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>Nintendo Classic mini
>30 games preinstalled

what do they mean by this ?

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Wow, so it's finally happening.

Well, at least we'll get new controllers out of it. Hopefully they're high quality.

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Look at those controller ports they look like they will accept wii classic controllers

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This is surreal...

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Well there's always ways to change the connectors. I'm sure someone could easily make a wii to nes adapter. What's important is the quality of the buttons and plastic. I would like for it to be similar to the original but it'll probably be made cheap.

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Don't get your hopes to high
>USB powered
>HDMI cable
its a fucking raspberry pi guys

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>>USB powered

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It means they went TecToy's route.

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>The Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System comes packaged with an HDMI cable, a USB cable for powering the system

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Means people will find a way to play every NES game (and possibly more) on it like on an actual raspberry pi. So for those who dont have an actual NES or raspberry pi its fun i guess

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Official NOAC? No way. And the game selection listed? Feels like a hoax.

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>*Note that an AC adapter for the USB cable is required to play the system but is not included in the packaging.

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It would be so cool if they reproduced all the original ICs and shrunk them down. But I suppose it is an emulator. And if it is an emulator then you can't expect it to be authentic..... or can you?

In the press release they mention that the games have 'suspend points'... so save states... which could be implemented in hardware in theory but probably it's an emulator.

The game list looks good. Star Tropics is good. Ninja Garden is good. It seems like whoever picked the games had a clue.

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Can anyone find a link to an official Nintendo website about this?

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I wonder if the suspend points are somehow linked to each games's progression, eg. saving at the end of a level, or if it's blatantly just save states.

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This is a link to the PR


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Games list:

Balloon Fight™
Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest™
Donkey Kong™
Donkey Kong Jr. ™
Dr. Mario™
Ice Climber™
Kid Icarus™
Kirby’s Adventure™
Mario Bros. ™
Punch-Out!! ™ Featuring Mr. Dream
Super Mario Bros.™
Super Mario Bros. ™ 2
Super Mario Bros. ™ 3
The Legend of Zelda™
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link™

> Punch-Out!! ™ Featuring Mr. Dream
Mr.Dream kills the dream.

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Mind blown. Hope it's better quality than those Genesis clones. And HDMI? Hope they worked on latency. Anyone play NES Remix? Super Mario Bros. is almost impossible to play, and my flat screen is well rated for gaming.

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>In the press release they mention that the games have 'suspend points'... so save states...
doesn't that refer to the Wii(U) VC though?

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I wonder if someone's gonna hack it and install the entire NES library on it

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No, what they are saying there is you can plug the NES controller into a Wii mote and use the NES controller to play virtual console games.

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I know that, but I thought that part about save states was referring to that.

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Why bother with this when ROMs are a thing and free?

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Almost definitely. I bet they just have a cheap sd card onboard with the software, would not be a hard thing to hack.

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>reproduced all the original ICs
yeah, sure... on a single fpga chip

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Because stealing. Simple.

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>implying it's not a wink from the manufacturers to do that on purpose

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i remember someone asking here if there would be interest(we could find it in the archive). so we can be very sure, that nintendo is lurking here!

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>games they haven't made since the 80s

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They have released many of the games in digital form on their last three systems, now they are putting out complete clone hardware. How did you think they should've "made" the games after the 80s

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Watching Commando on TV is also stealing.

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Looking at famous paintings online is also stealing.

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I'm not really following you, but OK. I've got it on DVD.

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>this piece of shit will outsell the wii u and the genesis model 4 which actually accepts carts
Why live

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Riding in someone else's car is also stealing.

Enjoying without paying = stealing apparently.

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ill probably buy one and wait for someone to post here in 4chan a guide in hacking this console

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Why are you piracyfags so completely retarded? I'm saying they have in fact made most out these games available since the 80s on their newer systems as a reply to the "games they haven't made since the 80s" statement while you are busy masturbating yourselves with inaccurate strawman arguments.

I don't give a shit if you download games, but there's no need to lie trying to justify your copyright infringement.

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And only 10 years later than Sega, that's gotta be a record.

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oh god u guys quit makin threads abot this every time i see a pic of this thingy i doo doo in my pants i already besmirched my froot of the looms enuff today ok
come to think of it this would be PERFECT to put in the bathroom so u could play mario while your blastin doo doo's out of your pooty hole

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The real shocker here isn't the hardware, it's the fact that Nintendo is selling their ROMs for less than $5 a piece, and actually put together a fairly large collection of mostly good games. Usually they just push the button on the money printer and assume fans will take what they get and like it. I mean it's not quite at Sega's level of desperately trying to please fans of their old games, but at least they're not laughing at us anymore?

In unrelated news, I see we now have "new 3DS" exclusive Virtual Console releases. Vanilla 3DS can't quite hack the likes of Contra 3 eh?

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The image you posted was a total disaster of a release, not even equivalent to the Super Mario All-Stars release on the SNES.

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They could have developed a SNES emulator for the original 3DS if they wanted, but they would have had to put more effort into it and optimize it. So they only released it on the New 3DS instead, which required less effort and possibly brings them more money if people decide to buy a New 3DS because of it.

Also apparently Nintendo loves savestates now since they basically said running GBA games natively isn't the optimal experience because you can't have them.

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>And if it is an emulator then you can't expect it to be authentic..... or can you?
Define authentic.

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This wasn't outsourced to some chinkware company like AtGames so it should sound fine.

And if you're having latency problems try checking your TV setting to see if there's a games/graphics mode, that usually helps a lot with lag.

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i wouldn't worry about it too much, the gamecube controllers they make these days are higher quality than the originals.

legitimately surprised by how many good moves nintendo has been making lately.

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It's missing Super Mario World, but can be rendered in native 480p over Component or HDMI.

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>running GBA games natively
They do?
Why there is no GBA emulator for 3DS then?

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The 3DS can run GBA games natively. Nintendo gave 10 GBA games to people who bought a 3DS in the first few months after its released and stated they would have not released any more, and that they would have been limited to those people. Their excuse is that, despite it's running natively, it does not run well and doesn't give all the features you'd expect from VC nowadays (basically savestates)
At first they were developing an emulator for GBA VC, but then gave up on it and just did it this way. They left the emulator along with all of the other 3DS VC emulators and it doesn't run well, obviously because development was never completed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXSu9MauWSY
If you mod your 3DS you can install any GBA game you want.

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>comes with Super C and Tecmo Bowl
>does not come with Contra and Tecmo Super Bowl

I mean they did include only Mega Man 2 since that was always a fan favorite but how can you screw up not having Contra and Tecmo Super Bowl?

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>no Contra
>Tecmo Bowl instead of Tecmo Super Bowl

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Fucking beat me to it.


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>paying for roms


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>Also apparently Nintendo loves savestates now since they basically said running GBA games natively isn't the optimal experience because you can't have them.
GBA mode also disables all network functionality among other things.

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>30 games pre-installed

Does this mean it will be able to install more games on it?

I would buy it if it's possible to increase the game library past 30 games.

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Probably not unfortunately.

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I hope it displays the covert art when you hover over a game, would be sweet to have my own personal collection with cover once its hacked.

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Please, god, tell me it's possible to use wireless controllers.

Why would they make a console with HDMI out that uses wired controllers? Nobody with an HDTV actually sits close enough to be able to play that shit, do they?

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GB VC games weren't having network capabilities before Pokemons came out though.

>> No.3360196

That kind of Wiimote compatible controllers has been around for like a decade now, there's definitely a third party wireless one.

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and what would be the problem?

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if it IS actually a PI, that means more games could probably be loaded onto it, which is a good thing. I'd be super surprised if they used anything like a PI.

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>Final Fantasy
>Ghosts N' Goblins
>Mega Man 2
>Both Zeldas

>> No.3360231

Yes, but the StreetPass/SpotPass functionality is supposed to be running in the background at all times.

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This game list is alright, but where the fuck is
>Tecmo Super Bowl
>Castlevania III
>the rest of the Mega Mans
>Double Dragon 1
>Life Force
>Ninja Gaiden 2/3
>Startropics 2
>Earthbound Beginnings (I know it wasn't officially released on the NES but now that it's on VC it makes sense)
>Silver Surfer
>Little Samson
>Blaster Master

Also SNES Classic Mini when?

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Oh yes, All Stars style presentation would be lovely.

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I got legitimately excited until they confirmed no way to load more games.

It could have been great.

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exactly how iconic wasnt Tetris?
and super c but not contra?

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Literally the only thing that would save it for me.

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Tetris has huge licensing issues. it's currently only available from UBIsoft as a garbage version, on consoles. EA has some mobile port. Will never ever happen in a million years.

>> No.3360328

Tengen Tetris is miles better though.

>> No.3360330


Castlevania 3 used an extra chip that probably wouldn't increased the price too much to justify.

I'd like to see:

Contra over Super C
Techmo Super Bowl over TB
MM3 over MM2 (although I'd like 2, 3, and 6 if they could include more).

Gradius and Gradius 2 would be nice (since we never got G2)

Little Samson would be kekb8, but imokw/it

DuckTales would be cool.

at least they're not giving us nothing but blackbox stuff.

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You can attach the new contoller to a wiimote and use it on Wii U virtual console games.

>> No.3360334


Also might as well ditch OG Mario Bro's, since the SMB games are so much better, could stick Flinstones 2 on there for more lulz.

Also, i suspect SNES will be coming if this goes over well, which it will, because nintendo prints money.

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The game selection is a actually pretty sweet. Hardly a duff titlenin there.

Plus, when you conside how much buying all those games would cost you on Nintendo's eshop virtual console, $60 ain't too shabby.

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it is if the guy that painted it didnt let people take pictures of it

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>yanks will actually waste money on this garbage

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Why would anyone buy this if everyone and their mother has a Wii capable of playing every single game on the system? I dig the Classic Controller support, but that's ridiculous.

HOWEVER, a N64 Mini would be really really nice, even if the library would be botched to not having Rare games. But I guess they'll stop at SNES.

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So does Nintendo actually make these, or is it some shit company like Atgames who makes the Mega Drive clones?

>> No.3360393

It's Nintendo, hence they are charging 60 dolaridoos for this thing

>> No.3360413

$60 murrica dollars so by the time it gets here it will be $120 aus dollars

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I have the ROMs on my computer and laptop but it does seem like a neat little console. I am concerned about the cord length though, I sit pretty far away from my TV

My car has an HDMI port (that I've never used) and USB ports. I wonder if I will be able to use this in it? would be pretty cool to play some NES games on its screen. I believe the HDMI only works when the car isn't moving though.

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would be so cool if they were actually re-releasing a NES with similar hardware. too bad that's not the case

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Yeah, this blows.

>> No.3360512

I will buy one just to see what's inside.

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I can't wait to have /vr/ shitted up even more with constant threads about this hipster garbage.

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It's almost like it's an emulator...

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this is what I'm looking forward to seeing, what the internals are like

Most of all I weep for the poor kids trying to beat Mr. Dream on a laggy HDTV

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see this logo? It basically confirms this is a new product line.

now imagine a n64 mini with new n64 controllers and more robust analog sticks

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It would only be good if
>enabled vibration through Classic Controller input
>commercial agreement with Microsoft to use Rare's ROMs

>> No.3360569

Would any hardware company have the balls to rerelease legacy hardware? As in, properly manufactured and original?

Do you think it would actually sell? If say Sega rereleased an actual Genesis with cart functionality, and maybe a limited run of repro carts for their big titles

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Well, MS said they wouldn't mind working with Nintendo if i recall correctly.

I guess they could reach some agreement.

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This is the closest thing I could think of.

>> No.3360594


The only reason I wanted it was to see if this thing could load homebrew, I guess not.

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>I believe the HDMI only works when the car isn't moving though.
It's easy as fuck to bypass the system, just connect the parking detector cable to any metal part of your car

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I mean, as I said earlier, the N64 has less than 30 worthwhile games. A N64 mini would be great for that kind of thing, specially since most of its library would have a bump from more resolution, and not the crude pixels look.

>Mario 64
>Zelda Ocarina of Time
>Zelda Majora's Mask
>Star Fox 64
>Kirby 64
>Yoshi's Story
>Mario Kart 64
>Smash Bros
>Pokemon Snap
>Pokemon Stadium
>Paper Mario
>F-Zero X
>Some Mario Party for MP's sake
>Mario Golf
>Sin and Punishment
>Mischief Makers
>Mystical Ninja
Adding Rare games, it would be:
>Donkey Kong 64
>Banjo Kazooie
>Banjo Tooie
>Conker Bad's Fur Day
>Perfect Dark
>Jet Force Jemini

24 games, and the N64 Castlevanias and various multiplats could be added. However, if it happens it would have like 15, because Nintendo would hate a well rounded system.

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>No Bomberman 64/Second Attack or Heroes
>No Diddy Kong Racing
>No Harvest Moon
>No Snowboard Kids
>No Ogre Battle
>No Chameleon Twist

Come on anon, you can do a little better than 24

>> No.3360730

Ha, okay, didn't remember those (haven't played most of them, to be honest), but you must agree that a system with at least 20 well selected N64 games would be pretty much worth it.

>> No.3360732

I must just get the controller for emulating, since I have a Classic Controller usb adapter and apparently it's only $10

>> No.3360757

Mario Party 2. It's the best one.

Agreed though. I'd buy it.

>> No.3360760

>Pokemon Stadium
Don't even bother unless the N64 Mini could support Transfer Paks.

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>Paying for a emulator

>> No.3360825

People will defend this shit because is made Nintendo. a shitr raspiberry emulate nes and others 8 bits consoles

>> No.3360839

I almost died thinking they were going to start another production of NES.

I wonder how the emulator will turn out compared to virtual console

>> No.3360845

>nintendo making their own chinese clones that can't play real games
I bet the berenstein universe would think this is hilarious, but I'm just sad

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>> No.3360893

>the N64 has less than 30 worthwhile games
I suppose 4 *is* less than 30...

>> No.3360905

They already exist
look up raphnet

>> No.3360917

This is literally another Jakks TV Game/Flashback/Plug-n-Play system. It is really nothing to care too much about beyond a cute novelty. It won't drive up prices, it won't destroy prices, it won't be a revolutionary way to play NES games. It'll be something to give casual fans a way to play popular games, make a cheap high content gift for kids or friends, and another piece of shelf candy for Nintendo collectors that they can easily take with them on trips or something.

It does feel weird to see Nintendo themselves releasing something like this, though. I'm sure it'll get scalped to hell and collectors and speculators will pay out the ass for them, only to later realize that Nintendo does like making money and will therefore continue to manufacture them long after the first few shipments.

>> No.3360949

I wish it had ICE HOCKEY.

Does hdmi mean that it will be lagless?

>> No.3360951

Yes, like every other signal type. It depends on what display you are feeding it to.

>> No.3360968

Aright motherfuckers. Lets get one thing clear. This isn't chink shit, its official nintendo hardware. Now I don't know what might be inside these things, but I do know that when it comes to production, Nintendo doesn't make shit. I'm talking about the longevity and durability of the consoles and controllers. If taken care of, they last for decades. The original NES had a cartridge connector issue, but you can easily replace those for a few bucks online. It may just be and Nes-on-a-chip inside but if its emulated right, who cares? Remember when the Genesis multi-systems came out a few years ago? The sound was fucked, the speed was off. it was horrible. I probably won't buy one of these minis, but I plan to pick up a couple of the NES controllers because I know they'll have the quality retro feel. Add a mayflash adapter and you're solid. We might even see an SNES mini next year. Either way, you know this will sell like crazy.

At one point, they had controllers with built in games years ago. Hard to find them now. Never released in US either.

>> No.3360969

The WiiU accepts carts? I might have to get one.

>> No.3360983

"accepts" means the subject is singular, they were referring to the genesis model 4

>> No.3360997

Nope. Should have defined it separately.

>> No.3361005

If it was referring to both the WiiU and the Genesis model 4 it would have been accept though. How is it not separated?

>> No.3361009

Here's my peeve of mine.

The list is underwhelming not because of the quantity or the price, because lets face it, while this may be aimed at casuals at best and hipsters at worst.

The problem (at least to me) is the games themselves, since they are ALL COMMON to Widespread titles aside maybe from Bubble Bobble, not to mention, is a combination of mostly gen 1 and gen 2 NES titles, Double Dragon II, Dr Mario, Super C and Kirby's Adventure are the only 3rd gen NES games, and in conjunction with the other titles, the list in general feels like how most "generic" NES library collections most people used to have, mostly gen 1 & 2 nes titles with only one or two post 1989 titles that truly exploit the limits of the console, you know what i am talking about right?

For the tag price ($60)

What we needed, is at the very least 50 titles, AND nintendo to add the usage of SD Card and the ability to connect to the E-Shop (wi-fi only) and download more titles for the console, and maybe take more risks and ACTUALLY BOTHER to include games that range from average to rare in the library, i mean sure i dont expect them to include games like the licensed titles (the good ones, which is a shame since they could have added Goonies II, Little Nemo, Batman, etc) and it kinda would be ludicrous to expect them to add teh "gems" like VICE, Panic Restaurant, Mr Gimmick, Little Samson, Gargoyles Quest II, but cmon, a few more "hidden gems" would have been THE TITS!

Even as shitty and pathethic the Genesis Emu-Boxes that are sold for cheap, they at the very least bother to include high end late titles like BOTH vectorman titles, and Beyound Oasis, and some RPGs.

>> No.3361015

>Remember when the Genesis multi-systems came out a few years ago? The sound was fucked, the speed was off. it was horrible

To be fair, this was true of original Mega Drives as well since they had a ridiculously huge number of hardware revisions.

>> No.3361020

Nigger. Lern2reed

>> No.3361035

Is it really an emulator though? I mean it could be merely a rasp pi, but I would hope they would create hardware specifically designed for this sort of thing. Afterall they made the fucking original. So what line is to be drawn on what is emulation and what isn't? It's technically just a re-release for modern times.

>> No.3361039

My personal NES collection includes: Balloon Fight, DK Classics, Tengen Pac-Man, Tengen Ms. Pac-Man, Double Dragon, Bad Dudes, Archon, LOZ, Zelda II, SMB/Duck Hunt/WCTM, SMB, SMB3, Castlevania, Mega Man 1, Lode Runner, Tetris, Bubble Bobble, Dragon Quest 1, DQ II, and Kirby's Adventure.

So I assume mine is a fairly average sampling of games without too many oddities.

>> No.3361040

>>take more risks

I agree it would be nice to have more post 1989 (River City Ransom would be solid choice imo)

but the thing is I think marketing wise its a lot safer to just have the most recognizable names. The go to Nintendo nostalgia strategy.
I still want one though.

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File: 4 KB, 244x206, 1454723020651.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]







>b-but i wanna support n-ninte-


>> No.3361053


Also as an anon mentioned earlier Earthbound 0 would have been a great decision. A weird title for the NES snobs, a recognizable face for smash fans, but still real pretty and whimsical for everyone else

>> No.3361058

Remember when they had Commodore 64 games on Virtual Console and it was just a couple of common-as-the-gutter Epyx/EA/Broderbund games plus Boulder Dash?

>> No.3361061
File: 22 KB, 568x377, 1462517185535.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wait, shit.

Disregard this trash I just vomited, I thought I was on /v/.

>> No.3361071

I mean, shit. Everyone's played Archon, Jumpman, Boulder Dash, Lode Runner, and Summer Games. There's 10,000+ C64 games and that's the best they could come up with?

>> No.3361072

>no contra
>no mega man 1
>no déjà vu
>no shadowgate
>no faxanadu
>no blaster master
>no batman

Fuck it

>> No.3361078

Again, that shit is purely for casuals and nostalgia. I don't think they were worried too much about your favorite obscure British C64 platformer.

>> No.3361086


>> No.3361089

These NES lists.

You guys should know better then anyone, Nintendo doesn't own distribution rights of all the third party stuff. Nintendo owns the rights for CV1 and 2, not Draculas curse, or bomberman.

Capcom and Namco are buddy buddy with Nintendo, so mega man and pacman aren't surprising, but don't expect shit like TMNT, RCR and Shatterhand

>> No.3361092

They don't include Castlevania III because trying to emulate the MMC5 would be too much work.

>> No.3361093

I'm surprised about FF1 being on there because I assume Square aren't friends with Nintendo for the past 20 years.

>> No.3361094

How do they expect me to play Castlevania 2 with a 2016 attention span?

>> No.3361101

Again, see >>3361089

Most likely the C64 games on VC are titles that they could easily get permission for. Epyx games are owned by System 3, The Learning Company owns Broderbund's games, and of course Electronic Arts. A lot of the more obscure stuff was made by publishers that don't exist anymore and no one knows who owns the rights to them.

>> No.3361110

Here's my personal list of additional 20 titles

31 Kickmaster (Dont tell me they cant, they have Bubble Bubble from Taito)
32 Megaman III
33 Contra
34 Blaster Master
35 Gargoyles Quest II
36 Blades of Steel
37 River City Ransom
38 EarthBound Zero
39 Bases Loaded
40 Squashed (the unreleased US Ginga Daisakussen)
42 Guardian Legend
43 Adventure Island II or III
44 Adventures of LOLO (Any of the 3)
45 Astyanax
46 Bomberman II
47 Robo Warrior / Bombeking
48 Bonk's Adventure
49 Burai Fighter
50 Castlevania III

>> No.3361112

Also they wanted stuff that could be easily emulated and not rely on l33t hax0r VIC/SID/1541 tricks. Most of the C64 games on VC are single load and the few multiload ones just use standard CBM DOS functions.

>> No.3361114

um.. You do remember when Square released a shitload of games on the GBA and DS don't you? Both companies made up years ago.

>> No.3361137

Owned by Konami. I take it they have poor relations with Nintendo now?
Technos is kill.
Developed by some studio called Natsumi, published by Jaleco. No idea who owns it now.

>> No.3361147

TMNT is a licensed game, they'd need to get permission from Viacom or whoever the hell owns the TMNT franchise (no clue).

>> No.3361176

>Owned by Konami. I take it they have poor relations with Nintendo now?

Konami is done with videogames. They dropped their videogame district after the failure of MGSV and went full pachinko and hardware development.

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File: 567 KB, 1611x1939, IMG_20151225_142158.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

did you see the sega one?

>> No.3361190

I don't even need this but I'll buy it anyways

>> No.3361215

>N64 mini
>Plays all the games better than every fucking emulator on PC
The deal would be sealed if it had F-Zero X with Expansion or Rare games

>> No.3361236
File: 630 KB, 825x638, tiggered.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>genesis model 4
I said this before and will say every time, famiclones are only worth as well as their performance, and there are very few out there that can be called "up to standards", and the model 4 is not one of them.

>> No.3361240

If they put all the mega mans on this then the suckers who fell for the butchered legacy collection would get mad and capcom would get shown up by nintendo again

>> No.3361247

Well to be fair Contra isn't on VC either, maybe they couldn't get the rights to it?

>> No.3361254

Sega, Atari, and even Commodore all had official clone consoles within the last decade or so. I think the Commodore actually had an actual new 64 made actually.

>> No.3361293

Not trying to bait here, can you download more games?

I don't think I would ever get one but if that's all they give you for $60 I don't think it would be worth it. The list they gave is pretty good but it has some really questionable choices.
>castlevania 2 over 3
>super c over contra
>pac man
>final fantasy 1

>> No.3361303


>> No.3361315

>some studio called Natsumi

Nigris, DA FUUUUKKKK? Natsume is STILL alive

>> No.3361323
File: 60 KB, 384x390, mike_bananas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The one thing that really suprises me is that modern Nintendo is choosing to acknowledge StarTropics' existance

>> No.3361324
File: 114 KB, 626x721, 1468409502961.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3361332

all the articles I have read says you can't download any more. what I want to know is if there is some kind of input port, and how long someone cracks one to make it play games from a USB.

seriously, though, if it could play the old NES cartridges, I would preorder this very second

>> No.3361334
File: 23 KB, 400x400, SANDY__400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I think the Commodore actually had an actual new 64 made actuall
That's an ITX motherboard in a repro C64 case, Spongebob.

>> No.3361354
File: 16 KB, 490x346, ass2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.3361357

I bet the license for that would have been a nightmare. Warner Brothers will probably not let that go for any price less than "astronomical".

I wonder, do any of the games listed have special chips in their original cartridges? If so, that might be a complication keeping Nintendo from including later gen games.

I mean, I can see N sticking to earlier titles, because that better captures the "retro" feel. let us all get on our knees and thank God they didn't just go with first year, first party titles like Gyromite, and shit. It is weird they didn't stuff it full of the latest, rarest shit, like Little Samson, Mr Gimmick, or Joymech Fight.

>> No.3361359

$99 Australia dolarydoos how much is it in your cuntries?

>> No.3361387
File: 10 KB, 180x200, 1438487868850.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If they find some way to load more games onto it, be it SD card (if it's emulation) or a cart slot (if it's NOAC, a la the Atari Flashback 2's cart mod), I'm legitimately sold. The lineup they have isn't worthy of $60 in my opinion

>> No.3361393

The only mapper used in US cartridges that would be hard to emulate is the MMC5.

>> No.3361398

at least they aren't doing that jew shit where every retailers console has different games on it

>> No.3361401

Jaleco are dead though.

>> No.3361420

so even if they say it's an enclosed system this leaves a door open for modding?

>> No.3361423

I still can't understand how people here can defend an emulation box with a bunch of preinstalled games and a nice case. It's a disgusting market move to spill out money from the same audience of Pixels.

>> No.3361425

Well, call me a casual, but I'm actually hyped for this. I'm also would be happy to see more games on it, but maybe closer to release date they'll reveal that there's more or something.

Is there a way to connect HDMI to a usual monitor, by the way?

>> No.3361426

They might do the jew thing where you need to buy a new one to get new games since you can't even install stuff. That's so much better.

>> No.3361440

And if it's not a Pi, you could replace the guts with one and have a sweet ass case.

>> No.3361451

so what it doesn't take carts?

>> No.3361453

No, it doesn't.

>> No.3361457

>implying the people who saw pixels have ever touched a metroidvania game, or ninja gaiden

nigger no

>> No.3361463

>Is there a way to connect HDMI to a usual monitor
Modern monitors use HDMI as a connector.

>> No.3361464

well then i couldn't really justify the price, especially in my country where they jack it up even more.

>> No.3361465

It's still 30-somethings trying to relive their past by playing kids games. Tomato tomatoe.

>> No.3361467

$60/£50 for a little box I can just plug into my tv and get 30 games, ready to go. Awesome. I don't have time or patience to emulate shit. The only people that are buttmad at this are the 17 year olds who think they are cool and mysterious because they emulate shit. And now they're underpants are soiled because everyone will be able to enjoy some classic games through plug and play, so they won't feel special anymore.

>> No.3361471

You can get HDMI to DVI or DP adapters/cables but most monitors have HDMI inputs.
HDMI to VGA exists but only works under special circumstances since VGA normally carries an analog signal while HDMI is digital.

>> No.3361479

Absolutely disgusting.

>> No.3361483

If you can't even google how to make a simple emulation box that can run however many games you want and you need to dole out money to Nintendo to spoonfeed you, your loss, really.

>> No.3361534

>get to carry around that little box to another houses/workplaces
>get new controllers for your emulation on Wii/Wii U/PC

Pretty nice in my eyes. If someone manages to hack it, even better. Also, the original hardware will get cheaper, considering a lot of people are really exited for this emulation box.

>> No.3361539

It's an official Nintendo plug and play system, what's not to like?

>> No.3361547

download retroarch and some roms and you're good to go!

>> No.3361593

The controllers are dirt cheap and should be decent quality. I'll definitely be pre-ordering a couple to use on PC/Wii/WiiU.
Don't really care about the device though. I've a computer that can do what it does but better in the Living Room, and portable devices that cover everywhere else. Wouldn't bother getting one for a display piece either as the NES wasn't a big deal during my childhood, so there's no nostalgia, and I never thought it was a good looking console.

>> No.3361597

wow this thing is being shilled everywhere.
are you a marketer for nintendo?

>> No.3361605

you're an idiot if you don't see why this is getting everyone excited without marketing

>> No.3361609


>> No.3361613

game is 2 bad

>> No.3361616

Yeah, it isn't very straight forward with the "clues"
but I like the music and I thought the gameplay wasn't as bad as people say.
It's where the whole "Metroidvania" thing began.
Rough start, but there it is.

>> No.3361631
File: 763 KB, 714x696, 1463442288675.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't really understand why the hell they didn't just put the whole library on the fucking thing unless there was a copyright issue.

>> No.3361632

It's because Nintendo places a value on software as well as hardware. If they put every worthwhile game on the thing they'd charge 500 dollars or something for it.

>> No.3361642
File: 51 KB, 400x400, campbellwhyte7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Castlevania 2 deserves it's bad reputation.
I knew of the cryptic clues.
I expected nothing and was still let down.
Those castles were all the same graphic and monsters. All those fall-through blocks. Boring bosses. Definitely bad.

Is it the worst game in history? No, it's very playable. Is it much worse than the first game? Definitely!

Music is indeed good though.

>> No.3361651

If that would be true, then hell is this thing made on the cheap.

>> No.3361654
File: 40 KB, 350x358, 1376401133930.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This. If they had done that - or at least put way way more games on it; I could have considered buying it.

At first I was like "Holy shit fuck yeah"!
But I own a NES and most of those games.
It's a plug and play toy with games that both people with original hardware AND people with new consoles own (via VR).
So exactly who is this aimed at?

It doesn't read cartridges, so I can't replace my old machine with it. And why would people who don't care about the original hardware want to add another block under the TV?

>> No.3361690

> the gamecube controllers they make these days are higher quality than the originals.
no they fucking aren't lmao, they're extremely cheaply made and last like 1/10th as long. literally ask anyone who speedruns gamecube games or plays melee competitively.

>> No.3361708
File: 7 KB, 645x623, feel.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>only 1 mega man game

>> No.3361714

You only need one because they're all the god damn same.

>> No.3361727


Yeah, that's why they soothe my autism.

>> No.3361736


>> No.3361747

>literally ask anyone who speedruns gamecube games or plays melee competitively.
I'm not in the habit of listening to the opinions of autistic people.

>> No.3361753

They know more about the durability of the controllers than you do because they use the controllers significantly more than you do.

How is this complicated?

>> No.3361759

That's fine.
But controllers need only be manufactured to the robustness/quality-standard of most consumer use. Legitimate spergs are not a market that needs to be pandered to.

>> No.3361765

This is ment for two types. The Young kid with parents that remember playing NES and loved it as a kid. A gift for someone that used to play games in their childhood and has some interest in playing old games. For a lot of people emulation isn't a hoop they want to go through, and people don't buy a lot of VC games either. So this is really meant to be a "gift".

>> No.3361767

>But controllers need only be manufactured to the robustness/quality-standard of most consumer use.
I disagree. Manufacturers should aim for higher than the minimum standard.
> Legitimate spergs are not a market that needs to be pandered to.
Man are you ever retarded.

>> No.3361778

RCR/Kunio-kun games are owned by Arc System Works now.

>> No.3361787

Hopefully the N64 mini will include Mario Party

>> No.3361792

30 games isn't enough?

>> No.3361798
File: 298 KB, 1280x720, silky smooth virtual console.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We're Gonna Take You Back to the Past
To Upscale with a Shitty Filter That Sucks Ass
I'd Rather Have
Simple Scanlines
Or Nearest Neighbor with Integer Scale
I'd Rather Play a Chinese Bootleg, than This Darker Palette Color Shitfest

It's the Cheapest Nostalgia Bait You Ever Heard
Milk That Money from the Hipster Nerds
Gonna Be Shit like Virtual Console and Gameboy Player Didn't You Heard
Buy Twenty, like the Rest of the Herd~

>> No.3361803

could've saved yourself some time with that shitpost because the mini NES will either run on Wii or 3DS hardware and both of those emulate NES games just fine

>> No.3361805


>> No.3361813
File: 762 KB, 1344x543, avGuLKl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>both of those emulate NES games just fine
yeah totally bro, i mean check out this stunningly accurate emulation, looks amazing.

>> No.3361814

Nintendo only owns Nintendo-published games.
Everything else, they need to pay for licenses from the copyright holders for each game they put on it.

>> No.3361821

>Gameboy Player
To be fair, the hardware is perfect. Its the GBP disc that sucks. Use GameBoy Interface instead.

>> No.3361827

>Use GameBoy Interface instead.
I'm too retarded to set this up.

>> No.3361836

The simplest way is to use a GameCube SD Media Launcher. Datel, the creators of the Action Replay and Power Saves, makes them. You can buy one here: http://uk.codejunkies.com/Products/SD-Media-Launcher__EF000580V.aspx

Put the GBI Homebrew onto an SD Card, and load it onto the GameCube using the SD Media Launcher.

There's also installing the XenoChip inside of your GameCube.

>> No.3361842

>25 pounds
How much is it in USD?

>> No.3361846

Wait a few more weeks and it's going to be 1€

>> No.3361865

Are you fucking simple?
It's either an emulator or an NES on a chip.
There's literally no fucking way this is real hardware.

>> No.3361867

You're expecting that anyone is going to play games that aren't Mario and maybe Zelda on this.

>> No.3361880
File: 900 KB, 690x968, 1443374633795.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>Mischief Makers
yes please

>> No.3361894

>no Rocket: Robot On Wheels
>no Space Station Silicon Valley
>no Beetle Adventure Racing
>no Blast Corps
>no Bomberman 64
>no Rayman 2
>no Goemon's Great Adventure
>no Glover
>no Doom 64
>no Tetrisphere
>no Tetris 64
>no Pokemon Puzzle League
>no Diddy Kong Racing
>no Wipeout 64
>no Star Wars Episode 1 Racer
>no Extreme-G
>no Quest 64
>no Ogre Battle
>no Hybrid Heaven

Boy what a faggot you are.

>> No.3361898

You can't buy all the games you might like, what is the point of this? Also why just NES?

>> No.3361912

I'll buy it just for the controller desu, unless they cheap out and make a shit one

>> No.3361917

>Quest 64
>Doom 64
>Space Station Silicon Valley

For what purpose? Showing people that the games they liked as kids don't hold up at all?

>> No.3361919

>For what purpose?
For playing amazing games.
>don't hold up at all
Thanks for the worthless opinion, faggot. I played through SSSV recently and it's was even more fun than I remembered.

>> No.3361921

it was on wii's VC and recently got into wiiU's VC too

>> No.3361927

We're not the target market. It's for normies that have nostalgia for Nintendo, but don't really play any more. This gives them a really awesome selection of games with a modern video out for the price of one new game. I'll probably get one, but simply because it's cool looking and it will be easier to throw into a bag and take places than my Famicom and EverDrive. The HDMI out is going to be nice if the games actually look good and don't have awful lag.

>> No.3361930

>'competitive' gaming
Why the fuck would I talk to anyone who does either of those things? The new GCN controllers are kickass.

>> No.3361937

>Why the fuck would I talk to anyone who does either of those things?
To be an informed consumer. Nobody uses the hardware as much as these people, so they're significantly more aware of their pros and cons than you are.

This is extremely simple to understand, it's rather incredible how mindbogglingly stupid and obtuse you people are.

>> No.3361951

lol thanks for the advice, arstechnica

>> No.3361957

More like arsetechnica

>> No.3361959

Fuckin' nailed it, anon.

>> No.3361960

haha u go girlfriend

>> No.3361974 [DELETED] 

haha oh man i was HYPED abot this yesterday, i was crappin my pants and shitposting in all the treads and jumping on the floor and spinning around and hooting like a retard like curly off of the three stooges, but now i've settled down a little bit, and it still looks cool, but 60 bucks is kind of steep for this thing, if i wasn't so retarded with computys i'd get me one of them raspberry pies and put some video on that but oh well who cares maybe santa claws will bring me a fugging baby nes for xmas or some shit lmao :D

>> No.3362063

>>Doom 64
>doesn't hold up

>> No.3362230

Gamestop might have battletoads. Give them a call...

>> No.3362235

Hi, Nintendo marketer.

>> No.3362269

If this is an emulator than the original NES was an emulator and every console and PC ever released is an emulator. It's official hardware running official code. Get over it.

>> No.3362279

You're both fucking idiots. The only thing the sentence lacked is a comma. "The genesis model 4, which also accepts carts" is the second half of that sentence.

>> No.3362284

The comma isn't vital, the s in "accepts" is.

>> No.3362348

You think they could include a Japanese title or two like FF3 that we never got here.

>> No.3362382

>when it comes to production, Nintendo doesn't make shit
Every handheld since the GBA SP would like to have a word with you

>> No.3362385

Nintendo makes the PCBs and cases and does assembly in-house, but all ICs come from outside suppliers.

>> No.3362403

>Showing people that the games they liked as kids don't hold up at all?
Isn't that exactly what the NES mini does?

>> No.3362406


>> No.3362414

thank god because they are the fucking same like sonic!

>> No.3362421

The game itself is owned by Sunsoft, but they'd also have to pay WB an additional fee, which is not gonna go cheap.

>> No.3362425

You can buy the controller separately.

>> No.3362428

I'm pretty sure they're exactly the same. Nintendo still has the design blueprints of the original GameCube controller and decided to manufacture new ones for Sm4sh. Probably made at the same facility with the exact same plastic too.

>> No.3362432

Yet you'd think they also have all the blueprints for the NES/SNES/N64 chipset but they can't make more of those?

>> No.3362438

The controllers probably use stock, off-the-shelf ICs that Nintendo can just buy from anywhere.

>> No.3362440

It wouldn't actually make sense from a business standpoint to manufacture the original NES chipset when they can use an emulator. This NES Mini is not marketed toward us. Its marketed toward a more casual audience who don't care about native 240p with scanlines. All they care about is it looking good on their 55" 1080p HD TV. And a real NES looks like garbage on a 1080p HDTV unless you have a Framemeister. This emulator will most likely render at 1080p to match the resolution of most HDTVs, and will look much better than a real NES, assuming its emulated perfectly.

>> No.3362442

You know, competent fucking mods and admins on 4chan would instaban any fucking thread like this.

It's sad when shitty little chans ran by morons do better at keeping trolling and shitposting out than the supposed king of chans.

>> No.3362447

No one gives a fuck, sperg.

>> No.3362452

They're not, dude. I had a floppy joystick after like 300 hours of heavy use. It wasn't even wear-in, it was a joystick that would flop left to right if I tilted the controller.

The original Gamecube controller will last you thousands of hours.

>> No.3362456

Sounds like you were rough with it. Be nicer to your things.

>> No.3362460

I want one for the hell of it. I could play it on an emulator but meh... this thing just looks cool. Not to mention I never spend anything on video games so why not? That is if the reviews are good.

>> No.3362463

my point is that i'm rough with the original controllers too and they last insanely long. i've had my current set for several years now. they're significantly more durable, they even have a different weight. the difference in feel between the two is extremely apparent if you test them both out of the box side by side.

>> No.3362465

I have two HDTVs, a Bravia from 2010 and an LG from '13 and NES games run just fine on them, though the LG is slightly better as it has no ghosting (the Bravia does ghost a bit at 60 fps)

>> No.3362505

What could've been good
>Nintendo recent titles transformed into NES game
>Splatoon is now a sidescroller action platform
>Galaxy is a Mario title with gimmicky gravity and SMP levels
>Mario 2D Land

>> No.3362515

why is it not like that

>> No.3362576

How can you not get the rights to Contra but have the rights to Super C? Are they not owned but the same company?

>> No.3362698
File: 91 KB, 640x813, msx-shit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh it just clicked.

Tecmo Super Bowl uses NFL players so that means licensing issues with EA Sports who owns the license for NFL vidya.

But that doesn't explain replacing Contra with Super C.

>> No.3362709

This isn't a problem with most NES games but occasionally you have a game like SMB that does run at 60 fps. Programmers generally avoided 60 fps to not get dot crawl.

>> No.3362767

That can easily be explained.
Konami fucking hates anyone who isn't a mobile games whale or a pachinko zombie, so even this seemingly good act of licensing their games for this is tainted with their hatred.
Why do you think they put in Castlevania 2 instead of 3?

>> No.3362859

But still a fcuking raspiberry like bullshit. Only fanboys and scalper will buy this.

>> No.3362883
File: 2.00 MB, 250x214, metaphor for whatever im replying to.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No? Do you think that's a lot of games?

I would still need to buy cartridges, use VC or emulate to play everything else.

Realistically nobody is really interested in the ENTIRE NES library. It is littered with shit. But if a significant portion of the good games had been on this thing I might have said fuck original NES, VC and emulation and just contend with this piece of machinery.

I guess I'm just kinda disappointing how "nothing" this is. I'll shrug and be on my way.

>> No.3363014

It means exactly what it fucking says you dense motherfucking memester

>> No.3363015

>Dragon Quest nowhere to be found

>> No.3363019

No, Anon. It runs in DS mode, so it shuts off any and all 3DS functions while playing a GBA game. That's why you can't just pop back into the home menu whenever you want and have to shut the game down first.

>> No.3363041

they still have the rights to the games and have been releasing them digitally since 2006. So yes in a sense it is stealing. The question is do you give a fuck?

>> No.3363042

They've already confirmed that they're not making anything else.

>> No.3363057

Zelda's already there, both are

>> No.3363075

GBA mode, not DS mode.

>> No.3363081

Do you guys think that Nintendo messed up with this?

It's only 30 games. Most of us already have a lot of those games, I mean... who here hasn't played Zelda?

I think they fuckin'... should've gone about this a different way. Like sell the miniature NES by itself and released multiple 30 packs of games. Like four or so packs for a total of 120 games.

Why did they stop at 30? I'm sure they could get more. I want more games than that, but I don't want to have to buy a new miniature NES each time.

>> No.3363105
File: 17 KB, 791x251, potato.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's Nintendo. Stop trying to apply logic.

>> No.3363112

Do you have a link of where they confirmed it?

>> No.3363275

>Beetle Adventure Racing
my fucking nigger

>> No.3363468

It's not for us.

>> No.3363586
File: 34 KB, 500x373, fry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3363629

I'm guessing they realized NX won't be out this christmas and to keep their shareholders happy they created this little stocking stuffer type thing. It's actually kind of perfect when you think about it. Parents will buy this for their kids as an auxiliary present. Its not like they are gonna sell a ton of wiiu's or anything this christmas. This makes a ton of sense if you look at it as a cheap way to boast Q4 sales.

>> No.3363634

This is supposed to be an entryway into their actual console.

>> No.3363647

Have you considered the fact that kill yourself?

>> No.3363649

I'll buy one of the controllers and figure out how to adapt it to USB if it's any good.

>> No.3363652


I'm already thinking about getting one for a family member that grew up during that time (like high school when I wasn't even in preschool) so he can put it on his office PC.

Seems like a great gift for him to play Contra and Techmo Bowl.

>> No.3363657


You overestimate the average consumer.

If this has the nintendo brand and is placed behind a locked glass door? It's going to sell, without a doubt. If it's marketed as a premium product rather than some shit turd in the toy section it will sell, and heavily. That's why it's over $60. It had to be at a price where they would be forced to put it in their premium shelves.

>> No.3363659


>> No.3363664

>Contra and Techmo Bowl
Are you retarded

>> No.3363665


I had to name them completely?

It's what, the sequel to Contra and TECMO Bowl. Who gives a shit? He'll like it anyways because when I was a twelve-year-old spurge that's what he related to me when I was obsessed with video games. I think it would be a decent gift.

>> No.3363669

How are is he going to understand the story without the original?

>> No.3363672

SSSV holds up beautifully, you shut your dirty mouth.

>> No.3363673

>no nazo no murasamejo
>no mach rider
Pretty solid otherwise.
It's a shame they wouldn't be able to get battletoads.

>> No.3363680

you cant fucking beat it legit!

>> No.3363684

>who here hasn't played Zelda?
I haven't played either more than a few minutes.

>> No.3363687


He played them already m8.

It's not like I'm introducing him to something new.

I just won't get one myself because it doesn't have my favorite NES game ever, Bionic Commando. There's a reason they remade it. Then tried to make a sequel.

That game should be on this. My three favorite games ever are Megaman 2, Galaga and Bionic Commando. They've got one of them on this little thing. It's not worth it to me because they don't have the other two. Licenses be damned.

>> No.3363701

Galaga is on it. The real crime is no Xevious.

>> No.3363776

some cool things they could have done but I'd be stupid to think they would

>Castlevania III with the japanese music
>Simon's Quest Redacted instead of or alongside Simon's Quest
>Little Samson because it's crazy expensive
>Mr Gimmick with the extra channels, and also because it's expensive
>Summer Carnival '92: Recca
>Metal Storm because it's expensive
>Bucky O'Hare because it's expensive

speaking of Irem, where is Kung Fu? it's not a great game but it's iconic. also, what's keeping urban champion and wrecking crew off? they're garbage but nintendo shouldn't have any trouble with licensing, right?

others have mentioned ice hockey and excitebike. again, what kind of issues are there with those? it should cost them nothing to throw those in.

>> No.3363781

I mentioned that.

It not worth it to me to get this when I painstakingly tracked down a Galaga acrade kart. Who even gives a shit when I have that? I thought I would have to drop a premium and some wealthy bar owner said he would sell it for three-hundred with a frogger tabletop for three as well. Both in near mint. I might post them when I've got them out of my storage space and cleaned them well.

>> No.3363825

So... something like the entire population of this board, but less elitist and cinical?

>> No.3363840

Mega Man 2 and Galaga are both on it m8. Its 2 out of 3.

It def doesn't have a bunch of my favorites but fuck it, $60 bucks isnt all that much to me and it is a cool little item.

>> No.3363851

if it had good sound fuck it i'd buy one just for that

I know I'm the minority in that though

>> No.3363967

Wait, hol up


Of all the Nintendo games I'd never expect to see in something like this that has to be near the top. Really happy it is, though, since I was starting to get the impression that Nintendo wanted to pretend it never existed. Maybe it'll start getting some more recognition.

>> No.3363993

Excitebike is also included in the list so that's not a good example. Most suggestions you've brought up (except for the JP version of Castlevania III, Nintendo will never take the effort to work with the additional mappers) would also have been great choices. Especially Kung Fu and Ice Hockey.

>> No.3363994

There's your problem. Get lost in the first game. Just explore, fight enemies, find dungeons. Pay attention to details. It's really ahead of its time.

>> No.3364045

>It's really ahead of its time.
Is that just a claim from people who played nothing earlier?

>> No.3364096

Misread you there for a moment. I thought you were talking shit about the SP, and not the stuff after it.

The SP is pretty much the best console ever made... save the lack of a goddamn headphone jack.

>> No.3364129

Does it need to be anything more?

>> No.3364175

Sega didnt make those. They just hand out licenses to anyone. Same with the NeoGeo Gold Portable thing. NeoGeo didnt make them, also it was trash so they didnt renew the license and also tried to sue the makers.

>> No.3364249

VC runs official code on official hardware as well. Is that not emulation?

>> No.3364259

>save the lack of a goddamn headphone jack
You could get an adapter that would let you plug a set of headphones into the expansion port.

Not ideal though.

>> No.3364283

>>*Note that an AC adapter for the USB cable is required to play the system but is not included in the packaging.
There's your answer

>> No.3364292

They should take this concept and release a Gameboy color classic with a backlit screen and a boatload of roms, there are so many gameboy games that I would love to play on an appropriately made screen. Gameboy games look like shit on any sort of new display, shit sucks,

>> No.3364296

Grey area, really. On one hand no, on one hand yes.

>> No.3364305

I really can't see how it's not.

>> No.3364306

It absolutely is an emulator by the most literal definition, I don't know how you could even argue against that, it is emulating the code.

"Emulator" isn't shorthand for official or unofficial, it's only connotation is that it takes code from one system and emulates it to run on another.

>> No.3364313

Do you have any idea what an emulator is?

>> No.3364331


>> No.3364449

They're not. I've been using the original old controllers for years, and when I picked up a Smash Bros. edition controller I instantly noticed something was off. It's still good, but it's lower quality for sure. The analog didn't travel as good as the originals, and the plastic felt harder and cheaper.

>> No.3364452
File: 68 KB, 540x960, 13731528_1083729618341265_6524035949328863441_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.3364545

>Super C
>no Contra

what do they mean by this ?

>> No.3364620


>> No.3364671

Seconding all of the replies but also
>no tetris
Best fucking version of Tetris and it's not here. What balls.

>> No.3364682


Ubisoft has the Tetris' rights nowadays and they are a bitch to work with.

>> No.3364704

How do you know it won't be possible?
I can bet with you that it surely will be able to get hacked.

>> No.3364710
File: 51 KB, 800x450, WVW69jZZeXMeeLB1DL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

By the way, about the trust on Nintendo's NES emulation... Wii U' NES and N64 are mentioned a lot, but GB, GBC GBA and SNES emulation are pretty on point, as much as 3DS' NES emulation wich is also pretty good.

Seriously, i don't see where the issue is. I mean, they are not stuffing that small box with a Wii U, it's obviously 3DS or Wii hardware

>> No.3364715

>the mini NES will either run on Wii or 3DS hardware

Sure... NOT.

>> No.3364718
File: 298 KB, 800x600, nes-classic_0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


It'll need a hardmod for sure. If the Wii mini still hasn't been hacked, there's no way this will be hackable, having only the controllers' and HDMI ports.

>> No.3364720
File: 135 KB, 400x240, WVW69jR8ZqI9_BD8DS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Nintendo have a tendency to work on hardware they are familiar with, and the NES mini is not an outsourced product as far as we know.

>> No.3364721

Like they would care that much for antihack/piracy for old games.
Only thing what would "protect" it, is when everything is just on one hardwired chip/glob. Especially with that pricetag.

>> No.3364730


It's not about caring or not (maybe they actually care, because there's no option for expansion of any kind) it's about having a single entry point. I mean, the Wii Mini has a single USB and it remains unhacked. The NES mini has not a single physical entry point.

>> No.3364776

As far as anyone can tell the Wii mini is basically just a common wii with fewer ports. It's probably susceptible to the same kinds of hacks it just doesn't have any external ports for delivering the actual payload. Since regular Wii consoles are abundant and cheap no one gives a fuck about the Wii Mini especially since it's not actually that much smaller than a regular Wii

>> No.3364808

The Wii Mini:

-Lacks GameCube controller ports and memory card slots
-Will not play GameCube games unless forced with Homebrew
-No SD Card Slot
-No Internet
-Composite cable only

>> No.3364857

It seems that you're not following me, or i'm not explaining myself. At all.

Of course the Wii Mini is theorically hackable, like de NES mini wiil be if they use Wii or 3DS internals with a mooded version of their OS as the base for this baby.

BUT both Wii Mini and NES mini lacks hardware needed to be hackeable. No Wifi or Ethernet, no SD card slot, no anything, so they need a hard mod performed on them before getting to the hack itself, and i have my doubts about the time and effort invested on it being enough to worth it.

>> No.3364858

>-Lacks GameCube controller ports and memory card slots
It actually has a different disc drive as well. I think even with hardware mods it wouldn't be able to load gamecube discs using the stock drive.

>> No.3364872

Well we don't really know much about the thing yet but I'm sure someone will get curious and take the thing apart at some point. Once we discover what's inside the case we'll have a better idea of what it can actually do and that could inspire hardware modders.

>> No.3364891
File: 825 KB, 2160x1440, IMG_20160716_214520[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


It'll be dissapointing if no one opens it.

Tbh te lack of expansion meas it's a little dissapointing for me. I'm an avid Virtual Console user so i'd just like to enter mi NNID and get access to my 3DS and Wii U downloads, or put my SD inside the thing and play my games from it, but i'm clearly not the target for this thing. Oh well, it's still a cute little thing, and it costs sigficantly less than getting all these games from the eShop.

Honestly speaking, i hope it gets modded, and that modding it doesn't get too hard or expensive, i'd love to play all my digital NES games on it.

>> No.3364892

>if they use Wii or 3DS internals with a mooded version of their OS as the base for this baby.
It actually makes a lot of sense for them to use the 3DS since the CPU is a cheap and readily available ARM core and the OS for the 3DS can provide useful information for the games like the actual game manual and in the case of Startropics that piece of paper you have to soak with water to reveal one of the clues.


>> No.3364905

World was never on All Stars. There was that All Stars + World cart that came later, but that wasn't All Stars.

>> No.3364915


Woah. Pretty nice touch.

I'm seriously baffled when people doubts about Nintendo's dedication to the quality of the Virtual Console. Sure, there are some missteps such as the input lag SM64 gets when playing with gamepad or the blur filter wich i'm sure it's there for a reason, for every mistake they add little neat features like the scans of GBA and N64 instruction booklets.

>> No.3364940


Yeah, you can use the mini NES controller on the Wii/Wii U/Wii whatever.

>> No.3364943

>It seems like whoever picked the games had a clue.

Are you fucking retarded? It's Nintendo. And they just chose the most popular games. God you are stupid.

>> No.3364962

Woah dude, chill

>> No.3365012
File: 4 KB, 256x224, CAPTSKYH-0004.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They hate pseudo 3d!

>> No.3365060

Microsoft delivered Minecraft for Wii U, so I think all would be fine.

>> No.3365085
File: 43 KB, 368x466, NEWWW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Australian pricing

Its ok i didnt want one anyway.

>> No.3365150

It's just all the rage to be pessimistic these days. Not just here on 4chan either.
I'm seeing some people comment on "the track record of Nintendo" regarding their VC service and how they don't trust them because of it. But honestly, what is that track record?

Wii VC = good
3DS VC = good
Wii U VC= mixed bag

So that doesn't spell doom to me at all. Better yet, this thing won't get any other games so I don't see Nintendo not making sure the emulation runs smoothly.

There is also that polygon interview where this is asked:
Q: Will it support a video emulation mode like scan lines or crt emulation?

A: We will confirm these details later.

Which sounds to me like this baby may be packing some surprises. I think they're gonna deliver just fine

>> No.3365346

Dafuq? No composite out? Useless abomination! I wouldn't even be able to hook it up to a car DVD player, or old CRT screen.

>> No.3365357

NES on a chip isn't real hardware?

>> No.3365374

People usually mean "authentic" in this context. NES on a chip consoles usually leave out support for complicated mappers and have poor audio reproduction. This leads to some games functioning incorrectly or just plain not working. In extreme cases like with Rad Racer II the console might actually short out and die.

>> No.3365403

>Rad Racer II the console might actually short out and die.
damn, nasir's an awesome programmer

>> No.3365409

On what NES incarnation would that happen? Some kind of bootleg thing?

>> No.3365421


I imagine it'll be save states like the WiiU Shop versions of games

>> No.3365431


> Mona Lisa painted in early 1500's
> "hasn't been updated since then, means I'm allowed to take it for free"

>> No.3365451

-nintendo should have better knowledge on compatibility with their own hardware
-it has to support the MMC3 mapper for mario 2&3, which would allow running the later megamans too
-it wouldn't matter, unless you were sideloading, as the games wouldn't be included anyway, probably like castlevania 3

>> No.3365453

that has to be the worst analogy i've ever heard on 4chan

good job

>> No.3365460

you are implying that it is illegal to print off a copy of the mona lisa on a printer and hang it on your wall, are you sure you want to take this argument to it's logical conclusion?

>> No.3365465

>copyright expires 75 years after death of author

>> No.3365521

>logical conclusion?
You mean illogical don't you sport?

>> No.3365528

No, it's literally a hardware implementation of a emulator with all the drawbacks associated with such. If this is a port of Nintendo's VC emulator, expect it to be absolute garbage.

Controllers could be nice, though. And the case could be interesting for recycling into a better emulation box.

>> No.3365531

>nintendo should have better knowledge on compatibility with their own hardware

If the virtual console is anything to go by, you couldn't be more wrong.

>> No.3365537

60 bucks holy shit
that huge profit margin

the best time to buy nintendo stock is already over

>> No.3365550

Is it HDMI/1080p?

>> No.3365692

Most likely will be.

>> No.3366069

I'm not really sure which famiclones are susceptible to this but I'm pretty sure most of the NoaCs are.


>> No.3366079

>Castlevania 2
>Not 3

>> No.3366091

I'm buying two
lick me

>> No.3366112

It's probably going to be 420p, 720p at most.

>> No.3366484

Wich one?

Because Wii and 3DS NES emulator, wich are the most plausible hardware this console is based on, are pretty good. WiiU one is also good, the only real issue is the filter and the inability to turn it off.

>> No.3366559

3DS hardware is the most plausible.

ARM CPU is cheap and easy to source
Operation System already exists
VC games and documentation already exist
3DS being a portable device it makes sense that a common cellphone charger can power it

>> No.3366673

>giving people lots of fun old games at 2 dollars each in a little box they can plug into their TV just like the good old days

How terrible right?

>> No.3366705

I've seen the possibility thrown around that it's actually modified NX hardware because that's what they're working on right now, but I'm not sure I'm seeing that. 3DS indeed seems like the best bet like >>3366559 said

>> No.3366707

i want someone to hack this motherfucker so bad

>> No.3366716 [DELETED] 

Thank god we're getting out of the EU and we won't have to put up with that retarded shit soon.

>All power leads included with a product must be standardised
>They stop including the power lead and make you buy it separately
What did they think was gonna happen?

>> No.3366720
File: 235 KB, 725x710, 1466934024839.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Thinking most people on earth know the difference

You overestimate people anon. I know we have smartphones and stuff now but people are still retarded as shit. We're talking the kind of people that think anything natural is good and anything artificial is bad for you.

>> No.3366726

The problem is that UK plugs are huge and would bloat packaging.
Nothing to do with the EU except for them not forcing the UK to adopt the significantly smaller Europlugs.

>> No.3366728 [DELETED] 

>keep sticking to your own own retarded proprietary standards
>blame EU

british education, ladies and gentlemen

i hope you're enjoying your third-world level tier plumbing too

>> No.3366742


The British plug is superior to the European one in every single way except size.

>> No.3366743

If only
If it had Gimmick I would have bought it, despite how stupid a purchase it would be.

>> No.3366747 [DELETED] 

>EU "hurr no ground pin on plug sockets is fine so long as we make it hard to touch"

>> No.3366748

It's not our standards. The whole EU had to buy their 3DS chargers separately because of this retarded shit.

>> No.3366750
File: 81 KB, 396x402, 1451320962059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yes, you are absolutely right, literally every second house on the continent is currently aflame because of plug-related standards. firestorms are sweeping the continent.

>> No.3366831
File: 18 KB, 375x327, 1zph73b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.3366902
File: 3.97 MB, 1699x5000, autism.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's gonna be great

>> No.3367045

>Operation System
I didn't even notice this mistake. Fucking auto-incorrect.

>> No.3367458

Wii's VC is good, though

>> No.3367478

It would be a bad idea to go reproducing the old carts officially. The retro scene has a growing mystique about the old original carts that is all free advertising and positive publicity for Nintendo. Flooding the market with replicas would be a foolish cash grab. There is also the fact that Nintendo of today definitely had nothing to do with producing these games, so any ideas of paying people for their work are out the question. Nintendo should work on their own games, not continually trying to make money out of work done decades ago.

>> No.3367505

Nintendo marketer plz go.

>> No.3367527

>I know we have smartphones and stuff now but people are still retarded as shit.
Smartphones make it worse, they try to be simplified specifically so this kind of people doesn't need to put any effort into anything.

>> No.3368664

did i just watch a man die

>> No.3368683

The Gameboy Player wasn't exactly meant to replicate the feel of playing them on the handheld though.

>> No.3368708

What gameboy emulator is that? Looks awesome

>> No.3368719

>The Gameboy Player wasn't exactly meant to replicate the feel of playing them on the handheld though.
Of course it was.

>> No.3368720

It's not a Pi, it's the NX's portable chip set as.

>NX hardware was meant for this year (lack of Wii U games show this and the 3DS is drying up) but due to a lack of games and stock for this year it was moved to March for more games and stock (also by 2017 barely any 3DS games for Japan as well).
>Nintendo knows how bad the Wii U emulators are, so instead of fixing them one by one they are just starting from scratch with NX hardware (portable, console will not only bring the price up but it's not needed until the Mini N64 as well).
>The Wii U's emulation is so shitty, fuzzy and dark with 16.78ms of lag (PS3 had 40ms of lag for older games to compare it with) makes the games unplayable.
>Rather then patching every Wii U VC game, lets release the portable NX's chip set on a NES plug & play instead as NX's hardware both portable and console) has(have) no lag (better HDMI chip set and wired controllers).
>Also brighter and NO FUZZ!

>> No.3368749

That will not be the case.
It is not 3DS hardware, it is NX portable hardware.
It will be in 1080p.

>> No.3369112

>That will not be the case.
[citation needed]

>It is not 3DS hardware, it is NX portable hardware.
[citation needed]

>It will be in 1080p.
[citation needed]

>> No.3369151

GAF said otherwise.

>> No.3369154
File: 80 KB, 500x287, LAUGHING SLUTS.HDM.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3369158

Retroarch + gambatte core + gameboy lcd shader

>> No.3369182

fuck off crtfag
i will never understand how your brain damaged mind actually likes that fuzzy, blurry bullshit on the top

>> No.3369191
File: 29 KB, 162x237, ANIKI.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a big spectrum of displays is present from crts to regular filters explaining the wide array of how gamers choose to play their games
>fuck off crtfag

>> No.3369194


>Super Mega Ultra Tales from my ass Arcade 3D GOTY Edition & Knucles