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What are some /vr/ games you're still waiting on getting translated?
Pic related. Picked up Japanese for this shit.

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So what are you waiting for if you learned Japanese?
Translations will never substitute for the real thing.

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>guys most of the work is already done since it uses the SMT2 engine!
>still not out

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all of the Sakura Taisen games

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I've been waiting on Ladystalker for a decade or so. It's been 'almost done' every time I hear.

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>picked up
We ain't done yet anon.

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You're never done learning.
You'll never get anywhere if you don't put it to use.

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What's worse, if you don't use it you lose it. You need to SPEAK Japanese regually or you're useless. So if you don't have somebody to regually speak Japanese with you might as well give up.

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That's just silly. I haven't spoken English in years either.

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Are people really still waitin on smt if?
Why not just play the 80% complete translation and be done with it.
Those last 20% won't effect you unless you want to 100% it like an autist.

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I started learning Japanese 6 years ago, so I haven't had any problems with playing untranslated games for years.

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Glory of Heracles IV


Nightcrawler said that the game is translated but some remaining editing is needed. A great deal of the bottleneck the translator was going through was text menu overflows due to the battle screen amongst other issues. His last update was 5 months ago.

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Where? Can't find a single link.

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Waiting on the Famicom version of MTII myself.

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Literally never ever
I should've just learned Japanese instead

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The wait is almost over though

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Cyber Doll for Saturn.

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One day, I'm sure.

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>tfw all translators have shitty taste for games and will only translate jrpgs or VNs to masturbate

Learning moon is the only way

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fucking same here

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What exactly do you mean anon?

How much is translated after all? 100% of the main story?

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ive beaten it without knowing a single word in Japanese tho

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Super Castles on SNES. It's just Castles 2, ported to the SNES, but it supports the SNES Mouse. No one has bothered to translate it, and probably no one ever will, since people can just play the PC version. Which is sad, since this could easily be one of the best SNES Mouse compatible games.

Power D.O.L.L.S. games beyond the first. I downloaded it years ago cause porn, but I ended up staying for the hexgrid strategy action. Lots of games in the series, but never get translations and usually gets ignored in favor of other mecha titles like Front Mission. I just wanna blow shit up.

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I agree. Never talkin english to anyone. What makes you learn any language is practice, as you said, but reading, listen to music, watch movies and play games is practicing too

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Any relation at all to the 60s movie?

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It's a metroidvania by Konami based on a popular license. How is this not translated!?

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Is there finally a release date?

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School setting and going against the system.

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Where the hell are Legend of Xanadu I and II?

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There's actually a (i think full) translation of it here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/saturn/574646-wachenroder/faqs/25258

Just needs to be patched into the rom by some savvy hacker

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Will there be a translation for the PS1 version

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parts of it, ESPECIALLY the logo, are inspired by it

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Have there even been any retro VN or ero RPG translated recently?
Only Rance got some attention and there the translators turned for profit.

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I really hope so but somehow i doubt it.

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Shit that looks amazing rendered like that. It's incredible how some PS1 games actually look great when upscaled

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>only a tiny fraction of Super Robot Wars games have translation patches

feels awful man

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at least there are translations available in text form, not the same but better than nothing.

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The thing is a lot of the untranslated games that don't fall under this category are usually games you can play well enough without understanding the text.

I'd love to see those kinds of games in English as well, but I understand why they aren't given priority.

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>I should've just learned Japanese instead
The main thing stopping you is yourself.
Start with Katakana and Hiragana. Learning them only takes a few hours and instantly allows you to read a lot of words.

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Honestly, if we could somehow get a subtitled version, I'd be really happy.

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Never ever ;_;

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>Garage: Bad Dream Adventure
>Mizzurna Falls

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I figure that wouldn't be too hard to do, probably easier in the DC version, but consider how obscure the game is I wouldn't hold your breath.

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Star Ocean: Blue Sphere
Romancing Saga 2-3

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You're a fucking retard. 80% is translated, but Gideon, being a cunt, hasn't released it.

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Ogre Battle Gaiden for NGPC.

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Or any Love-de-Lic game ever.

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SNES Goemon ("The Legend of the Mystical Ninja") 2, 3 and 4. :(

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Baroque. Someone on here was working on hacking it, but I haven't found any updates.

Time to do my Anki reps

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A true never ever.

"Why would anyone not play the slightly inferior ps1 port instead?"


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soon my friends, soon

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This one hurst a lot.

Looks like the comfiest game ever made.

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>king of fighters jrpg spinoff
>game gets translated
>it's only in spanish

I don't know what I expected.

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It would be easy to re-translate from spanish to english.

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Does anyone even have a text dump of Garage sitting anywhere? It's hard to imagine someone taking interest when it's hard to find backups it or the game.

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You may as well just make everything up from scratch.

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All of KOEI's games on SNES, all the stock trading sims on NES, all the business sims on NES & SNES, all the visual novels on SNES, and all the text adventure games on NES.

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Gideon is a fucking cunt indeed. The problem is that once he takes on a project, nobody else dares to take it for whatever reason, meaning we are stuck in limbo with SMT IF... until he decides to stop being a dickcheese. And he whines like a bitch if anyone asks for progress, so we can't even do that.

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Some guy is working on it.

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Forgot link.