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Half-Life and GoldSrc thread.
Discuss your favorite mods and comfy maps.

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blue shift a shit

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How do we fix Blue shit?

>actual unique weapons that aren't just re-skins
>being able to use terminals to indirectly fuck with enemies
>maybe even avoid fights by doing so
>new aliens
>replace crowbar with nightstick that can knock out enemies from behind (stealth section? Like a chapter where you get captured by grunts and need to escape)
>go full RE4's separate ways and have Barney going through some of the same places Gordon went through in the original game, either before or after the events
>if before your actions in that room would set up the scenario for Gordon (powered up chapter starts with grunts fighting gargantuan right away in the original game, maybe in BS you would need to escape from the Gargantuan and block his path that would later be destroyed by Gordon with the cart)
>actual fucking final boss

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oh yeah and not making the game pathetically short

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>regenerate health with doughnuts instead of med-kits

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>health machines and the green goo are replaced with snack vending machines
>rather than holding down the button and just heal you would need to press button by button and wait until each snack comes out...or just hit the thing with the nightstick and stand back while it shits candy all over the floor

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>You'd have to stand on guard duty for literally hours to earn 7.25$/h for which you could buy armor and ammo
>Would solve the short gameplay problem at the same time

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Software mode master race.

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that would be a legit fun concept for the beginning
>you can explore the facility and proceed with the story...or just do your fucking job
>literally standing on the same spot for a few minutes would trigger certain events like NPCs passing by with dialogues and shit
>the more you stand more credit you would earn at the end which you would be able to use to buy shit on the store
>if you come back to said store later most of the good shit will be gone so this is your only chance

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anyone here played Gunman Chronicles?
its kinda similar to Half-Life, in fact it was originally a mod that was comercialized and published by sierra
the main gimmick is you have a special gun where you mix 3 substances to do different attacks
its pretty decent, check it out if you like GoldSrc stuff

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blood splatters look huge and awful in software mode

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I hope you guys realize Blue Shift was originally part of Half-Life for Dreamcast as an add-on, much like Decay for the Playstation 2 version.

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its an hypothetical situation, like a decay spiritual remake for the source engine

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>it doesn't have new weapons, so it isn't good

Nice meme. It has very good atmosphere and design (more so than OpFor), and it is a very worthy addition to the original, despite being short.

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it was forgettable as fuck, the lack of weapons was just one of the reasons why it sucked, it didn't stood out as its own thing because it literally didn't had anything to make it stand out in the first place, it was like playing a shitty fan game

meanwhile OF added a fuck ton of features and actually explored these features with level design, the ropes, the class based team mates, night vision, the fucking wrench, name a single moment from blue shift that comes close to OF's night vision sewer maze, the war against the weird aliens with living weapons, the memorable (but easy) final boss

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There is nothing to "fix" in BlueShift. It is the best there is about the original HL, it's a perfect summary of the game with great progression, smart level design and tight gameplay.

In comparison Opposing Forces is a mess, it's all over the place. I feel like people who like OpForces more like quantity over quality.

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i just played they hunger for the first time. first episode was good, second episode was even better, but the third episode was disappointingly mediocre. full of reused content and poorly done backtracking. after leaving the stonehenge a second time to travel through some more generic grassy cliffs and visiting the asylum/mansion a third time i gave up. the non stop zombie sounds got annoying by that point

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I bought that the moment it came out. The previews sold me on it. I feel like they cut some of it out? But I still really enjoyed the game.

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Half-Life maps have aged well because gamma correction is applied to the lighting. Id never did it themselves in their engine, not even in Doom 3, hence the infamous darkness.

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Bump for the best game of all time, bitches.

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>best game of all time
Remember when Valve valued their own flagship property?


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Man, I have spent so much time on going through the archive of Half-Life sites. If only the forum posts worked, there was an interview there.

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Apparently Valve didn't feel the need to keep renewing www.gameoftheyear.com. That domain is probably worth so goddamn much but Valve decided to leave it into the wild I guess. At least Jeff Gertsmann wanted www.videogames.com back enough to pay up.

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Looks like you're in the barrel today.

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What's up with the Korean version of the game? The patch files indicate that it's just English with violence removed, but there is an actual Korean language on Steam. Was this just added later?

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Darkness is supposed to be dark, believe it or not. Making it so you can just turn the brightness up to see what the mapper didn't want you to see is bad design.

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Brightness and gamma are not the same thing.
What differs between them is how fast they lose energy. Both are very bright close up, but the Quake one goes to complete darkness very fast, while it fades more realistically in Half-Life.
Also, this is applied by default, so it's what the mappers are all used to designing for when making Half-Life maps.

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i really liked sven coop, so many cool maps for coop

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>Tfw born too late to experience the golden age of Half-Life mods
Never played online until I got Half-Life 2 in 2004.

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Why is this mod so good? Short as fuck but god it's amazing while it lasts

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I played TFC from 1999-2011'ish. Was good fun while there were still players in leagues for competitive matches. The pickup games/channels that persisted during and beyond the leagues were run by and filled with hackers that were banned from leagues... which is a shame.

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based mod anon

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>that moment when you realize this isn't just a shooter

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I'm sad this mod never got continued. I loved the fuck out of it. Vampire Slayers

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Blue Shift should have just been Die Hard: Black Mesa

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>Gunman Chronicles
I would kill for a modern remake of that game.

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Is there an image like this for Half-Life?

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Somebody posted this on /v/ the other day.


I agree that HL2 wasn't nearly as good as the first but Jesus Christ this guy is annoying. He makes some decent points but then goes off about shit so petty it's crazy. Full autism video too and the guy is trying really hard. I made it about 16 minutes in before turning it off.

He sounds like he'd fit in on /v/, honestly, one of the spergier posters, maybe even on /vr/. I wouldn't be surprised if he was the one who posted it on /v/ himself or if he posts on this board.

Anyway what do you fags think of the video?

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First, HL2 isn't retro.

Also /v/ hates ELoG because he hates Serious Sam, even though he's right in that Serious Sam sucks.

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lol sup elog?

for the record I don't care for serious sam either (or even HL2) but ur a faget

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>Serious Sam sucks
Kill yourself.

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was it compatible with Xash? i don't want to risk a VAC ban

aren't they working on a spiritual successor, too?

stop fucking posting this you shill

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typical Marathon autist

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>You will never work in Black Mesa.
>You will never survive the initial invasion.
>You will never slowly get up to the surface, losing friends along the way.
>You will never be executed by the soldiers on the surface and have your body thrown into a shallow grave.

Why live?

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>You will never walk through all of Half-Life in VR and practically feel the concrete
It's my dream.

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>Serious Sam sucks
It wasn't the most exciting FPS out there (especially after you figure out that most everything spawns enemies), but it was fun enough.

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About to start a new game of Half-Life. Should I go for hard difficulty? I don't remember if it had bullet-sponge or not

I agree mostly. I replayed HL2 just last week, and a lot of it felt so cheesy, lacking, and inferior. It still has decent amount of good content, though, but most of it is just so silly and weird today. The episodes are undoubtedly better than the base game, at least. I think if they eventually get around to HL3 they will fix the problems. Most of the commentary in HL2 make it obvious that a lot of stuff added in the game was just to be a showcase what "next-gen" could be.

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does any anyone remember the name of this one mod, i think was russian, it had a half life type set up, but instead of xen the other world was an afraid of monsters/half-quake type drawing world?

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The citadel core setpiece aside, Episode 1 sucks. It's mostly retakes of some of the dullest parts of the original game. Episode 2 starts out boring and becomes a pretty good Halo game.

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I was actually thinking the citadel was the worst part of Ep 1. (besides maybe the Barney section). That underground subway had the best shooting in the HL2 series. I loved it. I enjoyed a lot of Ep 2., expect the final portions, which were stupid. I've never played Halo, so I don't know the comparison.

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With some rebalancing and a little bit more content, this could be as good as counter-strike, perhaps even better

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I agree with some of what he says but he cares far too much about it, letting the smallest shit bother him.

People like him annoy me. Its pure narcissism. They take what can be said in a three slide power point and stretch it out into a 34 minute masturbatory rant. He writes out this long ass script, with thesaurus in hand to make it sound more intelligent than the writing really is, and pads the rest of it out with "snark" and edgyness. He makes the references to HL1 sound like the worst things ever yet his dumb *awkward pause* and *mug* gags he pushes the whole video were far more annoying than any dumb joke in half life 2 ever was. All those internet reviewers just try to pass off their dumb opinions as pure genius and love their own voice.

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Look at this armchair psychiatrist we have over here. If you can actually refute any of the points given, without dismissing it as being too small or nit-picky, go right ahead.

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I never said I was gonna argue his points. I was commenting on the review specifically and internet reviewers in general. Brevity is the source of wick and if the guy only has around a dozen points he wants to make, the video doesn't need to be 34 minutes.

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hows the sequel?

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I preferred Blue Shift to Opposing Force. I felt like it had better level design.

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Bought it boxed new (it was one of those huge pc cardboard boxes) for 1€ ages ago and sadly lost it ages-n ago

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Can anyone tell me how to fix this? I want to use Sven to play Half-Life with a few friends

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forgot pic

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have you tried updating your server

>> No.3345821

How do I do that? I don't really know much about hosting a server.

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why the fuck didn't tf2 have this

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Too easy to grief, I suppose?

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the vip. i used to play that beta. was good fun.

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I remember playing on some server and seeing a yellow and green team. Shit got so confusing.

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The UI server is a broken piece of shit. Get the command line tool.

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agreed. he's tryhard as motherfuck

>> No.3346825

Is he 12? His voice seriously sounds pre-pubescent. It reminds me of That Kid you'd know who'd just steal your games from you when borrowing them and also make up straight lies about shit to seem cool.

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I'd really rather both Half-Life expansions never came out.

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>"My uncle works at Nintendo"

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>>go full RE4's separate ways and have Barney going through some of the same places Gordon went through in the original game, either before or after the events
opposing force did that

>> No.3347337

>decay spiritual remake for the source engine
portal 2 multiplayer?

>> No.3347340

I agree with him but holy shit does this kid sound like he's a future school shooter.

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Yeah I used to adore Opposing Force but I replayed it recently and realised its level design is kind of arse. There's no conceptual grandness going on, it's all just a straight line with the exception of the bio-labs. Every area is riduculously tiny, they ripped off the tentacle section of Half-life but made it 1/4 of the size. I even swear the dam section felt smaller than the originals.

Its new content was pretty decent though although the Race-X aliens were bullshit and were basically just bullet sponges for the new guns.

It's nowhere near as bad as Azure Sheep though. That mod had a couple of neat ideas (getting the HEV suit later with arm changes and stuff was fucking sweet) but was a trainwreck when it came to levels.

>> No.3347694

I remember reading previews that level design would change depending on what difficulty you were on (so a solid bridge would become a rope bridge on hard .etc)

seemed like a cool idea but it never made it to the final game.

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Blue-Shift had its own problems though. It was doing okay until the trip to Xen which was fucking retarded.

The worst part was that you took a trip there by using a teleport in an old sealed off part of the base. Fair enough. This area is sealed off about a minute's walk from the surface by a wooden board.

When you get down there the teleporter is 1/4 the size of the Lambda labs, charges up much quicker, and doesn't draw attention from Xen aliens when being used. It was in utter contrast with the original game's trip to Xen which actually felt like a significant effect.

When you got to Xen itself, you could not only breathe just fine but the layout was obviously built like a level and not like an alien environment like the original Xen. The rest of the game is relatively solid (No idea Rosenburg was voiced by John St John until recently) but even as early as Opposing Force and Blue Shift you could tell that Gearbox was lacking in quite a lot of ways.

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Who remembers Absolute Redemption? It came with the Counter-Strike CD.

>Tfw my guinea pig died while I was playing the carnival level

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I love games like halflife and unreal were the mission is to just escape. First off its intuitive, you dont have to be arbitrarily assigned a mission and deal with a disembodied voice distracting you in the middle of shit. Only you are there to solve problems, it highlights the best video game relationship: you and the world.
It makes the world more treachorous when you have to go through superhuman odds merely to stay alive, and it produces a underdog ascension when the player ends up doing significant things along their humble path of survival. Doom is a great example of this. The only man really capable of surviving hellspawn is the man tough enough to entitirely fight through hell.

Since its such an intuitive objective (go point a to point b) its a cheap way of making the player relatable/immersive. And humanizes them as someone who is actually threatened by the enemy, making it rewarding to kill them.

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I think he's a grown man, dude...
He's older... like late 20's, maybe even early 30's...

>> No.3348416

Why is that? Do you feel they threaten the integrity of the story to the original?

>> No.3348895

Where is it stated that the new aliens are separate? Why couldn't they just be Xen aliens?

>> No.3348989

Thats dope.
Must play it

>> No.3348992

It thats a grown man he should do himself a favor and take testosterone.

>> No.3348994

>I love games like halflife and unreal were the mission is to just escape.

Honestly I feel like the entire first part of Half Life, up until the surface, is VERY survival horror-ish.

You start from a normal every day situation, and it all goes down to shit filled with zombies and monsters.
Your environment becomes the threat and you solve puzzles to overcome it. The very fact that your goal is to escape this hell.
The way you start weaponless, and gradually get weapons starting with the crowbar.
The atmosphere, all the effects like dead/dying people, lights and blood effects.
The way you can hear enemies before seeing them, and some scares too.

Honestly when HL came out, everyone was all about the soldier enemies and their "expectional AI", but for me the game went downhill at that point. There was still cool horror scenario going on, with enemies and gameplay that was still very much oldschool, and then it comes a cover based shooter.

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>cover based shooter

>> No.3349119

>Anyway what do you fags think of the video?
I'm not giving it any more views, I guess I'll go with your summary.

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Call me back when he can grow a beard.
Fucking pussy.

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Looks like John Carmack

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Somebody here is lying.

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