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Unreal/Unreal Tournament thread is a go! Share some of your interesting stories from Single-Player/Multiplayer.

Residual Decay will never be released

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i hope someone knows the name to this map. Only know that it's a CTF map.

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>Be 10 years old
>Favorite Star Wars server is populated with bots
>Decide to find another DM server with people
>Spend 10 minutes searching for a server
>Finally join a server with a good amount of people
>Map is some movie theater with cramped space
>Find a Rocket Launcher in the projector room
>I find a small button in front of the projector
>Thinking that it could be a secret, I activate it
>Projector starts playing porn on the big screen

And that was the first time I saw porn

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>All those maps with porn in hidden rooms

Nerdy ass niggas

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>when you get a Monster Kill with a single Redeemer

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>Tfw no Hot Potato game type


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What the fuck is it with South American's addiction to the Siege servers?

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Alex Brandon just did a remake of the Unreal theme

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I liked how the PS2 version had a Mortal Kombat style character select screen. It made the (mostly) forgettable characters more special. I played the DC version a bit too, but no console can do UT justice.

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Oh man you should see Unreal Championship 2's character screen.

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Played some Quake II on Playstation with mouse aim. There's something great about custom versions of 3D first person shooters for that console.

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Unreal Championship 2 had the same thing.

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I remember one i saw a lot that had you as tiny people in a huge garage or something and there was porno mags around the place

Aside from the /v/ server, is there ANY decent UT99 servers anymore?

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We really liked the Dreamcast version of the game with friends. It made things more even for them since I was way better than them with a mouse and on PC I'd annihilate them even in 1vs2. But more importantly, I thought the Dreamcast exclusive maps were really good, I even took inspiration from the layout of one of them to make a Duke Nukem 3D Deathmatch map. Anyone knows if they got ported to PC? I remember searching online for it once but to no success.

Sounds like a remake of Hollywood Holocaust.

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There's a Siege server that's always populated with people, Dawn's Deathmatch Palace, Full Metal Jacket, and some Monster Hunter servers get a lot of people during the day.

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Only most of the PS2 maps got ported to PC, not sure how difficult it is for someone to port the Dreamcast exclusives over to the PC.

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I really wish they went along and made a short film.

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It took a lot of inspiration from HH, if I recall correctly.

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/vr/ server when?

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Holy shit, it's perfect.

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I remember playing UT with a single player mod (I don't remember how it was called) load a multiplayer map, fill it with monsters and trying to kill them all. Man, those were the days.

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Unreal Tournament 2003 & 2004's Invasion mode?

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Sounds like Monster Hunt.

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Anyone remember playing those woot huge redeemer maps online on ut99? the servers used to be so full back in 2006-2008 but i cant even remember the name of that mod

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>you will never deathmatch on random maps of peoples houses ever again

i wish i still had some of those ut99 maps like the stupid spongebob ones. they were awful when it came to balance but they were so fun to DM.

FPS these days people just dont want to play stupid custom maps some amateur created in the editor :(

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Anyone ever play that UT2004 map that was in a pormo shop? i remember getting a boner when i was like 6 over that

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got unreal and ut free with my voodoo 3. unreal was crap. ut better, but popularity wise and game wise q3 shat on it. i played ut several years later in college via lan, and used to smash everyone when we played during lessons.

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Holy shit I think I was in that server with you. IIRC the map was a copy of the theatre from DN3D

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Unreal's MP isn't so great but the campaign is fantastic.

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The first time I ever thought multiplayer online was cool, was when a bunch of guys in UT99 on both teams stopped shooting eachother, and gathered in one of the hidden balconys above everybody and just started chatting. My favorite map is still the facing two worlds. I do love UT2004 though. I think that one is slightly better to be honest.

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Man I remember a bunch of badly made maps with porn slapped on every wall possible.

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Awesome find!

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Michiel van den Bos' new song that was included in UT4's soundtrack. The ending of the song sounds like a bit from Foregone Destruction, one of his songs from UT99.

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Dual wield automag mutator for unreal gold?
I want to use it in the campaign

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Go to Mods and game types and look for AkimboMM