all the hardwaree :^)

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Atari Flashbacks seem fairly popular. They keep making them anyway. The Sega one looks like hot shit, but that's only because Sega STILL doesn't know how to handle their IP, so they gave a license to a shitty chinese rip off.

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10 bucks says Nintendo is doing this as a last ditch effort to retain some kind of Holiday market this December since the NX isn't launching until March and there's no Wii U shit this christmas.

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I really don't understand why Sega was the only one to get this right. There is no appeal for me in any of these "re-released mini consoles" if they don't, at the very least, have a cartridge port.

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Nobody cares about Atari.

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Here's your (You).

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you're not the target demographic

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It's not about "the balls." It's about "what is cost effective for this demographic?"

And "This demographic" doesn't refer to the people who collect carts, or buy CRTs, or mod their consoles for RGB.

It's for normalfag 18-35 year olds who are like "Oh wow, I remember the NES from when I was a kid!" or alternatively for faux-nintendo hipsters who buy pic related.

Targeting them successfully gets mad fucking dosh. Targeting us, not so much.
Of course, they could just target us both, but I don't know if it'd be worth the extra engineering and man hours required to get native NES hardware manufacturing again. Probably not worth it. I don't know much about it at all, but it's probably not worth it.
Best case scenario, they get hardware that can emulate the NES very well, with low, low input lag. Maybe even AV out (not happening)

Probable case, it's hardware that will lag it to similar levels of the WiiU emulator or computer emulators. Which is sad because they should be able to build a specialized machine that can do a good job emulating.

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I could possibly see Nintendo doing a super limited edition production run, like under 200 units, as a thousand-dollar collector's item/publicity stunt. But that's it. It's not economically feasible.

That AtGames """"system"""" is a fucking joke. They didn't even try to get the sound emulation right, it's literally several octaves below pitched.

Also an overpriced piece of shit made from real harvested and hacked up Famicoms with a cartridge slot that physically damages your games.

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I feel like your autism is making you have one of those hypothetical arguments in your head, where you think "well they'll say this and when they do I'll say this", and you believed so much in your argument that you had to give your side, even though the first side was never presented.

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The older clones like the Dendy were actually really good, except that it was a weird amalgamation of NTSC and PAL. Newer NOAC-clones are no good though.

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No, it's.

>The Wii U's emulation is so shitty, fuzzy and dark with 16.78ms of lag (PS3 had 40ms of lag for older games to compare it with) makes the games unplayable.
>Rather then patching every Wii U VC game, lets release the portable NX's chip set on a NES plug & play instead as NX's hardware both portable and console) has(have) no lag (better HDMI chip set and wired controllers).
>Also brighter and NO FUZZ!

Heres hoping for a mini SNES & N64.

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>Also an overpriced piece of shit
well you didn't buy one and they sold out anyway
>made from real harvested and hacked up Famicoms
they were already broken so who cares
>with a cartridge slot that physically damages your games.
a slightly shaved strip of plastic is a small price to pay for the luxury

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Definitely more than that pal
>t-that test isn't scientific or some bullshit
it's good enough for what it's trying to prove

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And that (along side the dark filter and fuzz is why Nintendo is making the Mini NES in the first place.

Also the first piece of NX hardware (regardless that it's just the handheld's chip set).

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And that (along side the dark filter and fuzz) is why Nintendo is making the Mini NES in the first place.

Also the first piece of NX hardware (regardless that it's just the handheld's chip set with a HDMI chip set).

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I would be thrilled if what you say is the truth

even more so if we could hack roms into it
and even more so if you could attach a portable screen.

>> No.3368505

Only once the NX is hacked that we can add more roms to it.

30 is not enough, still the lag dark filter and fuzz (and still dealing with 50hz in PAL markets) on the Wii U is the reason why the Mini NES got made in the first place.

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Me and my wife had a threesome with the Retron 5 just last night. It has really patched up our marital problems.

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How do you know that?

I mean at first I thought "Oh, they're doing this so they don't have to bother with trying to make an emulator to run on every system"

But then I thought "no, it's to cash in on the hipsters and the normalfags"

>> No.3368538

It's still a emulator.

NX hardware was meant for this year (lack of Wii U games show this and the 3DS is drying up) but due to a lack of games and stock for this year it was moved to March for more games and stock (also by 2017 barely any 3DS games for Japan as well).

Nintendo knows how bad the Wii U emulators are, so instead of fixing them one by one they are just starting from scratch with NX hardware (portable, console will not only bring the price up but it's not needed until the Mini N64 as well).

>> No.3368550

>still dealing with 50hz in PAL markets
Why would they do this, it's HDMI only?

>> No.3368562

Lazyness mainly.

Sometimes other languages are included but it's mostly being lazy, it's another reason why the Mini NES got made, 100% 60hz all the way.

>> No.3368595

This really bothers me since only South Europeans got translations in the first place.

>> No.3368620

Their European HQ is in Germany however.

>> No.3368640

Why is nobody acknowledging that this is how the xbox360 wireless controllers have done it for years. You can use a rechargeable battery pack or standard AAs

>> No.3368660

I feel totally the same. I prefer using a standard form factor instead of proprietary batteries that might become unavailable.

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I believe amiga did try that.

They face problems with CPU unavailability though, there is a 50mhz 68000 out there being used, but since they've been trying to pitch it as still somewhat serious, we've instead received powerPC amiga.

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Five bucks on newegg.

>> No.3368816

>we've instead received powerPC amiga.
The reason modern AmigaOS runs on PPC is because of third-party PPC-accelerators in the 90s.

>> No.3368817

which games does it include?

>> No.3368843

>this is why the NES mini is getting made

>do you have a single fact to back that up.jpg

>> No.3368848


They read it, they're fixing it.

>> No.3368867

please tell us you're joking

>> No.3368883

Sadly I'm not, Nintendo read the topic and made the NES Mini out of it.

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how do you know that
Why am I pretending you think that's true

>> No.3368897

Does your male relative
happen to earn a salary
at the company in question?

>> No.3368901

>playing NES on an LED display

It actually hurts my eyes how blocky emulated shit looks.

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File: 84 KB, 1920x1080, Duck-tales_NES_screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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GonzoTheGreat on NeoGaf runs Digital Eclipse who is known for making sub par emulators and when you know DE made a better emulator then Nintendo then you know you fucked up badly.

No Idea who Rich! works for but his daughter works for Disney and she stared in major AAA list Disney projects (maybe even Pixar & Marvel projects as well, she has worked with Jim Cummings however).

>> No.3368941

Thats why Nintendo added in the fuzz, but since most people hate it they got rid of it for this.

>> No.3368952

Which in turn happened because motorola gave up on the 68k architecture and made PPC their new offering.

Wonder why amiga ate it up, maybe it would have been better off with ARM?

>> No.3368956

Sorry but I haven't been keeping up with this, does it have a usb drive or anything like that? If I could play roms through it I would probably get one bus as is I'm fine emulating.

>> No.3368958

30 integrated games, no known way to connect anything but power and controller to it

>> No.3369108

meme never gets old

>> No.3369126

With piracy so rampant, why not return to a more physical, collectable media? Carts of the right proportions/aesthetic could bring Nintendo into the stratosphere, giving them big money to sink into futuristic endeavors.

>> No.3369130

The best I can think of is extra hardware for 100% compatibility.
Playstation 5 could have a PS1 chip in it. It obviously WON'T, but the cost-effectiveness would be on the sweet spot I guess.

>> No.3369132

Since you can very easily emulate any NES game you could ever want perfectly... Probably not.

>> No.3369134

>None of them were really successful, in Commodore's case it was because the 64x was $599 for a piece of shit and was funded through indiegogo

IDK how they could even reproduce a C64 since the chipset relied on obsolete chip fabrication processes.

>> No.3369140

The Dendy was produced in the 90s when the Famicom was still in production; they probably just decapped a PPU and used that to produce a clone of it. Newer clones are likely made by reading a Wikipedia page describing the PPU's functions and making a chip that sort of does the same thing.

>> No.3369148


Because those companies are virtually non-existent to the casual fanbase Nintendo has been pandering to and their customers are ignorant enough to find something like a cheap tv plug & play loaded with roms worth purchasing.

>> No.3369432

And the schematics for the original SID-chip is gone. That chip is probably worth it's weight in gold by now.

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TecToy still sells SEGA Genesys and Master System here in Brazil. Most models have can't use catridges, though.

>> No.3369524


All that shit is just clones. It's not the same hardware.

>> No.3369531

The flashback 2/2+ were close though. The original hardware was reproduced in an ASIC which a fairly high degree of accuracy. It doesn't support high capacity cartridges I think though.

>> No.3369637

I'd buy one of those Mega Drive handhelds if it had SRAM support.

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OH, holy shit. They made a revision that can at least do save states.

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File: 207 KB, 580x580, new -vr- hardware.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So what the hell would you even be hoping for here? The most feasible thing that occurs to me would be a sega master system made with a zilog eZ80. Backwards compatibility and more powerful than a superFX-2 or sega virtua processor, if the whole thing was able to come together neatly. Not to mention how programmers love working with the z80 series.

>> No.3369873

>what the hell would you even be hoping for here?
hardware compatible soc, or something fpga based. Not like you need high end fab processes for that hardware. You could probably etch the NES CPU with a rusty needle and a steady hand

>> No.3369904

I don't think people are behind you about this: >>3365374

>> No.3369921

I dared assume a functional SoC. If it's incompatible it's not very useful. All I meant to say is that I don't insist on the original PCB or the original ICs. Most of that stuff is impossible to obtain and needlessly expensive, and if a SoC does the job (that's an important if), why would I not accept one?

>> No.3369935

just get a psp and mod it? They're like $10

>> No.3371147

People might not believe an SoC can be acceptably genuine. Even if it does have big advantages over emulation, some might still nitpick over little issues and deem them to be indicators that the whole thing is improper.

Also, there's no sign of what's in it for the manufacturer. Now, if it had a mode where the whole thing could just be clocked up two generations ahead, that would allow them extra options for selling new cartridges.

>> No.3371153

>some might still nitpick over little issues
if there are little issues they'd have every right to nitpick. If a SoC is not feasible, then it's not the right answer

>what's in it for the manufacturer
reputation and goodwill

>if it had a mode where the whole thing could just be clocked up two generations ahead, that would allow them extra options for selling new cartridges
and it would piss on the concept of a remake system

>> No.3371310

>>what's in it for the manufacturer
>reputation and goodwill
Wow, that'll really impress the investors. You should be a financial expert.

>> No.3371329

because it's nintendo

I'm not trying to shit on nintendo, I love their games -- and that's why it's gaining traction, lots of people love their games

simple as that

>> No.3371443

How's that a downside? Why waste a HDMI port on SD video when nowadays you're bound to have a unused composite ports available?

>> No.3371489

what's a composite port?

>> No.3371505

i'd love a modern wonderswan color as well. at least there are options available for the gbc if you're willing to solder.

>> No.3371518

no, not really. Screen replacements with all kinds of disgusting lighting mods, but not more

>> No.3371718

no, fuck off. I want novelty bootleg-quality bullshit, not a PSP.

>> No.3371838

>I can emulate games for free
When will this meme die

>> No.3372129

is it not true?

>> No.3373116

why would nintendo want to do that, when they can make a ton of money selling you virtual console titles and a stripped down reboxed wii costs less to manufacture? dumbass

>> No.3373247

>and it would piss on the concept of a remake system
To you, maybe. Would an Atari 7800 remake piss on the concept of a 2600 remake? How about a neptune remake?

How about a PS2 remake, or an Xbox remake with a 2 ghz pentium 3 and the geforce 3.5 clocked up to perform more like a geforce 5, 6 or 7, that could also run windowses, would you have a problem with that?

>> No.3373323

Because no one gives a flying fuck about the Wii. Everyone does care about the original Nintendo Entertainment System though. Just for looks alone these will go like hotcakes no problem. Try releasing a Wii now in 2016. No one gives a shit

>> No.3373343
File: 212 KB, 500x374, oh no, beta.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, I'm sure could find some new vintage hardware. I just happened to be passing by an electronics store today, and they had one of those CRT TV VCR combos.

Why not? what would be so bad about a CRT screen with HDMI input? They could make it capable of doing 800x600 and advertise it as "600p".

>> No.3373345

I have my doubts that its a re-purposed Wii. Wii CPU can only be produced by IBM or its partners and the GPU can only be produced by AMD and it's way overkill for this purpose anyway. I think it will probably end up being either a re-purposed 3DS or something new(-ish probably ARM based still though) with the OS and other software being borrowed from either the 3DS or NX.

>> No.3373423

>Would an Atari 7800 remake piss on the concept of a 2600 remake? How about a neptune remake?
these are different systems. What you asked for was specifically a remake, but with enhanced abilities. Like an Atari 7800 "remake" with higher resolution and a bigger palette

>How about a PS2 remake, or an Xbox remake with a 2 ghz pentium 3 and the geforce 3.5 clocked up to perform more like a geforce 5, 6 or 7, that could also run windowses, would you have a problem with that?
not much of a remake then, just an emu box

>> No.3373463

I got a 32" HDMI crt and literally cannot give it away. It has too many filters or bullshit built in for light gun games to work so in the trash it goes.

>> No.3373470


what are the chances it will use real hardware and not being another clone emulation machine? Because even the chinese famiclones from the 90's were almost 1:1 NES copies.

>> No.3373754
File: 3.97 MB, 1699x5000, autism.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.3373763

A 7800 runs 2600 games. A 32x remake's appeal wouldn't come from the library of 32x games.
>a windows machine = an emu box
Sure, tell yourself that, console kid.

>> No.3373820

the people this is for don't care about any of that shit

>> No.3373829

You're right they don't, they'll just go "haha oh man I don't remember these old games looking so bad". I've seen tons of friends having that reaction when looking at games outputted like that to HDTVs, but when they see them emulated even with stock settings or in a CRT they usually don't bat an eye.

All these companies, not just nintendo are being really irresponsible with how they display their old games, and it's creating this retroactive dichotomy that old games always looked like this. The long term effects of this is people probably end up not caring about retro games at all besides a quick glance or a nostalgia fueled purchase.

>> No.3373832

Or they'll have fun because they're good games.

You don't need an RGB modded NES on a PVM to enjoy Mario bro

>> No.3373837
File: 80 KB, 500x287, LAUGHING SLUTS.HDM.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>implying that people who want this will actually play the games

>> No.3373845

>Oh, I'm sure could find some new vintage hardware.
Was that irony?

>> No.3373848

dumb some pc-98 game poster

>> No.3374059

lol it's 2016 and they're releasing a Wii shaped like an NES and everyone gives a shit. Try reading what I said a second time stupid.

>> No.3374089

If you think Nintendo did not retain 100% ownership to their custom IBM/AMD chips, you're incredibly stupid. The big three can all redesign their processors for advancements in nanotechnology & other production cost cutting design changes, along with hire the lowest bidder to manufacture their custom chips.

NES Mini will be a reboxed Wii Mini without the ODD & Wiimote - they're not stupid enough to redesign a whole new platform, throw 30 titles they can already sell for 2.5x the cost on their existing virtual console and leave it at that.

This is a gimmick to hook the people into buying virtual console games. I would be amazed if shortly after release titles for other virtual console systems are not made available for it.

But hey, after 10 fucking years maybe we can finally have new Genesis & N64 controllers that work with their Wii systems without needing shit quality adapters.

>> No.3374537

>A 7800 runs 2600 games
a 7800 is a different machine than a 2600
2600 remake == good
7800 remake == good
"enhanced" 2600 == bull

>> No.3374661

If nothing else I'd be grateful to have more repair parts on the market.

>> No.3374664

you think any part of this will work or even fit in an original device?

>> No.3374671

Some of the controller parts might work

>> No.3374710


Save for a few cases, all European VC releases are NTSC 60 Hz, moreso after the initial debacle.

>> No.3374734


Who's talking about that shit? Read the OP.

>> No.3374904

>those awful AVGN-inspired lyrics

>> No.3374921

>muh RGB
>for consoles were developed around composite

>> No.3375135

Go to a specialist battery store. They'll build you a fuckin battery. There's a chain around me called "Batteries Plus".

>> No.3375423

Nice work struggling to grasp that one last straw.

>> No.3375552

That would be a possibility, and only a possibility ... for remakes of computer type systems.

>> No.3375561

Whoa. Details?!? Not like it would be like that one CRT monitor with a DVI port that actually only supports DVI-Analog.

>> No.3375571

The wiimote plugs (and HDMI) are a dead giveaway.
Why would they put the effort into recreating the hardware and not allow you to use original controllers?
Nor let the new controllers be compatible with the original systems?

>> No.3375667

I wish nintendo would also make a small famicom as well. A mini-famicom with its own 30 games:

1. Bomberman
2. Twin bee
3. Mario bros 2 Japan ver.
4. Rygar
5. Ninja hattori kun
6. Exerion
7. Road fighter
8. Mappy
9. Graduis or Salamander

Games 10 - 30 should consist of top 20 games from emurussia

>> No.3375679

legit oldfag, here...
even as kids, we would look at the NES and wish the graphics were better. They were good, for the time, and some of those games still look good, today. but, there were still cartoons and Disney films. We knew full well what stuttering, low frame-count animation and a limited color pallette looked like.

I have a huge nostalgia boner for the feel and aesthetic of those big, chunky pixels, but I am overjoyed and relieved that emulation has helped them look a little less shitty

>> No.3375683

>emulation has helped them look a little less shitty
any mechanism in particular that you're thinking of?

>> No.3375686

trying to get copies of Nintendo made games is a lot harder than others. also, it is nice to sit down on your couch, with the big tv. to say nothing of the satisfaction of owning an official product. Emulation still feels like cheating, to me.

I mean, I can play Secret of Mana 3, in english, on my Mac. but, it still stings that Square never brought it out in the US, didn't think I would like it, and didn't want me to have it. I would like, very much, to have the actual game!

>> No.3375695

>satisfaction of owning an official product
do what now?

>I would like, very much, to have the actual game!
They would like, very much, for you to fuck off. They communicated that quite clearly in their release policy for their game. The relationship between a company and a customer is not a friendly one.

>> No.3375702

Chips can be decapped. That's not the problem. The problem is that even if you have all tech documents for the SID, you still can't reproduce something made with an outdated 1970s manufacturing process.

>> No.3375723

do you have to? What's wrong with using a modern process? Do you need the old impression and performance numbers of the original hardware? Or can you just underclock a modern IC and call it a day?

>> No.3375904

Using modern process is baaaaaaad!
See: >>3374537

>> No.3375932

The SID entirely relied on quirks and exploits in the NMOS process. It's not possible to reproduce the thing with modern chip fabrication methods.

>> No.3376547
File: 15 KB, 588x251, you.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You understood nothing

>> No.3376550

good reason. Also, crazy tech

>> No.3376584
File: 67 KB, 652x468, ss+(2016-07-21+at+07.50.01).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Teaser released

>> No.3376659
File: 43 KB, 800x450, scanlines.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oi mate lookit them scanlines!
ooga booga :D

>> No.3376678

What you got was what the devs intended and that's what you must like

>> No.3376715
File: 28 KB, 422x422, chadaddy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can I just point out that images like this are pointless.

You can't experience what a CRT looks like via an image you are seeing on your new LED display. It doesn't work like that.

The light emanates completely differently, there are darker blacks and color bleeding and all kinds of stuff that you're not seeing, because you're viewing the image on a new monitor. To see what a CRT looks like you have to go IRL and find one and play some video games on it.

>> No.3376780

I'd prefer that over the horrible NES design, but it's still not something that I'd be interested in. It's a fucking emulation box, nothing else.

>> No.3376815

That new nes will be a clone too.

>> No.3376818

This thing is coming out in november, I doubt any of the footage captured in that video is from the device itself.

>> No.3376819

This shit will be powerfull enough to put scanlines?

>> No.3376856

Yellow RCA jack

>> No.3377830

No, I understood the post made right AFTER mine just fine.

>> No.3378974

Well, I believe they a fair bit of vintage style clothes, and maybe people end up just calling that "vintage" ... but I probably did mean it as irony.

It seems less like proper irony, closer to a contradiction, who would actually make CRT displays today?

>> No.3379083

Nintendo fanboys like me and him don't have enough of a discerning eye or ear, but have come to associate any Nintendo hardware with quality.

It is dumb, but I never have had a Nintendo console fail on me unless I did something very very stupid.

>> No.3379091

>unless I did something very very stupid
like, buying Nintendo hardware

>> No.3379102

I once rubbed the lens on my GameCube after sticking a disc in that was apparently covered in some gunk.

Yeah, that GameCube didn't work.

>> No.3379178
File: 64 KB, 624x416, Romney-Corporations-are-People-My-Friend-624x416.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ummm, companies do not have balls. Or gonads of any sort. Or hearts. Or dicks.

Though I can kind of see how you'd get the impression that a console company can have arms and hands, specifically three of them.

>> No.3379219
File: 155 KB, 320x300, you no mess with wang!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dat a lie! Why you say companies no have bases and balls? They can have balls, sometimes four of them!

>> No.3379714
File: 492 KB, 524x530, 1443752448156.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"Nintendo Master System"
>brand new console
>plays NES, SNES, and N64
>re-releases remasters of old games
>(carts of old games look like the original carts, but have better hardware inside, like a NintendoDS SD card, so the cart's case is basically just for flavor, making it look identical to the retro carts of old)
>completely 1:1 backwards compatible even with old carts as well as the new releases
>wait for it
>new, original games come out for the Nintendo Master System (NMS)
>Majora's Mask sequel in 64 bit
>Super Metroid/Metroid Fusion sequel in 16 bit (Metroid 5)
>Donkey Kong 64 2
>Super Mario 64 2
>Castlevania II (not Simon's Shit, a new game) in glorious 8-bit
>new 3rd party releases, you name it, all in 8, 16, or 64 bit, all one console

>> No.3381671

I hope they do a SNES one soon.

>> No.3381675

which games?

>> No.3381732

>I think
Find something you don't suck at and stick to that

>> No.3381781

Why the fuck would they do any of that?

8/10 bait I genuienly replied

>> No.3381820

Why WOULDN'T they do that? Why aren't new 16-bit games made anymore? It's not like hollywood movies with Avatar CG where the movie gets interrupted every 10 minutes to play a shooting sim is inherently superior. What the fuck is the deal?

They could make new, original games, sequels to old games, and remasters of classic games on a brand new console. I don't understand how it could be bad other than it wouldn't make money because the entire populous is retarded now, or at least more retarded than it's ever been.

>> No.3381824
File: 15 KB, 420x378, shrug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well what are the essentials?

>Super Metroid
>Link to the Past
>Super Mario World
>DK Country
>Super Castlevania
>Mega Man X with an added save feature rather than password fuckery
>Turtles in Time
>Street Fighter 2 Turbo
>Killer Instinct
at least those, there are some great titles on the SNES

>> No.3381848

>Why aren't new 16-bit games made anymore?
lack of platforms, and wrong question. Ask why 2D games aren't made anymore, and the answer is "but they are"

>> No.3381851

to clarify, asking why 16-bit games aren't made anymore is similar to asking why Cinerama movies aren't made any longer. This is the purely technological level, and indeed the infrastructure to play back cinerama movies is mostly gone, and the benefit of using a cinerama rig is minimal. You might as well use a state of the art digital hd camera and just crop the image to the right aspect (i.e. do a 2D game on modern hardware)

>> No.3381901

Doesn't Watermelon Software make 16 bit games?

>> No.3381910

you're not going to try to argue exception of the rule, are you? Fuck off

>> No.3381914

Just trying to give you somewhere to look, no need to be so hostile.

>> No.3381917

I'm not looking. I've been explaining to anon why that stuff is rare, and here you shithead jump in and try to pick apart a point again by taking that one exception (incoming replies how there are more exceptions). It's annoying as fuck. Makes it impossible to say virtually anything here. Thanks for nothing.

>> No.3381948

>Best you could get is probably the Retron 5. The wife loves it.
Go away TG256. LYNN IS A MAN

>> No.3382116
File: 305 KB, 1600x1200, $_57.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a different coloured limited edition neogeo or megadrive would be killer. Would buy that rightaway. Yeah problem is they dont have to balls to release such a thing. Pretty sure it would sell out in no time though.

>> No.3382383

I hope to god Nintendo doesn't ever release a system that plays old carts. They're already too goddam expensive. I don't need MORE hipsters getting into shelf-collecting...

>> No.3382426


>They're already too goddam expensive

dude theres one gorillion hardware nes clones are they cost pennies. If the chinese tried they could easily make SNES or even N64 clones for a few dollars. Too bad the market is too small for that shit nowadays.

>> No.3382847

If they did, they'd be absolutely due to make new carts as well.

>> No.3382971

Doesn't something like this need a microchip? Where is it?

>> No.3383014

He means the games you dingus.

The Neo-Geo Gold failed. It's not a terrible piece of hardware in all honesty, people just hated on it.

No one will ever make a new version of a console that plays carts because its not economical. It's easier to make an emulator box with 30 games on it or do it on virtual console, PSN, Steam or Xbox Live because you have a very low commitment, and have the potential to make a good amount of money.

Neo-Geo especially has such a massive barrier to entry that even if they released a new console it would be a massive failure.

>> No.3383082
File: 27 KB, 418x418, 54652_SB4_C_drill_mario_ad--article_image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>put snes9x in a box with 30 roms in it
>sell it at $60
>call it a day


>open new manufacturing plants for the old hardware, spend a shitton of money and resources for the materials
>agree to new contracts for the manufacturing of games on said hardware
>have to still price it competitively because no one in their right mind would pay more than $50 for a fucking NES


>> No.3383112

>people just hated on it.
Yeah, I'm sure it has nothing to do with the $1000 price tag and the lack of games outside of first party games.

>> No.3383119

Panic/Neo Bomberman and Bust A Move 1 & 2 will like to have a word with you.

>> No.3383139

>Bust A Move 1 & 2
On the PSX too
For most people all the bomberman are the same, no reason to get a $1000 Metal Slug/KoF machine.

>> No.3383181

Bomberman Hero will like to have a word with you but Panic Bomberman is nothing like the main line of Bomberman games and it is different enough from the SNES and Virtual Boy versions as well and Neo Bomberman is a excellent game worth playing.

Theres no PS1 version of Bust A Move 1 but theres a Game Gear, 3DO a WonderSwan and a SNES port however.