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Any ideas on what are in these blue potions, /vr/?

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potion of blue

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Opi/oid/ate benzo cocktail. At least, that's what I keep in mine. I gotta have some sort of an off switch for all the berserking methamphetamine.

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#1E90FF x 2
#0000FF x 9
#0000CD x 28
#00008B x 16
#000080 x 12
#191970 x 8
#000000 x 12

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> Opi/oid/ate benzo cocktail
Makes sense actually - they make you more calm, relaxed and cold, just what is needed for casting spells.

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It's just water in a blue glass.
Think about it: how come such a decent magical potion is so prevalent that practically every peasant skeleton has it, every hut it can be easily stolen from has a couple lying around? Why are they so cheap, when it's the ultimate must-have item for anyone practicing any sort of spells? Without mana, magician is fucked, the free market's guiding hand would have made a liter more expensive than a fucking mansion.
Not to mention, witches are textbook con artists, who use cold and hot reading to create an impression of knowing humanly unknowable things.
If this one, right here, could actually see the future, she would get the fuck out of this Hell epicenter of a village.
"I sense a soul in search of answers" my ass.

It's a placebo, OP.

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Man this thread is just like McDonalds

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>Not recognizing Doom

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Drugs theory still makes sense, especially given that they restore just a couple of hps.

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Yeah, and bezerker packs are definitely some kind of cocktail. Probably loads of painkillers and/or endorphins.

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I did, but 99.(9)% of these blue glasses are for mana. Doomguy has no mana, so he just gets 1-3 health.

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Alternatively, Doomguy is musclewizard.


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Nah it's just speed&coke plus self-administering morphine that reacts to the spike of dopamine when killing a guy. Hell aliens got it figured out.

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I thought they were from Golden Axe

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Nigger you don't meet the requirements of this board, git out.

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Don't feel bad, I did too.
>around the time pokemon red/blue were out
>played golden axe
>played pinball
>move years later
>make friends who also had computers, introduced me to DOOM, Quake, UT, Diablo, CS

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I thought they were from Doom!

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Space whiskey

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Whatever works. I'd put one up my arse if it upped my health by 3%.

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blue meth, obviously

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Better question would be what the hell are these things supposed to be?

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Um, I think it's a soul sphere?
I could be wrong, please don't hit me.

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Blue demon soul, DMC would have them in the later.

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Well that's what it was called before Doom 2. It's just a bonus that maxes out your health.
There's also no megasphere in the first game. But there's an interesting part about Doom version 1.2 and prior: you can accumulate armor beyond 200% by picking up 1-point armor bonuses after grabbing the blue armor.

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Demon beer. Imp bros bring it with them from hell and leave it fuckin everywhere along with their metal party hats. However, they're super lightweights so there's so little alcohol that a human marine could drink 200 and not even get a buzz.

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mcdonalds isnt such a bad company

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E-Juice. Obviously demons invented vaping and not some Chinese pharmacist.

In HDoom it's Astroglide.

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It's cheap BECAUSE it's so easy to get in big quantities. Maybe in every fantasy world there are fuckhuge factories producing blue potions, and the compete with each other.

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