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I have a chance to get a working Genesis model 1 with a working Sega CD model 1 for under $60

Is it worth it? Not planning to flip it but I do think I'll try burning some games. Maybe Lunar, Silpheed and Snatcher to start.

Any recs? I like Shmups and RPGs.

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get an everdrive

snatcher is a good start

phantasy star iv
streets of rage 2
combat cars
road rash 3
herzog zwei

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Yes, it is worth it.

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Despite having heard a lot of shit about the CD add-on there's plenty of good games for it, just avoid the"full-motion video" ones

As for the Genesis, to name a fev
Gunstar Heroes
Comix Zone
Rocket Knight Adventures
Strider and Strider Returns
Sanics and Streets of Rage Games

>under 60$
Definitely worth it. An everdrive+SDcard is ~40, and CDs are really cheap these days.

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Oh, I should let you guys know that I do already have a Genesis model one and plenty games.

I actually also own a 32x.

I'd basically just be paying 60 for the Sega CD but I can sell the extra Genesis.

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If it's in good condition, then still go for it. Mega-CDs are usually fucking expensive, you got a good deal.

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Let me just say that this is the sexiest console ever. The Genesis model 1 with Sega CD.

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Some good shmups for the Sega CD would be Keio Flying Squadron, Lords Of Thunder, Robo-Aleste, Silpheed, Sol-Feace, and Soul Star

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Yeah, I was already able to test it. It reads discs and the tray opens without whining. Seems to have come from a smoke free environment too.

I'm picking it up tomorrow. I just heard about the unreliability of the model 1s.

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the 32x is pretty worthless aside from star wars 32x and virtua fighter (if you don't have a saturn)

sega cd is only worthwhile for snatcher imo

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Model 1 Sega CD needs
New capacitors
New drive belt

Lasers fail on them constantly, too.

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How could you forget the best one of all?

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>No Popful Mail mentioned

Failures, all of you.

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Get it. The Mega CD was great, despite what e-celebs say. It really had an excellent library and there's no copy protection, so you won't have to spend money on games.

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the FMV games are good for a laugh
best one is wirehead

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While a Genesis thread is up I wanted to ask you guys something

Just got my genesis shit together and over the past couple of months have been getting some games. Tell me if there are some must haves that im missing

6-pak(Columns, Sonic 1, Revenge of Shinobi, Super Hang On, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe)
Sonic 2
Sylvester and Tweety in Cagey Capers
Lost Vikings
Steet Fighter II
Tecmo Super Bowl
Contra Hard Corps
Castlevania Bloodlines

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Posting old SegaCD rec chart since related.

Since you can't get a working Sega CD on ebay right now for $60, I would say it's a good deal.

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>That godly soundtrack.

Good choice, anon.

This thread reminds me that I found an old Sega CD while cleaning the garage but I'm pretty sure it's busted. Guess I'll try to fix it up.

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>I can sell the extra Genesis
Make sure you check the board revision first. You don't want to get stuck with a VA7.

Maybe in terms of games but people pay out the ass for them on eJew. It's crazy really.

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Streets of Rage 2, Phantasy Star 4, Crusader of Centy/Soliel

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Can you replace the laser on either model?

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Unless youre into FMV games. Sega CD has some sweet ones.

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Okay, /vr/.

So I get this sega CD home and spend an hour finding the appropriate ISO of Snatcher and then figure out how to prepare and burn the disc. I go to turn on my Genesis model 1 with the CD attached and voila! Nothing.

Black screen, lights do not turn on the Sega CD. But I just tested it at the guy I bought it from's house. Start jiggering wires, Check if the AC adapter for the Sega CD is correct. bring up a 13 inch CRT tv from my basement to see if it's the component on my upstairs tv. Still nothing.

Then I get the idea, "hey, what if it's my genesis?".

Take the Genesis off of the Sega CD try 10 different games, none of which work, all black screen.

So it looks like my Genesis is actually the problem. The red light on it comes on but nothing comes but then the tv just flickers and goes black. This is my childhood genesis, the last time I used it was probably last year and it was fine.

Fuck... Who would have thought my Genesis would fail before the Sega CD?

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You said you got two Gensises right? Or have you alredy sold the spare one, or that one is busted too?

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No, you see what happened is the Sega CD was supposed to come with this guy's genesis for $60. My intention was to simply sell the extra genesis but then I was able to talk the guy into splitting the Sega CD and the Genesis and got it for $40. Of course I didn't realize my genesis was broken at the time.

Just took mine apart and sprayed down the board with contact cleaner in hopes that its being shorted out by dust or something but I'm not holding my hopes out for that.

Anyone know of common problems with Model 1 genesis that would result in it not playing games/interfacing with accessories?

I'd like to keep my childhood genesis going if possible.

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You can take it apart pretty easily with a Philip's head screwdriver. Look and see if there's any corrosion or blown/leaking capacitors. Then try to clean that off or solder on a replacement.

Worst case scenario, the board is dead in which case you'll just have to buy a replacement but they're super cheap and everywhere.

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yeah that's worth it. The Sega CD alone can go for 50 bucks these days.

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if it's fucked just replace the board

i just did that with my master system #fuckityolo

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