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Jace Hall is doing something with Blood:

He gauged interest for a crowdfunding campaign back in June:

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Literally who?

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Co-founder of Monolith Productions, he produced Blood, FEAR and Condemned among other titles.

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Don't talk like /v/, anon. You're better than that.

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You're right, I'm sorry

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in b4 closed sourced port with shitty blurry 3D renderer with no real widescreen support, "dynamic lights" and laggy multiplayer.

Sold for 15bucks. It's going to do wonders.

I am exaggerating but I don't have high hopes. The plans he first talked to when he resurfaced were never about releasing the sourcecode, but rather to do "his" thing with "his" game.

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Yeah, he keeps doing 'teases' like this for like five years and nothing ever comes of it. I'm not holding my breath.

>Atari console in front of the game

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True, he also keeps mentioning Condemned and says "Top secret" whenever he's asked about it. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt though when he tweets a picture like this.

About the Atari console, yeah, I guess it's a in reference to the current license holder, unfortunately he'll have to come to an arrangement with them I guess.

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the messy tangles must be a metaphor for all the legal complications Blood's IP ownership has

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How about he fucking releases the source code so we can actually do shit with it.

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Fuck yeah, blood port to the vcs!

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Finally my prayers were heard. Blood redux?

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>Perhaps its multiplayer BLOODBATH could even evolve to an eSport! ;)

I really hope that smiley at the end suggests this as irony only.

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Have you ever played Bloodbath? It's actually a lot of fucking fun, way more fun than Blood's SP even.

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I wasn't born in time or place to experience Blood's multiplayer. Does it work, is there anyone still playing?

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There's been a ton of incidents like this in the past so I'm not gonna bother getting excited until something actually comes out of this.

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I can't justifty crowdfunding some new iteration of Blood.

Game budgets are too steep in USA for niche communities to fund. Blood isn't as recognized. It could probably be outsourced (with great oversight to not screw up the formula) to Flying Wild Hog in Poland, presuming lower costs of development would require less funding. The studio released SW games, so they could bring in more crowd to fund the game too.

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Some people still play dude. Ask on the postmortem blood forum, you should be able to find quite a few regulars there.

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Unrelated to Blood, new screenie from the upcoming Bombshell game. Judging by the twitter posts the devs want to make it a true 90s shooter.

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There is another one.

i honestly feel like light/shadows could use a lot more work, on both screenshots

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Older screen

It's also not as unrelated as you think as the EDuke32 devs, involved in upcoming Bombshell, want to get involved with this Blood project.

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There are 2 even older screenshots but I won't post those, they're not as interesting

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>It's also not as unrelated as you think as the EDuke32 devs, involved in upcoming Bombshell, want to get involved with this Blood project.
how do you know? what have they said? What exactly is this 'project'?

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Man why didn't they just release this instead of that god awful isometric shooter?

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Oh look another remaster.

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>i honestly feel like light/shadows could use a lot more work

Yeah me too. It's missing that slight contrast and color. But maybe it's made so the enemies stand out as much as possible ?

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Blood is actually in need of one so long as we get a functioning source port out of it. You can't even play the game above a certain resolution anymore without the framerate shitting itself.

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They tried to contact them via twitter

As for the "Blood project" itself, we don't know, we can only guess, maybe there isn't even anything, but in the original FB post Jace Hall tagged Matt Saettler, we worked on Blood (and other Build games) and who is said to have the sourcecode, as well as Kevin Kilstrom who was art designed on Blood.

Honestly I don't know. Only if it's good. I'd still rather play SW in DOSbox than with Redux, and DN3D Megaton is even worse. If it's a professional to be sold port of the same caliber, budget might be tight and it could end up as average.

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>we worked on Blood

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>Published by Night Dive Studios

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>Made with Unity

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it's supposed to be a "who"

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Just release the fucking source code already you gimpy fuck.

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He probably doesn't want to get himself and others into a bunch of shit over copyright infringement. Once the code's released there's no way to roll it back.

If he ever wanted to do anything like that it would've been smarter to do it then, now it's all too risky.

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Ik I was joking u gay

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Who here liked The Jace Hall Show?

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Thank you con man

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Always thought it was lame even when I was a dumb 13 year old
Him singing cringey songs about WoW was just lame as fuck

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Now that you mention it, those segments were cringy. I was thinking about Jace going into developer studios and interviewing them, like him shooting the shit with Randy Pitchford telling the story about who got the rights to the names Valve and Gearbox.

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you can play duke 3d, shadow warrior, blood and redneck rampage all on meltdown. there are usually people on during the weekend. I prefer coop myself personally DM is more fun with friends than random people imo

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Worth it just for seeing Carmack choking him out of consciousness

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whats that quote/picture about?

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It's just a shoop from the Jace Hall choke

Carmack talking tecnobable while doing various things is kind of a meme

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